Six Degrees of Teen Dramas

6 03 2010

New to Six Degrees of Teen Dramas? Here’s how to play!

Last Week: Daniel Radcliffe

This Week:

Zoe Saldana

Go for it!

(There’s one relatively easy connection that I can think of.)



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6 03 2010

Zoe was in Guess Who with Ashton Kutcher and he was the executive producer of The Beautiful Life which starred Mischa Barton from The O.C.

6 03 2010

Nice. Mine: Zoe was in Center Stage, which starred Amanda Schull (Sara/Katie, One Tree Hill).

She was also in the short-lived series Six Degrees (how appropriate!) with Shiri Appleby (Rene, Beverly Hills 90210) and Appleby now stars in Life Unexpected with Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek).

6 03 2010

I was thinking of a few other relations that could also extend from Ashton Kutcher: Allison Munn (Lauren, OTH) Was on That 70’s Show with him & he was in Cheaper by the Dozen with Hilary Duff (Olivia, Gossip Girl)

7 03 2010

Here’s mine:

Zoe starred in Get Over It with Mila Kunis, who starred in Forgetting Sara Marshall with Kristen Bell, who starred in Gossip Girl. 

Kristen Bell also starred in Heroes with Milo Ventiniglio, who starred in Stay Alive with Sophia Bush, who stars in One Tree Hill.

7 03 2010

And Munn’s husband, Scott Holroyd (David, One Tree Hill), was also on That 70’s Show (which also starred Kunis). Munn also gives us What I Like About You with Jennie Garth (Kelly, Beverly Hills 90210) and all the other connections that show has.

Heroes also gives us Ali Larter (Christy, Dawson’s Creek) and Hayden Panettiere, who was on Guiding Light, which featured several teen drama actors such as (to name a few) Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley, One Tree Hill), Lindsey McKeon (Taylor, One Tree Hill) and John Wesley Shipp (Mitch, Dawson’s Creek).

Milo also gives us The Bedford Diaries, which starred Penn Badgley (Dan, Gossip Girl), who leads us to John Tucker Must Die with Bush and Brittany Snow (Young Lily, Gossip Girl). And Milo also gives us Gilmore Girls and all those connections, such as (to name a few) Adam Brody (Seth, The O.C.) and Scott Patterson (Liam’s dad, 90210), and Alexis Bledel starring in The Good Guy with Bryan Greenberg (Jake, One Tree Hill) and Jared Padilecki starring in Supernatural with Jensen Ackles (CJ, Dawson’s Creek), who is engaged to Danneel Harris (Rachel, One Tree Hill).

7 03 2010

zoe was in star trek, which had chris pine, who was in the royal diaries 2 with anne hathaway, which featured hector elizondo, who was on grey’s anatomy for a bit, which guest starred Silver from 90210. and as we know there are ton of connects between grey’s and our favorite teen dramas.

7 03 2010

You mean “The Princess Diaries 2” right? And Hector Elizondo was just in “Valentine’s Day” with Ashton Kutcher and his above connections, Taylor Lautner from “Twilight” with Kellan Lut of 90210, etc.(the connections from “Valentine’s Day” could go on for days so I’m not going to list them all but one of you can if you would like to!).

10 03 2010

yes i deffinitely meant princess diaries 2. which is subtitled royal engagement, got it all mixed up lol, nice add on!

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