News Roundup: 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and More

16 12 2009



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17 12 2009
Brandon M

I’m happy Dustin Milligan is getting work post-90210. When TPTB claimed that Ethan had run his course in terms of storylines, I felt like that was an admittance of failure as writers because they could have taken plenty of routes with him in my opinion. I hope I’m not alone in this, but I wish they would have explored the Dixon/Silver/Ethan triangle more because it was one of the few storylines in all of Season One that I actually cared for.

Two questions for you, when you have time =P

1.) Were you an Ethan fan?
2.) Who do you think should be with Silver?

17 12 2009

I certainly didn’t mind Ethan and I agree with your assessment of what happened. I definitely wanted to see the Dixon/Silver/Ethan triangle explored. The love triangles (the other being Naomi/Ethan/Annie) were the only thing I liked last year (and for the most part this year, too). I loved how it came to a head in the season finale and then felt cheated when it became clear that Dustin wasn’t returning. I’m assuming your second question refers to the current season, with both Teddy and Dixon seemingly interested in her. I don’t believe Dixon genuinely is–it felt more like to me like nostalgia for the past, loneliness post-Sasha and with family issues, and jealousy at someone else taking an interest in her. All that said, I think I would like to see a real relationship with her and Teddy. (But I also think Teddy and Naomi could take over the world–or at least the school–together.)

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