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16 12 2009


Are Gossip Girl‘s Rufus and Lily going to be able to last? — Jamie
Executive producer Josh Schwartz, ever the romantic, lays out the odds. “I hope so, but it’s Gossip Girl so no one is happy for long,” he says. Does this mean that Rufus won’t take the news of Lily’s secret rendezvous with Serena’s dad so well? There’s a certain trophy wife out there who knows the answer.

Any 90210 scoop? — Melinda
Remember how satisfying it was when Naomi finally got her revenge on her monstrous sister Jen? And then remember how sad you were at the departure of Sara Foster, the talented actress who plays the piranha-in-Prada? Well, fear not! Jen will be back, and her re-entry into the 90210-sphere is one of those improbable, only-on-TV developments that will make you chuckle. It will have a different effect on Naomi.

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16 12 2009

Did I miss an episode? How did Naomi get revenge on Jen? Also, hasn’t Jen been gone for an entire two episodes at this point? Heck, we go whole episodes without Mr. Matthews all the time. I feel like she never left.

16 12 2009
Brandon M

Talented Actress? Please tell me I’m not the only one who couldn’t stand Sara Foster’s acting!? i mean, she’s not the worst actress on the show but it was one of the reasons I couldn’t stand her character. Maybe I’m being too harsh :S

16 12 2009
Rinth de Shadley

I think that Rufus and Lily will stay together for two reasons.

First, Lily’s meeting with Serena’s father was entirely innocent (at least as far as her relationship with Rufus goes). I’m sure of that. Of course, Rufus won’t believe it at first, but he will realize that Lily truly loves him and will decide that even if she did cheat (which she didn’t), they have something too real to give up. They’ll fight for a while but will stay together.

Second, if they broke up, it would change too much else about the show, and it would be completely unpredictable whether or not the changes would work.

16 12 2009

Sane: Actually, Jen’s only been MIA from one episode, 2.12. And they must’ve meant Liam when they said Naomi got revenge. It’s also possible that Naomi’s revenge is coming and the statement they made was a bit premature and perhaps based off on future episode descriptions they have. (Honestly, though, it was probably just a mistake.)

Brandon: I’m torn. When I find myself thinking I don’t like Sara Foster, I realize it’s dislike for the character. The way she speaks and her mannerisms get on my nerves and while I know those are a product of Sara’s acting choices (and whatever direction she is given), I think they fit for who Jen is. I think we’re supposed to be annoyed and disgusted and turned off to the point that we can’t stand Jen. So when I look at it that way, I think Sara’s doing a great job. Make sense?

Rinth: I’m pretty sure I read not too long ago that it was splitsville (or at least problemville) for Rufus and Lily for the rest of the season. Of course, I could be mistaken or that could have changed. I think your theory is a good one and probable, even if it takes the rest of the season and into the next to carry out. Your second point, however, I don’t think TPTB would consider valid. These shows thrive on building couples up and tearing them down over and over again. If everyone was happy and nothing ever changed, it would (theoretically) be boring. I don’t think they’re afraid of change like that, especially since people seem to be unhappy with Rufly this season anyway. And while it would make for a different show, I think that provides a range of possibilities as it has implications for many other characters. You’re right, though, that it would be unpredictable of whether it will work. But I think that can be said for almost every storyline choice.

16 12 2009

I think you nailed it for me. It’s her mannerisms and the way she speaks that annoy me. It’s possibly the writing too. I’m so over Ryan as a character also. Last season I saw him as a potential pairing for Silver. I don’t know why. . . I just felt the two actors had a little bit of chemistry when they did their scenes together. I doubt they’ll go down the teacher/student route with him again though.

I want to see them hanging out more as a group, possibly in the Peach Pit. I’d also love to see more on-location stuff. I don’t think I’ll ever get my wish to see them filming in the Torrance High School Courtyard, but it would be fun to see them filming on Rodeo Drive or something.

17 12 2009

I really don’t know why they’ve kept Ryan on the show. The Jen breakup gives him the perfect reason to pack up and ship out but I know that’s not what they have planned. But he just feels like such an anomaly and a waste of airtime. It’s disappointing, though, because I thought he had potential, too.

The lack of a group is one thing that seems to remain. There’s mini-groups but no overall gang like the original show. While I noticed “The Pit” has been MIA this season, I didn’t realize until now that the only locations they’ve used this season have been West Bev, the beach club, character homes and some random cliffs. For a show that wanted to capture more of the L.A. vibe this season, they certainly haven’t capitalized on all that it has to offer, outside of the Hollywood sign. I’m not sure the reason for leaving Torrance behind but, as I’ve already mentioned, the courtyard was partially under construction when I was there in January.

18 12 2009

What exactly do they mean about Jen returning because I am so confused.

18 12 2009

Wes, I believe they mean that Jen will resurface (she wasn’t in 2.12) in an outlandish, unrealistic way

18 12 2009

I love episode 2.12 by the way! LOL she will probably come back a preacher or something helpful or holy like Georgina did at the end of the second season of Gossip Girl then change and be all evil again.

18 12 2009

I think that’s entirely possible! Early in the season there were articles and interviews saying that this whole experience would peel back Jen’s layers a bit and show the more human side of her. Whatever that means.

19 12 2009

It will be hilarious and she will be all apologetic to Naomi and Naomi should be like “What the hell Jen? You slept with two of my boyfriends and used me for my trust fund. Get out of my face!”

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