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17 12 2009


Question: Nate and Jenny in Gossip Girl — will it happen? —Adam
If Jenny gets her way it will.

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17 12 2009
Brandon M

I’m kind of on the fence about this. I’ve wanted Serena and Nate to test the waters of a relationship since viewing Season 1 on DVD. I haven’t liked Jenny as a character since Season 1 either, and I think they need to hire someone closer to her age if they’re going to make the high school characters a stronger factor in the storylines. Furthermore, in my opinion, Jenny doesn’t have the same redeeming qualities that Blair had that makes you still fall in love with her/love to hate her, even though she’s a bitchy character. But I think Leighton puts a lot of that into her performance too.

I’m just annoyed. I wanted to see a few weeks without any interference since we’re just coming off of the Trip triangle.

17 12 2009

Damn that little J! I want Serena and Nate ♥

17 12 2009

I hear ya, guys. I really want Serena and Nate, too, and it was my understanding that they would finally have a real relationship. I guess it’s possible it will start out that way and then Jenny get involves and perhaps it still stays that way post-Jenny. Like you Brandon, I have also been wanting this explored since season 1. I do, however, also have a littleeeeee fondness for him and Jenny, but certainly not this version of her.

I think the only redeeming quality Jenny has is that she’s young and very much lost. While it’s tiring to have that be the excuse for all that she does, it is why I cut her a drop of slack. Blair, on the other hand, I have never fallen in love with. I had little to no respect for her antics in high school and I’ve only become disgusted with her for the most part this season. Time is passing but she’s not growing up, not learning her lesson. The only time I enjoyed her was during her back-and-forth with Chuck and her eventual genuine vulnerability with him, and then for the brief moment she and Nate got back together. And Leighton doesn’t do much for me as an actress (though no one on the show really does, except maybe Ed). But my problems are really with the writing and the character, not her.

17 12 2009

I have just the opposite problem I love Leighton and that is what I think redeems Blair for me. Although she needs to grow up, I still love her. Jenny on the other hand has just gotten worse and worse. I also had a small like for Jenny and Nate back when Jenny was sweet and innocent, but now I really dislike her. She better not ruin N & S. I have been waiting for them to get together since the pilot.

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