Win The New Wakey!Wakey! Album

1 02 2010

As I teased at the end of my interview with Mike Grubbs (Grubbs, One Tree Hill), the musician-actor and I are teaming up on a contest.

How To Enter: Leave a comment on this post with a poem, of any style and length, about Grubbs (the character) that includes the following words: Tric, Apple, Brooklyn

Prize: An autographed copy of “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You,” the new Wakey!Wakey! album

Deadline: You have until Friday, February 5 at noon eastern time to leave your comment.

Grubbs himself will review the entries and announce a winner on his blog.

Good luck!



20 responses

1 02 2010

A Question; Can we enter more than one Poem?

1 02 2010

Clarification: You’re only allowed one entry and one entry is just one poem.

1 02 2010

Maybe it’s too soon
But after a couple tracks I am fond of you
And if watching WB is all it takes
Whoever named a bar Tric made big mistakes
But Apple had also made mistakes
The Ipad is a mistake today…

So Grubbs is from Brooklyn
which by subway is quite far away
his hair covers over half his face
But it looks well conditioned…

2 02 2010

is it open for only US residents or Canadian too?

2 02 2010

Clarification: International residents are welcome to enter. Past winners of some of my contests lived in Australia and Budapest! Shipping expense is mine. All you have to do is enter, hope you win and enjoy. =)

2 02 2010

He is walking through Brooklyn,
watching the snow fall down.
He thinks about Apple, his macbook pro.
He was going to airport,
The flight to NC downtown.
He looked very happy since he was about
to sing, to his fans who loves him so much!

2 02 2010

Grubbsy said as Tuesday Rolled around
For today was the day
that his new album came about

He looked outside his apartment window
The great Brooklyn in his sight,
It was the first day of his life alright
And all he could think about was
Almost everything I wish I’d said the last time I saw you….

So he got on his brand new iPad and started to write
What? you ask?
A letter of course. Steve Jobs was expecting it
For Apple had bestowed upon him the honor
of a usage of his song
and of that song, he wrote Almost Everything

Street Date premiered his whole album
on this very Tuesday, so even a bum
could listen and dream
but not hatch a scheme
for the words of Grubbs
are so powerful and encouraging

2 02 2010

Grubbs ain’t just a bartender in Tree Hill, North Carolina
He’s got mad piano skills that only the walls of Tric have experienced
This Brooklyn boy is the new resident therapist for all those with drama filled lives who come in for a shot, a bottle, or even a pint.

The Kindle Killer AKA the Apple iPad is almost as rad as my man Grubbs,
but not quite because the name alone is ridiculous
He may have been a band geek, but now he is a cool bartender,
even if Haley disagrees
She is just jealous of Grubbs’ tomato throwing abilities.

2 02 2010

Who is this guy you speak of named Grubbs?
I’ve heard he is a good bartender who has worked in a few pubs.

A great looking guy who can mix a mean drink,
Anything you want -an appletini, a margarita, or electric lemonade in pink.

But there’s no need to tell him what you want, he can guess your pic.
What’s that you say? He doesn’t work in pubs, only a bar named Tric.

This isn’t a big fancy bar in the lights of New York City
It’s not even in Brooklyn, but don’t give him any pity.

For haven’t you heard that he is doing just fine
In that little quaint bar in North Carolin(a)

Thanks for introducing me to Grubbs, I like him a lot
I’m so glad that Mark and the folks in Tree Hill gave him a shot!

2 02 2010

As I wished to be a star
walking into the Tric bar
Dreaming of the Big Apple
But I do not like to babble
I’m just a simple Brooklyn chick
listening to Grubbs’ style so slick
Maybe this is all a dream
and maybe I am just me
A girl in Texas watching One Tree Hill
and when WakeyWakey play
I sit so still.

4 02 2010

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Grubbs hidden demons are scary,
but who cares when Wakey Wakey!’s songs don’t sound like poo!

4 02 2010

Grubbs became popular so quick
And it’s not just from bartending at Tric
Nor from being a fun new guy in Tree Hill
But for his pure talent and remarkable skill

Apple recognized his gift
And gave his career a lift
Since his music is so strong
Apple used him for the iPad song

His voice has the unique ability
To fill you with immediate tranquility
His lyrics melt in your heart
But the words are only the start

His hands possess such power
You could listen to him hour after hour
His fingers fly across the piano keys
He seems such at ease

From Brooklyn to War Sweater
It just can’t get any better
Grubbs is everybody’s go-to-guy
Good advice he does supply

Though he can guess anyone’s favorite drink
In the time it takes to blink
Hopefully he will come out from behind the bar
Because with his music he can go far

5 02 2010

When will the winner be chosen

5 02 2010

Soon. Not sure exactly when.

7 02 2010
Amanda Williamson

Smells like an apple
Bartender at Tric, the club
Too cool for Brooklyn

14 02 2010

Ok, sorry to be annoying, but does anybody know if a winner going to be chosen, or is the contest still going on??? It says Feb. 5th was the deadline, but i haven’t seen anything that a winner was chosen so i was curious if people still could enter?

14 02 2010

Liz, as I noted a few days ago (, a winner has been chosen but not yet publicly announced by Grubbs. When announced, I’ll be sure to let everyone know in a News Roundup.

19 02 2010

Congrats to Tobias! Grubbs has chosen his poem as the winner!

Thank you to everyone for participating. Please check back with TDW for future contests!

20 02 2010

Tobias’ doesn’t even use the words! Its good but…

20 02 2010

I know this poem is late but I just heard about it and decided it would be fun to make one anyways. 😛

Grubs, I think that girl was as foolish as can be.
I guess it’s good, because now your at a bar tric.
Your sweet talking Miranda, and had her walked naked for you.
I think you two are sweet, especially when she’s not crude.
She gave you an apple, and told you to get over it.
Luckly it wasn’t full of poision.

Her heart got blow away when you sang “Brooklyn.”
I suddenly wished I was her, and not the girl it was for.
Those mean record labels they don’t have a clue.
That’s why Peyton had Red Bedroom Records for artists like you.

She thought they were soul sucking and miranda agreeded.
Thankfully you found miranda and the small the label to be.
Hopefully you’ll become famouos, and make band geeks become cool.
Cause those band geeks, bardtend at tric and rock out on stage.
That’s something the Ipad can’t do.

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