Weekly Poll

17 12 2009

In last week’s Weekly Poll, a huge majority–nearly 70 percent–thought it was Chuck’s mother in the graveyard. While the votes were a little bit more spread out on the killing of Jasper’s uncle, most of you think Annie did it. The results were much closer on the question of Millie and Mouth’s relationship, where the winning answer (“Who cares? They are so boring!) came out on top by just 7 votes.



5 responses

19 12 2009

I don’t like neither Teddy/Silver or Dixon/Silver. I don’t like Dan/Vanessa either. I miss Dan/Serena season 1.

19 12 2009

I like Danessa and Sixon a lot!!

22 12 2009
Jordan W.

Dan + Vanessa = vomit!
And not that I love silver for teddy but her and dixon is old newssss.

23 12 2009

Vanessa and Dan is just wrong, definitely vomit inducing. Vanessa is practically a Humphrey, so them hooking up would be gross. Also, it was established in Season 1 that Dan did not feel the same way about Vanessa that she did him, and they never addressed Dan having feelings for Vanessa since. So all of a sudden he has feelings for her? Bad writing I think. Vanessa has also since moved on with other people since her season 1 feelings for Dan. Along the same lines V’s new found feelings seem like a reaction/rebound to having her heart broken by Dan and Serena’s brother. So in other words, wrong on so many levels.

23 12 2009

SIXON = FTW love them
dan+vanessa = no thanks

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