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23 02 2010


Cassandra in Prescott, Ariz.: What’s going to be happening when 90210 finally returns?
Get ready for some major stalking from 90210‘s creepy drug dealer, Jasper. He’ll continue blackmailing Annie over the hit-and-run death of his uncle, but when she finally stands up to him, his lurkiness increases tenfold. And the will-they-won’t-they love story between Silver and Teddy quickly becomes a will, then a won’t-again, then back to a will…for now at least.

Michelle in Austin: Anything else on 90210?
Even though Liam and Naomi are back together, things will not be easy. In fact, they are downright uncomfortable—no conversation, awkward pauses. The only thing good between the two is the sex…and we’ll see lots of it.

Simone in Hemet, Calif.: Any scoop on Southland? I need a Ben McKenzie-Michael Cudlitz fix!
New episodes of Southland finally premiere next Tuesday, and the documentary-style drama is better than ever. In addition serving up the usual crime and grime of LAPD life, the new Southland eps are a treat for O.C. fans. Look for a second Ryan-Oliver reunion when Ben Sherman’s (Ben McKenzie) sister tries to set him up with a cute girl (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Nora Zehetner), and she arrives in the company of some bonehead 90210 types including Wade (Taylor Handley). And Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break) is fabulous as Regina King‘s temporary new partner. Start praying now that the ratings for Southland’s new season are awesome and that TNT sees fit to order another stack of episodes. This show is too good to lose.

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The Southland question mentioned Michael Cudlitz (Tony, Beverly Hills 90210) but, oddly, he wasn’t mentioned in the answer.

Also not sure what “bonehead 90210 types” is supposed to mean.

Handley also played Patrick on Dawson’s Creek.



5 responses

23 02 2010

I like that Jasper brings drama for Annie but it’s time for him to go. I miss happy season 1 Annie. Silver and Teddy together is not right to me, I want her with Dixon. Naomi and Liam are awful together like Ivy said lol! He needs to be with Annie!

23 02 2010

Does that mean that Taylor Handley is playing the same character he did before on Southland? Or a new character?

23 02 2010

Wes, interesting you say that because I’ve read that someone people want Jasper to be a series regular. That said, it’s going to get really creepy and sketchy really fast (more so than it’s already been with him, I think) so those people might be changing their tune. Dixon will be occupied with another lady at some point this season, though D/S will be toyed with a little. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens next year, too. Actually, I kind of feel like all these couples will be toyed with again and again. Sigh. I am not a Naomi-Liam fan. What Kristin said doesn’t surprise me, since it’s pretty much what I’ve been saying since last season: I don’t understand what they see each other, what they like about each other, why they think they work–besides their sexual chemistry. I guess while I’ve realized that’s not enough to sustain a relationship, they haven’t yet!

Alyssa, no. Taylor plays Wade on Southland (as Kristin said above). I think all she meant by a Ryan-Oliver reunion is that it’s Ben and Taylor not only together again but playing sort of enemy characters as they did on The O.C.

24 02 2010

I want Liam with Annie. Like you said, all naomi/liam have been is sex and it looks like all they are going to be is sex. The Jasper/Annie story sounds interesting….i liked Jasper in the beginning before he went all creepy drug addict but now not so much but Im excited to see it all play out! hopefully Liam goes full hero boy and saves Annie and they get together. if only i was a writer…

24 02 2010

I would love for that to happen, Lexy. You should be a writer on the show 😀

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