Live-Blog: Gossip Girl 3.13

8 03 2010

The Last Reaction Post

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EPISODE 3.13: The Hurt Locket

  • Previously on: Blair and Serena want a new challenge, Chuck wants to turn a profit by the time he is 21, Olivia tells Dan his feelings for Vanessa are real, he says I love you to Vanessa and she’s silent, Jenny is intrigued by danger via Damian, Nate confesses he was in love with Serena, Serena is more interested in Tripp, Maureen finds a letter from Serena’s dad, seems Lily is having an affair with her ex-husband, Nate punches Tripp, Chuck sees someone at his dad’s grave and the woman leaves behind a locket
  • This is the first episode since Dec. 7.
  • The title is a play on The Hurt Locker, which won several awards at last night’s Oscars, including Best Picture.
  • Serena tells Blair Nate is coming home from somewhere tomorrow.
  • She’s excited. Apparently they text a lot.
  • Blair is more excited for Dorota’s return. She’s been away for the holidays.
  • Blair tells S to take it slow with Nate.
  • Blair finds the locket of Bart that Chuck had found at the grave.
  • Serena runs into Damian. They know each other. Apparently they went to boarding school together.
  • Of course everyone knows everyone…
  • He compliments her on her looks and said they had fun times in Spanish class.
  • She calls him “Mr. Perfect.”
  • He says he has to meet a friend but they should hang out sometime.
  • Turns out they’re both going to the French Ambassador’s dinner tomorrow night.
  • Blair shows Chuck the locket.
  • He says it’s a “worthless trinket.”
  • Blair says he should be curious about its origins.
  • He assumes the woman another concubine and he has better things to do than track her down.
  • Blair is excited for Chuck’s lunch with an elite Parisian.
  • He promises an introduction.
  • Blair leaves and Chuck looks at the locket. He gets a text from an Andrew Taylor who says he found the jeweler.
  • Jenny just got back from spending the holidays with her mom. She’s chatting with Lily.
  • Apparently Rufus is away.
  • Damian walks in and gives Jenny a present.
  • She shoos Lily out but Lily asks to speak with her alone.
  • Lily says she and Rufus haven’t discussed her having boys in her room.
  • Q1: Lily, if we wanted to ahve sex, we’d just go to a hotel.–Jenny
  • She swears things aren’t like that between them.
  • Lily says she lost Rufus’ itentiery and Jenny thinks he’s coming home today.
  • She goes back to her room.
  • In the gift box is a bunch of pills.
  • Rufus returns to the loft. He ignores a call from Lily.
  • Chuck is at the jewler. The guy says it’s his work and he sold it to Bart.
  • A woman came in a month ago to repair the hinge.
  • Chuck offers money for him to give more details about the woman. He says the locket is all he has left of him.
  • The guy is apprehensive but then checks his records.
  • The name is Elizabeth Fisher. Address: the Iroquois Hotel.
  • Serena returns home and there is Nate.
  • She looks SO happy.
  • Nate’s grandfather brought hm home early because he was sick of seeing him text Serena.
  • They kiss. And it’s hot. Totally.
  • Tomorrow is there first official date.
  • But wait…I wish we knew how they got to this point.
  • Serena says they should take it slow and he agrees.
  • Cue sexy kiss and makeout sesh.
  • And now they’re on the couch!
  • Have to apologize for missing awesome quotes at the beginning. That Gossip Girl is always too fast for me. (Actually the show is in general, but that’s a different story.)
  • Nate meets Dan for coffee.
  • Dan was hoping it was Vanessa. Apparently they haven’t spoken since his confession.
  • Dan says it’s his fault for trying to move too fast.
  • He says he read a lot about going from friends-to-lovers and that you should take it extra-slow. He says maybe it should apply to Nate and Serena.
  • So Dan is okay with Nate and Serena? Awkward.
  • Dan draws on his own experience with Serena, warning Nate that she’ll get caught up in the romance and physical stuff.
  • Serena meets Blair for lunch and she can tell they already hooked up.
  • Q2: You and Nate can be more than an affair to remember.–Blair
  • So Blair is okay with this, too? There was huge potential there. Disappointed we’re not seeing it.
  • Q3: You are the one thing Nate always wanted and could never have.–Blair
  • Blair warns Serena not to move to fast and over-satisfy him so he loses interest.
  • Blair suggests playing games and making him “work for it.”
  • ‘Cause, you know, Blair’s advice is always the best.
  • Damian and Jenny are plotting a drug deal. They’re debating how to pull it off at the state dinner.
  • The issue is getting the “package” into the dinner so it gets to “Viola.”
  • Jenny suggests she wear it by making a jacket and hiding it in there and switching jackets with Viola.
  • Damian is impressed. She playfully pulls his shoulders.
  • Lily and Dan run into each other outside the loft.
  • Lily is looking for Rufus.
  • Dan is surprised that Rufus hasn’t gone to see her if he’s indeed home.
  • They go inside and he’s not there but his stuff is.
  • Lily pretends not to be concerned. Rufus does less convincingly.
  • Blair wants to role play–she’s Anna Karenina–but Chuck is MIA. She calls him.
  • Apparently Chuck skipped his lunch and he’s skipping their sex date.
  • Blair finds a folder and it has the stuff about the locket in there.
  • She asks Chuck why he missed lunch and he doesn’t mention the locket.
  • She looks a little hurt.
  • Chuck is outside the hotel. Elizabeth has returned and knows Chuck was waiting…so she checked out mmediately.
  • Nate walks in and is amused by Blair’s outfit.
  • Rufus looks sad and contemplative on the street.
  • He runs into the woman from 3.12. I forget her name.
  • She asks if he’s back for good.
  • He says he’s not sure. He needs to talk to Lily and she needs to explain (about the letter) but he’s not sure he wants to hear it.
  • She suggests they grab coffee. He accepts and offers his arm.
  • Serena goes over to Nate’s. They kiss almost immediately and she comes onto him further.
  • Nate suggests he go to the dinner tomorrow alone.
  • Serena asks what’s wrong and he says they shouldn’t rush into things like he said.
  • Q4: So the plan went from having sex on Eleanor Waldorf’s floor to not seeing each other?–Serena
  • Nate reiterates that their plan was not rushing into things.
  • Serena sarcastically says, “The last thing I want to do is rush into things,” ’cause, you know, they’ve waited years.
  • She walks out and calls Damian. She asks if he has a date for the dinner tomorrow.
  • He enthusiastically accepts.
  • Q5: No matter what language you say it in, sounds like S just started the clock on a ticking time bomb.–Gossip Girl
  • Promo for High Society, reality show about Tinsley Mortimer who cameo-ed as herself in 2.01.
  • My local news just had a promo advertising a story on sex, drugs and something else related to Gossip Girl and what parents can learn. Hmmm.
  • Next day. Breakfast time.
  • Dan calls Rufus out on staying at the loft and being away from Lily.
  • He explains he had a fight with Lily.
  • Dan says that must be why he made him and Jenny spend the holidays with their mom.
  • Rufus said that has nothing to do with it.
  • Dan asks why Rufus isn’t talking to Lily.
  • Rufus doesn’t want to explain himself.
  • Dan calls him out on telling him to always be honest.
  • Q6: I really hope you’re not going to let your marriage die because you’re scared to take your own advice.–Dan
  • You tell ’em, Dan! (How often do we say that?)
  • Jenny shows Damian her sweater. She’s proud.
  • He explains that their dinner will have to be another night.
  • Jenny is taken aback. This was her plan. They had plans.
  • Damian says anyone can wear the jacket.
  • He explains he’s going with Serena to the dinner.
  • Jenny says S is with Nate now. How does she know? I wish we saw the steps that got S and Nate from the hospital scene to now.
  • Damian says Serena asked him.
  • Jenny explains Serena has changed since he knew her and Damian says he won’t tell her about the drugs then.
  • She says if he doesn’t tell her, she will. To which he says, then he’ll blow Jenny’s cover, too.
  • He promises Jenny her cut and leaves.
  • Blair is disappointed to see Chuck isn’t ready for the event. She wants to mingle with the Parisian elite.
  • He is blowing her off and Blair guesses it has to do with the “floozy.”
  • Chuck says the woman isn’t random based on the clues he has: she knew his dad, his mom’s favorite flower, had the locket and recognized him at the grave.
  • Blair says she knows he’s been searching for weeks and come up empty-handed so why can’t he take the time to go to one dinner?
  • Q7: I know you may find this hard to comprehend but some things are more important than your social climbing agenda.–Chuck
  • Damn, Chuck. You REALLY tell ’em!
  • Blair walks away hurt and mad.
  • Damian and Serena arrive at the event. She’s wearing the sweater.
  • Nate sees from afar. He’s peeved.
  • Jenny walks over and says the guy is Damian and she thinks S and him hooked up at boarding school.
  • Nate admits he didn’t know and asks Jenny what she’s doing there.
  • She says Nate has come to her rescue plenty of times and she can return the favor now. They enter together.
  • Serena and Nate confront each other about coming with “him” and “her.”
  • Jenny and Damian spar, too. Jenny wants to finish what she started–the drug deal.
  • Q8: So much for diplomacy. Let the international games begin.–Gossip Girl
  • 90210 promo. I will be live-blogging it tomorrow at 8pm eastern.
  • Blair walks over to Serena and is surprised to see Damian instead of Nate.
  • Damian excuses himself and Blair is pleased S is taking her advice and with a hot guy.
  • Serena says her plan is juvenile but it seems to be working, though Jenny is here.
  • Blair says despite Jenny, she’ll get Nate right where wants him.
  • Blair gushes over one of the Parisian girls. Viola?
  • Serena and Blair do a cute kiss on both cheeks.
  • Damian walks over to the girl. They talk in French.
  • Jenny walks over and Viola walks away.
  • Q9: Wow. French people really are rude.–Jenny
  • I’m sure the international fans will love that!
  • Nate asks Serena why she’s here with this guy. Serena explains Nate uninvited her.
  • Damian walks over and says he’ll introduce Serena to people. They walk away and Nate is none too pleased.
  • Damian and Nate do look alike. They could do the whole Jenny/Serena mask plot thing.
  • Damian asks what’s Nate’s deal is.
  • Serena explains she wants to make Nate jealous.
  • Damian says they can if they turn it up a notch.
  • He tries to kiss her and Serena resists.
  • He makes a comment about wanting her throughout boarding school and tries to remove the sweater.
  • Serena gets POed very quickly and storms off.
  • Damian realizes he just messed up his chance to get the sweater for the drug deal and Jenny notices.
  • Chuck shows up and Blair is talking a mile-a-minute about stalking one of the diplomats.
  • Chuck tries to explain why has more pressing things on his mind.
  • Q10: I think that whore may be my mother.–Chuck
  • How is that not a commercial break cut?
  • Jenny tells Nate Serena is about to leave and he should stop her.
  • Nate says he tried listening to Dan but this isn’t fun anymore.
  • Q11: Why would you take advice from a guy that has a cabbage patch doll?–Jenny
  • Love it!
  • Q12: The masquerade ball was two years ago. Don’t let Serena get away again.–Jenny
  • That kind of gave me chills. I love references to the past like that.
  • Blair reminds Chuck that his mom died in childbirth.
  • Chuck says he knows it seems crazy and that’s why it’s hard for him to talk about this.
  • He explains it’s not unusual for a lover of his dad’s to know his name but his dad only had one locket made and it has an E on it and this woman had it.
  • Q13: Do you think anything can be more painful than killing my own mother and having my dad hate me for my whole life? If there’s any chance this isn’t what happened, I have to know.–Chuck
  • Now that is definitely chill-inducing.
  • Blair says nothing is more important than being with him for this. Aw.
  • They leave together.
  • Just don’t get why Blair didn’t realize this was important to him from the start, regardless of whether she thought it had any significance.
  • Gossip Girl says something about seizing the moment or whatever you can grab…
  • Cue someone grabbing Serena and pulling her into a room? Closet?
  • Nate pulls Serena into the coat closet.
  • She says she doesn’t want to be with him if he only wants her because she’s with someone else.
  • He explains that’s not it. He’s just nervous because they waited a really long time for this.
  • She agrees and they start making out and undressing in the coat room. The sweater is off! (Other things, too.)
  • Rufus walks into the penthouse and tells Lily they need to talk.
  • She’s happy to see him
  • Q14: I guess you should’ve thought about that before you spent the night in a hotel room with your ex-husband.–Rufus
  • Rufus says he wants to know what happened and he’s not interested in anymore lies.
  • Damian is looking for Serena.
  • Serena and Nate are making out on a couch. Still pretty clothed.
  • She suggests they leave as people are getting their coats but Nate wants to finish what they started. LOL
  • Damian puts on his jacket, looking defeated.
  • Jenny comes over and asks if he’s having fun.
  • He says no and tells Jenny she can gloat.
  • Q15: You’re the one that screwed up a major deal because you wanted to fulfill a high school dream of being with Serena van der Woodsen.–Jenny
  • Damian admits he messed up and says he lost his chance to get the money he needed to re-pay his father (for what?) and he should go home to his country now.
  • Jenny spies the sweater on the floor and calls Damian over.
  • She yells at a woman in the coat room for dropping it, saying it’s Viola’s and the woman now must make sure Viola gets it at the end of the night.
  • Quick thinking, J!
  • Chuck and Blair find Elizabeth in a hotel (?)
  • Chuck says he saw her at the grave and she apologizes for running off.
  • She says she was visiting her mother’s grave, paying her respects.
  • Chuck calls her out on being there late at night, with his mother’s favorite flowers and knowing his name.
  • She She admits she had a fling with Bart along ago and says Chuck looks like his dad and that’s how she knew who he was.
  • Chuck says he looks like his mother–hint, hint.
  • She says she never met his mother.
  • Chuck shows her the locket.
  • She says that is a locket Bart gave her–but she thinks all his girlfriends got one. She suggests he keeps it.
  • She apologizes for not being more helpful and walks away.
  • Chuck looks crushed and apologizes to Blair for wasting her time.
  • She says she needs to go to the bathroom and then they’ll leave.
  • Of course she goes to talk to Elizaebth.
  • She says knows Elizabeth is hiding something.
  • She explains Chuck spent his life thinking he killed his mother and if she knows something that can take away that pain for even a second, she needs to share it. Otherwise…
  • Q16: Leaving town means never having to say your sorry.–Blair
  • Odd play on the line from Love Story. Kind of insulting, I think.
  • Q17: Can there be a secret even B can’t crack?–Gossip Girl
  • Lily explains to Rufus she was scared and exhausted because CeCe was sick and she sought out her ex-husband because he’s a doctor.
  • Q18: Tell me you didn’t sleep with your ex-husband.–Rufus
  • Lily says she didn’t sleep with him. They did kiss “but that’s all.”
  • Q19: It must’ve been one helluva kiss to build all these lies around it.–Rufus
  • Touche, Rufus.
  • Q20: “It didn’t mean anything.” “We were engaged. It means something to me.”–Lily and Rufus
  • He starts to leave and Lily asks where he’s going and he says he’s not ready to talk to her anymore.
  • Dan is leaving Vanessa a message, saying he hasn’t heard from her so she probably doesn’t want to hear from him.
  • Oh, wow. Didn’t even notice she’s been MIA. Oops.
  • He explains things haven’t been good here and says he’d like to talk to her.
  • Rufus is going down the elevator and stops on the floor of that lady. (What is her name, dammit?!)
  • He does to her door and they shared a few awkward looks and he walks in.
  • Serena and Nate are post-coital. She suggests they leave.
  • Serena asks him to grab her jacket.
  • Nate notices it’s missing. They’re both perplexed.
  • Cut to Viola walking out wearing it.
  • Jenny and Damian are pleased.
  • Jenny says she’s glad Damian is sticking around.
  • She actually looks pretty good in these scenes.
  • He offers his arm and she reminds him it wasn’t a date and if he wants a date, he’ll have to ask.
  • Nate and Serena walk out of the party giddily and then share a slow kiss.
  • Q21: No matter how long it took, it was worth the wait.–Gossip Girl
  • So true! I look forward to seeing where this goes…
  • Blair asks Chuck if he’s okay.
  • He says he’s spent 18 years thinking his mom was dead and it was misguided thinking one of his dad’s girlfriends would change that.
  • Q22: I don’t have a real mother, Blair. I never will.–Chuck
  • Tears in my eyes!
  • Q23: It doesn’t mean you’re alone. I love you, Chuck. And I’ll always be your family.–Blair
  • She kisses him on the cheek and walks away.
  • Sweet, nice to say but of course doesn’t dilute the sadness he feels right now.
  • Chuck holds the locket.
  • Elizabeth looks at her phone.
  • Chuck gets up from his seat.
  • His phone is vibrating.
  • Elizabeth is calling, holding half a locket that shows a young woman with a newborn. Her and Chuck?
  • Fade to black. Have to say…I really enjoyed!
  • Preview: Serena and Nate are post-coital again, Jenny and Damian are hooking up, Lily and find pills, Chuck tells Blair, Nate and Serena that Elizabeth is his mother

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?




One response

8 03 2010
Rinth de Shadley

I can hardly wait to read your blog about it, but I haven’t seen the episode yet! It is so great to have new episodes again.

I have been just buried in homework this term, but it will be good to take a break with Serena and Blair and everyone again … not to mention with my favorite drama news site!

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