Reaction: 90210 2.16

3 04 2010

Last Week’s Live-Blog

EPISODE 2.16: Clark Raving Mad

  • Previously On: Naomi reminds Silver that Teddy is a player and suggests she spies on him, Teddy gets upset with her for spying and says he needs “space,” Dixon’s birthmom Dana comes to town, Kai asks Debbie how she’s doing with that, Harry doesn’t understand that Debbie is upset, Dixon’s car is stolen, Jasper stole the car for Annie because it’s evidence of his uncle’s death, Gia likes someone and confesses to Ade that it’s her she likes
  • The title is a play on “stark raving mad.” How Gossip Girl of them.
  • Naomi and Liam are passionately making out. It’s sort of slow-mo with the camera revoling around them.
  • Why am I not surpised?
  • A car is beeping because they’re blocking a parking space at West Bev.
  • Naomi could care less. I would expect Liam to care. He doesn’t, thought.
  • Naomi finally gives in and walks off.
  • Liam and Naomi walk into school together.
  • Jasper comes up to Annie and says how he knows she’s freaked out but he was doing her a favor.
  • Q1: You have to know I’ll do anything for you. Anything.” “You really want to do something for me? Just leave me alone.”–Jasper and Annie
  • She walks off. He is not happy as he watches her go.
  • Navid is starting a Blaze meeting and introduces their new faculty adviser, Mr. Cannon–played by Dawson’s Creek Hal Ozsan.
  • His hair is bit shorter than what it was during his DC days but still a bit wily.
  • Silver and Naomi run in a bit late. Lila is there, too.
  • Cannon went to Columbia and interned at 60 Minutes before going into academia. Hm. Would actually expect a much longer legitimate career before being allowed to teach journalism.
  • Q2: I find my role here as challenging each and every one of you to dig deeper, do better and find the journalistic truth in all the stories that we tell.–Cannon
  • You tell ’em how it’s done, Mr. Cannon!
  • Naomi introduces herself and asks what happens if she digs deeper, blahblahblah but it’s all edited out by Navid.
  • Navid says it’s because she doesn’t cite her sources. LOL Damn straight!
  • Naomi claims she’s protecting her sources, lol, but Navid points out the source isn’t credible.
  • Cannon agrees with him. If they can’t verify the source, they can’t run it.
  • Q3: “We’re not a tabloid here.” “But we can be!”–Cannon and Naomi
  • She stands up in protest and Silver pulls her down, noting she’s not making a good first impression.
  • Cannon suggests she run segments by him and he will critique them but he has high standards.
  • Q4: Oh, they can’t be that high. Otherwise you’d be working in news and not bossing kids around for, what, $20 grand a year.–Naomi
  • Ouch. She starts it off as like a friendly tease but totally ups the bitch factor by the end.
  • Memo to Naomi: he could work in news and still only make $20 grand a year! Sad but true.
  • Cannon gets her to shut up and she is not happy.
  • Cut to her complaining to Ade and Silver about having this guy “watch over [their] every move.”
  • Silver is distracted when she sees Teddy talking to people. She walks up to him and asks him to  have lunch.
  • He says he’s taking a history make-up (make-up, why?) and takes off.
  • Silver concludes he’s still mad at her.
  • Naomi suggests she just ask him point-blank next time if she’s “in or out.”
  • She makes an allusion to her needing to know for birth control purposes and Silver points out they’re not having sex yet, to which Naomi concludes that as the reason why “he’s blowing [her] off.”
  • Ade sees Gia down the hall and walks in the opposite direction. Aww. Gia looks really hurt!
  • Cut to Annie running after the bus, which leaves without her.
  • Liam pulls up in his sexy red car and asks if she needs a ride–and I have chills!
  • (I think I am rooting for them. I think.)
  • She snottily says no, rembering their history I guess, and he asks again and she agrees more politely.
  • Debbie is putting away groceries.
  • Dixon and Dana come in talking and laughing about basketball.
  • Q5: Oh, I didn’t even see you there.–Dixon
  • Let’s hit us over the head with this, okay, writers?
  • Debbie suggests making dinner but Dixon and Dana says they’re going out to watch March Madness.
  • Dana promises to have him home early since it’s a school night.
  • They start to leave and Debbie asks if he’s forgetting something–like a hug or a kiss–but all he says is bye.
  • They bump into Harry and he gets a “peace, dad.”
  • Harry comments to Debbie that Dixon and Dana are getting along well.
  • He does not notice Debbie’s fake happiness about it.
  • Annie and Liam are sitting silently, awkwardly in the car. Not unlike Liam and a cerain blonde.
  • He apologizes again for the Jen thing, admits he was a coward.
  • Annie says it’s over and insists they talk about something else as he tries to continue to apologize.
  • He suggests ferrets, which she says is random, but he points out that they just passed the Beverly Hilton, which reminded him of Paris Hilton, who he thinks was once caught with an illegal ferret. LOL
  • Would not expect Liam to know that!
  • Q6: I read the tabloids in my dentist’s office.–Liam
  • Sure, you do! That’s what they all say!
  • They are giggly and it’s fun.
  • They pull up somewhere, looks to be a hotel, and see an adult couple making out.
  • Q7: Woah, someone’s reenacting Pretty Woman!–Liam
  • LOL He knows about that, too?!
  • Liam realizes he recognizes the guy–it’s his step-dad! And not his mom!
  • Giggles gone.
  • They drive off.
  • Naomi walks into Cannon’s classroom, saying Navid said he wanted to see her.
  • He says she owes him an apology and she says the same to him.
  • He says she was insulting and beligerent. Indeed.
  • She patronizes him on how to give an apology.
  • Q8: Okay. I’m sorry. Life’s too short. I’m kicking you off the Blaze.–Cannon
  • She is shocked. And gives a half-assed apology and swears it won’t happen again.
  • He insists she’s still off.
  • She begs to stay on, saying she finally found something she’s passionate about and it’s more than just having something on her college app.
  • She’s good at this, looks good on camera and wants to pursue it.
  • Q9: Katie Couric’s like a toothy munchkin compared to me.–Naomi
  • Another difference: the “journalism” they do (I put it in quotes because Naomi’s hardly qualifies) is also very different.
  • I totally buy her plea, though.
  • But Cannon sticks to his guns.
  • She continues to beg and pout and–dare I say it–squeezes her chest together as she offers to “anything” for him.
  • He incredulously asks if she’s offering to sleep with him.
  • She’s caught off-guard, though, and says no.
  • He points out how inappropriate it would be and reiterates that she’s off the paper. I mean newscast. I mean video thing.
  • She leaves quite pissed.
  • Navid and Lila are walking the halls, arm in arm, talking about Marshall McLuhan! Love it!!!
  • They are debating what counts as a “medium.”
  • Q10: You know what I think is really hot? That you even know who Marshall McLuhan is.–Navid
  • Damn, maybe Navid and I should date!
  • LOL She says how one of his papers was like her “Goodnight, Moon.”
  • He says that’s hot and kisses her.
  • Apparently they’ve walked to band practice–which is at school for a non-school band?–where Adrianna is setting up and has seen the kiss.
  • Navid sees that she saw and awkwardly says goodbye to Lila.
  • Lila asks Ade if she needs help setting up.
  • Ade says no.
  • Lila says she knows it’s weird that she’s dating her ex.
  • Q11: No, it’s fine. I knew he was going to move on. Not with the bass player. I didn’t see that coming.–Adrianna
  • Aw, Ade. lol
  • The other bandmate is totally eavesdropping.
  • Lila asks if they’re cool and Ade says they definitely are.
  • Dixon and Dana are at sports-y restaurant.
  • Dixon says how he’s pulling for Villanova. I don’t understand why they didn’t edit this out. It just makes the show look bad, IMO.
  • Dana calls him her good luck charm and says she’ll bet on them and they can split the money.
  • I guess they didn’t edit it out because it’s driving the story kinda sorta?
  • Dixon says he’d like to go to the Laker game on Sunday to celebrate.
  • She says she won’t be here–she has to go home and get back to her responsibilites.
  • She explains she dropped everything when he e-mailed and came running.
  • She says before she leaves tomorrow, they can come here one last time.
  • He’s clearly upset, though.
  • Silver is at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, waiting for Teddy it seems.
  • He walks in, all sweated up and says goodbye to some older dude.
  • She walks over and point-blank asks…
  • Q12: “What’s going on with us?” “So much for small-talk.”–Silver and Teddy
  • She says she knows he’s acting weird because she was a “jealous, paranoid freak.”
  • But she doesn’t know if it’s something he can get over.
  • He says he doesn’t know either.
  • He wants to be with someone who trusts him and she insists she does.
  • He points out that she trusts him now she didn’t before and it’s only likely to last until a girl calls him or they run into a girl he knows.
  • She insists that’s not true and she made a mistake and she’s really sorry.
  • She says she can’t prove she’s changed unless he gives her another chance.
  • He relents. She’s happy. He smiles.
  • Liam’s step-date pulls up to their home, gets out of his car all smile-y.
  • Liam comes up out of nowhere, says hey and punches him out!
  • It sets off the car alarm!
  • Out runs his mom.
  • Liam and his step-dad, Jeffrey, just pushing each other.
  • She stops them and asks what’s going on.
  • Jeffrey says how Liam hid in the bushes and then sucker-punched him.
  • Liam says it’s because he saw him at the Beverly Wilshire making out “with some bimbo.”
  • His mom is shocked, calls Jeffrey a “bastard” and starts to storm off.
  • Jeffrey yells after that he can explain–ummm–but she yells back that she doesn’t want to hear it.
  • He glares at Liam as he walks after her, still yelling he can explain.
  • Ade drives into school. I want her Bug. Or Liam’s car. Or both.
  • Gia sees her pull in, looks nervous, and walks over to her.
  • Ade looks nervous, too, and Gia points out that she’s been avoiding her.
  • Ade claims she’s just been busy with the band.
  • Gia says she doesn’t blame her because she put her in an awkward position.
  • She says that her friendship is more important and she doesn’t want to lose it.
  • Ade agrees.
  • Gia asks if they can pretend she never mentioned the crush and go back to the way they things are.
  • Ade again agrees and they gush about how much they have to tell each other.
  • Naomi and Silver are walking somewhere. I guess on campus? Looks like a botanical garden!
  • Naomi says that once it’s known by everyone that she was dealt “a grave injustice” it will be righted.
  • Silver doubts it.
  • Naomi says Silver was there, she witnesses how out of line Cannon was.
  • Silver makes it clear that she doesn’t think he out of line.
  • Naomi says he was picking on “the weakest of the herd.” LOL
  • Naomi is upset that Silver is taking Cannon’s side.
  • They’ve walked so far, they’ve ended up where Ade and Gia are sitting and talking.
  • Naomi asks Gia to remind Silver “what a jerk” Cannon was.
  • And apparently that was only this morning? WTF? It was just nighttime when Liam punched his step-dad!
  • Gia agrees with Silver.
  • Silver tells Naomi she’s not going to get a lot of support.
  • Naomi says she should because Cannon is a “total douchebag.”
  • She starts to freak out, as Silver says she’s blowing it out of proportion.
  • Is he really the first teacher to not tolerat her bullshit?
  • Naomi blurts out…
  • Q13: He said if I wanted back on the Blaze, I had to sleep with him!–Naomi
  • Of course, everyone’s shocked and appaled.
  • Silver points out it’s sexual harassment.
  • Naomi asks if she can their support now. They, of course, sayyes.
  • Liam is in his shed. It’s either night again or it’s really dark in there.
  • He’s gathering his tools and putting htem into a bag.
  • His mom comes in. I feel like they’re the same age IRL! LOL
  • He explains he has some of his tools, they can leave and he’ll come back another time for the boat.
  • She cuts him off, saying she had a “long talk” with Jeffrey and–
  • Liam cuts her off, saying they’ve survived worse and he’ll get an after-school job to help things financially.
  • Aw, his love and protectiveness for his mom is cute.
  • She says he doesn’t have to do that.
  • He says he would do anything for her.
  • She says she appreciates that but…she and Jeffrey have their issues and you don’t walk out when things are going bad. You work through it.
  • Liam is shocked.
  • She says hse knows it’s not what he was expecting but he needs to understand.
  • She prods him to say something and he says he has nothing to say to her.
  • She walks out.
  • Gia and Ade are watching another tearjerker. I can’t identify it.
  • They talk about how romantic it is and how the on-screen couple is meant for each other and do the cliche “let’s reach into the popcorn at the same time–accidentally!” thing.
  • Ade looks at Gia, clearly considering…Hm, could I be with her?
  • Silver and Teddy are eating dinner at the beach club. I should’ve said this by now but this is clearly the new Peach Pit. And it’s not even new!
  • Anyway.
  • Silver says she wasn’t good at traditional sports but she was good at dodgeball.
    Q14: Whatever I lacked in hand-eye coordination, I made up for in rage.–Silver
  • Teddy is amused but it’s still kinda awkward.
  • He asks her if she wants dessert. Somehow she seques into talking about the Blaze as a girl, of course, approaches Teddy.
  • Silver is alarmed…especially as Teddy is seemingly happy to see this girl and gets up and hugs her!
  • Teddy introduces the girl, Tara, to Silver, saying they used to date. Honesty is the best policy, I guess.
  • Silver cooly says it was cool that they used to date. That’s a good reaction, Silver. Well-played.
  • Tara nicely asks if they want to join her at a screening for a new Tarantino movie.
  • Teddy answers for them, pointing out that Silver has to get back to the Blaze–I guess that’s what she said before, oops–but Teddy says he’s free to go.
  • Silver is shocked.
  • Q15: Unless, of course, that’s not cool with you, Silver.–Teddy
  • This is clearly a test. A spiteful test.
  • She says it’s “totally cool”–though it’s totally not–and Teddy ends their dinner by saying he’ll pick up the tab and insinuating she can go.
  • She puts on a smile and tells them to have fun.
  • They sit down as leaves, glaring back at them.
  • I wonder if it was a set-up by Teddy. Maybe.
  • Naomi calling people saying there’s an emergency meeting at the Blaze tomorrow because she has a big announcement.
  • Liam comes up with a bag. She asks him what’s wrong.
  • He just hugs her. Aww.
  • She asks agian what’s going on, and he says how he caught his step-dad.
  • He says what’s worse is that his mom is staying with him.
  • Naomi says she knows how he feels because her mom put up with it with her dad.
  • This is very girlfriend-y/boyfriend-y. I like.
  • He asks if he can sleep there tonight and she says he can stay as long as he wants.
  • They walk inside arm-in-arm.
  • Next day at school. Annie runs into Liam and says she’s been thinking about him and asks about “the whole step-dad situation.”
  • He admits it’s “not great” when Jasper walks off, insisting that they need to talk.
  • Annie looks part-scared, part-peeved and says she can’t talk now.
  • Jasper insists it’s important and Liam says it’s okay and he leaves.
  • He watches as Annie walks away and Jasper chases after her.
  • She insists she’s going to be late for class. He grabs her.
  • Q16: What’s 60 seconds out of your damn life?!–Jasper
  • She orders him not to touch her.
  • She keeps walking and he yells after her, practically whining and mumbles that he loves her. And then he slams his fist into the wall and walks off.
  • Dana is sitting in the kitchen of Debbie’s home, alone. Odd.
  • She calls Dixon, who’s cell goes straight to voicemail.
  • She says she’s confused because she thought they were meeting at the house but now she’ll just meet him at the restaurant.
  • I wonder if he’s blowing her off because he’s upset she’s leaving.
  • Silver is in her garage, complaining to Naomi about Silver.
  • Q17: “It’s obvious what’s he doing.” “Boning that Tara chick.” [Silver glares at her.] “Wrong answer!” “Testing me.”–Silver and Naomi
  • Silver says she’s not buying it.
  • Ade comes in with flyers for her band’s “gig.”
  • Q18: “Gloria Steinems? What’s a Steinem? That disease you get on your eye?” “Beats me. They had the name when I joined.” “Are you guys kidding? Gloria Steinems. Gloria Steinem. Oh, c’mon! She’s only like one of the most important feminists. Owner and publisher of Ms. magazine.” “You know what a Steinem is? A beer mug.” “Yes, that is totally it.”–Naomi, Ade, Silver, Naomi Ade
  • LOL That is terrible.
  • Ade says she wants to talk to them about something “complicated.”
  • Apparently Silver has like a kitchen in her garage bedroom. Way to make it so she never has to go into Kelly’s house!
  • Ade says that Gia told her she has a crush on her.
  • Silver and Naomi are shocked but not uncomfy, which is good.
  • Silver asks how Ade reacted.
  • Ade says she freaked out and avoided her but now she’s over it.
  • She says they have a “really great connection” and she started thinking about her yesterday as more than a friend.
  • Silver and Naomi are all smiles. That’s really nice. I’m glad they’re doing it this way.
  • Q19: We were watching this romantic scene in a movie and I kind of stopped watching the movie and started thinking about Gia. And I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just trying to rebound from Navid. Like, I know I need to move on but I didn’t think I’d be moving on with a girl…until now.–Ade
  • Q20: Crafty! A little lady-lady action might be just the thing to get the Persian stallion back in your stable!–Naomi
  • LOL at Naomi saying “lady-lady action.” Lady.
  • Ade asks what they think.
  • Q21: “If I’m having these feelings for a girl, does that mean I’m gay?” “It’s a little gay.” [Silver glares at her.] “What, it is!”–Adrianna and Naomi
  • Silver says sexuality isn’t black and white. There’s more of a spectrum. Well said.
  • Naomi agrees.
  • Q22: Gay guys, straight guys, they all want to sleep with me.–Naomi
  • Kind of a riff off a line from RENT. I’ll let it slide.
  • Silver says she thinks people fall usually in the middle of the spectrum but…
  • Q23: It all depends on where we are and who we’re open to falling in love with.–Silver
  • I feel like they need to take the Kinsey test or something. Of course, only Silver will know what it is.
  • Naomi thinks she’d make a really good day icon. Cher, Liza and her. LOL
  • Silver says the important thing is not to get caught up with labels.
  • She asks Ade how Gia mades her feel. “Really happy.”
  • Silver asks if it’s “more than friendship happy” and Ade says she thinks so.
  • Everyone is smile-y.
  • Cut to the sports restaurant, whose door label says Buffalo Wings Restaurant. Buffalo Wild Wings, perhaps?
  • Dana is sitting there, wondering where Dixon is.
  • Debbie is having tea with Kai. Um, why? How? Deleted scene?
  • He kind of flirts. She flirts back.
  • Kai asks how things are going with Dana. He sounds like a therapist.
  • Debbie admits she feels like a horrible person.
  • Q24: You’re not horrible. You’re human.–Kai
  • Kai pretty much says it’s a no-brainer for Debbie to feel conflicted about Dana being here.
  • Dana walks out of the restaurant–it’s across the street from Debbie and Kai is. And from Dana’s angle, Kai and Debbie are leaning in REALLY close to each other. (It’s a small table, but still.)
  • She’s obviously unsure of what she’s seeing and tries to sneakily get into her car, which is conveniently right opposite where they’re sitting.
  • Debbie thanks Kai for supporting her because she’s not getting that at home.
  • He says she should because she deserves it–and he leans in and kisses her!
  • Dana, of course, sees!
  • Man, I knew about the kiss but I didn’t know there was going to be a Dana component! Wow!
  • Dana drives off. So she, of course, doesn’t see Debbie kind of freak ouyt.
  • She asks Kai what he’s doing and he says he was reading her signal. LOL
  • She says that shouldn’t have happened–but which? The signal or the kiss?
  • She reiterates that she’s married and takes off.
  • Silver calls Teddy, saying she hasn’t seen him today and asks if everything’s okay.
  • He’s at the beach club but tells he’s “laying low” because of a “wicked hang over.”
  • Q25: From a Tarantino movie?–Silver
  • I would not be surprised, Silver!
  • Teddy says he and Tara skipped the movie.
  • He talks about their night. I kind of missed it.
  • Silver sarcastically says it sounds like fun.
  • He says it was and says he has to get back on the court. So much for laying low.
  • Dixon is playing a videogame in his room. Dana enters.
  • He doesn’t seem to care.
  • She asks what happened to their plans.
  • He says he forgot. “My bad.”
  • She says he’s upset that she’s leaving.
  • Q26: Think I’d be used to that by now.–Dixon
  • Aw.
  • This is only like his third scene. And Navid had what, two?
  • Dana says this isn’t goodbye for good. He “whatever”s her.
  • She says reconnecting this past week has been amazing and she wants to be a regular part of his life.
  • He gets a bit angry, asking why he should believe her.
  • He points out she says she wants him in her life but she’s never reached out to him.
  • Q27: You’re my mother! It’s not supposed to be like that.–Dixon
  • True. But, as Silver might say, it’s not black and white.
  • She says she didn’t contact him because she didn’t want to disrupt his life.
  • And she thought about him every day, always prayed for him.
  • She kind of begs him to believe her.
  • Q28: “All this time, I thought you moved on.” “Never. You’re my baby.”–Dixon and Dana
  • She reiterates she wants to be in his life and says she’ll be around as much as he wants her to.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Dana.
  • They embrace. Dixon is still upset. It’s sad.
  • Naomi is at the Blaze meeting she orchestrated. It looks like 3 times as many people as the prior meeting.
  • And why did they all come? Just because Naomi said so?
  • She’s going on about how there’s a time when the little people wake up and need to realize together they can be a big person and fight tyranny.
  • She probably doesn’t know it, but she’s totally talking class warfare and proletarian versus plebeian and all that. She should read some Marx.
  • LOL Silver makes a comment about her metaphors.
  • Naomi says they must fight for her to be “reinstated” and Cannon sent away.
  • Navid walks in at this inopportune time. He asks what’s going on.
  • She says how Cannon kicked her off the Blaze so everyone is striking. (Um, are they?)
  • Q29: “We have to get an edition out by Friday.” “Tough ta-tas, honey!”–Navid and Naomi
  • LOL I’m really liking her this ep.
  • She starts chanting “union, union.” LOL
  • Navid tries to calm her down, saying he’ll talk to Cannon and see if he will give her another chance.
  • Naomi gives in and says he should report back tomorrow.
  • Debbie is frosting a cake. What a Debbie Homemaker!
  • Dana comes in.
  • Debbie says that Dixon told her she’s leaving.
  • Dana says she had to get back to work.
  • Debbie says it’s been nice having her. Yeah, right, Deb.
  • Dana says she has something awkward to tell her.
  • Yesterday, she went to meet Dixon and saw her at a cafe with “a handsome man.”
  • Debbie tries to brush it off and says Kai is her yoga teacher.
  • Q30: That’s a rather close student-teacher relationship you have there.–Dana
  • (Wow. That line really brought out a theme for the episode.)
  • Debbie insists it wasn’t she thinks.
  • She says how it was a mistake and she wishes she could take it back and she told Kai “in no uncertain terms” and she’s going to tell Harry as soon as he gets home.
  • Dana is nodding, nodding, nodding.
  • She asks if telling Harry is a good idea.
  • Debbie is surprised.
  • Dana says she sees there’s tension around them already and she knows, from her experiencing temping for a divorce lawyer, that jealousy is the number one killer of relationships.
  • (Hm. Another theme of the ep.)
  • Debbie tries to end it by saying it’s a “family matter.”
  • Dana agrees but says family matters “trickle down to the kids.”
  • Q31: And one of your kids I gave birth to.–Dana
  • Debbie is clearly not pleased by that.
  • Dana says she has a great family and shouldn’t risk it.
  • Debbie looks like she’s considering it.
  • Ade is reading when Gia comes in.
  • She tells Gia she’s confused.
  • Ade asks that, if sexuality is a spectrum, do people choose to be straight because it’s what they’re used to.
  • Gia shrugs, saying maybe some people do.
  • Ade asks if that means being gay is a choice, because she doesn’t believe that’s true.
  • Gia says she doesn’t think it’s a choice for a lot of people and she’s liked girls as far back as she can remember but that doesn’t mean everyone’s like that.
  • I’ve never heard that perspective. Interesting.
  • She says some people might fall in the middle.
  • Ade says that makes sense. Probably because Silver said the same thing.
  • But she basically says she’s still confused.
  • Gia asks her why she’s reading a book about sexuality.
  • Ade admits it’s because she thinks she likes her.
  • Q32: “Whatever you’re struggling with, I don’t think you’re going to find the answer in one of these books.” “Yeah, no kidding. So how do I figure it out?” “Well, um, we could…kiss, and I don’t know, see how you feel?”–Gia and Ade
  • Ade looks petrified but agrees.
  • This feels realistic, authentic. I’m impressed by how they’re doing this.
  • They are both totally nervous.
  • Gia sits on her bed.
  • They lean in and kiss. It’s sweet, innocent.
  • Q33: “Good or gross?” “Good.”–Gia and Ade
  • Ade says Gia’s a good kisser. But shouldn’t she already know that?
  • Gia jokes that she doesn’t get a lot of complaints.
  • Q34: “But was it something you liked and got out of your system or something you liked and want to do again?” “Something I want to do again. So what does that mean?” “You’re saying you kind of dig me. And if I asked you out on a date, you’d probably say yes. Do you want to gout on a date?”–Gia and Ade
  • Ade kisses her.
  • Q35: That would be a yes.–Ade
  • They kiss and giggle.
  • Navid walks down the stairs, to where the Gloria Steinems are performing. In school.
  • I kind of like it.
  • Gia is watching along with two dozen others or do.
  • Silver spies Teddy working out. I don’t think he needs any more of that. Perfection.
  • Silver cuts right to it.
  • Q36: You were right. You said I was jealous and I am. You win.–Silver
  • Teddy says he tried to tell her but she was like, “I can handle this” and kind of mimics her! LOL
  • She “whatever”s him and starts to walk away but stops.
  • Q37: “I don’t get it. You make this huge play to be with me and now you’re just willing to throw it all away because I  made one–incredibly stupid, jealous–mistake. What’s going on?” “I don’t know. I just…I don’t know. What if it wasn’t a mistake? What if you were right?” “What do you mean?” “I didn’t have to go to that coffeehouse. I could’ve just e-mailed her instead. But I left the door wide open.” “But nothing happened.” “It could have.” “Anything could happen to anyone at any moment.” “I’m not just anyone, Silver. I’m Spence Montomgery’s son. My dad’s had four wives and cheated on all of them.” “You’re not your father.” “How do you know? I don’t even know. I never cared enough about a girl to stay faithful before. But I care about you a lot. I’d hate myself if I ever cheated on you.” “I trust you.”–Silver and Teddy
  • Timely, purposeful mention of Teddy’s dad.
  • They shly smiley at each other, the music kicks up and they kiss. And he unncessarily lifts her up. Um, oky.
  • Time for Dana and Dixon to say goodbye.
  • Q38: “I’m warning you. I’m not really good with this emotional stuff.” “Where do you think you get that from? It is genetic.”–Dixon and Dana
  • They smile and laugh.
  • She promises to call every week.
  • He says they can Skype and watch the game together.
  • She says she doesn’t know what that means, lol, but it sounds like fun.
  • She gives him an envelope of cash, saying it’s his half because they won the bet. Um, not they didn’t.
  • Q39: It’s just a little something to make up for the miss birthdays and Christmases, visits from the tooth fairy.–Dana
  • Guess you can buy Dixon’s love.
  • They hug. It’s kinda sad.
  • Q40: I’ll see ya, son.–Dana
  • He looks sad. But is very happy with the wad of cash. I wonder how much it is.
  • Liam is shirtless–more, please–and walks outside, where Naomi is laying on a lounge chair.
  • He asks where his shirts are.
  • She says that since he’s saying for a while, she thought he should have a drawer.
  • She thanks him.
  • And then she says her drawers were all filled so she cleared him a space under the bed. LOL I’m surprised she didn’t relegate him to one of the guest rooms.
  • They start to make out. It’s hot. As usual.
  • She says she likes playing house with him.
  • Silver and Ade walk up. Silver says it’s awkward.
  • They stop kissing, blush.
  • Silver says they wanted to talk to her about Cannon.
  • Naomi says it’s all good. Navid spoke to him and he agreed to led her back on. “Isn’t that great?”
  • Um, no, they say. She can’t let him get away with what he said.
  • Liam overhears, comes out, asks what Cannon said.
  • Naomi smiles. “It’s nothing, honey.”
  • Liam insists he wants to know.
  • Silver tells him how Cannon said she can get back on the Blaze if she slept with him.
  • He has the “what?!” reaction
  • Naomi says it’s okay and they can forget about it.
  • Liam sooo doesn’t want to do that. Silver, too.
  • Silver says it’s sexual harassment and she can’t let him get away with  it.
  • Q41: Naomi, c’mon. You don’t want to be a doormat like both of our mothers were.–Liam
  • She’s clearly freaking out inside, eyes darting everywhere.
  • Annie is calling Liam. She leaves him a message. It’s awk. She says she’s calling because they didn’t get to talk earlier and if needs anything, to call her.
  • What is her motivation? Just trying to be a good friend?
  • Her phone rings and she picks up and says “hey” thinking it’s him.
  • But it’s Jasper.
  • Q42: “I told you to leave me alone. What do I have to do get that through your head?” “Don’t worry. I got the message loud and clear. I just wanted to say goodbye.” “Are you going somewhere?” “You can say that. Listen, if I can’t be with you, there’s no point in living. Bye, Annie.–Annie and Jasper
  • He hangs up on her, crying.
  • She is shocked and horrified.
  • He takes a deep breath and fade to black.
  • Preview: Ivy asks Dixon to hang out. The voiceover asks “Are they or aren’t they?” Dixon and Ivy call each other their “little poppy pants.” Naomi doesn’t believe they’re actually dating. Ivy tells Dixon that if they were actually dating, she would be all over him right now. Cut to them making out. Naomi whispers to Dixon, so Ivy can hear, that he can do better.



8 responses

3 04 2010
Brandon M

Okay, I liked this episode. I thought it had a different feel to it – it seemed like they filmed more on location especially with some of the West Bev scenes. Maybe that’s why it felt differently to me. It’s funny, because before when I saw the new location I couldn’t stand it. . . now when I see it, all I can think about is Harbor. >_>

Naomi staying in that huge house all by herself feels so far-fetched to me. It’s probably the only thing that annoyed me about this episode. It would be nice if they explored where her relationship stands with her mother and father at this point. It’s not that big of a deal I guess.

Looking forward to next week for once!

3 04 2010
Brandon M

And I think I’m also going to be rooting for Annie & Liam. I really enjoyed their scene together in the car.

4 04 2010

I just have to say that for once, I actually liked Naomi in this episode with her humor. It had me laughing the whole episode. Also I started to feel a little bit for Liam and Naomi together, it was kinda sweet the way he came over and they had that little talk and she let him stay with her for as long as she wanted.

Naomi just… I have nothing else to say but desperate for attention.

Liam’s Step-dad is an a-hole and I’m glad Liam knocked his face in, now he needs plastic surgery lol.

Mr.Cannon was creepy from scene one IMO. Something was a bit off about him.

Silver and Teddy were boring.

Navid and Lila are cute together.

I was interesting in Gia and Ade throughout the whole episode. I’m starting to like them together. I also really enjoyed Silver’s speech about being straight, bi, and/or gay. The writers really did good with that one.

Debbie and Kai was a big WOW, but deep down I think he knew what he was doing which makes it even more fun. I am secretly rooting for them to hook up someday, hopefully he returns for season 3 after Harry leaves.

Dixon and Dana was another one of my favorites, I liked all of their scenes together but I didn’t like how Dana told Debbie to lie to Harry about the kiss. That wasn’t cool at all! I liked how she gave Dixon that sh*t load of money though. I was like WOW I wish that was my mom lol

Jasper was creepy as usual but I’m starting to feel sorry for him. Is that weird? LOL

:O Can’t believe Ivy wasn’t here! I missed her but I’m glad she is back next Tuesday 🙂

And last but certainly not least Liam and Annie 🙂 I was so absorbed into all of their scenes, not caring that there was only 3 of them. they two just are great and I can’t wait to see more of them. I am team Lannie 100 % 🙂

4 04 2010

I missed Ivy on the episode, but Liam and Annie were so great! I love their scenes, and I was so absorbed into those that I barely noticed the other stuffs that were happening 😛

Anyway Naomi so annoying as usual, Pff such a Liar!

Can’t wait for new scenes of Lannie and also Dixon and Ivy seems interesting

4 04 2010

The Ade/Gia relationship seems forced as do all other relationships on the show but at least the talk of the three girls made up for it.

why is Navid ever in any of these episodes unless he is dating a girl? I want them to give him a story line of his own but not something that makes me fall asleep like the Dixon story line.

Liam and Annie are friends now? This show is so transparent its painful clearly they’re going for the pairing. The same with Dixon/Ivy, they have to be together since they’re the only single ones left. What about letting people be friends first, what about build up and not randomly making characters friends so that their “hook up” makes sense.

4 04 2010

@Mitch The Liam and Annie friendship will be a slow build up, it won’t be rushed like everyone elses but I agree that Gia and Ade was a little forced.

5 04 2010

Realized that Hal Ozsan was also a castmember of ABC Family’s “Fallen” starring Paul Wesley who’s currently in The Vampire Diaries with Nina Dobrev who’s previous show was Degrassi TNG which is also the same show Shenae Grimes was before being cast for 90210 2 years ago.

5 04 2010

grammatical error: “was from before…”

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