Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

26 11 2009


Question: Two weeks without any tips for my favorite show is way too long for me. What can you tell me that I don’t know about the remaining Gossip Girl episodes before the super-long three-month hiatus. And I already know Bart is coming back, so give me something new. —Sylvie
In next week’s eppy, it’s Thanksgiving Day! If you’re Serena, you’re especially thankful this year because you’ve had two not-so-bad-looking dudes pining after you. This Monday, she makes her choice and leaves her reject by the curb, literally.

Question: You’ve been really slacking on the Gossip Girl scoop, any exciting news? – JLa
Also in next Monday’s episode, someone finds out they’re pregnant. That’s considered “exciting news,” right?

Question: I need Gossip Girl info. —Jude
Hey, Jude, here’s what I got: You know the letter from Serena’s dad that Lily has been hiding? It’s going to fall into the wrong hands. (Hint: Said wrong hands belong to *a****n.)

Credit: EW.com



8 responses

26 11 2009

it falls into the hands of nate archibald! i think. nathan fits into there and i think he’s just trying to trick us

26 11 2009

Doesn’t fit. There’s one extra spot. Hmmm. I’m stumped!

26 11 2009

I’m guessing Maureen van der Bilt, as in Tripp’s wife….

26 11 2009

nate is nathaniel not nathan….i think

27 11 2009

Luci, I think you are right, I have been stumped about this and Maureen is the only name that fits… Lily does invite her to thanksgiving so … I guess we will see what happens.

27 11 2009

Erica, yes, Nate comes from Nathaniel. On One Tree Hill it’s Nate/Nathan.

Luci/Alyssa: I guess I’ll have to go with Maureen, too, just because that’s all that fits. Hmph.

27 11 2009

I’m glad that they’re going to do something with the Serena’s Dad storyline. That’s too important an issue to just let it drop. It bothered me that we’ve heard so little about it.

And Bart’s back? How can that be? He’s dead. I hope it’s not one of those twin-brother things, or maybe he got plastic surgery for his injuries and is now played by another actor.

27 11 2009

I’m glad about the Serena-dad storyline, too. Just hoping not to be let down!

RE: Bart. I’m pretty sure his appearance is just as a ghost, a la A Christmas Carol. Perhaps I’m mistaken.

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