Spoiler: You Ask, I Answer

4 05 2010


Hey Korbi. So the evil Jen Clark is back in Beverly Hills, as you warned. What’s the big thing she’s hiding? -Melanie

An expanding belly. I mean, maybe she’s just been stress eating. Or, perhaps, she’s pregnant … with the baby of someone we know.

I was kind of annoyed to see Liam forgive Naomi on “90210” because those two have no chemistry. -KT

Then you’ll be pleased to hear that Liomi isn’t long for this world. He may have said he forgives her, but I’m hearing that the last straw is right around the corner.

And, p.s., when stepdaddy dearest notices that those crazy expensive coins are missing, it’s Annie whom Liam will turn to for support.

Have we finally seen the last of psycho Jasper? -Beav

Nope! Jasper — or as I like to call him, Emily Valentine 2.0 — won’t go quietly. And he may even take a page from E.V. when it comes to revenge plots. You’ll see.

Any scoop on No Drama Adrianna? -Jeff M.

Ade’s going to start dating a musician pretty soon. His name is Javier and things between them will heat up quickly — and then burn out. I believe a reunion with Navid is in the cards before the season ends.

So is this Silver-Teddy thing finally fizzling thanks to Ryan O’Neal? -Michele

Teddy’s dad — played by TV legend Ryan O’Neal, yes — will do his best to mess things up, but ultimately, I think Silver and Teddy work it out. This looks like it could be a long-term relationship … though I am hearing something about a Dixon-Silver kiss in the near future.

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While I don’t quite think Jasper is Emily Valentine 2.0, feel free to read my interview with her alter-ego, Christine Elise.



3 responses

4 05 2010

omg. Jen is preggers w/ Ryan’s baby…at least I think so. And…Jasper is gonna set a boat on fire, am I right? One containing Annie and Liam? Also, when Jen returned ans saw Naomi, why did she say something like ‘just call me karma, babe. And karma’s a bitch.’ if SHE did something to Naomi? Naomi didn’t do anything to Jen that she didn’t deserve, if anything at all. Jen really bugs me. I’m tired of her and Ryan….and Ivy’s hippie mom. Haha, I like the name IVY.

4 05 2010

It’s funny how someone someone said Laomi have zero chemistry, because they are the only couple I actually pay attention to in this show. Besides Ade & Navid, but they aren’t back together yet. Teddy and Silver are the one’s who share zero chemistry. They are seriously painful.

4 05 2010

Alexandra, from what I’ve heard, Jen is pregnant with Ryan’s baby. (I wonder if it’s really Ryan’s, though.) And yes, it does seem that Jasper will set the boat on fire. How each of those storylines actually really happens, though, I can’t say. You are right about the Naomi/Jen thing. Naomi didn’t do anything to her. Jen bugs me, too, but I think that’s kind of the point. But I rather her be gone.

Jenny, I think Liomi have chemistry–sexual chemistry. And I think it’s all they have. I was rooting for Silver and Teddy but I’m starting to grow tired.

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