Spoiler: Watch With Kristin

9 02 2010

Katrina in Boston: I love Life Unexpected, but I wish Kerr Smith had been cast as Baze. Have you heard anything about that?
We’ve received tons of questions from WWK readers about the same thing since Life Unexpected premiered, so we went straight to the source, and Kerr Smith was really straightforward about how he ended up with his given part. “It wasn’t really the character that attracted me to the project, it was the script. It was great writing,” says Kerr. “I love the role of Ryan. I was actually given the choice to read for Baze or Ryan, and I don’t remember what the decision was at the time, but I just decided to go in for Ryan. It was just the way it worked out.” So, there you have it.

Bianca in Fla.: OMG OMG OMG KRISTIN! I’m sending this last-minute message in hopes that you can completely make my week and give us spoilers on who else is getting married on Gossip Girl?!? (Possibly Chuck and Blair?!) There were set pictures of the cast filming inside a church today, with 150 extras! Seems it would point to a big wedding—and since Dorota’s wedding has already been filmed—who else is it?! Hints please! Thanks!
Sorry, my dear. There are no big weddings or funerals coming up on Gossip Girl (other than Dorota’s modest nuptials, obviously). The set pics probably captured one of the show’s many upcoming party shoots. Lots of parties to come, but no church-centric life milestones for our favorite Upper East Siders.

Credit: E! Online


Kerr Smith played Jack on Dawson’s Creek.



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