Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.16

8 02 2010

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EPISODE 7.16: My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good

  • Previously On: Grubbs is playing on the piano, Miranda stealthily watches, Millie is arrested, Victoria gives Millie her job back, Julian tells Alex he put up the funding for the movie because he believes in her, Julian asks Brooke to design costumes, Julian is going to direct the movie, Quinn gives her ring back to David and says don’t give it to Taylor, Julian starts filming
  • Taylor is dressed in somewhat slutty pajamas in Naley’s kitchen
  • Quinn is doing a cross-word.
  • Where was Taylor last week? Are we supposed to think she’s been staying there this whole time (if so, why?) and if she was, where was she last week? If not, why did she return?
  • Q1: “David left me.” “Smart move.”–Taylor and Quinn
  • Quinn is surprised Taylor is looking for sympathy from her.
  • Taylor says no one’s left her before.
  • Q2: Oh, look. 9-Across. Superficial bitch. T-A-Y-L-O-R–Quinn
  • There’s no cereal left and both Haley and Jamie is POed.
  • Haley laughs when she hears Taylor and David broke up. She then fakes sympathy.
  • Nathan and Jamie decide to go out for breakfast as the sisters continue to battle.
  • Victoria is impressed when she sees Millie in bright and early.
  • Millie seems to be going at a rapid-pace and Victoria wonders if she’s back on coke.
  • Millie says she’s just working hard to prove herself.
  • Q3: Promise me when things get hard, you won’t disappear into some dark alley. You can talk to me.–Victoria
  • Aw, Victoria!
  • Millie promises.
  • Miranda finds flowers in her office.
  • Clay is on the phone discussing a deal.
  • Jamie and Nate show up, planning to eat breakfast there.
  • Clay saying hi to “J.Scott” reminds me too much of Lucas and Jamie. Sad.
  • And the three of them having breakfast together like that. Sniff.
  • Brooke goes into Julian’s office and asks how things are going.
  • Julian says he’s struggling with dialogue. It doesn’t seem honest.
  • The scene is “the one where he lives her.”
  • Q4: All girls understand the moment when there’s another girl.–Brooke
  • Q5: “I was thinking he doesn’t stay enough. She needs to know that he loves her. And if she doesn’t know, he’s got to convince her.” “What are those words?” “I don’t know but he has to find them.”–Julian and Brooke
  • Aww. Subtext.
  • Haley and Quinn show up at Clay’s, joining the breakfast. Kind of cute.
  • The girls say they’re hiding from Taylor.
  • There’s a knock. It’s Taylor!
  • Q6: “Really, bitches?” “Language!”–Taylor and
  • Taylor says since the girls ditched her, it will just be her and mom.
  • In walks Lydia!
  • Jamie is ecstatic.
  • Haley is happy, too.
  • Hugs all around.
  • Alex tries on a costume for the movie.
  • Julian tells Brooke that she needs it to be sexier but not sluttier.
  • Brooke adjusts the shirt and pulls up the sleeves-there are the scars.
  • Awkward!
  • Julian leaves and the girls discuss clothes.
  • It’s kind of nice to see them “working” together again.
  • Alex says she’s sorry Brooke and Julian broke up. A sweet sentiment. I’m sure Brooke doesn’t believe her, though.
  • Lydia is walking on the beach with Quinn and Haley and Jamie.
  • Lydia tells Haley she should have more kids–she’s not getting any younger!
  • Haley says Quinn isn’t either. LOL
  • She runs after Jamie
  • Lydia says she always thought David and Quinn would have lots of kids.
  • Quinn tells her about Taylor and David.
  • Lydia says Clay is cute. Quinn agrees and says she’s happy.
  • Quinn asks Lydia if she’s okay without Daddy. WHAT HAPPENED TO JIMMY?!
  • Death? Divorce? I hate that Haley’s parents have been MIA all these years with nary a mention. I think the last one was in season 3.
  • And why did it have to be Quinn that revealed that info to us? It should’ve been Haley.
  • Grubbs walks into Miranda’s office and says she seems scared of being his girlfriend.
  • Um, what?! They went from flirting once–maybe twice–and her sneakily watching him play the piano to them talking about being a couple?! It feels like we missed stuff.
  • Miranda says he’s the one that’s scared–he’s talented but won’t make a record.
  • He says it’s too personal.
  • Julian and his dad are filming a scene with Alex.
  • His dad says they are on take 14 and she’s still not getting it.
  • Alex says she can’t get there emotionally.
  • Julian coaches Alex to say the line.
  • Q7: “Sure, help me. Clean me up. Make me immaculate. Fill me up with your promises.”–Alex
  • She’s crying now.
  • Damn, wish I got the whole quote.
  • You know she’s crying because her feelings for Julian brought it out and the words apply, in her mind, to her and him.
  • They re-do the take and it’s perfect.
  • Julian hugs her after and she smiles.
  • His dad is happy.
  • Brooke is watching from a bar. She looks proud of him but frustrated by their connection.
  • Brooke is now at Tric.
  • Grubbs tells her to stick with water. It’s safer. LOL
  • He asks if she wants to talk to him about what’s wrong.
  • Brooke says she took a job to be closer to her ex but being closer with him is hard.
  • She apologizes for being the girl at a bar who unloads on the bartender.
  • Grubbs says understands as he wrote an entire album about a girl but she’s with someone else now.
  • He says the girl used to tell him she missed him and he could tell she meant it but one day she stopped saying it and he knew she was gone.
  • Aww, Grubbs!
  • Millie walks into a support group meeting and asks the guy in charge to sign her paperwork. She’s not staying.
  • She says its was “just a small driving incident.” Oh boy.
  • Lydia is sitting with Clay.
  • She says he makes Quinn very happy.
  • Q8: She means the world to me.–Clay
  • Really, already? One minute they’re having the relationship move at lightspeed, then they’re slowing down and then they move fast again.
  • And why are we getting a Lydia-Clay scene before a Lydia-Nathan one? Priorities are so off these days.
  • OMG. Lydia says Jimmy died a few years ago! It is HORRIBLE that they completely skipped over this and now it’s coming out with Clay of all people!
  • I am incredibly POed right now.
  • Lydia is telling Clay their spouses would want them to move on with dignity and grace. And what he’s doing with Quinn is very graceful.
  • Gossip Girl promo! A new one! I’ve got chills!
  • Haley comes into Miranda’s office.
  • Haley tells Miranda she’s chipper.
  • Miranda wants Haley to convince Grubbs to record.
  • Haley doesn’t know why Miranda needs her help.
  • She says it’s because Grubbs thinks she’s his girlfriend.
  • Haley teases her about having a boyfriend.
  • Jamie and Nathan come onto the set/Luke’s house.
  • Q9: This is so cool. It’s exactly like Uncle Lucas’ house!–Jamie
  • Heart meet dagger!
  • Julian tells Jamie he can be his AD. Cute.
  • Nate tries to do a  movie quote (like Julian did during the camping trip) and he fails. LOL
  • Nice to see them interacting again, though!
  • Millie comes to see Alex on set.
  • Alex says Millie is in a bad mood.
  • Millie is definitely in a bad mood. She insists again she doesn’t need to go to the meetings. She just has small problems.
  • Alex says she feels like a terrible actress.
  • Millie reminds Alex she’s “Alex Dupre.”
  • Alex tells Millie that the big problems the people at the meeting have started out as small problems.
  • Alexander shows Brooke new clothes from the men’s line. She loves it. They compliment each other on their awesomeness.
  • Alex walks over for help with her costume.
  • Alexander calls Alex hot. They flirt. Alex leaves.
  • Q10: “Another guy hypnotized by Alex. She’s like a freakin’ siren.” “There’s no girl as alluring as you, Brooke Davis.”–Brooke and Alexander
  • Brooke thanks him for all his help, since he’s been there for her and all, going beyond just filling designer duties.
  • He says it’s no problem and kisses her on the cheek.
  • Julian sees from afar.
  • Julian tells Brooke Alexander is a tool.
  • Brooke calls him a good designer.
  • Brooke tells Julian she was going to tell him he did a good job with Alex and directing.
  • Julian asks if this is too hard on her and she says she’s doing okay.
  • She walks away.
  • Julian’s dad asks him why he’s driving a truck instead of his Mercedes.
  • He says he sold it to finance the movie.
  • His dad says Alex needs to be better or the movie will be at risk.
  • Alex overhears.
  • Jamie has a little camera and he’s filming.
  • A little Brooke-Jamie scene! I miss those!
  • And now a Brooke-Nathan scene!
  • Q11: I’m working with my ex in my ex-ex’s house.–Brooke (It was something like that.)
  • He asks how she’s doing working with Julian. She says she’s fine.
  • He offers to “knock some sense into the guy.” Aw!
  • Seems the producers are getting some messages on what the fans want but not others. I guess we should be happy some things are being implemented.
  • Millie is working at CoB when a customer asks if she was the model for the Zero Is Not A Size campaign.
  • She says she does a lot for the company.
  • The customer and her friend whisper about her.
  • Millie looks uncomfy.
  • Alex confronts Julian on selling his car.
  • He admits he put all his money into the movie.
  • She asks him why.
  • He says because she put everything into the script and he knows she won’t let him down.
  • Now we get a Haley-Lydia scene. About time!
  • Lydia says Naley is doing such a great job.
  • Haley says she’s very grateful for Nate and Jamie.
  • Lydia says Haley is acting like her “sister’s keeper.”
  • So true. I don’t like it, either. I think they’re taking advantage of Haley. Anyway.
  • Q12: I don’t speak Taylor fluently and I need you to translate.–Haley
  • Lydia says Taylor follows her heart without thinking twice.
  • Haley says she doesn’t think once. LOL
  • Haley asks why Lydia has come to visit.
  • She says she’s been visiting all the kids.
  • Q13: Started with the oldest, finished with the best.–Lydia
  • Miranda tells Grubbs he should “man up” and make a record with her, noting that it’s okay if his music is personal because personal is better.
  • Jamie is jumping on “Lucas’ bed.”
  • Q13: Remember that time he had a mohawk?–Jamie LOL
  • Nathan asks if Jamie misses him.
  • Q14: I miss lots of people. Aunt Peyton. Uncle Skills. Grandpa Dan.–Jamie
  • It’s about freakin’ time! Why haven’t we had this conversation before? And why are they making it seem like they don’t discuss Lucas more or keep in touch with him? Very unrealistic and kind of hurtful. Makes the mention bittersweet.
  • Nathan says missing people is good because you’re lucky to have had them in your life.
  • Haley, Taylor, Quinn and Lydia are looking at old pictures and reminiscing.
  • They’re telling all different stories and it’s just irrelevant because we didn’t see it and it’s hard to appreciate.
  • Lydia starts to cry.
  • Q15: I’m sick. I swore I wasn’t going to cry but these tears are stubborn.–Lydia
  • Haley asks if she’s going to be okay.
  • Lydia says no, she won’t.
  • Spoilers already gave this away but it’s sad nonetheless.
  • Between this and the Leyton mention, I’ve got tears.
  • Lydia says she has pancreatic cancer.
  • Even with aggressive treatment, she won’t have much time left so she’s not going to do anything.
  • Quinn asks if there’s other options and Lydia says there aren’t any.
  • Haley says she has to try.
  • Lydia says she made a decision not to spend the time she has left in a hospital.
  • Taylor tells Lydia she’s giving up.
  • Haley and Quinn insist she has to do something.
  • Lydia reiterates that her decision has been made.
  • Q16: You’re committing suicide.–Taylor
  • She storms off.
  • As someone who lost a mom-like figure this year to cancer, unexpectedly, they should be grateful they know their time is limited and make the best of it. I know that’s easier said than done and definitely hard to realize in the beginning.
  • Alex thanks Brooke for her help with the clothes.
  • Brooke tells Alex she’s doing good.
  • It looks like it pained Brooke is say that.
  • Julian asks Jamie about the footage he got.
  • He plays the Brooke stuff.
  • Julian says Brooke is pretty great.
  • He tells Jamie to hang onto the camera for the next time he visits set.
  • Quinn walks into Clay’s crying.
  • She can barely get out what’s wrong.
  • I wish we saw Haley telling Nathan first. Ugh.
  • Lydia asks Haley if she’s okay. Haley says not really.
  • Lydia asks if she wants to talk about it.
  • Haley says she’s mad. It isn’t fair.
  • Q17: You say you have cancer and my whole world changes.–Haley
  • She says she calls her mom for help with Jamie and Nathan and everything else. Oh really? You wouldn’t know it by what we’ve seen.
  • Lydia says Haley has so much strength and needs to use it now.
  • Haley says she doesn’t want to.
  • Q18: We’re going to have to be strong for everyone that can’t be.–Lydia
  • Quinn finds Lydia in an empty story. Apparently Lydia asked Quinn to meet her there.
  • Lydia says the space is for Quinn. It’s time for her to open a studio and a gallery. She paid the rent for the next 6 months.
  • Well, though this feels cliche, I’m glad to see this as I wanted to see more of Quinn in terms of her career.
  • Quinn asks her mom if she’s scared.
  • Q19: I think knowing that your dad is there helps.–Lydia
  • Wow. Chills.
  • Quinn asks if heaven exists and Lydia says it does but she’s going to “miss all this.”
  • Taylor is packing up.
  • Haley is telling Taylor not to leave without saying goodbye.
  • Taylor says she’s not going to sit and watch Lydia give up.
  • Haley tells Taylor she will regret leaving.
  • Q20: I’m not going to stay here and watch her die.–Taylor
  • Just because she leaves Naley’s house doesn’t mean she can’t see her mom or see her again before she dies. It doesn’t look like she’s dying tomorrow.
  • Miranda admires her flower.
  • Haley is sitting by the piano, on the floor. Quinn walks up and joins her.
  • Haley says it’s not supposed to be like this. Lydia is supposed to watch them get married and have kids.
  • Well, she did for some of them.
  • Haley continues that she’s supposed to watch the grandkids grow up.
  • Quinn says she’s glad Haley is here because she can’t get through this without her.
  • Lydia walks in and says to “knock it off.” She has a bottle of wine.
  • She asks where Taylor is.
  • Haley explains that Taylor took off.
  • Lydia says Taylor needs to deal with this in her own way and it’ll be okay.
  • Millie comes home. The apartment is dark. Mouth isn’t there.
  • She looks in the mirror and starts talking to herself. She says she’s fine.
  • She goes through her clothes, looking for drugs.
  • I’m kind of surprised that Mouth didn’t check her clothes for a secret stash when he cleaned up the apartment. Would’ve been smart.
  • She finally finds some in a jacket pocket.
  • She holds the bag of coke and fiddles with it, before putting her hand to her head.
  • Cut to Millie at a meeting.
  • Q21: My name is Millicent and I’m new here and I don’t really know what to say but I keep telling everyone I’m fine but I’m not fine.–Millie
  • Aw, Millie. That took a lot of strength.
  • Alex is doing shots at Tric.
  • Alexander comes over and tells her she was good today.
  • Alex says she wasn’t. Alexander says he can get drunk with her.
  • Q22: It’s water. And I don’t get drunk when I’m sad. I sleep with boys.–Alex
  • LOL at Alex doing shots of water!
  • Alexander seems to be thinking about it.
  • He says he was just giving her a chance to change her mind.
  • Q23: I don’t do that either.–Alex
  • They leave together.
  • Nathan finds Haley by the pool.
  • He asks how she is.
  • She says Taylor left.
  • So he already knows. Great. That could’ve been such an amazing scene to see. Grrr.
  • Q24: I’m not the glue. My mom is. When she’s gone, everything is going to fall apart.–Haley
  • She breaks down in Nate’s arms.
  • Um, it seems that none of them are the glue as it seems none of them have been together over the past however many years.
  • Julian is standing on set alone.
  • Brooke comes over to say she’s leaving. She asks if he’s okay.
  • He says he’s tired.
  • She says he’s doing great.
  • Q25: “Thanks. Coming from you, that means everything….Hey, Brooke? I miss you.” “Coming from you, that means everything, too.”–Julian and Brooke
  • She walks off.
  • Julian looks like had more to say.
  • Jamie is watching the footage of Brooke on his computer.
  • Nathan comes in and says it’s time for bed.
  • Jamie says he might want to be a director instead of a basketball player. Or maybe both.
  • He asks if Haley is coming up to say goodnight.
  • Nate says she’s going to spend time with her mom.
  • Haley and Quinn are both resting on Lydia.
  • Cut to an old photograph of a young Haley and Quinn resting on Lydia in the same position.
  • Fade to black.
  • Sweet but, again, hard to appreciate.
  • Preview: Haley asks Jamie how he’s doing. Jamie says he doesn’t want grandma to die. Alex tells Julian that if she knew he and Brooke were over, he would be the guy in her bed. He offers to walk her to her room. Clay walks up to a tennis player, Katie Ryan. He’s startled to see he looks like Sara.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



16 responses

8 02 2010

Umm yes, totally shocked about Jimmy being dead, and that no one has mentioned it till now. I didn’t like that. I agree with you about no Lydia and Nathan scenes, instead with Clay. I think Taylor should have at least come back in the ending scene. Is she gone for good now?

8 02 2010

I don’t how many times this episode had tears falling from my eyes, but it got to a point where I stopped trying to control them and say it’s only a show!lol
The James Family situation is beyond sad. Broke my heart and I have to say Joy, Shantel, and Lindsey gave great performances to it. It’s as if they weren’t acting, really sad! I think this was Shantel’s best performance this season. Very touching.
Maybe I was the only one who teared a little when Alex teared when she gave Julian her strong scene?
And why won’t Brooke and Julian just fall back in each other’s arms? They know they want to! I have to admit though, as much as I want them back together, I like how the writers for the moment are handling this whole storyline between them of being friends and working together, and struggling with it all because it shows the viewers how much they both really mean to each other. I like how they’re both still so supportive of one another, which I think was needed to be shown after all the previous drama with Alex IMO.
Also, I really loved the Brooke and Nathan and Jamie scene we had, just recently I was thinking, how come we don’t see Brooke & Jamie together anymore? Nice to see they still have a bond!
And I did enjoy the Nathan and Julian scene as well, brief, but cute.
Final thought-this has nothing to do with the storyline but, where can I pick up Brooke’s dress from tonight? 🙂
Great recap!

8 02 2010

naleymisafan, Lindsey told me she had done 3 episodes. This was episode number 3. So whether she’ll end up being in more, I don’t know.

Meriam, I definitely cried a bit, too. Yes, the James Family situation was sad but it’s also very frustrating. While I don’t doubt that Haley and her mom had some sort of mother-daughter relationship, it’s hard to appreciate because we’ve seen so little of it. Like it’s hard to understand the dynamic sometimes between Haley and her sisters, the same applies here. I teared, too, with Alex’s line in that scene. I’m disappointed I didn’t get the whole thing but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. I know some are frustrated that Brulian aren’t back together yet and that it seems to always be one step forward, one step back but I think it’s better than rushing it. I’m soooo with you on the Brooke-Nathan, Brooke-Jamie scenes. I know we’re supposed to imagine the relationships with them exist even when we don’t see them but I think we should see them. And, yes, the Julian-Nathan one was good, too. Re: Brooke’s dress. The CW sometimes has fashion stuff on the site so maybe look there in a few days. Glad you enjoyed the recap!

8 02 2010

^Thanks about the fashion tip on the CW. I’ll check it out! Although I hope it’s affordable because I don’t have Brooke’s salary! lol
I totally agree with you on us not seeing the mother-daughter relationship enough between Haley and her mom. When was the last time we saw Lydia, season 2? I see what you mean about how the loss and everything could be more appreciated had we seen the dynamic between them more. It’s still sad to me just because she is their mother, but it’s not nearly as sad as if Deb or Victoria all of a sudden said to their kids they’re dying.

8 02 2010

Meriam, yes, we last saw Lydia and Jimmy in season 2 (in the second episode, if I’m not mistaken) and they were last mentioned in the season 3 finale (again, if I’m not mistaken).

Also, some of us discussed the storyline in a prior spoiler thread, but I’m going to copy and paste my complaints (as is) here because they are still valid:

1. Haley’s mom/dad have been largely MIA. We last saw them in season 2 and I last remember them mentioned in season 3. It seems unrealistic or at least unfortunate that Haley never mentions them. That makes me wonder how their relationship will be depicted in this storyline. Will they establish that Haley (and co., especially Jamie) has seen her over the years? Or that they keep in touch? Or they don’t and that will be something to struggle with? It just seems random and disappointing because I would’ve loved to see stuff with Haley’s parents over the years.

2. While not exactly the same, it’s not new/original. We’ve seen both Haley and Nathan struggle with someone’s death (Quentin) and have to contemplate a (grand)parent dying (Dan).

3. Furthermore, it feels redundant as us 90210 viewers have already seen a female character struggle with their mother’s cancer death this season. I strongly believe that shows on the same network, especially those targeting similar audiences/demographics, should have coordination to avoid exhausting viewers with the same/similar storylines.

And, as Alyssa added, we also saw the mother-dying-of-cancer on this show with Peyton.

I’m sure BJG’s acting will great and it’ll be sad to see regardless but meh, on the whole, I’m frustrated.

9 02 2010

I understand the frustration with Lydia coming back all of a sudden. I too wish we would have seen more of the relationship with her, or at least had mentions of her or phone conversations. It would have been really nice to see Haley call her like she said she did.
I feel like the cancer isn’t redundant though, Haley and Nathan had nothing to do with Ellie and Peyton when Ellie was dying. Also, the relationship between Peyton and Ellie was completely different than it is between Lydia and her girls. For me, it’s finally nice to see something centering around Haley and her family, including Quinn.
Though it may seem redundant to see cancer storylines multiple times per show or per network, I don’t see it that unusual, as cancer is so common in the real world and affects so many people. So I don’t see it as uncommon to have it show up in multiple places per show/network.

9 02 2010

Amy, thanks for weighing in. I guess I would be more accepting of Lydia coming back (but still have some frustration with the MIA-ness) if it were a different storyline altogether. There are many possible ways they could’ve brought her back. I guess the point was to give BJG/Haley an emotional storyline but there were other ways of doing that, too, with or without Lydia.

To clarify: I didn’t mean it was redundant for Haley and Nathan because of Peyton/Ellie–I realize they had really nothing to do with that–I just meant it was redundant for the show in terms of Peyton/Ellie, with a lead female character grappling with her mother’s soon to occur death from cancer. And you are right that the mother-daughter relationships are very different but, again, the basics are the same.

I’m glad we are seeing something with Haley’s family; I guess I wish it just wasn’t this. And the Jimmy aspect just makes it even worse. In terms of Quinn, I don’t want to see more family stuff because it feels like that’s all we’ve gotten. I want to get to know Quinn for Quinn. I want to know who she is as a person independent of the family, David, Clay. We haven’t really gotten that. Maybe the studio/gallery storyline will help.

I definitely realize that cancer is all too common in real life. I understand television mimicking that to an extent but there needs to be a delicate balance between making realistic television and good television. And I question whether it’s good television on the network’s part and the show’s part to oversaturate your viewers with a particular type of storyline. These are things I believe they should be think about. It’s entirely possible they did and decided it was worth doing anyway.

9 02 2010

Great recap! I was surprised by the amount of times I had to hold back tears in the episode.

I guess I am the only one here that doesn’t see much wrong with Haley and her mom’s relationship (though not portrayed on the show) being strong throughout the years. I understand that the show has never really made Haley centerstage, so I’m just so pleased to have what we do now. In season 2 I thought Haley’s parents were very fitting for her personality and I love the way the whole James’ family fits together, even if it’s taken 7 seasons to get here. (sidenote: how cool is it that the 3 sisters and Lydia resemble eachother so much?) I think because Haley is the youngest and has been a very independent character it was natural that her parents were much less hands on than most. Though I’m not sure which came first, Haley being independent allowing her parents to be less involved, or her parents not being around forcing her to grow up faster? Either way it feels true to Haley.

I sometimes enjoy the random Leyton mentions this season, other times it makes me more frustrated. Instead of a straight-forward explanation of where they are we get passive sometimes pointless mentions. It’s like when your starving and the most you get is to sit close to the kitchen to smell the food. (Don’t ask me where that came from, I think I might be a little hungry lol) Anyways, last week’s mentions had more depth and meaning, tonight’s were more-or-less filler.

And finally the “WTF?” moment of the episode was Haley’s dad died and they just casually mention it? I mean I know that Haley is sometimes (most of the time) pushed aside to let other character’s storylines shine, but really? She has been a main character since episode numero uno and the writers just decide to sweep that under the rug? I’m offended. Haley is not a minor character!

9 02 2010

Alyssa- Nice to see another Haley fan out there that feels the same way I do! I don’t mind the way Lydia has just kind of popped up, but being a Haley fan, I really wish we would have seen a bit more of her talking to her parents/mom over the years. Agreed too, that that did not happen as her story/character has been swept aside for other stuff.
It seems that Haley has always been more grown up than the rest of her family, even her parents at times. You’re right it would make sense that we haven’t seen the parents as much since Haley has always been strong and independent, and of course married young. Really just wish we actually could have seen it or they would have been mentioned.

9 02 2010

Hey Shari, Love and appreciate your recap. Just thought I’d chime in to say that Haley’s parents were last mentioned in the S4 graduation episode. Haley and Peyton were talking about whether their parents would be attending the grad ceremony and Haley said that hers would be coming when the baby is born, so she’d see them then. Apparently they didn’t, since there was no mention of them at all in the S4 finale, or anytime since.

Also, I too have a huge problem with Jimmy’s death just being thrown in there. There is no way something so significant should happen in Haley’s life and not be mentioned at all. Big ball dropper from Mark & Co. IMO.

Felt cheated that we were shown Quinn telling Clay that her Mom is dying, and not Haley telling Nathan, what’s with that? Should have had a Lydia/Nathan scene instead of, or in addition to, the Lydia/Clay scene. I can see why that scene was, because of Clay/Sara, but Nathan has the history with the James’, not Clay.

I agree that it was Quinn’s best performance so far this season, but I’m still having trouble believing the closeness with her and Haley seeing as how she was mentioned twice in 6 seasons. I’d more believe it with Haley and Taylor, even though their relationship was rocky.

Although we haven’t seen any interaction between Haley and Lydia, no appearances, emails, phone calls, etc., since S2, I am a believer that the Mom is the “glue” of the family, so I was able to look past that comment. IMO, it is only natural that mothers and daughters would keep in touch with each other and that Haley would call her Mom for advice about being a wife and a mother, so even though we were never shown that, and have to rely on our imaginations once again about what must have happened off screen, I’m okay with that scene.

I think that’s all I have for now, but again, thanks for the awesome recap!


9 02 2010

ok so my friends just asked me this….thought maybe you couldd help

heyy… the James Family Tree.. there are 4 girls.. Taylor Quinn and Haley.. who is the 4th and what is the order of them? I know Quinn and Haley are the youngest..

i know the 4th is vivian….i know haley is th yongest….i know taylor is 3 yrs older……maybe i am missign and age on quinnn but i cant tell whereshe fits in

9 02 2010

Alyssa: Thank you. Yes, it was a very tear-inducing episode. A few people elsewhere were saying it was the first episode of OTH that made them cry. That shocked me! While I do think Haley has been centerstage a lot during the series (I know that’s a big debate for some so we don’t have to get into it), I am also glad that this storyline (presumably) will be showcasing her. While my “duh” brain tells me that Haley and Lydia have had a relationship all these years, it is very frustrating to have not seen it and instantly be expected to understand it, just as we were with Quinn. I would be more understanding if Lydia came back, said she had cancer and Haley was POed with her because her mom had hardly been around all these years since they left on the RV and now their time together has an end date. That would’ve jived more with the past and still provided BJG/Haley with a lot of emotion. I think your Leyton-starving comparison is a good one! Every time they’ve been mentioned this season, I rejoice at first and then when I put more thought into it, I get frustrated. There’s so many other ways to incorporate them with them off-screen but it’s another thing they’ve failed at, IMO. That was a WTF moment with Jimmy for sure. It shouldn’t have been mentioned in like a sidenote and a sidenote that didn’t even include Haley. I don’t get it. In some ways they were very good to us in this episode (Brooke-Nathan scene, Brooke-Jamie scene, Lydia at all, Leyton at all) but in other ways it felt like a slap to the face.

amysbp: Yes, even with not seeing Lydia all these years, there were ample ways to mention her and incorporate her somehow. They just didn’t and I don’t get that. It’s poor storytelling because while they might not have known that one day they’d want to use Lydia in this capacity, they always should’ve had it in the back of their minds that Haley still had a family and they might resurface and they should’ve had the show prepared for that. Because, whattyaknow, three members resurfaced this season but the details on them were either sparse or jarring.

Vicki: Thanks for the comment! Yes, now I do believe you’re right about Haley’s parents last being mentioned in season 4. Following up on what I said to Amy, they clearly didn’t know they were going to one day do this storyline and have Jimmy be dead. Otherwise, his death should’ve been mentioned (at the very least) when Haley was struggling with Quentin’s death and the few times when Nathan had to contemplate his dad dying or when they had to talk to Jamie about both of those. A throwaway line might’ve been jarring like it was last night but there could’ve been a scene with Haley talking to Jamie about, when he was just a baby, her dad died and how she found the strength to go on. It could’ve been a great scene in terms of emotional power but also in terms of exposition. She also could’ve, in some way, even counseled Lucas about a potential life without Peyton after seeing her mom remain strong after Jimmy died. ‘Cause now it doesn’t make sense or at least seems odd that during those times of death or near-death, Haley didn’t mention in some way what she had already gone through. It just wasn’t smart on OTH’s part to go this route. There were several other ways they could’ve explained Jimmy’s absence (primarily if it wasn’t a cancer/I’m dying storyline) that wouldn’t have been as frustrating. I’m with ya on feeling cheated on Lydia-Nathan and Naley, though, on the whole, Nate and Clay were very underused in that episode. Curious to see what role they play this storyline.

erica: I believe Vivian is the oldest, then Quinn, Taylor, Haley. And there’s brothers in there somewhere. Makes me wonder how they’ll do a deathbed scene and/or funeral and which of those, if any, they’ll show. Because you’ll have to incorporate the rest of Haley’s siblings somehow. It really wouldn’t make sense for them not to be there (though I suppose there are some lame excuses that could be given). But having them there worries me, too, after us not seeing or hearing of them all these years.

9 02 2010

Great recap!
So I just want to mention how much I love Joy’s acting. She brings such a presence to the screen which I just think is amazing.
Like a few people have mentioned, I was completly shocked when I heard that Jim had died. I was crying. It was honestly the only moment in the show that I actually bawled. (Sounds pathetic, I know.) Like no one saw it coming!
I love the Brooke/Jamie relationship, I’m happy they had some of that with the video camera scene.
Okay, so is it just me or have the lessened Naley’s screentime? Like I don’t mean Nathan and Haley, but Naley as a couple. They had one scene and it was like, 30 seconds long, and it just had Nathan hugging Haley. I know we all loved last episodes “Sixteen Candles” Naley parody, but I thought there would be more of Nathan comforting Haley in this episode, her mom is dying for goodness sakes!
I would also love it if there was a Nathan/Lydia scene. You know, maybe Lydia giving Nathan some advice on Haley and stuff.. I don’t know haha.
Not a big Alex fan, so I don’t really want to comment on her.
I want Brulian back together sososo bad! Come on, just make up already! Haha.
Man.. I really want to say more about Naley, just because I love them so much, but there really isn’t anything more to say about them since they had that incredibly short scene. I just want more Nathan comforting Haley. (:

9 02 2010

Thanks, Naaaley. Joy is indeed a great actress. I don’t think it’s pathetic at all that you bawled during the episode. Many people did and I completely understand why. I hope we are treated to more Brooke-Jamie (it seems Quinn has replaced her in many ways)–and more Naley, too! I agree that it seems Naley as a couple has had less screentime. Ever since the Renee storyline ended, the Naley-ness has been lacking, IMO. I am wondering how much we’ll see of Nathan comforting her, as opposed to it being more of a storyline about how Haley deals with it herself/with her sisters. I would like a Nathan-Lydia scene, too. I wanted one last night. (I was also thinking earlier that it could’ve been cool at some point in the past if we saw Lydia and Deb as dueling grandmas, since their parenting styles and ways of life are so different and they’ve both been in Jamie’s life for different amounts of time. It could’ve been a pretty humorous storyline, particularly if, say, Haley took Deb’s side and Nathan took Lydia’s. That’s obviously not going to happen now so anyway…) You’ll have to hang in there on the Brulian front because it looks like things are going to get a bit worse before they get better. Let’s hope there’s at least more Naley-ness planned.

10 02 2010

There is one more thing that this weeks episode reminded me of: back in season 5 when the show had the drastic time jump I remember being so excited about the much talked about flashbacks. After the start of that season and once the flashbacks were over I remember feeling kind of let down. There were not nearly as many flashbacks as I had hoped. I thought there were huge gaps with different relationships. Then when Brooke and Peyton popped back in to Tree Hill it was like no time had passed and they all just continued being “friends”. Then last season when they added in the fact that Peyton dated Julian in LA I was a felt a little more closure, but I still wish that they would build more on that lost time together. There is still potential there for the writers to create stories with flashbacks like they used to. Now before I get completely off topic and lose my train of thought, after watching this episode I wish the show could utililize that four year gap and write flashbacks that can give us insight into some of the more mysterious characters like Quinn and Clay. They could show Haley’s family during that time that way we might begin to care about the now present storyline with her mom.

10 02 2010

Alyssa, you are a genius! I LOVED the flashbacks (though, yes, they did predominantly focus on some people and skimped on others) and that would be a great way to clue us in now to so many things, as there have been several time jumps now.

I know we got some Dan-Rachel flashbacks, but I really wanted to see when they actually got married and when Nathan and co. found out about it. I guess that story is done and buried but now they should be showing us Jimmy’s death, more of Quinn’s old life, more of Clay’s old life, Quinn’s relationship with Naley and Jamie, how Clay came into Nathan’s life, Clay’s relationship with Naley and Jamie, Lydia’s relationship with Naley and Jamie, etc, etc. I wonder if they do have some of the latter and the former planned for the next 2 episodes. It would be smart and very-OTH and make us all feel a bit silly for not having faith in them to give us the info we need. (‘Cause, hell, my faith is shot and it was before this episode but especially after this episode.)

Alyssa, that is just a great idea and I really hope it happens.

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