News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, 90210 and More

11 02 2010
  • The Hollywood Reporter has an article listing various shows’ chances of renewal. None of the teen dramas are included, though Melrose Place (5 percent chance), Life Unexpected (55 percent), Smallville (85 percent) and Supernatural (85 percent) are. Thanks to Amy for the link.
  • has an interview with Mike Grubbs (Grubbs, One Tree Hill). Have you read my interview with Grubbs?
  • Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, One Tree Hill) is SoapNet’s new Weekly Crush but there’s a few inaccuracies in the captions.
  • has two features with Bryan Greenberg (Jake, One Tree Hill). TV Guide Magazine gave his new show, How To Make It In America (which premieres Sunday), a negative review.
  • E! Online has a feature with Danneel Harris (Rachel, One Tree Hill).
  • Matthew Settle (Rufus, Gossip Girl) has joined the cast of the Broadway musical Chicago. He will be performing for 10 weeks beginning at the end of March.
  • StyleList has an interview with Eric Daman (costume designer, Gossip Girl).
  • The Wisconsin Gazette has an interview with Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210). He mentions his Southland co-star Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan, The O.C.) a little bit.
  • New York Magazine has an interview with Chris Pratt (Che, The O.C.).
  • Check out a trailer for the movie Stolen, which stars James Van Der Beek (Dawson, Dawson’s Creek).



4 responses

11 02 2010

Lucas totally got that tat with Brooke. soapnet always tries to make it sound more like those crazy soaps…it sort of is but you know what i mean. anddd the episode was 40s not 20s.

Also – lucas/chad’s hair in season 3 was the worst! haha that blond was just way blond and it looked likke he wore guyliner that season.

and i just love your interviews with teen drama people. crazzyyy jealous that you get to talk to them all!

11 02 2010

Aww. I’m still crazy jealous of the people that get to do it on a daily basis. But even this is really a dream come true, I have to say. And let’s hope it continues!

RE: SoapNet. While I think they do write in a certain style, I don’t think the mix-ups they make are because they’re trying to make it more crazy. I think it’s because they just don’t know what they’re talking about! LOL It’s fact errors, plain and simple, you know? Maybe they should hire me as a fact-checker!

12 02 2010

I agree with Lexy. Chad’s entire look in season three and four was terrible.

What do you think the chances of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill coming back? I know there has been a huge debate over it, yet Gossip Girl is a huge show for the CW, and One Tree Hill is it’s longest running show, besides America’s Next Top Model.

12 02 2010

Kate, not sure if your question was to me or Lexy but I’ll answer anyway. I gave early thoughts here: Since then, articles linked here: have made me think Gossip Girl is a surefire renewal while I still think it can go either way for OTH.

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