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14 01 2010


Question: Earlier this week, Josh Schwartz answered some Gossip Girl questions on Twitter, and he said that Chuck and Blair would get a lot of sexy time, but that maybe they would go too far. Could you please be more clear and maybe tell us what he means with going too far? –Fernanda
I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Josh Schwartz is using his Twitter account as a spoiler dispenser. That’s just what I need, more competition. But enough about me and my insecurities. Here’s what I was able to get out of Schwartz: “After conferring with Stephanie Savage about what to say without saying too much, I’d add that Chuck and Blair have always played games to keep their romance exciting. But sometimes those games go too far and have a cost.”

Question: Any Gossip Girl scoop about Jenny? —Angelica
Mr. Spoiler himself, Josh Schwartz (maybe I should start referring to him as my frenemy?), also recently tweeted that an upcoming GG episode was titled “The 16 Year Old Virgin.” There’s your Jenny spoiler.

Credit: EW.com



4 responses

15 01 2010

‘;The 16 Year Old Virgin’……/weird..

15 01 2010
Rinth de Shadley

Well, we know that Chuck has a dark side, tho we haven’t seen much of it lately. But Blair, for all of her scheming and her fights with Serena … well I just don’t know how far she would really go. Not very far, I think.

And there are limits to what they can have a regular character do, even if he has a dark side. I’m really curious about what this is going to be.

15 01 2010

I wonder what Blair is gonna think of Nate/Serena

15 01 2010

iDegrassia, the title is a play on the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin.”

Em, I am wondering that too! I hope they address it.

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