Live-Blog: 90210 2.17

6 04 2010

Last Week’s Reaction Post

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EPISODE 2.17: Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees

  • Previously On: Navid and Lila kiss, Ade sees, Ade joins Lila’s band, Ade is uncomfortable with Lila, Cannon kicks Naomi off the paper, he thinks she’s offering to sleep with him, Silver says Cannon was right, Naomi tells the girls that Cannon said she had to sleep with him to get back on the paper, Ade and Gia kiss and agree to go on a date, Liam spies his stepdad cheating and punches him out, Liam is crashing with Naomi, Ryan meets Laurel and hooks up with her, Jasper tells Annie there is no point in living
  • I kind of love the title.
  • Annie bursts into Jasper’s room. He’s not there.
  • This is right where we ended last week. Plus the time it took Annie to get to his place.
  • The maid says he doesn’t know where he is. Parents are out of town.
  • We’ve never met his parents. I wonder what their deal is.
  • Annie calls him, panicked. Gets voicemail.
  • She leaves a message, asking where he is.
  • Q1: And please, don’t hurt yourself.–Annie
  • She finds a framed picture of herself. In the background is the Hollywood sign.
  • Cut to Annie running on the hill where the sign is.
  • Jasper is standing on top of the H.
  • Jasper yells that all is pointless.
  • Q2: Life is a joke. It’s painful. It’s humiliating. And I’m over it.–Jasper
  • At Naomi’s, Liam tells Naomi she needs to come forward about Cannon.
  • Naomi says she doesn’t want more trouble.
  • She says her year has been crazy, thanks to Annie and Jen and–Liam cuts her off.
  • Liam says Jen shouldn’t stop Naomi from doing what’s right for herself.
  • Q3: The truth is I’m a lot more like Jen than you probably think.–Naomi
  • Q4: No, you are nothing like Jen. And if you were, I wouldn’t be with you.–Liam
  • Teddy and Silver are dining at the Beach Club.
  • I wonder what time it is. I had assume it was late at night. Guess not.
  • She asks if he notices anything different about her.
  • LOL He jokes she shaved her mustache.
  • She says she actually got a new haircut. Doesn’t look like it at all.
  • They’re about to kiss when they spot Dixon.
  • They ask him who he’s here with. No one. Awkward!
  • Teddy offers to set him up with his hot doubles partner.
  • Dixon says, kind of with an attitude, that he’s “cool” and “doing [his] own thing.”
  • Jasper asks what the the point of life is.
  • He asks Annie if she still loves him.
  • Her silence confirms what he thought…no.
  • He jumps, as she yells, “JASPER, NO!”
  • Cut to commercial. Intense.
  • Kind of surprised they didn’t make that the ending last week. Too predictable perhaps?
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Annie is crying in the hospital with Debbie.
  • And here are Jasper’s parents!
  • The nurse says he’s in surgery.
  • They know Annie. Well, it seems.
  • They pepper her with questions.
  • What was he doing there? Was he filming?
  • She mumbles, obviously upset.
  • Q5: Look…he didn’t fall. He jumped.–Annie
  • Good for her for telling the truth.
  • They are shocked.
  • They tell Annie to go home and rest and they’ll call with news.
  • She offers to stay but they suggests she take care of herself.
  • Debbie hugs her.
  • I’m surprised Harry’s not there, too. That darn Rob Estes.
  • Gia tells Rumer she’s sick.
  • Q6: Why am I enjoying watching you iron so much?–Gia
  • Gia and Ade joke about her being roadie/groupie for her band.
  • They kiss. It’s cute.
  • She has Gia take over the ironing.
  • Next day at school.
  • Dixon is about to shoot a basketball hoop on a classroom door when Teddy wrecks the shot. Eek.
  • Dixon talks about betting and Teddy asks if he has the “gambling bug.”
  • Dixon says it’s a “gambling gift.”
  • He asks for info on Teddy’s dad’s bookie. He wants to put $25o on the Lakers.
  • Teddy explains Kobe is hurt and they’re expected to win so Dixon bets against.
  • Liam says he missed last night’s game because he and Naomi were–he cuts himself off because Ivy is there.
  • She asks what his problem is, noting he can talk about Naomi in front of her.
  • She is POed and leaves.
  • Dixon follows and asks if she’s okay.
  • Q7: “I don’t get why everyone treats me like I’m some loser or something.” “You’re preaching to the choir.”–Ivy and Dixon
  • Dixon explains how things have changed with Silver and Teddy dating.
  • He said he doesn’t need Teddy’s help to get a date, either.
  • Ivy says Liam is patronizing her and she doesn’t like it.
  • She says she doesn’t care that he’s still dating an “imbecile.”
  • Dixon says he doesn’t care that Silver changed her FB status. LOL
  • Ivy asks him to hang later because she’s bored.
  • Dixon happily agrees.
  • Liam, Silver and Ade are lunching and trying to convince Naomi to confess.
  • They give several reasons why that she should and she snaps, telling them to stop.
  • Liam comforts her, saying how hard this must be for her.
  • Naomi says the situation is just too much.
  • Silver suggests she talk to someone, maybe KELLY!
  • Naomi reluctantly agrees–but not to talking with Kelly. A “real therapist.”
  • Well, Kelly does have a psych degree! And a masters, supposedly.
  • Silver and Teddy are dining again at the Beach Club.
  • Teddy compliments her on her shoes…which aren’t new.
  • She jokes about Teddy trying to prove how much he knows her and failing.
  • Naomi and Liam arrive. They are double-dating.
  • Teddy tells Silver that she doesn’t know anything about him either.
  • It’s cute banter and not angry.
  • Dixon and Ivy walk in and try to leave when they see the double date.
  • But Teddy spots them and calls them over.
  • Silver suggests they join for dinner. Teddy seconds.
  • Q8: Yeah, there’ s plenty of room. I can just sit on Liam’s lap.–Naomi
  • Ivy (or was it Dixon?) says they’re actually on a date.
  • Q9: “Dixon, you can do better.” “Naomi, I can hear you.”–Naomi and Ivy
  • Everyone is kind of surprised. Dixon and Ivy excuse themselves.
  • Ivy asks WTH was that. She calls what they did “crazy.”
  • Dixon says it was “crazy awesome” because of the foursome’s reactions.
  • Q10: So I guess you’re my boyfriend.–Ivy
  • One Tree Hill promo! “The final 4 episodes!” And it had NEW CLIPS!
  • Dixon spies Teddy looking at a lingerie website.
  • Teddy explains he wants to get Silver a gift.
  • Dixon explains he once gave her a leather bracelet but Silver was concerned about the cow it came from.
  • Teddy starts to ask for advice but then stops himself.
  • Dixon says it’s cool. He really likes Ivy now.
  • And got her a gift. But can’t say what because he doesn’t want Teddy to copy.
  • Teddy says he never saw Dixon and Ivy coming and Dixon says he didn’t either. LOL
  • He then hurriedly excuses himself.
  • Jasper’s dad calls Annie, who’s at school, and says he’s “going to make it.”
  • He broke both legs and sprained his shoulder!
  • Q11: Physically, he’s going to be fine. Psychologically, mentally, he’s obviously going through a rough patch.–His dad
  • A rough patch? That’s an understatement.
  • But when he gets out of the hospital, he’s going to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
  • He says his uncle’s death really affected him.
  • They want him to open up and stop hiding.
  • I’m sure Annie is thinking this applies to her, too.
  • His dad says Jasper asked to speak with her before he goes.
  • She’s…not happy.
  • Liam drives Naomi to her therapy session.
  • She says she’ll be done in an hour. He’ll pick her up after.
  • He takes off.
  • She doesn’t actually walk into the building, though.
  • Instead she sits at the cafe outside and takes out a book and orders a coffee.
  • Lila, Ade and the band are locked out of the school.
  • They’re all frustrated because they need to rehearse and their instruments are inside.
  • Gia is there, too. Groupie/roadie girl or whatever.
  • She suggests they climb the fire escape and jump into the courtyard.
  • Um, but how do they get in the school from there if it’s all locked?
  • Everyone runs off and Ade compliments Gia on her idea.
  • Gia goes to kiss her but Ade pulls away.
  • Gia is very insulted.
  • Connections To Talk About promo, advertising new interviews with the cast.
  • Apparently they all got inside.
  • Ade asks Gia if she’s mad.
  • Gia says yes. She didn’t realize they had to hide their relationship.
  • Ade says this thing is new to her and she doesn’t know how to go about it.
  • Q12: Step one, stop calling it “this thing.”–Gia
  • The band realizes they can’t climb out of the courtyard with their instruments.
  • And I guess they can’t rehearse there because they’ll be caught?
  • Oh, wait. They’re supposed to be going to a performance, right?
  • Dixon and Ivy drove somewhere. I guess to where the performance is. Beach club, probs!
  • Dixon takes out a gift for her, a necklace with a shark’s tooth or something.
  • He says he got it because Teddy got Silver something.
  • But she’s totally stoked.
  • Q13: You know, if we were actually dating right now, I’d be all over you right now.–Ivy
  • They banter and it’s really flirting.
  • They walk in and go over to Liam, Silver and Teddy.
  • Q14: “Look at what my little poopy got me.” “Yeah, that’s what she calls me. She’s my little stinky pants.–Ivy and Dixon
  • Silver is amused as are the guys.
  • They ask where the band is, as it’s way past start time.
  • Q15: Someone’s probably throwing a fit or eating a bat or something.–Teddy
  • LOL!
  • The girls break out of the school, setting off the alarm.
  • They run to the van, all enthused and take off.
  • Gia is still peeved, though. It’s kind of turning me off.
  • Why doesn’t she get this is an adjustment for Ade? A big one!
  • Teddy tells Silver, privately, he got her a gift, too.
  • He hands her a red box.
  • It’s diamond earrings!
  • She’s shocked. She says they’re gorgeous and big. LOL
  • She holds them up to her ears.
  • Teddy says they’re gorgeous and perfect.
  • Silver turns and puts them away and makes a face like “OMG” but not in a good way.
  • The band is now backstage, waiting to go on.
  • Everyone is really done up. Lila looks fab!!!! Ade’s look is…too much.
  • Ade starts to freak out.
  • She says she’s never sung in front of a group like this.
  • And she says she can’t even take a drink to calm down.
  • Lila tries to calm her down and encourage her to face her fears.
  • Ade says she can’t and suggests they sing for her.
  • One of the other bandmates says it’s “all for one.”
  • Lila and crew agree. They need to stick together.
  • Q16: Put away the puppy dog eyes. We’re not going to rock this bitch without you.–One of the bandmates
  • (Do they have names??)
  • The crowd cheers as the band walks on stage.
  • Ade is clearly very nervous.
  • Gia is at the side of the stage.
  • They show the crowd. And I have to ask: where the hell is Navid?!
  • Ade takes the mic, looking like she’s going to throw up.
  • Lila introduces the band and they start to play.
  • Ade starts to sing, holding the mic superclose to her mouth and looking terrified.
  • But she slowly starts to loosen up.
  • I’m pretty sure Jessica Lowndes actually wrote this song. And it’s totes her singing.
  • The crowd is feeling it.
  • I kinda am too.
  • Ivy spots her mom, asks what she’s doing here.
  • She says the guitarist’s dad is an old friend.
  • And no one will know she her mom.
  • Q17: “Cause if you call me mom in public, I’ll sock you.” “Okay, MOMMY.”–Laurel and Ivy
  • Laurel asks who Ivy is here with. She hopes it’s not “that jerk, Liam.”
  • Ivy strongly says Liam is not an idiot.
  • Laurel insists that he is and also makes a comment about the type of girl he chooses to date.
  • She asks Ivy to point him out. (They never met?)
  • Q18: Looks like a square to me. What’s with that helmet hair?–Laurel
  • They laugh and hug.
  • And Naomi overhears!
  • Annie walks into Jasper’s hospital room.
  • His face is banged up. His arm is in a sling.
  • Annie says she came to see how he is.
  • Q19: Don’t lie to me. You have to make sure I don’t tell anyone your secret.–Jasper
  • He asks Annie again if she loves him. She says no.
  • Q20: You should’ve just left me there to die.–Jasper
  • Annie tells him to stop manipulating her.
  • She says he’s been doing that from the start, preying on her guilt from with his uncle thing.
  • She admits she does truly feel guilty.
  • I’m impressed with how calm she is.
  • Q21: Everything I did, I’ve done it because I love you.–Jasper
  • Q22: I know you think that, Jasper, but what we had, it was all based on lies. It wasn’t love.–Annie
  • Jasper says, repeatedly, calmly, sadly,that it was.
  • Q23: That’s why I’m not going to tell anyone your secret. Ever.–Jasper
  • A nurse comes in and says visiting hours are over.
  • Annie thanks Jasper and wishes him well.
  • They say goodbye. For good?
  • She walks out of the hospital and a shy smile starts to appear on her face. She feels free.
  • Back to the band performance. The Gloria Steinems are doing well!
  • But this song kinda sounds the same as the first one. And this one is super repetitive.
  • But anyway.
  • They finish the song. Everyone cheers.
  • Even Gia is smiling from the side.
  • Ade walks off stage and plants a huge kiss on Gia.
  • The crowd eats it up.
  • The gang is shocked, but Naomi and Silver are thrilled.
  • Gia says she thought Ade didn’t want to do this.
  • Ade says she needed to face her fears.
  • Everyone is leaving.
  • Teddy asks Silver if she’s okay.
  • She says she’s not. And she needs to tell him why.
  • She says she hates the earrings.
  • She knows it’s the thought that counts but it’s the thought that bothers.
  • Q24: These are just so not me.–Silver
  • She explains all the things diamonds remind her of–slavery, oprhans, richies.
  • Teddy laughs.
  • He says he has a different, true present for her.
  • He hands her a really cool looking copy of Madame Bovary.
  • He explains how in class, when they first met or something, she went on and on about how much she loved the book.
  • She’s flattered.
  • More sweetness between them about how he does truly know her.
  • They kiss. I love it.
  • Naomi comes over to Ivy. Says she heard her with her mom and knows she’s still in with Liam.
  • Ivy says she’s with Dixon.
  • Naomi calls Ivy out on fake-dating and calls her pathetic.
  • Ivy says she had no idea what she’s talking about.
  • She gets up, goes over to Dixon and gives him a quick, short kiss.
  • Dixon says they can’t have that and pulls her into a long, sensual kiss.
  • Ivy looks like she really digged it and even says it’s great–because Naomi saw.
  • But I think Dixon really, really digged it.
  • Back at Naomi’s. She’s pouring water.
  • It seems she and Liam are post-coital.
  • Liam asks how the therapy session went.
  • She says it helped.
  • He asks if she’s willing to come forward now.
  • She says no. At therapy,s he thought through what would happen if she came forward.
  • She says everyone will judge her, talk about her and even blame her.
  • Q25: I wish I was stronger. But I’m not.–Naomi
  • At least that part is true.
  • She starts to cry and he hugs her.
  • But it was fake tears!
  • Liam says–twice–that he hates Cannon for putting her through this.
  • Uht oh. We can’t have angry Liam take things into his own hands.
  • Cut to Cannon at school talking to a student, who begs to go home to get her paper.
  • Liam sees.
  • He sees the student kind of flirting with Cannon and Cannon agrees to let the girl go home.
  • Liam runs up and slams Cannon against the wall.
  • Cannon insists Liam stop. He does and walks away.
  • Cannon yells after, wanting to know his name.
  • That was so Ryan Atwood-esque!
  • Laurel takes Ivy to school.
  • Laurel spies Ade and goes over to her, saying the show last night was fantastic.
  • She hands Ade a card. She’s a music producer.
  • Laurel says she’s interested in signing Ade.
  • Ade is shocked, in a good way, of course.
  • She can’t wait to tell the band.
  • But Laurel only wants to sign Ade.
  • Cliche, cliche, cliche.
  • Q26: Hi, Poopy. Do you prefer the colloquial “Poops” or the more formal “Senor Poopy”?–Teddy to Dixon
  • Dixon hands Teddy cash. The Lakers did end up winning, so he lost.
  • He hands Dixon more cash, though, for Teddy to put on the Lakers for the future.
  • Teddy asks if he’s sure and Dixon says yes.
  • Laurel asks Ivy if she wants to ditch class. Ivy says she can’t because she has a test.
  • Ryan spots Laurel and calls her name.
  • He realizes that Ivy is her daughter.
  • Q27: Okay, I’m gonna go take a history test which will be more pleasant than this encounter.–Ivy
  • Dixon and Ivy happily greet each other.
  • Dixon grabs her hand, saying it’s just in case they’re seen.
  • Silver runs up to Naomi, saying Liam is in the principal’s office for attacking Cannon.
  • Cut to Cannon, Liam and Harry there.
  • Harry asks Liam why he went after Cannon.
  • Liam is silent.
  • Cannon says he doesn’t even know who Liam is.
  • Harry says to Liam if he doesn’t explain, he’ll have to expel him.
  • Harry tells  Cannon he can go.
  • As Cannon leaves, he runs into Naomi, who asks if Liam is in there.
  • Cannon asks Naomi if Liam is her boyfriend and warns her that he’s about to be kicked out of school.
  • She storms into the office.
  • Harry tells her this doesn’t concern her but she says it dose.
  • Liam says to her that he didn’t tell him what this is really about.
  • Q27: Look, Principal Wilson, this is all my fault. The only reason did this is because….Mr. Cannon sexually harassed me.–Naomi
  • Fade to black!
  • Preview: It’s the 90210 that creates a buzz. Gia and Ade kiss. Silver and Annie dance. There’s a joy ride. Ryan gets high. There’s a dance craze. There’s a revelation.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



18 responses

6 04 2010

Omg did he really jump????

6 04 2010

Pretty awesome episode. I loved everything about this episode no joke! I even liked Naomi’s scenes which was shocking and Teddy scenes with Silver. Dixon and Ivy were grea but I’m kinda upset that there was no Lannie scenes 😦 But overall a pretty good episode and I’m glad everyone was in this episode including the parents and Ryan. Glad Jasper is gone.. well for now.

6 04 2010

He did indeed, Gin79.

Wes, not everyone was in the episode. Navid was MIA again.

6 04 2010

Oh crap!!! I didn’t even notice he was gone LOL wow that sucks big time! But Divy made up for it haha! I am glad that Naomi keeps lying to Liam and pushing him away so that he grows closer to Annie 🙂 There was a new interview with Annalynne and they showed a clip where Liam was moving out and he said he is going to stay with his mom and Naomi said i thought that was the last place you wanted to be then he said well i definately don’t want to be here.

6 04 2010

It made no sense to me that Navid was MIA. His girlfriend has this huge concert, all his friends are going out–and he’s not there? This was also at least the third episode, I think, that Michael Steger wasn’t in this season. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Thanks for sharing that interview, though I will politely ask that we keep spoilers out of this section since it’s not a spoiler post and others may not what to know what’s coming up beyond what the preview showed. Beyond that, I find it very hard to keep track of the new things they add to their site, since it’s a) hard to navigate, b) doesn’t always work and c) doesn’t come through via Google Alerts. So I tend not to post each and every thing they have (ranging from interviews to episode stills to sneak peeks, etc.). Instead, I just post a weekly reminder in my News Roundup to go to their site and check their new video content and whatnot.

6 04 2010

just finished watching the episode with my dad… i didnt care for it much at all
i was annoyed by Ivy calling NIomi instead of Naomi LOL my dad said its cause ivy does like naomi so thats why shes calling her that i was like YEAHHHH no.

noticed navid was gone again, dont really care cause he annoys me… weird that he wasnt in the episode seeing as how his girlfriend was playing in concert

my dad thinks that theyre going to get rid of jasper just like that but i highly doubt it

cannon is a douche that gets on my nerves

i have a feeling dixon & ivy are really going to start liking eachother *blah
i feel like ryan is an useless character on the show
not gonna lie im kind of disappointed with this episode it was a snore fest

&LOL ryan gets high next episode?… i couldnt tell

6 04 2010

i worked during the episode tonight. but this guy came in who looked just like matt lanter and i almost died. haha

7 04 2010

Yeah he mine as well be an extra this season lol

Okay no problem, I won’t post anymore spoilers here 🙂

I’m glad that Annie and Silver are having some solo scenes finally next episode!!!

7 04 2010

Lexy, that is too funny!

7 04 2010

Okay, saw the preview earlier today and I find it weird to see Ryan sorta-“dancing” ala living la vida loco.

Curious to see that car scene with AnniErin.

7 04 2010

AnniErin! Love that!

7 04 2010

Well, this episode was exciting to read now all i have to do is watch it and then post my comments! 🙂

7 04 2010

@TDW: Yeah, it was something me and my friends from the BH90210 thread in Pinoy Exchange came up with since we have this love for a lesbian hook-up between perky girl Annie and death-starin’ Silver.

8 04 2010

Well I for one liked this episode a lot! So here’s what I think!

Annie: I think she has suffered enough, it is high time for her to be normal again and as you pointed out, free. Though I have a feeling that the season finale will end with her secret out! Anyways, looking forward to seeing a free Annie without the constant anxiety on her face!

Dixon: Something tells me the gambling thing he’s been playing with is gonna end badly! Also Ivy’s and Dixon’s little pretend game could have a potential to spark some flames between them. Dixon’s in the good light for now!

Silver: I obviously love her a lot! I think she’s really happy with Teddy and I found their little banters funny and real sweet! well, all the best for her! She seems to be doing pretty well, staying out of trouble and all!

Ade: Well, I am really happy to see Ade doing well again, with Gia and no more drugs and all! Although, she has been staying out of trouble far too long! I think, and this is just one of my predictions! That she may accept Laurel’s offer and that wouldnt turn out so well, and then maybe will be rejected by her band members and get all sad OR maybe she will accept Laurel’s offer and the stress of it all could get her back on drugs as that was the main reason, stress, which caused her to get addicted. Well, my predictions are many! Let’s see what happens and I really really hope things dont go wrong for her and specially no more drugs, tired of it! Ade and Gia are cute but I am still hoping for a Navid/Ade revival!

Teddy: Seems to be doing fine in this episode! heck almost everyone seems to be doing fine! no trouble for anyone! I hope their relationship survives in this season!

Naomi: Well, Naomi will be Naomi, i hope she does realize this that her little lie has reached the administration and there can be severe consequences! Im predicting that in the season finale, she and Liam could have a lot of problems in their relationship or worse could break up. I hope Naomi knows what she’s getting herself in if she further tries to lie.

LOL! if that is Navid who says ”Previously on 90210” he sounds really sad! I’m kinda missing Navid, hope he’s there in the next one!

8 04 2010

Thanks for such an in-depth comment, demons! It does seem that a few people are finally finding happiness now…but we know that can never last for long on these shows! We’ll have to see if your predictions come true!

8 04 2010

Just noticed that Ryan appearing at the end of the episode is so like the the episode he appeared later last season (where he was introduced to the scum that is Jen Clark).

9 04 2010

silver/teddy = boring as usual I really don’t like them together and silver is not our silver anymore with granpa Teddy! I miss the old Silver from S1 Infact the last time I saw or heard real Silver was when Dixon told that story about the cow bracelet ! they nee to broke up they’r so boring together and teddy’s character looks lik Mr perfect he’s good wih everybody never makes mistakes. . . His character is really useless for me ! you can go on Montana someone also boring like you (Ethan) waiting for you anyway . . .Trevor plz tell me you don’t return on S3 actually you are too old and the only good stuff is you are a great body but your character is miserable

Dixon/Ivy was really great even if I liked more SIxon actully I would like a triangle btw silver/dixon/ivy on S3 especially bc the two girls has a big mouth (especially the silver from S1)!

Navid= WTH why h wasn’t on the episode I’m pissed to see the guet have more screen time than the regular (especially teddy who is not interesting at all and useless)

Annie= I’m glad her SL with jsper is over

Naomi/Liam= Naomi you was wrong but actually I loved the way Liam fight for his girl and ty to protect to her!

12 04 2010

I’m sad that there was no Lannie in this episode. 😦

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