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10 04 2010

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10 04 2010

Jon Heder was in Napoleon Dynamite with Tina Majorino, who played Mac in Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell, who is the voice of Gossip Girl

And he was in Just like heaven with Rosalind Chao who played Dr. Kim, Harbor School’s principal, on The O.C.

11 04 2010

Jon Heder was “Punk’d” by Ashton Kutcher, who is married to Demi Moore, who is the mother of Rumer Wilis. (Gia, 90210).

Jon was also in “Benchwarmers” with Rob Schneider, who was in ‘The Hot Chick’ with Rachel McAdams, who starred in “Mean Girls” with Lindsay Lohan. LL was in ‘Freaky Friday’ in which Chad Michael Murray (Lucas, OTH) starred in as well. CMM was in ‘A Cinderella Story’ with Hilary Duff, who is sister to Haley Duff, who was in Napolean Dynamite with Heder, so it comes full circle too 😀

11 04 2010

Going off those, Rachel McAdams was in The Notebook, which featured a small appearance by Paul Johansson (Dan, One Tree Hill). Ryan Gosling of The Notebook stars in Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams (Jen, Dawson’s Creek). I believe there’s others Notebook connections as well that we’ve discussed before but I’m blanking now.

And, of course, Hilary Duff was in Gossip Girl as Olivia.

12 04 2010

Jon Heder voiced in ‘Monster House’ with Maggie Gyllenhaal, her brother Jake Gyllenhaal was in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ with Michelle Williams (Jen, Dawsons Creek).

Jon Heder was in ‘Mamas Boy’ with Anna Faris who was is ‘The House Bunny’ with Rumer Willis (Gia, 90210).

Jon Heder voiced in ‘Surfs Up’ with Shia LaBeouf who was in ‘New York, I Love You’ with Blake Lively (Serena, Gossip Girl), Rachel Bilson (Summer, The OC). Shia LaBeouf was also in ‘Bobby’ with Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawsons Creek).

12 04 2010

Ooh, a few I can add here. Maggie’s husband Peter Sarsgard was in Shattered Glass with Hayden Christensen who starred in Jumper with his fiance Rachel Bilson (Summer, The O.C.). Sarsgard recently starred An Education with Carey Mulligan, who is dating Shia LaBeouf, so that connects to what you have for him. Plus Shia starred with Megan Fox in Transformers and Fox is dating Brian Austin Green (David, Beverly Hills 90210).

Also, Anna Faris is married to Chris Pratt (Che, The O.C.) and Pratt starred on Everwood, which was made by Greg Berlanti (writer-producer, Dawson’s Creek).

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