Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.14

25 01 2010

Last Week’s Live-Blog

Keep refreshing this page throughout the show for plot developments, quotes and commentary.

EPISODE 7.14: Family Affair

  • Previously on: Millie gets arrested for DWI, Victoria gives her a job, Julian tells Alex he is funding the movie because he believes in her, Brooke can’t get past him and Alex, Julian breaks up with her saying they need to work on themselves, Taylor and David are dating
  • Haley is making lots of noise to wake up Taylor and David
  • She says she dreamt she found out about them and then killed them.
  • Nathan says he dreamt the same but Haley was mature about it.
  • Q1:  Good morning slut.–Haley to Taylor
  • Taylor is surprised Haley is upset. They banter back and forth.
  • She makes a joke about Nathan already seeing her in skanky pajamas.
  • Q2: “Are you going to say something?” “I love you?”–Haley and Nathan
  • Nathan takes Jamie and leaves. He said something about a videogame shoot, whatever that means.
  • Julian tells his dad he is using LUCAS’ house for the movie he’s making with Alex. They are in it right now!
  • Apparently Lucas is letting him. This is crazy!
  • Alex is in the living room talking to the director.
  • Julian’s dad is concerned about Alex working on the movie.
  • Alex is dressed very skanky, which doesn’t help Julian’s case. Apparently she’s also starring in it.
  • Julian says the person he wanted for costumes didn’t work out.
  • Brooke is moping with a box of Julian’s stuff.
  • She tells Victoria they broke up the night before.
  • Grease 2 is in the box. Love it!
  • Brooke says she wants to bring it to him but she’s nervous and doesn’t want to see Alex.
  • Victoria says she’ll take care of it since…
  • Q3: There’s no need for unnecessary drama.–Victoria
  • Victoria tells Brooke that Millie is working for them again.
  • Can’t tell if Brooke looks surprised or POed.
  • Mouth is looking at the mess in his apartment.
  • Did he sleep on the couch last night? Or maybe in Skills’ room?
  • Millie promises to clean it up.
  • He says he’s just worried about her.
  • She’s says she’s not okay but she’s trying.
  • He asks about rehab and she says she’s thought about going back.
  • He offers to help and she asks how long he’s staying.
  • He’s just here for a day or 2 but will be here when she gets home.
  • Q4: That helps.–Millie
  • Haley tells Taylor her relationship is a sick joke.
  • Taylor says David is a good guy and Quinn couldn’t see it.
  • Haley gives David an attitude, too.
  • Taylor and David plan on cooking dinner for everyone. She says Quinn already agreed to it.
  • Q5: “David, how can you do this to Quinn?” “It’s no different than what she did to me.”–Haley and David
  • Quinn is with Clay and says she told David they slept together. Um, okay.
  • Clay is confused on why she wants him to come to dinner.
  • Quinn explains Taylor has always tried to steal her boyfriends.
  • Clay asks if she’s bothered by all of this, since it’s worse now, but she says she’s not as bothered by that as she is by the girl in a bikini swimming in his pool.
  • I believe it’s Kylie, from the Body Axe commercial.
  • Nathan is playing basketball in an interactive studio. They are putting him in a videogame.
  • This is actually pretty cool. He is in a black catsuit with round things stuck to him.
  • Clay and Jamie are watching.
  • Q6: “You look good covered in balls.” “Now I know how Taylor feels.”–Clay and Nathan
  • Clay says he’s not going to the dinner. He adds that Quinn’s more upset about Kylie.
  • Quinn tells Haley about Kylie.
  • Haley is surprised she isn’t upset about Taylor and David.
  • Quinn says David is right to be upset with her and he deserves to be happy, just like she is with Clay.
  • Alexander is asking Brooke how she’s holding up today.
  • So I guess they did just talk last night.
  • Brooke shows him a sketch. I guess it’s supposed to be Julian.
  • Q7: Clothes over psychos. Coming this fall to prisons everywhere.–Alexander
  • Millie says hi to Brooke but she doesn’t say anything.
  • Alexander introduces himself.
  • Millie asks if she needs anything and Brooke reminds her that she works for Victoria.
  • Millie looks hurt and walks away.
  • Alexander calls Brooke a mean boss. Victoria overhears.
  • Mouth is cleaning up the apartment when Lauren shows up.
  • She says Skills told her he was in town so she came to say hi.
  • She offers to help Mouth clean.
  • Nathan tells Jamie that sometimes friends fight (I guess he and Chuck were fighting; it’s not clear) but then they make up. Like Taylor and mom.
  • Haley then steals all the pots so Taylor can’t cook dinner!
  • Nathan tells Jamie to play upstairs tonight with Chuck.
  • The director asks Julian where Alex is.
  • Q8: Have you checked your hand? It’s usually on her ass?–Julian
  • They are now in the office and it looks a lot like the office Julian and Lucas and Dixon used for their movie.
  • The director says it’s no fun working on a movie with Alex Dupre if you can’t sleep with her.
  • So is this director Dixon version 2.0 or something?! (And if you recall, Dixon had like 3 names: Adam, Reese and Dixon. What was first, last or middle, I still don’t know!)
  • Alexander brings Julian his box of stuff. He apologizes and leaves.
  • Julian looks sad.
  • I wonder if Victoria sent Alexander on purpose, to send Julian a message.
  • Someone on Twitter just said this new director is one of the ones we saw when Julian and Lucas were looking at directors. He was the one who wanted to show Lucas living in a trailer. I recall that happening but I’m not sure if this is the same dude. Maybe it is. Would be kind of clever.
  • Julian comes into CoB and tells Brooke that he doesn’t appreciate her sending his “boy toy” to give him stuff.
  • She says she didn’t appreciate him breaking up with her.
  • Julian says it was needed and Brooke said she just needed space.
  • He says she got what she wanted and leaves.
  • So they break up and we still have the back and forth!
  • Quinn is lounging in Clay’s pool, making a point about Kylie.
  • Clay apologizes to her and says Quinn doesn’t seem to know who he is.
  • She says it’s okay. She knows that was the old version of him.
  • He says she can count on him and he’s coming to dinner.
  • He takes off his jacket and does a cannonball.
  • Haley is snacking to spoil her appetite.
  • Nathan admits dinner is a bad idea.
  • Haley says she only agreed because Taylor and Quinn already agreed so she didn’t really have  a choice.
  • Brooke shows up after Haley throws Taylor’s potatoes in the trash.
  • Q9: I was just feeling a little lost so I thought I’d come visit the most stable couple I know.–Brooke
  • It’s supposed to be funny because they (or at least Haley) aren’t looking so stable right now.
  • Mouth tells Lauren he left town because he thought the distance would help him with Millie.
  • He says she was out of sight but not out of mind.
  • Brooke agrees with Haley that Taylor is wrong.
  • Haley says Julian obviously cares for her because he is staying in Tree Hill when his movie could be made anywhere.
  • She says she and Julian are good together and they’ll work things out.
  • They talk some more and I freakin’ love it. More Baley, please!
  • Brooke makes a joke about Haley being in jail more than anyone she knows. They could call her Jaley. Haley says she hates her name. LOL
  • Q10: Enjoy your last supper, Judas.–Brooke to Taylor
  • The director is yelling at Alex.
  • Julian interrupts and Alex tells him the director is sexually harassing her. She thinks he’s trying to get her off the film.
  • He tells the director to be nicer to her. Alex looks happy.
  • Chuck comes over and he’s eager to see the early copy of Nathan’s videogame.
  • Nathan asks Haley if she’s going to be civil.
  • Q11: We weathered Dan’s crap for years. This should be easy.–Nathan
  • Clay and Quinn arrive.
  • Q12: “You must be Quinn’s boyfriend.” “And you must be her crazy sister.”–Taylor and Clay
  • Alex is doing a reading and the director calls her awful.
  • He tells Alex she can’t do anything right. He sees her scars…
  • Q13: Cut deeper next time.–Peter, the director.
  • Alex runs off crying.
  • Julian punches the director and tells the crew that he’s fired.
  • Wow. That had to be the meanest thing that guy could say, no?
  • Haley joins everyone at dinner and Taylor asks to say grace.
  • Q14: “You’re religious now?” “I have been calling out God’s name a lot lately.”–Haley and Taylor
  • David laughs.
  • Taylor says grace and praises David, including his home theater. A dig at Quinn, if you recall from 7.07.
  • Alex thanks Julian for sticking up for her. She says no one thinks she can do this movie.
  • Julian asks since when she does she care what others think.
  • Um, she’s always cared! That’s how she got to this point!
  • She says she’s worried about screwing up and looks at his scars.
  • Julian says she won’t and she should have faith.
  • Taylor and David are making out during dinner.
  • Quinn asks how they got together.
  • David walked into Taylor’s stripper aerobics class. LOL
  • She gave him a private sessions later.
  • Q15: And the rest, as they say, is sex.–Taylor
  • Quinn says she’s happy for them.
  • Haley calls Taylor and David out for being so insensitive.
  • David says that Quinn is the whore for sleeping with Clay while they were still married.
  • Quinn admits she lied. They never slept together.
  • David walks away and Quinn follows.
  • Q16: “Yes, Nate, I would love another beer.” “Good idea.”–Clay and Nathan
  • David asks how she could lie to him.
  • She said she had to because it’s the only way he would move on.
  • David says she can say whatever she wants about Taylor but at least Taylor is honest.
  • Nathan is surprised Clay hasn’t slept with Quinn yet but he points out he really likes her.
  • Brooke asks Victoria why she sent Alexander to give Julian his stuff and what happened to avoiding unnecessary drama.
  • Victoria says that drama was necessary but now she’ll keep out of it.
  • Victoria changes the subject to Brooke shutting Millie out.
  • She points out Millie was there when Brooke needed her, especially through their mother-daughter problems, and now Millie needs a friend.
  • Brooke says if Millie wants a friend, she has Victoria.
  • Taylor is still making snide comments at dinner. Clay and David aren’t helping, though.
  • Taylor tells makes a joke about Haley eating food and instantly getting fat and Haley says…
  • Q17: Your lip is about to get fat.–Haley
  • Nathan says he can’t take any more and goes upstairs to the kids.
  • Chuck is saying Nathan–in the game–sucks and Nathan is shocked to see how poorly his character is doing.
  • Nathan takes over and does well and Chuck is embarrassed.
  • Julian’s dad comes into the office, saying he heard what happened with the director.
  • He says Julian is moving backwards as a producer and all he has is an unreliable, uninsurable actress.
  • He reminds Julian they invested a lot in the movie and he needs to fix it.
  • Chuck is trying to beat Nathan in the game and is getting frustrated.
  • Nathan is a little over the top but it’s kind of funny.
  • Haley asks when he’s done being mature, if they can talk. LOL
  • Haley asks him to talk to David and help him realize he’s wrong.
  • He says he will.
  • Chuck tells Jamie his family is lame.
  • Clay approaches Quinn outside.
  • She says she shouldn’t have lied to David.
  • He tells her not to beat herself up and everyone does things they regret.
  • Q18: It’s just hard when our past starts swimming in our pools and cooking us dinner.–Quinn
  • Nate asks David if he knows how messed up this is.
  • David starts to say he was trying to show Quinn up but he realizes it is messed up.
  • Nathan admits he doesn’t like how Quinn is handling things either.
  • Cut to Clay telling Quinn she’s handling it better than he would’ve.
  • She thanks him for being there and he says she’s ready to go at any time.
  • Nathan asks if David is serious about Taylor.
  • He says they have fun together and he’s the first person to make him smile in a long time.
  • Q19: Just make sure you’re with her for the right reasons and not because she reminds you of her sister.–Nathan
  • Nathan says they’re cool but if Haley asks, he yelled at him.
  • Mouth thanks Lauren for help cleaning.
  • She admits she’s been lonely.
  • Mouth says he knows what it’s like because he only knows Skills in L.A.
  • He tells Lauren Skills misses her and he knows being alone sucks.
  • Julian is at CoB and they apologize about their fight that morning.
  • Brooke admits she should’ve brought the box to him herself but she knew it would be too hard.
  • He says that’s why it’s difficult for him to ask her to work on the movie but he needs her.
  • Brooke points out they just broke up.
  • He says she’s the only one he trusts and he needs the best for the movie.
  • She says she doesn’t know she can help him.
  • He asks her to think about it.
  • Q20: You don’t even have to look at me if you don’t want to.–Julian
  • Aw, that was cute. He’s still very charming at times.
  • She agrees to think about it.
  • Haley walks outside, still very POed.
  • David apologizes to her and she says say the apology means a lot.
  • Taylor interrupts and says not to apologize because they didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Quinn interrupts and says Taylor has been causing problems their whole life.
  • Q21: When Haley got her first period, you tried to convince her she was dying.–Quinn
  • Quinn names other things Taylor has done wrong to each of them and the family.
  • Taylor points out Haley went after her leftovers first (Nathan).
  • So not the same thing, seeing as Haley didn’t even know about Nathan and Taylor. And it’s not like they really even dated.
  • Haley wants Taylor to admit she’s wrong.
  • They start pushing and shoving and the 3 of them end up fighting in the pool.
  • The O.C. did this in season 1 with Julie and Hailey.
  • Jamie and Chuck are watching from the window.
  • Chuck now says his family is cool and he has 5 bucks on Haley. LOL
  • Now the girls are sitting on the side of the pool and Haley and Taylor continue to fight.
  • Haley says if she kills Taylor, it’s one less person to send a Christmas card to.
  • Taylor says that’s good because she doesn’t need anymore pictures of Jamie dressed as an Elf.
  • LOL. I would love to see that!
  • Quinn yells at them to stop fighting.
  • She says if Taylor is going to keep pretending she likes David, she has to be careful not to hurt him.
  • Taylor points out Quinn hurt him first.
  • Quinn admits that.
  • Taylor says she’s not pretending and Quinn says fine.
  • Haley yells, with tears, saying this is not fine.
  • She is clearly harboring residual resentment from the Nathan stuff and whatever happened when they were kids. It’s hard to understand because we didn’t the latter.
  • Q22: I want you to admit that you’re a bitch.–Haley
  • Taylor starts cry but admits it.
  • Nathan looks outside and says they’re not fighting anymore.
  • Clay says maybe that means they can work through their differences and David says not a chance.
  • Millie comes into the store and Brooke asks how she is.
  • She says Mouth came back and Brooke says that’s great but it must be hard to see him.
  • It’s clear how much Brooke is trying.
  • Q23: It was harder not seeing you.–Millie
  • Was it really? What does that say about her relationship with Mouth?
  • Millie tears up and turns to leave.
  • Brooke asks her to stay and help. Millie says thanks.
  • Quinn asks David if he’s leaving and he says he never should’ve come.
  • She says she never should’ve lied but she just wanted him to be happy.
  • He says he’s getting there and Quinn says she is happy. Well, that probably isn’t going to help David get there any faster!
  • She hands David her engagement ring.
  • Q24: Maybe just don’t give it to Taylor.–Quinn
  • What about the wedding band? Odd to give one back. Or any back, really.
  • She apologizes and David says it’s okay.
  • I feel closure there now between them. Thank god.
  • No closure with the girls, that’s for sure.
  • Millie comes home and sees the clean apartment. She tells Mouth he didn’t have to do it.
  • He says she doesn’t need to live like this—and he’s staying for a while because she shouldn’t have to be alone.
  • Brooke walks on to the film back-lot (clearly their real back-lot).
  • She asks if he really thinks she’s the best at this job.
  • He says she is.
  • She says if that’s true, she has to do it because it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.
  • He says she starts as soon as he hires a director.
  • She jokes about him not having anyone to work on the film but wants her so badly.
  • He explains that he had an issue with the director.
  • She says she knows a great guy who has always wanted to direct his own film.
  • Q25: I’m thinking someone whose names rhymes with Smulian.–Brooke
  • He laughs and says he doesn’t think his dad will go for it.
  • She says if he doesn’t get to direct, she may not do the costumes.
  • Q26: ‘Cause, PS, that’s now the deal.–Brooke
  • Aw, see, she can still be charming, too!
  • She says his people should call her people and leaves.
  • That was too cute.
  • There is still so much there. That makes it worth it.
  • Clay and Quinn get to his house.
  • Someone hands him new keys and he gives Quinn a key, saying she’s the only other person who has one.
  • It’s to show how important she is to him.
  • He says he’s lucky he found a locksmith on such short notice.
  • Q27: “You’re about to get even luckier.” “Finally. Can we tell everyone at the next dinner?”–Quinn and Clay
  • Julian goes to see his dad. His dad says he has a list of directors.
  • Julian says he wants to direct. He knows the movie, he knows Alex and he knows his dad can keep him in line.
  • His dad rips up the list.
  • Q28: You were at the top of the list.–John, his dad
  • That was sweet, too.
  • Haley is getting into bed and says she’s happy the day is over.
  • Nathan says the day was good–the drama wasn’t about them. No psycho girls, no contract issues, no Dan problems.
  • Haley realizes it was indeed a good day for them.
  • Nathan starts laughing as she cuddles up to him.
  • Q29: “Your family is crazy.” “Whatever. What time does Scott-Free come on?” “Oh, nice.”–Nathan and Haley
  • Fade to black. Good ending. Good episode.
  • Preview: Haley tells Julian about a fundraiser dance at Tree Hill High that Haley and Quinn organized. Alex asks Julian who his favorite director is. He says John Hughes. Cheap Trick performs. Nathan and Clay are on the back of a truck. Haley, in a knock-off Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles, says, “I can’t believe they forgot my birthday.”

Those are my thoughts! What’s yours?



8 responses

25 01 2010

I think it is that director from the trailer park, it looks and sounds like him =D

25 01 2010

Yes, I am thinking so now, too! Good job bringing something back from the past. I love when they do that.

But I am mixed on them using Luke’s house…

25 01 2010

I loved this episode! The drama with the James’ sisters was hilarious-too funny! Nathan & Clay were really cute about the whole thing.
I also love how Julian and Brooke are still working together and it looks like will still be friends… least until they kiss and make-up!lol I really like how she encouraged him to direct. You can still see how much they both still love one another.
I also really like how Julian is protective of Alex and is believing in her, and I like the development she’s going through. Way different Alex than we saw at the start of the season.
And Victoria, I always enjoy her and her ways of handling things. I like the new softer sides we’re seeing of her. She’s a really good sidekick for Brooke right now. Pretty much I liked the whole episode! lol

25 01 2010

Thanks for weighing, Meriam! I enjoyed the episode as well.

I agree on the humor of the James sisters, mostly Haley and Taylor. BJG does great with the comedy.

I definitely agree Brulian still love each other. And her encouraging him to direct, that whole scene, was just great. It makes me think if Alex didn’t exist in their world, they’d still be going strong. But obviously you have to deal with bumps in a relationship and she is one of them. But, of course, it also relates to issues they each have beyond her: Brooke’s trust issues and Julian’s savior complex. Those needs to be fixed and that’s why Julian is right in saying they need to work on themselves. I’m nervous abut them working on the movie together.

I like the new side of Victoria as well. Makes me wonder if we’ll ever see the other side of her again. Like with Dan, I’ll never believe she’s fully reformed.

25 01 2010

When Brooke agreed to work with Julian, I couldn’t help but think back to The O.C. and Seth and Summer and how they fell back for each other when he was sketching her for his comic book with Zach. Another favorite T.V. couple of mine!

25 01 2010

That’s a great, interesting comparison!

26 01 2010

I don’t know if it’s the actress or what, but I feel like Alex is being super manipulative and I’m not going to her pity party. She almost irritated me as much as Quinn did this episode.

26 01 2010

I couldn’t tolerate Alex in the first few episodes of the season. Then I started to deal and then I started to slowly appreciate that they were pulling back the layers on the character, even if it they didn’t do that good of a job with it. I also thought, throughout but especially when we saw the other side of Alex, that Jana Kramer was doing a wonderful job with the material she was given. I felt this way through last week.

But last night had me concerned. I have no interest in repeatedly seeing Alex worrying about measuring up and Julian comforting her. Surely, though, Brooke and Alexander will be affecting the dynamic in no time so a re-assessment will be necessary.

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