TeenDramaWhore Taking Submissions

9 04 2010

Do you have ideas for…

  • a YouTube video of the week?
  • a site of the week?
  • a series of posts?
  • a guest post?
  • the site in general?

TeenDramaWhore is still taking reader contributions.

Please send an e-mail to sharigweiss@gmail.com



6 responses

10 04 2010

I just thought of one: You could have a post series on the actors before they were teen drama stars. Showing clips of tv shows/movies they were in. If I think of another I’ll post more 😉

10 04 2010
10 04 2010

Whoops. Sorry. :/ You know after I posted that I had this weird feeling that you had already done a series like that. I’ll check next time before I post.

10 04 2010

No worries! I appreciate any and all suggestions!

11 04 2010

I just wanted to let you know that Lannie fans love reading your recaps and that we used this title on our new thread: Because when Liam offered Annie a ride home, ‘TeenDramaWhore’ got the chills.

Here is the thread if you haven’t already seen it 🙂 : http://www.fanforum.com/f296/troublemakers-annie-liam-47-because-when-liam-offered-annie-ride-home-teendramawhore-got-chills-62948141/index3.html

11 04 2010

Em, I want you to know I read this comment while standing in the grocery store and if anyone saw how much I was smiling, they had to have thought I was insane! I inspired a thread title?! Wow! I am incredibly honored. I’ve peeked in at a lot of forums, including that one, and have always been amazed at the thread titles, never thinking I would one day inspire one! Thank you so much and I hope you all will continue to check out the site.

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