News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and More

25 01 2010
  • E! Online has a brief interview with Jessica Stroup (Silver, 90210) about Jennie Garth (Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210) and Trevor Donovan (Teddy, 90210).
  • The CW Source has a podcast on last week’s One Tree Hill.
  • PopEater has an interview with Robert Buckley (Clay, One Tree Hill) but it’s not on their site yet. Thankfully, an excerpt has been posted on
  • Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl) will voice a character on Sunday’s episode of Family Guy. Coincidentally that same night, I’ve planned to post another instance of Family Guy and our teen dramas colliding. (I’ve posted some already.)
  • Joanna Garcia (Bree, Gossip Girl) will star in an untitled pilot for ABC.
  • has a great interview with Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek). Lots of DC stuff.
  • Korbi has a short video interview with Smith about Life Unexpected. has an even shorter one.
  • Sasha Alexander (Gretchen, Dawson’s Creek) and Jordan Bridges (Oliver, Dawson’s Creek) will both be starring in a new TNT show, Rizzoli & Isles.
  • Just found this fabulous interview with Josh Schwartz (creator, The O.C.) that covers a ridiculously awesome amount of information about the show.



5 responses

26 01 2010

i LOVE the OC article. i love knowing all this sort of inside information now. and the interviewer was good too. basically it’s my favorite O.C. article.

26 01 2010

I think that Josh Schwarts or whatever his last name is and Mark Schwan should come together and write an awesome teen drama pilot for the CW. I think it would be a great show!

26 01 2010

Lexy, I loved it, too, and is quite possibly the best O.C. interview I’ve ever read. The interviewer not only clearly knew the show inside-and-out but he’s also a professional TV critic. He did an amazing job.

Cute idea, Wes. They have different styles so I’m not sure what the product would be like. I don’t think it’ll ever happen but it would be cool if it did!

27 01 2010

The OC interview with Josh Schwartz was awesome.

I also loved the Kerr Smith interview. Just had a quick question they mentioned in that interview that Dawson’s Creek re-runs “like four times a day”, I can’t fins it on anywhere. Were they being sarcastic and I missed it or is it really on somewhere? I have all the seasons on DVD but I still like to watch it on TV.

27 01 2010

Ang, I believe Kerr was talking about it airing in Canada. LUX films in Canada and I’ve heard Dawson’s Creek airs quite a bit there. So if you’re living in the U.S., you won’t be able to find it on TV because it’s not. I still like to watch it on TV, too. I’m very bummed that we can’t.

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