Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.15

1 02 2010

Last Week’s Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.

EPISODE 7.15: Don’t You Forget About Me

  • Previously on: There wasn’t one…?
  • This is the so-called “John Hughes Tribute” episode. The storylines will all echo his films, such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Home Alone, etc. Hughes died in August.
  • One Tree Hill has previously referenced The Breakfast Club. Dawson’s Creek, too!
  • Be sure to stick around after the show to find out how you can win an autographed copy of the new Wakey!Wakey! album. Mike Grubbs, who plays Grubbs on the show, is the frontman for Wakey!Wakey!
  • The opening song is “Don’t You Forget About Me”–the most recognizable song from The Breakfast Club.
  • Brooke is watching them paint Luke’s room. Why would Luke allow this?
  • She tells Julian she spent a lot of time here. He’s not thrilled to hear that.
  • Haley and Quinn have organized a fundraiser dance at Tree Hill High.
  • Brooke sort of kinda invites Julian but he declines saying one HS experience was enough since he was a geek.
  • Alex overhears.
  • Quinn is in Clay’s house making a smoothie when Kylie bangs on the door, trying to get to Clay.
  • Q1: Don’t tell me you’re in there with that miserable slag again!–Kylie
  • Kylie storms off, POed, and then Quinn drops a smoothie on her from the balcony.
  • Q2: Sorry. I’m such a slag!–Quinn
  • Q3: Guys, it’s a little early to be looking at porn.–Mouth
  • Junk and Fergie are on a Web site to find Mouth his “perfect woman” so he gets over Millie. [Weird Science]
  • Clay and Nathan are driving back to Tree Hill from a charity event.
  • Nathan thinks they should be home already and is confused that they aren’t.
  • Clay says he got lost and they’re a couple hundred miles outside Tree Hill. They’ll be home soon…
  • Until the corvette stalls! [Planes, Trains and Automobiles?]
  • Nathan says there’s a reason he had to be home this morning.
  • Haley walks into the living room, surprised no one is there.
  • Jamie comes in and demands breakfast.
  • Haley asks if he has anything else to say. But nope, more breakfast wishes.
  • Q4: I can’t believe it. They freakin’ forgot my birthday.–Haley [Sixteen Candles]
  • Haley is really rockin’ the Molly Ringwald/Samantha hair color. (Though not hair style.)
  • Nate is trying to leave Haley a birthday voicemail when his phone dies.
  • Aw, it’s cute how upset Nathan is. He says he always “goes big” for her birthday.
  • Clay says the car won’t be ready for a while…and he left his phone in the car, which was just towed away!
  • Alex brings up the dance to Julian, saying Brooke wants him to go.
  • Julian says Brooke was just being polite and things are weird since the break-up.
  • Julian is confused that Alex seems to be pushing him and Brooke together.
  • Q8: “Oh, I’m a total Brulian fan now.”–Alex
  • LOL But should we believe her?
  • She says she has to make amends for the past.
  • Haley gives more hints to Jamie that it’s her birthday but it goes over his head.
  • Jamie will be hanging out with the kids tonight.
  • Quinn comes in. She’s excited to “rescue the endangered arts program of Tree Hill High.”
  • The party has an 80s theme. Beverly Hills 90210 had an 80s party in season 10. The episode was appropriately called “80’s Night.”
  • I’m happier it’s a random fundraiser for a specific niche rather than a general Tree Hill High one or an official reunion ’cause then how do you explain Leyton’s absence?
  • Although, Leyton both have a lot to do with art (more Peyton in the high school era than Luke) so I think they would care about this. But care enough to come back home?
  • Lucas should care about them redoing his house, though!
  • Quinn is excited to crimp her hair.
  • Haley says she got part of Nate’s message and the boys won’t be back to join them.
  • Brooke tells Alexander she’s thinking of going to the dance.
  • Alexander jokes he learned everything from watching Miami Vice reruns.
  • He offers to go with her.
  • Brooke is reluctant.
  • He says the best way for him to meet a new girl would be to have a hot one on his arm already. Um, okay.
  • Brooke says okay, they’ll go as “friends.”
  • Brooke stars sketching her own dress. She’ll make it in a day? [Pretty in Pink]
  • Haley asks where Quinn is…
  • Q9: She’s pimping her hair.–Jamie
  • Intentional use of pimping by Jamie, as in she’s trying to make her hair better, or supposed to be cute that he didn’t know crimping?
  • Haley goes to run errands and says Quinn needs to stay with him.
  • Jamie runs to Quinn and says his mom said she can leave whenever.
  • And then Jamie called Junk and said he didn’t need to come over to babysit. LOL
  • Junk and Fergie are doing this database search to find Mouth’s perfect woman.
  • They find a match in Tree Hill but there’s no photo. Fergie is bummed and Mouth guesses it’s probably a guy.
  • He asks that they delete his profile but of course they click the “meet” button.
  • Clay says he found a ride…with a truck full of pigs.
  • Q10: You are about to see just how much I love my wife.–Nathan
  • Jamie verifies that he’s home alone.
  • Q11: I’m all alone in the house? SWEET!–Jamie [Home Alone]
  • Nathan and Clay are on the back of the truck.
  • Clay is talking to the pig, saying he feels bad for liking bacon and pork.
  • Q12: I know you plan on falling insanely in love with that pig…-Nathan
  • LOL Great play on a quote from earlier this season.
  • Nate says he planned on making dinner for Haley.
  • The truck stops. There’s a huge traffic jam that’s expected to last for hours.
  • Nathan suggests they go walk for a bit and then hitch-hike.
  • Clay is apprehensive.
  • Didn’t Nathan already do this with Chris Keller? I forget what season…
  • Haley tells Quinn someone wrote “slut” on her car in lipstick.
  • Quinn says Kylie did it.
  • Grubbs is bartending the event. He says he wasn’t cool in high school.
  • Someone is at the door at Mouth’s.
  • It’s Kylie!
  • She’s the girl Junk and Fergie found on the dating site! [Weird Science]
  • She asks Mouth to go to the dance at Tree Hill High. (Is this a set-up so she can get to Clay? Would she know Clay’s supposed to be there? Am I reading too much into this?)
  • Mouth asks why she’s on a dating site when she can probably date whomever she wants.
  • He questions if she’s a “dude” and she flashes them. LOL
  • Jamie is eating ice cream, pretending to shave, making a giant pancake, dancing around, wearing his dad’s shoes, making his hair into a mohawk and…falls when he tries to reach a big box.
  • The box had birthday decorations and he remember what day it is.
  • Brooke is working on her dress.
  • Julian is giving a speech…to no one. He’s just practicing.
  • Alex walks in and says she’ll start “the slow clap” for him when he gives it tomorrow.
  • He admits he’s nervous being a first-time director.
  • Alex admits she’s been nervous too.
  • Q13: I just keep asking myself what would Julia Roberts do?–Alex
  • Alex asks him who his favorite director is. He says John Hughes and rattles off some film titles.
  • Q14: Those weren’t just movies about teenagers. They were about the struggle people have to find themselves.–Julian
  • He says Hughes had a vision.
  • Alex says to clear his head and find his vision, he should go to the dance and maybe even dance with Brooke.
  • He says he needs to find an 80s outfit but she says she already did in case he changed his mind.
  • Q15: But just so we’re clear, this is not a date. It’s not even date-ish.–Alex
  • Hmmm.
  • Brooke is ready and Alexander is outside with a fancy car. [Pretty in Pink]
  • Q16: Brooke Davis. Stunning in any decade.–Alexander
  • At the dance, everyone is 80-ed out.
  • Quinn actually looks fab in her crimped hair and in her outfit.
  • Haley just looks funny.
  • They introduce Cheap Trick.
  • Why would Cheap Trick play a random high school’s benefit?
  • They are performing “I Want You To Want Me.” Interestingly enough, on Dawson’s Creek, Joey performed this with Charlie–aka Chad Michael Murray, aka Lucas.
  • Junk gets a text from Haley asking how it’s going with Jamie. He realizes he’s been played.
  • Brooke introduces Alexander to Haley.
  • Alexander says he’s a big fan of Haley (as in her music). Aw, sweet.
  • Brooke says it’s a big day for Haley…since she always liked 80s fashion.
  • She’s bummed Brooke didn’t remember her birthday either.
  • She goes to the bar and gives Grubbs her ID. He comments on her height. LOL
  • She takes a shot and walks off.
  • Naley’s house is a mess. Jamie is coloring (LOL, really?) when he hears banging on the door.
  • Junk and Fergie are trying to get in.
  • Jamie gets his light sword and overhears Junk say, “I swear I’m gonna kill that kid.” [Home Alone]
  • Kylie and Mouth are drinking. Mouth asks her to dance but she says after a few more drinks.
  • Kylie spots Quinn and says she’ll be right back.
  • Q17: It took me 4 hours to get smoothie out of my hair, bitch.–Kylie
  • Quinn tries to call a truce but she isn’t having it.
  • Q18: Clay told me he doesn’t believe in love so good luck with that.–Kylie
  • Quinn doesn’t look phased.
  • Clay and Nathan are getting frustrated with each other as they wander around.
  • They start blaming each other for why they’re lost.
  • Nathan says it’s Clay’s fault for insisting on the guy’s road trip and messing up the car, etc.
  • He explains how important Haley’s birthday is.
  • Q19: You’d know that if you were ever married.–Nathan
  • EEK! Nate still doesn’t know about Sara! So sad.
  • Julian and Alex enter. Julian says he feels like a geek all over again.
  • Q20: I was a geek, too. I wore headgear til the middle of my sophomore year.–Alex
  • Q21: So why don’t you take a chance and ask the popular girl to dance?–Alex
  • Q22: It wouldn’t be the 80s without an appear from Crocodile Dundee.–Julian on Alexander
  • He’s POed that Brooke is there with Alexander and assumes it’s a date.
  • Brooke sees them and complains to Alexander that Julian is there with Alex.
  • 90210 promo
  • Junk and Fergie are getting ready to break in when Jamie comes out and shoots paintballs at them.
  • Then he realizes who it is. LOL
  • Q23: Are you going to tell my parents?–Jamie
  • They agree not to because it’ll show what bad babysitters they are.
  • Jamie asks them for help with someone.
  • A Baley scene!!! Maybe they’re starting to listen to the fans? This is 3 episodes in a row!
  • They reminisce about where their lockers are.
  • Brooke brings up Lucas decorating her locker in the beginning of senior year.
  • She finds her old locker and the combination still works. They admire the pictures of the girl and her boyfriend.
  • Haley asks her what really happened with Julian. How have they not discussed this already?
  • Brooke explains that he is always preoccupied with Alex and even if he denies it, she thinks he has feelings for Alex.
  • Q24: What, the love triangle between you, Lucas and Peyton?–Haley
  • That’s the second triangle mention in three episodes!
  • Q25. I guess love is never simple.–Brooke
  • Q26: I can’t be the girl that’s with the guy that’s in love with someone else. Not again.–Brooke
  • Kylie is drunk and sits down in the hallway between them.
  • Her hair gets caught in the locker but they’ve walked off so she’s stuck. [Sixteen Candles]
  • Alexander and Julian meet at the bar.
  • Alexander says he knows Julian is probably upset he’s here with Brooke but he’s a nice guy.
  • Q27: If you ever hurt her, I will hunt you down across the Outback. And I’m not talking about the steakhouse. But I will hunt you down there as well.–Julian
  • Alexander walks away.
  • Q28: I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the Outback.–Julian
  • Quinn spots Kylie in the hallway. Kylie asks for help.
  • Quinn says she’ll go get help. Kylie apologizes for being a bitch.
  • Quinn says it’s okay but Kylie says it’s not. She admits she’s just hurt that Clay said
  • Q28: He really meant he didn’t believe in love with someone like me.–Kylie
  • Quinn says there’s more to it than that. She must mean Sara.
  • Kylie says guys only see her as a body.
  • She gives Quinn scissors to cut her hair out of the locker.
  • She admits she was going to slash Quinn’s tires. LOL
  • Clay and Nathan have found the road.
  • Nathan admits he was out of line before.
  • Clay says there’s something he never told him and he doesn’t know why.
  • Q29: “I used to be married before you and I met. Her names was Sara.” “Right. She leave after you started sleeping with all those women?” “No, actually, she died.”–Clay and Nathan
  • Nathan is obviously shocked. He asks why Clay never told him.
  • Clay says he was his agent and Nathan says they became friends.
  • Clay says again he doesn’t know why he didn’t tell him but he understands how hard it is for him to be away from Haley.
  • A car comes down the road and Clay stops it.
  • He explains that his friend is desperate to get home to his wife.
  • The woman recognizes Nathan and says she only has room for one.
  • Clay tells Nathan to go but Nate doesn’t want to leave him.
  • Clay insists and Nate goes.
  • Clay walks off.
  • I hope they talk about Sara again at some point. That one convo shouldn’t be it.
  • Nathan comes back in the car and finds Clay. He says he borrowed the car so he could come get him. Aw.
  • Brooke finds Julian sitting in the auto shop. [Sixteen Candles]
  • Q30: It’s funny. I always had a thing for the guys in shop class.–Brooke
  • Is this a Lucas reference? Technically, Luke works in a body shop. We don’t know that he took “shop class.”
  • Brooke tells Julian she wasn’t trying to make him jealous. She didn’t know he was coming.
  • Julian says coming was a “misguided attempt to find clarity before the biggest day of his life.” Instead he feels like a lost geek all over again.
  • Brooke says she’s seen the movies and…
  • Q31: Nothing boosts the geek’s confidence like a kiss from the cheerleader.–Brooke
  • And they kiss! Short but sweet.
  • That’s our first Brulian kiss in how long???
  • Q32: “Hey, Brooke. This isn’t going to be easy, us being friends?” “No. But it’s better than not being in each other’s lives at all.”–Julian and Brooke
  • Not always!
  • Alexander finds Alex outside and introduces himself. He asks where their dates are.
  • Alex says he hopes they’re together.
  • Q33: Some advice from one Alex to another. Don’t fall in love with Brooke. Those two are going to end up together. She’s still in love with him.” “How do you know that?” “Cause so am I.”–Alex and Alexander
  • A car pulls away and Haley sees Nathan standing by a car. He wishes her a happy birthday and she’s thrilled. [Sixteen Candles]
  • Kylie asks Mouth to come home with her.
  • Mouth says he can’t. He wants to but things are messy with his ex.
  • He suggests the go get food.
  • Kylie says he’s a good guy and it’s nice to know there’s still a few out there. [Sixteen Candles]
  • Kylie is sad when she sees Clay and Quinn embrace.
  • Clay apologizes for missing the dance and asks Quinn to show him around the school.
  • Jamie is passed out on the couch. The living room is decorated for Haley’s birthday.
  • She’s happily shocked.
  • Jamie sleepily wishes her a happy birthday as Nathan carries him to bed. Very sweet.
  • Haley and Nathan are sitting over her cake, candles lit.
  • Q34: “What are you going to wish for?” “I already have everything I ever wanted.”–Naley
  • They kiss. [Sixteen Candles]
  • Julian gives his speech to the film crew and everyone claps.
  • Alex and Brooke are there.
  • Brooke and Julian share a smile.
  • The top of Julian’s script says “What would John Huges do?”
  • But did Brooke write that? Or Alex?
  • Julian calls action.
  • Screen says “In Loving Memory of John Huges. 1950-2009”
  • I understand, with the Hughes theme, why the episode ended with Julian and his movie but the Naley scene would’ve been a great ender and still within the Hughes theme.
  • I am going to back and put the film references in brackets for all the ones I could identify. There’s tons I’m sure I didn’t get or missed though. In some cases, I’m only putting the first instance and then the subsequent major instance, rather than every one.
  • Some of the characters and storylines referenced more than one Hughes character and storyline. I’m probably missing some. Haley (Samantha, Sixteen Candles), Nathan (Jake, Sixteen Candles; ???, Planes, Trains and Automobiles), Clay (???, Planes, Trains and Automobiles), Brooke (Andie, Pretty in Pink; Samantha; Sixteen Candles), Alexander (Blane, Pretty in Pink), Julian (Duckie, Pretty in Pink; The Geek, Sixteen Candles), Alex (Sloane, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Jamie (Kevin, Home Alone), Junk (Harry/Marv, Home Alone), Fergie (Harry/Marv, Home Alone), Mouth (Gary, Weird Science; The Geek, Sixteen Candles), Kylie (Lisa, Weird Science; Caroline, Sixteen Candles)
  • Now go enter my Wakey!Wakey! contest!
  • Preview: Haley’s mom, Lydia, is back. Jamie is happy to see her. Alex asks why Julian put everything into the movie and he says it’s because she put everything into the script. Brooke says all girls understand the moment when there’s another girl as Julian and Alex hug. Haley calls Taylor selfish and Taylor says Haley doesn’t know what’s best for everyone.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



13 responses

1 02 2010

I couldn’t help but miss Peyton when Quinn and Hayley were introducing the band! 😦

1 02 2010

I love reading your live blog since where you are there’s a three hour time difference (I live in Vancouver, Canada,) LOL. =)

Can’t wait to watch this episode!!

I really think Peyton and Lucas should of come back for this episode!

1 02 2010

You are completely right, Becky. I meant to mention that as I was blogging. That so would’ve been a Peyton scene. The whole concert aspect would’ve been her storyline.

K.Scott, I’m so glad you enjoy the blog! I wish Leyton would’ve come back, too, but neither the show nor actors are interested in that. Sigh.

1 02 2010

I loved when Alex referenced ‘Brulian’ tonight! It’s as if she was quoting the fans! Too cute!
Great episode! Really entertaining!

1 02 2010

Did you notice who the girl was in the red car? Kristy Swanson. I saw her name in the credits and laughed. Was she in an 80’s movie. All I remember her in was Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with Luke Perry 😉 and The Chase with Charlie Sheen.

I actually never saw all of Sixteen Candles, did that happen in that movie, A woman pulling up in a car?

I don’t know just wondering what she had to do with the eppy!!

1 02 2010

Meriam, I always like when the show incorporates the fan nicknames. It’s cute. I’m not sure if they’ve ever used Leyton but they’ve used Naley a few times.

naleymisafan, I couldn’t figure out who the girl was and then someone on Twitter said it was Kristy Swanson but I wasn’t sure. Glad you saw it in the credits. IMDB says she was a “Duckette” in Pretty in Pink. She was also a character named Simone in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. As far as the car thing with her tonight, that’s not from Sixteen Candles. Perhaps it’s from Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I can’t say for sure but that’s what Clay and Nathan’s storyline was, I think.

1 02 2010

othblog just linked the references. u were right on lol

John Hughes movie references:

Opening montage set to “Don’t You Forget About Me” – The Breakfast Club
Everyone forgot Haley’s birthday – Sixteen Candles
Junk & Fergie make Mouth the perfect woman online – Weird Science
Jamie is left home by himself – Home Alone
Nathan and Clay try to get home by any means possible – Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Brooke tears apart a dress and makes it into another one – Pretty in Pink
Clay’s ex-blonde bimbo gets drunk, gets her hair stuck in a door and has to get it cut out – Sixteen Candles
Nathan appears next to a red sports car – Sixteen Candles (Mmm…Jake Ryan)
Haley and Nathan kiss over a birthday cake – Sixteen Candles

1 02 2010

Yeah, I saw that on Zap2it. Proud to say I was finished with my list before they published theirs. =)

2 02 2010

I think Brooke/Julian/Alex was Some Kind Of Wonderful. I totally didn’t get the Nathan standing next to the red car thing. I knew it was familiar but for some reason it just didn’t click. and did nathan buy the car right from the lady? because he said it was Haley’s. and if he did…what is with tree hill residents just buying things right from people(brooke…when she bought her house right in that moment…btw that was so funny when she did that!)

2 02 2010

I should’ve been more clear before: Nathan standing by the red car waiting for Haley is from Sixteen Candles. But the lady in the red car helping Nathan and Clay is not from Sixteen Candles. I’m not sure if Nate bought the car. Someone said on another site he did but I must’ve missed him saying that.

While I haven’t seen Some Kind of Wonderful, I have read about it and I see how Brooke-Julian-Alex echoed some of it. Anddd Craig Sheffer (Keith) starred in the film. Also worth noting that last season Gossip Girl’s premiere episode was called Summer Kind of Wonderful and also loosely echoed the film’s plot.

2 02 2010

Yeah, Nathan bought the car and gave it to Haley as a birthday present.

2 02 2010

Thanks for confirming, Joey.

4 02 2010

He said he bought the car for her, but I wonder if we’ll ever actually see the car again…

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