Exclusive: A Quick Chat With 90210’s Trevor Donovan

23 03 2010

I had the privilege of recently catching up with 90210’s Trevor Donovan via e-mail. The three big take-aways from our conversation: you can keep calling him Ken, don’t be afraid to (respectfully) approach him on the street and, oh yeah, tune into the show!

TeenDramaWhore: When you joined the show over the summer, did you have any idea Teddy would still be around all these months later?

Trevor Donovan: I wasn’t sure. I was just having a great time working with the cast.

TDW: Will you be back for season 3?

Donovan: Stay tuned.

TDW: What’s been the easiest thing about working on 90210 and what’s been the hardest?

Donovan: Easiest: well, working with such great cast mates. Hardest: being so close to the beach and not be able to surf.

TDW: There’s two things we know are coming up for Teddy: more interaction with Silver [Jessica Stroup] and Teddy’s father, Spence [Ryan O’Neal], comes to town. Can you tell us what to expect with those?

Donovan: Expect good things.  Love Jessica Stroup… she’s amazing.

TDW: The show has shown its philanthropic side by collaborating with Habitat for Humanity and Warriors in Pink. What were those experiences like for you?

Donovan: A lot of fun.  Am looking forward to doing more..

TDW: In an episode earlier this season, Ivy [Gillian Zinser] jokingly told Teddy not to tweet about her relationship with Liam [Matt Lanter]. As an actor, what value do you think Twitter has?

Donovan: Well, it is such a random thing… if I think of it, I’ll text a tweet.

TDW: A lot of people have looked at you this past year and compared you to a Ken doll. Compliment or insult?

Donovan: Ken is world-known and treated his lady (Barbie) pretty well, as far as I know….so, I’ll take it as a compliment.

TDW: Have you had any interesting fan encounters?

Donovan: Every one of them. I really like meeting fans.

TDW: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

Donovan: I sing and play guitar.

TDW: What other projects are you working on?

Donovan: Right now I’m taking a vacation and helping out my Mom on the house. Stayed tuned for future projects. Thanks for chatting. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of season 2 of 90210. Keep watching!

Come back Sunday for another exclusive interview!

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13 responses

23 03 2010

I hope he doesn’t get back he’s so boring, and I don’t think “ken dolls” is a compliment

23 03 2010

I think he looks like Freddy from Scooby Doo.

23 03 2010

He also looks 40.

24 03 2010

Haha He does look like Freddie! Never noticed until now lol!!!

24 03 2010

Trevor/Teddy haters back off! First off, he’s gorg! Two, he’s awesome at what he does. Anddddd, if you don’t like the guy, why comment on an interview with him? These things are to show him love! LOVE YOU TREVOR!

26 03 2010
pepper rigs

I agree with you op. I love him too and think he’s awesome and such a nice guy, at least he sounds like it in here. He’s a great asset to that show. It needed a real straight acting man on it. I’m an original 90210 watcher and at least the guys on that were masculine. So yes I’m hoping they keep Trevor!

26 03 2010

Oh no you didn’t! This boy is beautiful! I really hope Teddy and Silver continue on to Season 3 they are so fun together.

27 03 2010
Lisa G

Awwww he’s so cute. I’m so glad he gets along with his cast mates. I’m a fan follower from days, I’ve never watched this show till season 2 but I a watcher now and sorta hooked. Go Teddy & Silver !

27 03 2010

I watch with my kids. I tivo if we can’t watch live. We are all Teddy fans at our house. His relationship with Silver is crazy, first I thought they wouldn’t even be friends. It’s like a romantic comedy. Guys meets girl, Guys butts heads with girl, guy and girl despise each other, guy and girl fall in love. The end.

27 03 2010

It’s nice to see that these hollywood actors take time out for their fans. Well this guys just got a new one here. Good Luck to you.

27 03 2010

since when he takes time for his fans he never answers to his fans on twitter! anyway trevor he’s maybe a nice guy but teddy is lame him and silver are lame together and totally boring, I miss silver from S1 sh was ay better!

27 03 2010

I have twitter, how the heck to you answer people on that? I know how on facebook. I’m black and I love this guy, and so do my friends. We still like us some chocolate like dixon but I like to mix chocolate and vanilla

29 03 2010

OMG thank you thank you thank you! I’m from Europe and I LOVE Teddy so much! I believe he didn’t kill that man

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