News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210, One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek

9 01 2010
  • CNN has an interesting article on Gossip Girls’ effect on the Empire Hotel, which is used by the show.
  • Tristan Wilds (Dixon, 90210) got a account so fans could ask him questions.
  • Last week’s issue of Soap Opera Digest (dated January 12) have a feature examining blonde vs. brunette scenarios on daytime and primetime, including 3 teen dramas. 1. Both Kelly vs. Brenda and Kelly vs. Valerie (Beverly Hills 90210), with points awarded to Kelly in both instances. 2. Dawson vs. Pacey (Dawson’s Creek) with a “win” for Pacey. It inaccurately says Joey and Pacey broke up after she lost her virginity to him. They also could’ve done Jen vs. Joey. 3. Peyton vs. Brooke (One Tree Hill), with a point for Peyton and a half-point for Brooke being mature about it. This last one, especially, was incredibly over-simplified, bordering on misleading and inaccurate. There were great pictures for all.
  • While thinking about the Beverly Hills 90210 anniversaries this year brings, I found this Star News article from two years ago that, in honor of Dawson’s Creek’s 10-year anniversary, revisits interacting factoids about the show.
  • This article on Life Unexpected suggests Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek) will be there for the long-haul, despite the vibe I got after watching the first three episodes.



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