News Roundup: One Tree Hill, 90210, The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek

22 03 2010



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23 03 2010

There are some flaws with the OTH quiz. I’m not sure if everyone is asked the same questions but one of mien asked

What HASN’T Dan almost died from?
a) heart attack
b) fire
c) car Accident
d) Nanny Carrie
e) guilt

I answered car accient, but technically Nanny Carrie hit him with a car, so wouldn’t that be consdered a car accident? Or I guess it was no accident to hit him lol, but that and the guilt option are a little debatable.

and there was a question about what Lucas’s tattoo means. He said in season one, when he first got it, that it meant fun, but in season 6 Peyton told him that it doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

and I got 80% 😦 I could have sworn that Nathan was on the Seattle Comets before the back injury, but I looked it up and there’s no such thing as the Seattle Comets lol

23 03 2010

Alyssa, I raised by eyebrows at both those questions too. For the Dan one, technically he hadn’t been in a car accident but hit by a car–semantics, definitely. All the other ones were inarguable, IMO, so I knew it had to be that one. For the Lucas one, yep, we know from season 6 that the tattoo doesn’t mean really fun but for lack of another answer that would jive with what Peyton insinuated, that had to be it. Quite honestly, I was surprised they didn’t make more mistakes/questionable questions & answers. There were a ton of errors when they had CMM/Lucas the Weekly Crush not too long ago. They definitely don’t know OTH as well as they think they do. For the Nathan one, I distinctly remembered the other choices and thought they put Comets in there to trick people, since Comet/Comets do play a role in OTH (albeit with Peyton and Lucas).

23 03 2010

tottally got the one with dan wrong, because i was just thinking of nanny carrie to hit him with the car, so i decided to take guilt. 😦 and i didn’t get the one with the soap star wrong.

23 03 2010

MJ, I got that one wrong too. I guessed Craig Sheffer.

24 03 2010

Loved the 10 Reasons Shannen should win article!! Hilarious!

24 03 2010

I totally guessed on that soap star question–and guessed right with Moira Kelly. Those three questions were tricky. No idea how I ended up with a 100 percent.

Step, that girl is a BIG Brenda fan. And “big” is putting it mildly. Whether Shannen should win or not, well, I have my own theories.

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