News Roundup: One Tree Hill, 90210, The O.C. and Gossip Girl

15 12 2009
  • Joe Manganiello (Owen, One Tree Hill) has been cast on True Blood.
  • Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller, One Tree Hill) will appear on The Next American Star tomorrow night.
  • Lori Loughlin (Debbie, 90210) has partnered with Torrid to raise money for an adoption foundation.
  • Chip Johannessen (co-producer, Beverly Hills 90210) has left 24 to be the executive producer/showrunner on Dexter.
  • Spoiler alert! Willa Holland (Kaitlin, The O.C.) is reportedly returning to Gossip Girl as her character Agnes.



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16 12 2009

That article about Willa Holland returning to GG also has some incorrect info about the return of the show. I don’t think anyone has gotten the date right. Is it March or not?

16 12 2009

It’s definitely March, though rumors (which have been repeatedly debunked) say otherwise. March 8. If that changes, I’ll be sure to post it, but I don’t see that happening.

16 12 2009
Brandon M

Sounds like they’re turning Agnes into Jenny’s Georgina. Also, I’m happy you enjoyed your vacation!

I just finished watching Season 8 of BH 90210 on DVD. The whole Brandon/Kelly relationship makes me so asdfghjkl; I need to do more research but perhaps you know?

Did the writers end the relationship because Jason wanted to stop acting on the show? Was it because they knew Luke would be returning to the show the following year? The whole affair seemed so out of character for Brandon and also seemed forced as did their reasons for not getting married. Granted, I’m basing my opinion on the writing for Kelly in Season 7 where she holds onto the ring.

Lastly, I have a question for you. Are you a Dylan/Kelly shipper or a Brandon/Kelly shipper and would you accept a Brandon/Kelly reunion on the new show to bring closure to Kelly’s character since Luke Perry is unwilling to return?

Sorry for the long post. 😛

16 12 2009
Brandon M

I just realized I may or may not have asked you the Brandon/Kelly questions before. If so, the recent episodes brought them up in my mind again and I value what you think!

16 12 2009

Brandon: That’s a great comparison between Agnes and Georgina. That is indeed what it sounds like.

You know I always love your questions! So glad you finished the 8th season. Did you buy it on DVD a few weeks ago?

Your first set of questions are particularly interesting and timely because for the past two days, I’ve been discussing them with my fellow posters in the SOAPNet message boards. Your questions generally don’t have answers, though. I imagine one thing TV logic tells me we know for sure: during the ring stuff in season 7, they most likely didn’t know where they’d have Kelly and Brandon end up at the end of season 8 and beginning of season 9. Truthfully, at the time this all aired in 1997 and 1998, I wasn’t super media-savvy about the show. All I really recall is Jason feeling done with the character and ready to move on–although he kept producing. I’m not sure when his decision was made so I’m not sure how much time they had to plan wrapping up the storylines. When the season 8 finale aired, I don’t think I knew (and maybe the public didn’t know) that Jason would be leaving early in season 9. I remember hoping they’d get married and being crushed when they didn’t but also understanding that they would never have the two actually get married as it would really paint the show/characters into a corner in a lot of ways. I do also recall being crushed and shocked when I did find out about Jason leaving and as I watched it play out on-screen. While I was sooooo POed about the affair and it still boggles my mind when I watch it (and, interestingly enough, I think it’s one of the sex-iest scenes they ever did), I did enjoy the getting back together part of the storyline, just as I loved the reverse scenario in season 7 when Kelly (albeit, not due to an affair) was the one yearning. (Basically, I’m just a sucker for one or two people wanting to be together and the build up until they actually are.) Going back to the wedding and how Brandon’s storyline on the show ended, again, I was disappointed at the time and didn’t think it made sense. But watching now, I more easily accept the whole “we don’t swing from chandeliers” reason, just based on my whole personal experience and observations on love and relationships. I completely understand how a relationship like that, one that seems so perfect with the two so in-line with each other, can fall flat for a lack of something like passion. The bottom line here is that I don’t know what the writers knew and when and how Jason’s decision (or the fact that he was a producer) influenced those storylines.

Moving on to your next set of questions, I ship both–HOWEVER Kelly and Dylan come before Kelly and Brandon. In fact, K/D are my all-time favorite couple for any show, while K/B come in second (see: That said, had the show ended in season 8 with a Kelly-Brandon wedding, I would’ve been perfectly happy. But seeing as the show ended in season 10 with Kelly-Dylan together, that’s how I wish it to remain. And that’s how it does remain in my head. What they’ve done on the new 90210, in terms of Kelly, Dylan and any of the other original characters, doesn’t exist. So in my mind, I don’t need closure with Kelly’s character. K and D are still together. It kills me that this new show, in their universe at least, had the gall to change that. Even though I also love K and B, it would kill me again if they put her with Brandon. I think it would just be yet another slap in the face to the legacy of the original, how the original writers and actors left it, the closure the fans got then, etc. It would also just be easy, cheesy and cheap, not to mention disingenuous, for them to return to that storyline, even if there are plenty of fans who would love to see them reunite. While we know this show isn’t above being easy, cheesy, cheap or disingenuous, I believe Jennie is and we also know (as of now, anyway) Jason has no interest in returning and that’s probably in part because he knows that they would return to their relationship in some way and it would be easy, cheesy, cheap and disingenuous.

I also don’t like to think of things in terms of what’s going on in real life with the actors. Meaning, I think Brandon and Kelly’s relationship failed because that’s how it was supposed to go, not because writers chose it or Jason’s leaving required it. And I believe Dylan and Kelly were together in the end, not because it was the option available with Luke there and Jason gone, but because they were soulmates who were destined to be together. But that’s just my general read on shows. Sometimes it’s difficult to take the real world factors out of the equation.

Whew! Good questions! Let me know if you have any more!

16 12 2009

Yes, I did buy the eighth season. It was nice to see they gave the spine to a female other than Valerie this time.

Something else that surprised me about re-watching Season 8 is the actress that played Erin in the episode “Skin Deep” looked more brunette than I remember her being in past episodes. It surprised me because I’ve been nitpicking that ‘Silver’ isn’t a blonde on the new show.

Not a lot to say about Season 8, it definitely felt like Brandon/Kelly were doomed from the first few episodes with the shooting, Noah infatuation, etc, but I probably only felt that way because I knew what would happen in the season finale. I hated the story arc with Steve and his female pen pal. The direction they took with Steve after Hilary Swank was let go felt like total character destruction. I also found myself missing Claire.

I can’t wait for Season 9’s release but it’s going to be sad saying goodbye to Brandon and especially Valerie because she’s one of my favorite characters.

That brings me to my next question. I know Tiff hasn’t expressed interest in returning to the shoes of Valerie Malone, but in your own personal opinion what do you think Val is up to these days in-universe?

17 12 2009

Agree with you on the spine but wish the cover and inside disc art was different. First no Noah on the cover then no David on the discs. Sketch, IMO. And probably all due to one Miss Hilary Swank.

Regarding Erin and that episode: I honestly don’t recall that part of it. What has always stood out to me (I assure you for worse, not better) was the sex shop storyline. I haven’t seen that episode in a couple of years and I can’t find it on YouTube. I always remember Erin as a blonde, though, particularly in season 9 or 10 (whenever we last saw her). I always chalked up Silver’s hair to being one of her “alternative choices.” Her character was initially supposed to be kind of anti-L.A. and more “punk rock” so I accepted the hair color as part of that.

As a B/K fan, the Noah stuff was torture but then I loved when they have that whole date set up outside the beach apartment and it all leads to Brandon putting the ring-necklace back on her. I foolishly thought they’d be golden from there on out but it ended up being the typical relationship highs and lows that culminated in you know what. ITA on that Steve storyline but I also never cared for the Carly one either. Many people credit that relationship as a turning point for him and I understand that view, but I just didn’t enjoy it.

I was thinking the other day how many series turning points season 9 had. Brandon leaving, Val leaving, Matt coming, Gina coming, Dylan returning–any one of those things alone could be called turning points for the show (just as the departures and arrivals in seasons past, plus high school and college graduation, can be as well). It’s kind of overwhelming when you think those all occurred in one year and all before the halfway point!

Your Val question is so interesting! I’ve never really thought about it. In the fan fic I did after the show ended, we had Val stay in Beverly Hills after the D-D wedding and actually work things out with Kelly and eventually get entangled with Noah again (among other things). But working under what was presented to us when we last saw her–that she was in Buffalo with her mom and a great guy–I don’t know what she’d be up to these days. I don’t think they said what she was doing job-wise. I like to think she took to heart a lot of things she learned in the zip and softened her ways. Beyond that, I don’t know. What do you think?

17 12 2009
Brandon M

Hrm. I’d like to think Valerie is a changed woman but my memory on what happens to her in Seasons 9 & her brief return in the series finale are limited at the moment because I was 10-11 when I watched them the first time.

I’ll give you two scenarios.

Her mother ultimately destroys her life when she has an affair with this great-guy in Buffalo. A distraught Valerie returns to Beverly Hills and I like the idea that she gets involved with Noah again. If he still owns The After Dark (Which I think is “The Pit” on the new show?) perhaps she helps him with that. And they live happily ever after?

Now, same Buffalo scenario, but scorned Valerie returns to Beverly Hills and is out for blood. In my opinion, the Valerie we love to hate would try to sabotage Kelly’s career at West Beverly just because she can. She’d rub Dylan’s parenting skills in Kelly’s face and maybe be a Cougar type character with some of the younger male cast members. But I’d prefer the first scenario because I’d want Valerie to have a happy ending.

17 12 2009

I think either scenario is plausible (especially the second) but I hope for her sake that she is able to maintain the repaired relationship she had with her mom in the finale and is able to grow past unhealthy friendships and romantic/sexual relationships. Of course, some things never change…

That’s a great question about Noah and the After Dark: does he still run/own it? On the original, Dylan had bought the entire building that housed the After Dark and The Peach Pit. And last we saw with Noah, he was going to compete in some sailing contest but decided to try to work things out with Ellen. But on the new show, it seems to me that “The Pit” changed locations. I don’t know if that was ever explicitly said but I think it moved, not simply remodeled. And that brings the question of whether the After Dark went with it or stayed where it was. For better or worse, the show hasn’t addressed the club or, as we already said, mentioned The Pit at all this year.

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