Favorite Valentine’s Day Episodes, Pt. 2

11 02 2010

YESTERDAY: Beverly Hills 90210

TODAY: Dawson’s Creek

1. Episode 3.14, The Valentine’s Day Massacre

This episode was the 14th of the season but actually aired in early February–and it’s the only one with a V-Day theme in the series. There’s two semi-serious, semi-humorous subplots and then there’s a surprisingly emotional one. First we have Henry wanting to give Jen a perfect (read: expensive) Valentine’s Day, so much so that he repeatedly donates his blood (plasma?) for money to the point where he passes out, so he and Jen end up spending quality time in the hospital. Then we have “Jackers” worrying about how to tell his visiting ex-girlfriend that he’s come out of the closet, especially after she reveals her last boyfriend just broke up with her because he’s gay. Alex Breckenridge, who plays Kate the ex, is annoyingly fun or maybe funnily annoying. (Fun Fact: she appeared on last week’s episode of Life Unexpected, which also stars Kerr Smith). Lastly, there’s Pacey, who spends most of the day being mean to Joey despite his growing romantic feelings for her. When a party they attend is broken up by the cops, the group is thrown in jail and everyone is bailed out but Pacey. While there, he confides in his cop brother about his feelings, an exchange that never fails to make my heart melt and leads to a cute but anti-climactic conversation with Joey the next day.

My list continues tomorrow with The O.C.



4 responses

11 02 2010

i love pacey’s smile at the end of the second clip!

11 02 2010

OMG I’ve been watching Life Unexpected and in maybe the 3rd or 4th episode Alex Breckenridge (Kate on DC) played Cate’s sister. These clips just reminded me she played Jack’s (Kerr Smith) old girlfriend Kate and Kerr plays Ryan on Life Unexpected and had scenes with her. Confusing I know lol.

11 02 2010

*****Oops … scratch that you already pointed that out in the description, serves me right for posting before reading lol

11 02 2010

Ha, no worries, Alyssa. I appreciate your enthusiasm!

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