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4 05 2010

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EPISODE 2.20: Meet The Parent

  • Previously On: Finn, Liam’s dad, is back and wants to open a tackle shop but he needs money, Liam gives his coins from his stepdad’s collection, Mark wants to steal the SATs, Harry grounds Dixon, Debbie wants to go to counseling, she reveals she kissed Kai, Teddy’s dad doesn’t know who Silver is, Silver is mad, Jen is back, Naomi is freaked
  • The title is a play on the film Meet The Parents.
  • Naomi is sitting outside looking sad.
  • Liam asks what’s wrong.
  • This is post-SATs.
  • Liam says he’s sure she did fine.
  • Naomi says Jen is back.
  • Liam says everything will be okay.
  • Naomi says she bought the beach club.
  • Liam says they can hang out somewhere else.
  • Liam tells her to stay away from Jen.
  • They kiss and hug.
  • He seemed genuine. That’s a switch from last week.
  • Teddy goes to see Silver in her garage place.
  • She tells him she was completely humiliated that his dad didn’t know her.
  • Teddy apologizes but he says his dad is judgmental.
  • Silver concludes he won’t like her.
  • Teddy says this is new to him. He’s never liked a girl enough to introduce her to his parents.
  • He invites her over.
  • She accepts and they kiss.
  • Finn is on the phone setting up a meeting with someone.
  • It’s a broker in Rodondo Beach who thinks the coins may be worth $15,000.
  • Liam is pumped.
  • Finn thanks him.
  • Liam wants to celebrate.
  • Finn says he’ll take care of his business and then they’ll take the boat out.
  • The boat is ready?
  • Laurel is a recording studio.
  • She tells the producer or whomever to take five.
  • Ade comes in.
  • She’s excited to be there.
  • I guess she’s recording?
  • Laurel asks if she wants to duet with Javier.
  • Q1: “As in Javier Javier? “Javier Javier Javier.”–Ade and Laurel
  • Ade says she loves him and has all his albums.
  • I am rolling my eyes. So contrived. Of course.
  • Laurel says it has to happen fast.
  • Ade says she can be anywhere anytime.
  • Laurel says scheduling isn’t the issue.
  • Laurel plays her a track. Ade doesn’t like it–and Laurel agrees.
  • Ade says she can try writing something.
  • Laurel says she has until Wednesday.
  • Liam calls the motel looking for his dad.
  • Turns out he checked out an hour ago!
  • Dun dun dunnnnnn!
  • Naomi goes home and finds a guy measuring things outside.
  • Jen comes out and says it’s her house.
  • Olivier bought it for her!
  • Q2: “I live here, Jen.” “For 29 more days, as stipulated by law. But if the construction is going to bother you, feel free to vacate sooner.”–Naomi and Jen
  • But who owned the house before? How did Olivier buy it? Confused.
  • Segment with AnnaLynne and 90210 stylist Kime Buzzelli.
  • Liam is in his garage, looking sad.
  • He’s watching the door, waiting for his dad to walk in.
  • I think he’s crying!
  • He calls Naomi. I’m glad that was his reaction. Because I know what will follow and how it will help. πŸ˜‰
  • Q3: Oh my god, you must have ESP! I was just about to call you.–Naomi
  • Liam says he really needs to talk to her because some stuff just went down with his dad.
  • Naomi ignores him and starts whining about Jen buying the house.
  • Liam tries to calm her down, telling her not to “engage” with Jen.
  • Q4: Promise me you’ll stay away from her. She’s toxic.–Liam
  • She says fine and he starts to talk about his dad.
  • Naomi abruptly says she’s going to eat ice cream to calm down and hangs up.
  • At school, de tells Navid she is writing a song for Laurel.
  • Navid gives her a half-hug and walks away.
  • Q5: Well, well, well, the plot thickens.–Silver to Ade after the hug.
  • Q6: Navid will always be very special to me. He’s with Lila now and he deserves to be happy.–Ade
  • She says she respects his relationship.
  • Ade doesn’t look good. Sorry to say.
  • Silver asks Ade what Teddy’s dad is like.
  • Ade says he’s intense. He either loves or hates and if he hates…
  • Of course Silver is super nervous now.
  • Dixon goes over to Ivy who kind of gives him a cold shoulder.
  • She says she doesn’t like being blown off.
  • If he doesn’t like her, just tell her.
  • He says all he wants to do is be with her.
  • But he’s grounded.
  • She says to call her when he can then.
  • Dixon says she can still come over.
  • His parents are going out tonight.
  • Q7: And I can’t wait any longer to hang out with you.–Dixon
  • She kind of melts.
  • Jen is telling the beach club chef that she wants to class the place up, more “European flair.”
  • Naomi walks over and Jen shoos the chef away.
  • Q8: “What do you want?” “Other than world peace?” “Oh my god.”–Naomi and Jen
  • Naomi says Jen could have any house in BH. But she chose Naomi’s.
  • Naomi concludes she must want something.
  • Jen says she does. She and Olivier are back together and took a lot of work.
  • Q9: “We are more in love than ever.” “Waiter, barf bag.”–Jen and Naomi
  • Jen doesn’t want Naomi to tell him that she was dating other men.
  • Naomi is not interested in doing that.
  • Q10: I owe you a very big apology. I have done some terrible things to you. And I am truly very, very sorry. You can have the house. I will give it to you. But what I’d really like is another chance with you.” “Really?” “You’re the only sister I’ve got. Give me another chance.”–Jen and Naomi
  • Jen asks her to have dinner with her and Olivier.
  • No Annie so far. Hm.
  • Lila comes up behind Navid.
  • He makes cute, funny guesses about who it is.
  • Lila says she has a story idea: Adrianna and Javier. Everyone is talking about it.
  • Navid says she thought she didn’t feel comfortable with Ade.
  • Lila says she feels better about it now, esp. since they (she and Navid) are closer.
  • They kiss. I like her.
  • Liam is working in his garage with the music turned up.
  • He’s working…forcefully.
  • Annie comes in. She tries to get his attention.
  • She turns the music down.
  • She says she’s not doing their project alone.
  • She notices the boat and asks about it.
  • Liam says he works on it to blow off steam.
  • She asks why he’s steamed now.
  • She says he knows about her parents. He can trust her.
  • He says he and his dad were close when he was a kid. Sailing was their thing.
  • His dad hasn’t been around but recently showed up out-of-blue.
  • Q11: Like an idiot, I got all excited thinking he was going to stay.–Liam
  • And then he got what he wanted and took off.
  • He says he hasn’t told anyone about this really so he should keep quiet.
  • Annie asks about Naomi.
  • He says he hasn’t told her.
  • Annie says he should. She’s her girlfriend.
  • It’s kind of awkward.
  • Annie’s hiding her feelings. Liam knows he’s not happy with Naomi.
  • But he looks damn fine all sweaty and broody.
  • Laurel and Ryan go to the beach club for a drink.
  • Her phone rings. It’s the studio.
  • She walks away and Jen spots Ryan.
  • They are both surprised to see each other.
  • Jen also seems genuinely happy.
  • Cue Olivier walking over and kissing her.
  • Jen introduces her husband.
  • Olivier offers to buy him a drink.
  • Ryan says he doesn’t have to but Olivier says it’s okay because he owns the place.
  • Q12: That’s a nice thing to own. It’s not the Dodgers but…–Ryan
  • Jen says they should go.
  • They all exchange pleasantries.
  • Ryan asks for whiskey in his ginger ale. Double whiskey.
  • Have we met Olivier before? He reminds me of Henri-Michel, Taylor’s French husband from The O.C.
  • Ade is trying to write her song but she can’t find the words.
  • She is venting to Navid.
  • The more she writes, the worse terribler it gets.
  • Q13: Terribler. Listen to me! I totally can’t even talk!–Ade
  • Navid takes a look. He says she needs to get out of her head.
  • Q14: And how do I do that? By banging it up against the wall, because I’ve already tried that.–Ade
  • Navid says he’ll figure something out.
  • Silver and Teddy are walking through his house.
  • He apologizes because it was supposed to be just them but his dad invited more people.
  • But maybe his sister will be there.
  • Q15: Hi, Silver. What an unusual name.–Spence
  • Spence talks about how great his steak looks.
  • Teddy says Silver’s a vegetarian.
  • He offers her chicken. LOL
  • Spence says Silver doesn’t play tennis.
  • Teddy says Silver works for the Blaze.
  • Silver struggles to explain what that is.
  • Teddy says she’s a journalist.
  • Spence says he’s met a ton of journalists and never liked them.
  • Navid has taken Ade to the pier.
  • He thinks if she just has some fun, she’ll get inspired.
  • Q16: Um, Doctor Fun. See that homeless man int he white shirt? I think that’s Mr. Matthews.–Ade
  • They walk up to him.
  • He’s clearly drunk and talking nonsense.
  • Navid asks if he’s cool.
  • Q17: What, don’t I look cool?–Ryan
  • Ade asks if he’s okay.
  • Ryan says Mr. Matthews is too formal.
  • Q18: Try Mr. Ryan Matthews.–Ryan
  • He says he’s giving them both As.
  • Navid tells him to call a taxi.
  • It makes Ryan think of the film Taxi Driver.
  • He quotes a line and stumbles off.
  • Promo for the Gossip Girl Starbucks contest.
  • Teddy asks Silver if she’s having a good time.
  • Silver says she’s tongue-tied and making a horrible impression.
  • A woman comes over and says hi.
  • Silver assumes it’s his sister.
  • But it’s Spence’s girlfriend.
  • (Uh, Silver already met Teddy’s sister. Unless there’s more than one.)
  • Spence and the girl, Heidi, met on set.
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Everyone says how much they liked it…but Silver admits she didn’t.
  • And she kind of goes on a rant.
  • Everyone is shocked on silent.
  • But Spence says he agrees with her and they have a laugh.
  • Teddy hugs and kisses her.
  • Whew.
  • Q19: Get me off this ride before I get all Mr. Ryan Matthews on that trashcan.–Ade
  • Ade says they should go.
  • Nice of Navid to help her but it was stupid of her to think she can write a song.
  • He says they should have more fun… because…
  • Q20: I know you can do this. I believe in you. I see you all depressed and downed like this, and it hurts. It’s like the worst feeling in the world. Seeing you happy, that means everything to me.–Navid
  • Ade has clearly melted and is totes about to say how she feels about him when his phone rings.
  • Of course it’s Lila.
  • He says he’s at the Pier but doesn’t say who with. He’ll meet her at the beach club.
  • Navid goes back over to Ade and asks “where were we?”
  • She says leaving. His plan worked and she’s feeling inspired.
  • Jen and Olivier are finishing dinner. She wants dessert.
  • He thinks she’s trying to prolong dinner in hopes of Naomi coming.
  • Jen says Naomi will be here, she just late.
  • Q21: I know my sister and I know she’ll come.–Jen
  • Heh.
  • And in walks Naomi, looking awesome.
  • Olivier seems very happy to meet her.
  • Naomi says she won’t be staying long.
  • She tells Olivier that Jen missed him dearly last year but…
  • Q22: The truth is she was pretty much sluttin’ it up–Naomi
  • Q23: Oh, and she also slept with my boyfriend. He was, what, 16 at the time.–Jen
  • Olivier asks if this is true.
  • Jen says it’s not.
  • Q24: You disgust me.–Olivier
  • He says this is it for him and walks away.
  • Jen looks gutted.
  • Naomi says “au voir” and that she’ll go home and pack.
  • Dixon leads Ivy into his room.
  • It’s all candlelit and pretty.
  • Q25: I just hope you’re not wearing anything flammable.–Dixon
  • He has a table set with her favorite Mexican food.
  • She is thrilled.
  • They hear a car. Dixon’s parents are home!
  • Dixon leaves Ivy in his room.
  • He calls out to his parents.
  • Harry yells up that Debbie forgot her wallet.
  • In the kitchen, Harry actually says to Debbie that he couldn’t say that she really lost the directions to their counseling session.
  • Debbie says not everything is her fault.
  • They start to argue. Annie walks in and asks what’s wrong.
  • Q26: You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Nothing? Really?! I’m not an idiot, you guys.–Annie
  • She walks out and calls for Dixon.
  • Harry calls after Annie.
  • Dixon comes out of his room. Harry and Debbie have caught up to Annie.
  • Q27: “I know you two have been fighting and I know it’s because mom kissed some guy.” “What?!”–Annie and Dixon
  • Harry says it’s true they’ve been having problems.
  • He says they didn’t want to say anything until they figured it out themselves.
  • Debbie says they’ve been seeing a marriage counselor. That’s where they were going tonight.
  • So they’ve been seeing a counselor but they need the directions again? Hm.
  • Dixon wants to know who she kissed.
  • Harry says it doesn’t matter and it’s not all her fault. “The problems are mutual.”
  • Annie wants them to promise everything is going to be okay.
  • They are silent.
  • Annie is crying. So is Debbie.
  • Q28: Look, we love you guys. And we’re doing the best we can.–Debbie
  • Harry says they have to go to their session.
  • Q29: This is us trying.–Harry
  • Debbie says they’ll talk more later and they leave.
  • That was pretty heartbreaking. And really well-done, I think. I’m impressed.
  • Annie says she feels like she’s going to throw up.
  • She says she’s confused. How are they supposed to feel? What should they do?
  • Dixon asks if they can talk about it later.
  • Annie is shocked and just says “Fine, whatever” and goes to her room, slamming the door.
  • Dixon goes back into his room. Ivy obviously heard everything.
  • Dixon apologizes, calls his family crazy.
  • Ivy asks if he’s okay.
  • He apologizes again.
  • She tells him to stop.
  • Q30: “That was…” “Messed up?” “Yeah.”–Dixon and Ivy
  • Liam has gone to Naomi’s.
  • She’s in a great mood. She’s slayed the dragon–Jen.
  • Liam is not happy. He told her to stay away from Jen.
  • Naomi keeps going on about how she told Olivier everything.
  • Liam says something is going on and–she cuts him off. More giddy talk about hurting Jen.
  • Lila, at the beach club, asks Navid how the pier was.
  • He admits he was there with Ade. She doesn’t seem too bothered. But…
  • Q31: “I think you are so amazing. You’re brilliant. And so much fun.” “Uht oh. Those sound like bad compliments.” “I realized tonight I still feel something for Ade. I don’t know what it means or what I’m going to do about it but we should break up.”–Navid and Lila
  • She seems shocked. Like the wind has been knocked out of her.
  • He says he’s really sorry.
  • Liam walks into Annie’s garage. He’s surprised to her.
  • She wipes the tears away.
  • Q32: I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m here. But I’m here. And I had a really rough night. And I needed to blow off some steam. Can I help?–Annie
  • I feel like crying. She’s so sad but trying to smile.
  • He gives her a paintbrush.
  • It’s really sweet.
  • Joey kinda sorta helped Pacey with his boat on Dawson’s Creek. ❀
  • Dixon is still with Ivy.
  • He’s says it’s ironic. All these years he’s been trying to learn that families can be stable.
  • Just because his family was always falling apart when he was little, doesn’t mean this one will.
  • Q33: And just when I finally relax, it falls apart.–Dixon
  • He apologizes for rambling like for an hour.
  • She says he has nothing to apologized.
  • She’s flattered he felt he could talk to her.
  • Q34: “This has got to be our worst date yet.” “I don’t think so. Dates are supposed to be getting to know each other. And I’m getting to know you. And I’m liking what I’m knowing.”–Dixon and Ivy
  • They kiss and keep snuggling. It’s nice.
  • Teddy goes to see his dad.
  • Spence says Silver is charming. But it’s really not genuine.
  • Q35: You know you’re my favorite, don’t you? I’m not supposed to say that but it’s true.–Spence
  • He says Teddy can take his tennis career further if he practices more.
  • Teddy says he already practices a lot.
  • But admits he does want to beat (or be?) Federer.
  • Q36: Then it’s settled. No more girlfriends. No more distractions. Break up with her, Teddy.–Spence
  • Spence walks away, leaving Teddy shocked.
  • Next day. It’s school.
  • Silver asks Teddy to a movie before his match tonight.
  • He gives a sarcastic reply. His point being that he has to “mentally prepare” and “focus.”
  • She tries to apologize but he says he has to get to class.
  • Jen wakes Naomi in her house.
  • Jen is thanking Naomi for making her $16 million richer.
  • Oh my god! I get it! It was a set-up! Man, I’m slow.
  • Jen says that thanks to Naomi’s performance, Olivier went running into another girl’s arm. Just like he’s done every time they fight.
  • But when they got back together, they added an infidelity clause to their pre-nup.
  • And her PI got shots of Olivier with a girl last night. Thus her getting tons of money from him.
  • Naomi calls her disturbed.
  • Q37: Now, now, don’t get nasty. You really should be nicer to me now that I’m in control of your finances.–Jen
  • She told their dad how Naomi is blowing through her trust fund.
  • And now Jen is in control of it.
  • Q38: This is a nightmare.–Naomi
  • Teddy’s match is over. He won. Spence is loving the trophy.
  • Q39: Wimbledon, here we come.–Spence
  • He goes inside their house just as Silver pulls up.
  • Teddy says he was just going to go see her.
  • He was stressed and shouldn’t have taken it out on her.
  • She asks how his match went.
  • He said he won. And thought he’d feel good but doesn’t.
  • Without her there watching, it just didn’t mean anything to him.
  • Q40: “Because. Because–” “Because we’re falling in love?” “Because I am in love.”–Teddy and Silver
  • I kind of loved that…but I don’t love the couple they were last week and I wasn’t crazy about tonight. Obviously until this scene. Sigh.
  • Ade and Javier are recording their duet. I kind of like it!
  • Sample lyrics: “Does he still love me?” “Do I still love her?” “Can we give it one more try and be together like the first time.” “Please love me like the first time.”
  • Ade totally wrote this about her and Navid. He did inspire her!
  • I am a sucker for duets. And High School Musical-esque songs, which it totally is.
  • The producer says Ade killed it.
  • Javier tells Ade it’s a great song. He’s shocked she wrote it in two days.
  • Navid walks in with flowers. They don’t see. But their mics are still on.
  • He asks if she wrote it for her boyfriend.
  • She says no. She doesn’t have one.
  • He’s shocked. A beautiful girl must have someone.
  • She again says no. There’s no special person in her life.
  • Navid is crestfallen.
  • Preview: Voicover says “Navid lost the girl of his dreams. Now she’s dating Javier. Better looking than a Jonas. (Something) better than an American Idol” as Navid looks sad and Ade and Javier look happy and kiss. Naomi says “Stop kissing or I’m going to have to send it to Perez.”

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?



29 responses

4 05 2010

Silver’s painting was vaguely reminiscent of a Colin Robbins original.

4 05 2010

Love how your mind works, Kat!

4 05 2010

Since I am only going by your recaps and not actually watching the show I don’t know if I am correct with my opinion. Reading the reacp between harry and debbie i am reminded of the 17 year itch episode in season one of the original. Cindy and jim are having problems which come to a breaking point when an old friend comes into town. The way the entire family was affected brings back memories of that episode. I can see where they are taking things and it will ultimatly lead to divorce and so long harry.

4 05 2010

Lannie and Divy were so amazing tonight! I’m loving their slow build ups. Seddy was boring and Harry and Deb divorcing is happening too quick for me. Navid and Adrianna was nice.

5 05 2010

Ok Tonight was kinda blah but loved Lannie/Dixon/Ivy

Lannie!! OMG Even with just two scenes their chemistry is amazing. They are the ones who so get each other and can say so much without even saying much! Just the fact that Liam, a guy who has major Trust issues can open up to Annie and just tell her how he feels says alot. Like Annie Said He can TRUST her!!

Also very Clear Annie is hiding her true feelings for Liam and making sure she doesn’t cross any lines by reterating over and over how Naomi is Liam’s GIRLFRIEND!! Also very clear Liam is NOT happy in his relationship with Naomi! The feelings are there but so is the hesitation. I loved The way Annie knew she could come to Liam with support No questions asked and how he just handed her a paint brush and told her where to start and the secret smiles at each other was so cute!! The build up is great and slow moving and I love how they are giving them a deeper foundation to start on!

Liam: My heart broke for him because I understand what he’s going through. He trusted his dad and helped him only to be played for a fool and It was so obvious he was hurting so IF I could see that why couldn’t Naomi? The poor guy feels so alone and trapped living with his Flighty neglectful Mother and Step-daddy Dearest and needs someone to talk to and keeps getting blown off. I’m just glad annie was There and managed to put a smile on his face at the end.

Naomi: My HATE for her was back in full force tonight!!!! I mean how Shallow and self absorbed can one person be? All I heard every time she opened her mouth was ME ME ME ME ME !!!!! I mean I get she hates Jen but If she would take her her head out of her A** for one sec she would see there was other people who had problems and needed her too!! She was a horrible girlfriend tonight and didn’t even take her BF’s advice about Jen after going on and on about her to him and instead played right into Jen’s hands. Wish I could say I feel sorry for her but I don’t!!! This could be a learning experience for her I hope!!!

Jenn: The New Valarie!!! She’s sooooooooooo good at being BAD. You just love to hate her!! She worked Naomi and Naomi fell right into her hands! Bow down to the QUEEN of Manipulation!!!!! lol

Annie: what little she was on I liked!!! To her reaching out to liam to her confusion and sadness over the state of her parents Marriage and the feeling of helplessness that came with it! It was all very real and very well played ! Poor girl really has NO one to talk to right now since all Dixon can do is blow her off. I liked her quite honesty to Liam and the vulnerable side she displayed tonight!!!!! One Complaint, NOT enough Annie.

Dixon/Ivy!!! They were so cute tonight and Ivy really is becoming one of my fave Characters!!! I liked how Dixon fessed up about being grounded his parents risked his parents wrath just for a date with Ivy and Awwww the whole dinner and him chasing down the Trucks to get her fave Taco’s πŸ™‚ Wished we would have seen more of a reaction from him about his parents but other then that I had no problems with Dixon tonight!!!

Navid/Adrianna : Seriously just get back together already and stop dragging innocent people into your relationship that was NEVER really over to begin with from Teddy to Gia and now poor Chloe!! Next up Ju…..whoever doesn’t matter won’t last anyway in the soap opera that is Navid/Ade!! I did feel bad for Navid at the end though:( Poor guy. Sidenote : Jessica Lowndes is a great singer!

Harry/Debbie!! It’s official They are going DOWN!! You know it’s bad when you’re still fighting even while seeing a marriage counciler. Still feel like they are neglecting their kids and need to start paying attention.

I’ve saved the WORST for LAST!!!!!!

Teddy/Silver: AGAIN I ask WHY??????? Why are they even together!!! They just suck up airtime with their lame ass problems that they have in every scene they’ve ever been in!!! They have NOTHING in common! He’s a Preppy Daddy’s Boy and she’s a rebel(well she used to be back in season 1 anyway)! All they do is fight and bicker and NOT in a cute couply way either , more like in a IHateThisNoChemistryCoupleSoMuchThatI’dRatherStickAForkInMyEyeThenToEverHaveToSeeThemOnMyScreenAgain way!!!!!!!! So AGAIN I will Say GTFO my screen and Free Siver or kill BOTH off at this point. One or the other! RRK can choose which!!!!!!

All in all an Ok Eppy!! I would give it a B- and that’s only because of Lannie and HBIC, Jenn!!!!

5 05 2010

I totally thought the same thing about Olivier being form the O.C…. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that he was Henri-Michele’s french lawyer that came to convince Taylor to go back to Henri.

5 05 2010

Oh yeah and i’m loving Jen!! She always know how to get inside Naomi’s head which is so much fun to watch!! She is 90210’s Georgina Sparks but Georgie is way better πŸ™‚

5 05 2010

vegasgirl: You are definitely correct. In fact, Kat and I were discussing that last week, when she pointed out that a dinner scene in last week’s ep was very similar to one from The 17-Year Itch. Unfortunately, I don’t think Debbie and Harry are going to be able to patch things up like Cindy and Jim did. Glad you’re reading the blog!

Wes: I am a fan of the slow-build, too. I haven’t been big on Divy/Ivy but I did like it tonight. Seddy I’m mixed on, as I think I made clear in the blog. The Harry and Debbie stuff is happening fast but I think they’re doing it very convincingly. I won’t be happy if his absence next season, though, is only explained by their divorce. It has to be more the that. Navid and Adrianna were nice. I think it’s clear where that’s headed. I feel bad for Lila, though.

Amber: Thanks for such a thorough comment! I pretty much agree with your assessments except for the Jen comments and the Teddy/Silver ones. I understand why you’re comparing Jen to Valerie but Valerie I truly loved to hate. Jen I just hate. I think Sara Foster goes a good job, but I don’t like the character at all. Valerie I liked. (Perhaps it’s because we got to see Valerie’s vulnerable sides as well and learn things about her past that somewhat explained her motivations. We haven’t gotten that with Jen. I’m not sure if that’s part of my issue or not but that is a significant difference between them.) For Teddy/Silver, as I keep saying, I was pulling for them but now I’m mixed.

Alyssa: I think you may be right. That actor is William Abadie (as opposed to Henri Lubatti). IMDB doesn’t have Olivier listed for the 90210 ep yet or on Abadie’s page. Abadie also played Roman on Gossip Girl. This could make 3 teen drama appearances for him!

Wes, part two: the Georgina comparison is interesting. And just like I could do without Georgina, I could do without Jen. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any villainous-like characters on these shows. I just don’t care for these two.

5 05 2010

I like how you put “Wes, part two” lol

I can deal with them both for a good guest starring role here and there but nothing like a series regular or like 5 episodes.

5 05 2010

you like….read my mind. i feel like we totally think alike

5 05 2010

liam and annie
pacey and joey

5 05 2010

Pacey and Joey is my all time favorite couple and Liam and Annie is my favorite couple at the moment so I loooove that connection! I’m loving Lannie more and more every episode and they are turning into my new Pacey and Joey β™₯

5 05 2010

Shivangi, you bite your tongue.

I like Liam and Annie, I really do. However, the only thing that you could compare between them and Pacey/Joey is the boat thing. Liam and Annie do not begin to compare to Joey/Pacey.

5 05 2010

I meant bite your tongue in the nicest way possible.

5 05 2010

LOL You guys are too funny. Let me be clear about what *I* meant though: Annie and Liam working on his boat reminded me of Pacey and Joey. Pacey and Joey = true love (pun intended) for me (as in I absolutely love them). They are one of my all-time favorite couples (see: Though I am on Team Lannie, I do agree with Sane that they do not begin to compare to Pacey and Joey. I was simply reminded of them last night, and though I had been reminded of Pacey and his boat throughout Liam working on his, last night it was particularly strong. And while I’m always happy to think of Pacey and the boat and/or Pacey and Joey, I do hold it against 90210 because it feels like just another thing they’ve stolen from a predecessor.

5 05 2010

Ha, I feel old because before I read this liveblog, I thought Javier was some sort of fictional pop star the writers had made up. Of course, I should have known better in the age of cross-promotions, especially when such practices are a familiar tack taken in teen dramas (Jamie Walters, Kate Voegele, et al)!

5 05 2010

I really love Lila/Navid. Its sweet! I like Dixon/Ivy even more though! But when did she start even feeling the same way? ….This ep is obviously trying to show that Naomi isn’t a good listener. LOL. Poor Liam. Get on with it, Lannie! It was so obvi his dad was gonna play him. 😦 Silver/Teddy=boring story. Ade/Javier=ugh. Been there, done that. And what the heck—shes a complete no one who hasnt even recorded a song yet and she gets to duet w/ some superstar? Naomi/Jen=(I lol’d when i realized naomi said Jen slept w/ Liam when he was 16–he never did look 16! 18 @ the least) i knew that her simply wanting naomi to come was fake! Teddy is such a (Ken) doll! Ahh, i love him! But hes super old, LOL! Awh! He said was in luv, i melted. As soon as Javier swoops in, here comes Navid, fresh from breakup! Cliche. I SORT of like Seddy, but like most of u, im mixed….not really chemistry and all they do is bicker. How did I know Livid wouldnt last? Hmm πŸ˜‰

5 05 2010

I like Lannie, but watching the boat stuff in this ep made me long for DC and want to watch that instead. I want to see original stuff. Get creative writers! lol

5 05 2010

Cherie, don’t feel old! Javier isn’t a real pop star! His portrayer, however, Diego Boneta is and mostly known (as far as I can tell) in Latin America. I’m almost 23 and (for better or worse) consider myself to be pretty up-to-date on hot acts in America and I never heard of him until he was cast on the show. So again: Javier–not real a real singing sensation. The actor–a real singer and a sensation depending on where you live. But I guess you’re right–it is like Kate Voegle and Jamie Walters. Just don’t feel about not knowing who Diego was. =)

Alexandra: I loved Lila/Navid, too, though we never got that much of them. I know the actress, Amber Wallace, wants to return to the show but I don’t know how that would work. It seemed more to me that Ivy didn’t so much all of a sudden start feeling the same way, as much as wanting to give it a shot and see what happens. I think that’s what she’s doing. Yes, I think it was clear that Finn was going to play Liam–I just wasn’t expecting it this soon. I was under the impression that he would be around later. Maybe he’s coming back. I’m assuming Ade is only getting to record with a superstar because of Laurel’s connections and I think that kinda sorta makes sense. It was funny and weird to remember that Liam is/was only 16.

Alyssa, yes, exactly–original stuff and creativity are what’s needed. I’ve been saying this a lot with 90210 and lately with Gossip Girl. I understand some storylines are a given in the teen drama world but I expect original twists to them as well as genuinely original storylines. This boat thing isn’t original.

6 05 2010

Now I feel even more old because I am clearly senile ;P …thanks for setting me straight! I guess I should have known when I saw him on the cover of “Persons” magazine that Adrianna was schlepping around in her purse for some reason…

6 05 2010

You’re not senile! (You’ll just have to believe me.) Wow, they really showed a “Persons” magazine?! I must’ve missed that! Cheesy or funny? Both? She was only carrying it, though, as (contrived) proof of her Javier obsession. ::rolls eyes::

7 05 2010

Yeah, she pulled the magazine out of her purse at the recording studio–it was like a fake “People” magazine (not 100% sure it was called “Persons,” but it was something like that) and it said “Everything About Javier!” or something equally cheesy on it. The fact that she was carrying it around with her is one of those convenient coincidences that only seems to happen on television–it set my eyes rolling too…

8 05 2010

Ade’s song for Navid @ 90210 S02E20

Sparks fly like electric shock pushing through my veins
When we touch like i never want to stop to feel that way

Your eyes, when they meet with mine is she away
That I wanna hold and touch there’s something there
It’s gone

It’s past

We both know it’s never coming back

That’s done


Does he still love me

Do I still love her


to love and be together like the first time


go back it up

not this time


-i listened to this like… a thousand times

8 05 2010

Thanks for the lyrics! Loveeeee the song!

11 05 2010

Thanks for the response to my comment TDW. No one can compare to the rock of love that was Jim and Cindy Walsh. Tonight is the season finale right? I am anxious to see how Harry leaves. I really don’t want to see him go, I like Rob Estes.

11 05 2010

Well, to be fair, it wasn’t always rock solid. Examples: the Dotty issue (season 2 or 3) and Cindy’s return to BH (season 6)

No, tonight isn’t the season finale. Next week.

5 06 2010

PLease what’s this song name?? thank you on advance

9 06 2010

How can I download Ted’s Song?

14 06 2010
Yann Clark

@ yhan,

I don’t mean to be a hater, but the lyrics are like this:

Sparks fly like electric shocks pushing through my veins
When we touch, like i never want to stop
Do you feel that way?

Her eyes, when they meet with mine
is she aware
That I wanna hold her cause there’s something there

It makes a lot more sense like that!

Further, thankx for the rest of the song, cause I couldn’t make anything of that!

Another question for everyone, cause I’m from Europe,

are people able to buy your house in the USA without you signing anything? Cause the last time I checked Naomi bought her house with her own money, so it’s hers right? So Jen can’t buy sh*t without Naomi’s consent? I’m mean, it’s a nice plottwist and all, but it seems not really realistic to me.

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