Weekly Poll

13 01 2010

In the last Weekly Poll, a decent majority–60 percent–said they hope Rachel stays in Tree Hill. Only 22 percent said they disagreed and 18 percent didn’t care either way. The results were tight on the question of Lily and Keith and what may or may not have happened between them. Thirty-four percent of respondents said Lily wouldn’t cheat on Rufus but 30 percent admitted they weren’t sure and can’t wait to find out. Twenty-six percent are convinced cheating did occur while 10 percent also said they weren’t sure but they’re not looking forward to finding out. We had a tie in the third question, with 26 percent saying Dixon shouldn’t look for his birth mom but 26 percent also saying they don’t care. Another 35 percent said he should while 13 percent said they were torn.



2 responses

15 01 2010

I think Liam and Annie could be my favorite 90210 pairing. I saw a lot of chemistry there last season and I don’t like Liam and Naomi together đŸ™‚ I’m also really excited to see Taylor again, Haley need an interesting sister to interact with. I like Eric too and wouldn’t mind seeing him more. I’d like a few more Eric/Serena scenes.

15 01 2010

it would be VERY interesting to see Annie and Liam together…I mean it seemed like something was going to happen last season, in that scene where they were talking outside alone somewhere and naomi saw them…when naomi saw them it seemed like it was going somewhere…besides her suspicions about annie sleeping with liam at the prom party. I honestly thought something was going to happen, and I really hope something does this season! BTW awesome site! I love the theme!

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