Spoiler: Watch With Kristin

23 03 2010


Mart223: Thanks for the cool plug for 90210! How about some more scoop to celebrate?
I give and I give and…well, you give in return, so OK. Gia is going to cheat on Adriana, and Naomi accuses a teacher of sexual harassment, but it’s so not true. Also, things get even creepier (and life-or-deathier) with Jasper. Dun. Dun. Dun.

Credit: E! Online



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23 03 2010

I think Gia is getting back with her ex then Ade is going to hook up with Javier then back with Navid 🙂

We know about the false sexual harassment case, which I think is going to be juicy because Naomi is going to keep lying which pushes him closer to Annie 😀

And of course Jasper jumps from the Hollywood sign but fails to kil himself so his parents send him to a mental institution at the end of 2.17 but he comes back for the finale and sets Liam’s boat on fire when he sees him with Annie.

23 03 2010

Interesting theories, Wes! I think the teacher might be the (new?) adviser to the Blaze, played by Hal Ozsan, who I interviewed not long ago.

23 03 2010

Yeah I remember reading the interview it was pretty good. I wish he commented more on 90210 though. Oh and by him I meant Liam not Mr. Cannon lol

But yeah all that stuff is true because I read it on the official casting sides.

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