News Roundup: Gossip Girl, 90210 and One Tree Hill

30 03 2010



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31 03 2010

I missed the elimination show tonight because of Passover unfortunately, but Shannen was eliminated?? Seriously?? Kate Gosselin got more votes than her??She got beat by an 80 year old?? She wasn’t even a bad dancer!

31 03 2010

I was seder-ing tonight, too, and found out via a Google Alert to my BlackBerry. (I hid it underneath the table!) Definitely shocking. I was wondering if she’d make it to fourth place, like Ian and Jennie did, never thinking she’d be eliminated FIRST! My money, so to speak, was on Buzz and then maybe Kate and some other wild card elimination–not her.

31 03 2010

Shannen did way better than half of those losers!!! That sucks big time seriously!!!

I know it won’t happen but I really want Matthew and Kelly to start dating! 🙂

31 03 2010

When I first started watching OTH, I did not remember that Michael has been on BH90210, but thought he looked familiar. I did the “that’s where I saw him before!” thing during the next run of BH. He’s a cutie on both:)

As for DWTS, I was shocked and po’d about Shannen. I thought she did well and would only improve as the weeks went on. Even though Mark would have been out due to his injury, I still think she would have continued to do well. In all honesty, I feel that Buzz should have been the one to go only based on his dancing performance, because I realize he is well liked. I know that Kate is not too well liked and I know why, but this shouldn’t be a popularity contest although, it has turned out that way in other seasons as well. Kate is really the only one that isn’t a real professional of any kind and I really don’t think she did all that bad and will improve if given the chance. Her little tiff with Tony on camera didn’t do her image any good though and reminded me alot of how she was with Jon on their show. But again, that shouldn’t have anything to do with what she is being judged on, JMO.

Anyway, I’m sure that Shannen made her Dad proud and she should be proud of herself as well:)

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