Six Degrees of Teen Dramas

9 01 2010

New to Six Degrees of Teen Dramas? Here’s how to play!

Last Week: Harrison Ford

This Week:

Sandra Bullock

Go at it!

(I’ll tell you right now there’s a very easy connection!)



16 responses

9 01 2010

Sandra Bullock was in While You Were Sleeping with Peter Gallagher who was in TheOC

im assuming this is the easy one?

9 01 2010

also Sandra Bullock was in Miss Congeniality 2 with Regina King who was in A Cinderellla Story with Hilary Duff who plays Olivia in Gossip Girl

9 01 2010

Yep, that was the easy one! =)

I can add to your second one, since Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, OTH; Charlie, Dawson’s Creek) also stars in A Cinderella Story.

9 01 2010

haha wow completely forgot about Chad Michael Murray. which is sad considering i used to be obsessed with him AND that movie.

9 01 2010

Sandra Bullock was in George Lopez, which also guest starred Hilary Duff (Olivia, Gossip Girl)

Bullock was in While You Were Sleeping with Bill Pullman,
Pullman was in Sleepless in Seattle with Meg Ryan,
Ryan starred in In the Land of Women with Adam Brody (Seth, The OC), and Kristen Stewart, which is where all the Twilight connections come in.

And for another one, Bullock was in Practical Magic with Evan Rachel Wood.
Wood starred in Thirteen with Nikki Reed (Sadie, The OC)

Is it sad how much I look forward to these every week? haha.

9 01 2010

Kate – i look forward to them too! hahah

also Sandra Bullock is in The Blind Side with Tim McGraw who is in Friday Night Lights with Jay Hernandez who is the Rookie with Dennis Quaid who is in Yours Mine and Ours with – Sean Faris, who guest starred on One Tree Hill – and Sean Faris was in Reunion with Amanda Righetti(sp?) who played Hailey on The OC

Sean Faris was also in Never Back Down with Cam Gigandet who played Volchok on the OC

plus he was in The Sleepover with Sara Paxton who was in Summerland with Lori Loughlin

also is Yours Mine and Ours is Danielle Panabaker who also guest starred on Summerland

sorry for errors if there are any…

10 01 2010

Sandra Bullock was in “Premonition” with Julian McMahon of “Nip/Tuck”, which guest-starred Mario Lopez of “Saved By the Bell” costarring Tiffani [Amber] Thiessen (Val, Beverly Hills 90210).

Also, Julian was on “Charmed” with Shannen Doherty (Brenda, Beverly Hills 90210). [In case you can’t tell, I’m kinda relate things a lot to “Charmed”. I used to be obsessed…so don’t blame me if every week I mention it! It’s out of habit!]

10 01 2010

You all make me laugh! I love it!

To add to Step’s Nip/Tuck one: AnnaLynne McCord (Naomi, 90210) and Sophia Bush (Brooke, One Tree Hill) have also appeared on the show. There’s also other connections to it, I believe. Like Rosie O’Donnell guest-starred on it and cameo-ed on BH90210.

And with Saved By The Bell, Brian Austin Green (David, BH90210) appeared on an episode of the college years as himself and Tori Spelling (Donna, BH90210) appeared as Violet in several episodes of the main show.

12 01 2010

My whole schedule was thrown off after the long hiatus of all shows. I’m so glad to see this still going strong and people enjoying it as much as I do. It also makes me feel like less of a geek. 🙂

12 01 2010

Sane! I was thinking about e-mailing you since I noticed you’ve been MIA! Glad to see you around! =)

15 01 2010

WOW. how do you do this? i know connections, but i could never think them up that quickly…LOL, this is a very cool game

15 01 2010

iDegrassia: You don’t have to think of them quickly. You can post whatever you come up with whenever. No time restriction.

15 01 2010

> also Sandra Bullock was in Miss Congeniality 2 with Regina King who was in A Cinderellla Story with Hilary Duff who plays Olivia in Gossip Girl

Don’t forget, Regina King is also in Southland with:

Ben McKenzie, who was on The OC
Michael Cudlitz, who was on BH90210
Shawn Hatosy, who was on Felicity
Emily Bergl (plays Shawn’s wife), was on Gilmore Girls
Roxana Brusso, who was on BH90210
Lex Medlin, also on BH90210
John Heard, was in Jack & Bobby (oh I miss that one!)

15 01 2010

Now this is my kind of game!

Sandra Bullock worked with Hugh Grant in “Two Weeks Notice”, Hugh Grant worked with Sara Jessica Parker in “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”, Sara Jessica Parker worked with Kim Kim Cattrall in “Sex and the City”, Kim Cattrall worked with Michelle Trachtenberg in “Ice Princess” and Michelle Tranchtenberg was in Gossip Girl.

15 01 2010


Love Potion #9

She was in that with Tate Donovan who was on The OC!

I knew I was missing something somewhere.

15 01 2010

Good connections, Sabrina and Bob!

Bob: Although they are good shows, we don’t consider Felicity, Gilmore Girls or Jack & Bobby teen dramas here. And, much to my embarrassment, IMDB tells me Roxana played “Alana” in one season 8 episode but I have no idea who that is! Lex was also in one episode in season 4 but played an extra-type role as one of the many, many “frat guys” we saw over the years. Still, a connection is a connection! =)

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