Happy Anniversary, TDW!

29 12 2009

I published my very first post on Dec. 29, 2008, even though no one knew I existed.

At the time, I didn’t know what shape TeenDramaWhore.com would take. I had no idea that soon enough I’d be reviewing the current shows each week, holding trivia nights on Twitter, giving away contest prizes or interviewing beloved teen drama actors.

Nearly 950 posts and one year later, my underlying mission has been accomplished. I wanted to find people that shared my passion for teen dramas and had as much an urge to discuss it as I did. I’m pleased to now know there’s quite a few TeenDramaWhores out there.

I want to thank each and every one of you who ever checked out a post on the site, left a comment, retweeted a link or just showed your support in some way.

There’s a few people in particular I need to recognize:

Madeline for designing my awesome header.

Amy at OneTreeHillBlog.com for being the first site to ever link to TDW.

Christy-Anne at OTHTwitterBugs.com for being my Twitter-busting partner-in-crime and for providing endless moral support.

Angela at Talking Gossip After Dark for promoting TDW in each podcast and seeking my contributions.

Jethro Nededog of The Los Angeles Times for being a legitimate journalist who actually takes my work seriously and spreads it around.

The CW for sharing TDW posts on Twitter.

The One Tree Hill family for also sharing TDW posts on Twitter.

Any publicist or manager who has ever granted me an interview or confirmed a Twitter account or even just responded to my e-mails.

Any actor or teen drama role player who has agreed to be interviewed.

And you for, if nothing else, reading this post right now.

Despite many milestones this past year, TDW still has a lot of growing to do. I’ll spend the next few days reflecting on where we’ve been and sharing my hopes for the future.

I hope you’ll come along with me on this look-back journey and stick around for Year Two.



15 responses

29 12 2009


29 12 2009

CONGRATS AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Wish I was a part of the team 😉

29 12 2009

Happy Anniversary and continued success in the coming year and beyond!


29 12 2009

Congratulations Shari! I just love this site. I remember thinking how cool it was that there was a blog devoted to all these great shows that I’ve watched. I’m a true teen drama whore 😉 I used to just visit the onetreehillblog on a regular basis, but I love that this site covers all things OTH plus my other favs that have ended. Thanks for continuing to keep me up-to-date on all these great shows.

29 12 2009

Congrats sweetheart & you know im always here.. just a google talk chat away 😉 Thank you!

29 12 2009


Over the past few months, I’ve been made more aware of TDW, and I now LOVE it!

Thank you for your continual amazing work! Keep it up. I know it is very much appreciated.

29 12 2009

Shari~~~ Congratulations on the 1st anniversary of TDW!!! Thanks for keeping us both informed and entertained.

29 12 2009
Brandon M

Congrats 🙂
I look forward to the many great things to come from this website. Thank you!

29 12 2009

Congratulations, you’ve accomplished so much, and I love that I have a site to go to where people actually understand the importance of Teen Dramas,

Thank you Shari! Keep going in 2010

29 12 2009

Congrats!! I only started checking the site a few weeks ago but it seemed so established I can’t believe that TDW has only been around for a year! Can’t wait for another year of drama!

29 12 2009

I absolutely love this site! I remember first finding it through Google and being so excited.
I never watched One Tree Hill before you’re site, I now own the first 5seasons on DVD. Thanks for getting me hooked 🙂
Thanks for all your commitment you put into the site and the great interviews and posts.
Keep up the great work!

29 12 2009

Congratulations Shari!!!
I am so incredibly happy for you! I want you to know that you are so truly appreciated by many people, including myself. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed and entertained on all of our favorite Teen Dramas. I’m so glad to have been along for the ride this past year, and I can’t wait til Dec. 2010 to congratulate you on your 2nd Anniversary 🙂 Much love and gratitude TDW!!!!!

29 12 2009
Rinth de Shadley

Congratulations, Shari!

And thank you for putting up a great site with so many wonderful posts!

29 12 2009

Happy Anniversary!!!!
Teen Drama Whore now fights for first place with Facebook on my laptop!
Thankyou Shari for keeping all us whores well posted all year!
We LOVE you!

30 12 2009

Love this blog!

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