Live-Blog: 90210 2.19

27 04 2010

The Last 90210 Live-Blog

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EPISODE 2.19: Multiple Choices

  • Previously On: Cannon is the new Blaze advisor, Naomi says he sexually harassed her, Naomi has to go to a hearing, Kai kisses Debbie, Debbie talks to Dixon’s mom about it who says not to tell Harry, Dixon is gambling on sports, Cannon asks Naomi why she’s ruining his life, Naomi confesses she lied about the harrassment, Liam doesn’t want toΒ  stay with Naomi anymore, Liam’s dad returns, Harry will punish Naomi
  • It’s a school day.
  • Naomi is in heels and an orange construction vest, picking up trash.
  • Silver and Ade are laughing until they see her.
  • They just glare and keep going.
  • Liam sees her, looks away, and keeps walking.
  • Harry asks her how it’s going.
  • He now has graffiti for her to paint over.
  • It says “molester” on the ground of a parking spot.
  • I guess that was Cannon’s spot.
  • Q1: “Oh my god.” “Yes. Kids can be cruel.”–Naomi and Harry
  • Liam and Finn are working on his boat.
  • Finn is impressed by how far along it is.
  • Liam says he works on the boat when he’s upset
  • Finn says things will turn around for Liam.
  • Finn says look at him–he was in jail and now he’s not.
  • Liam says he never should’ve been jailed. He was framed.
  • Finn says he’s going to stay in town.
  • He needs seed money to start a shop.
  • And then he will find a place for him and Liam to live.
  • Liam looks very happy.
  • Navid is in a dark basement at school.
  • Lila comes. They banter.
  • I like them together.
  • They have joined Dixon and others at a secret poker game.
  • Hello, Beverly Hills 90210!
  • They start to play when there’s a knock on the door.
  • Everyone is nervous. Who can it be?
  • It’s some student. I think his name is Daniel.
  • Navid opens the door. It’s actually Mark.
  • Remember him? From the sext debacle earlier this season, among other things.
  • Q2: So this is it? West Bev’s very own underground speakeasy.–Mark
  • Mark says he wants in.
  • Dixon says he’s not invited
  • Mark throws a wad of bills down on the table.
  • Silence.
  • Mark asks if he’s scared he’s going to lose.
  • Dixon takes the cash and tells him to have a seat.
  • You know this won’t end well.
  • Q3: It’ll be a pleasure to take your money.–Dixon
  • Harry is in the kitchen at home.
  • Debbie comes in with shopping bags.
  • She doesn’t look happy.
  • Harry asks if she got the dry cleaning.
  • Debbie calls him out on not even asking how she is.
  • Harry just says he expected his dry cleaning.
  • Q4: What’s going on with us? All the bitterness, all the sniping. Harry, I think we should go to counseling.–Debbie
  • Harry says they are fine. Any issue is typical for 20 years of marriage.
  • Debbie disagrees.
  • Q5: I kissed another man. Wait, that didn’t come out right. He kissed me, actually. It was my yoga teacher. And it didn’t mean anything.–Debbie
  • Debbie says it was 2 months ago!
  • Um, was it? No way!
  • He’s shocked that it happened and shocked that she’s just telling him now.
  • He walks away…shocked.
  • It’s just Dixon and Mark left in the poker game.
  • Dixon raises and Mark matches and raises.
  • The bet is $6,175! Uh…
  • Dixon says he doesn’t have that there now but he’s good for it.
  • Navid asks if he’s sure and Dixon looks at his cards and says he is.
  • Dixon shows his cards–full house.
  • Everyone congratulates him.
  • But Mark interrupts. He has four queens.
  • He wins.
  • He laughs as everyone is silent.
  • Q6: Dixon, don’t worry about getting the money to me right away. As long as you have it to me by the end of the day tomorrow, I won’t have the guys on the baseball team break your legs.–Mark
  • Promo with AnnaLynne and Kime Buzzelli, 90210 stylist, on fashion. Sponsor is Orbitz.
  • Teddy joins Silver at school.
  • They banter. It’s cute.
  • She says he’s been AWOL lately.
  • Teddy says he’s been practicing for a tennis tournament.
  • Silver says she’s been going to SAT prep classes and he can come over to study.
  • Teddy says he has conditioning.
  • Silver stresses how important it is to do well on the SATs.
  • Teddy says he’s not planning on going to college.
  • Silver says it sounds like he’s throwing away his future.
  • Hello, Brenda and Dylan!
  • Q7: Well, it sounds to me like you’re really judgmental. Tennis is my future. If you don’t understand that, maybe you don’t understand me.–Teddy
  • Ouch.
  • He walks away.
  • Ivy and Dixon are on a date.
  • She can tell he’s not paying attention.
  • She calls him on it.
  • She says she thought he’d more excited, since he asked her out.
  • He says he is excited and there’s no place he rather be.
  • His phone rings. He says he has to take it and gets up from the table.
  • It’s Mark.
  • He calls him “Little Dix.” LOL
  • Mark wants to know about his money.
  • Dixon says he has a “dope laptop” and deejay equipment.
  • Mark doesn’t want his crap.
  • Dixon says he needs more time.
  • Mark says he can forget about the money if Dixon helps him with something.
  • It’s his girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow and he wants to decorate her locker.
  • Q8: So you want me to get you streamers?–Dixon
  • Mark say no, he wants a key to the school for tonight and Dixon can get that since Harry is his dad.
  • It’s either that or 6 grand in cash tomorrow morning.
  • Liam brings pizza into the garage for Finn.
  • Finn says he can’t find a job. The ex-con thing is a problem.
  • Q9: Maybe I should take a page out of your mom’s book and find my own millionaire. Think Oprah’ll take me?–Finn
  • Finn makes a joke about stealing money from Liam’s step-dad.
  • Except he’s probably not joking. Ugh.
  • Mark is waiting at the school for Dixon.
  • Dixon has the key.
  • He’s not going to give it over. He’s going in, too.
  • Mark says “to suit himself.”
  • Dixon opens the door and Mark’s friends run up wearing, um, animal-printed ski-masks.
  • Dixon asks what’s going on.
  • Q10: Oh, I forgot. My girlfriend’s birthday is next month. Tonight, we’re stealing the SATs.–Mark
  • The guys are running around the school.
  • Q11: Wow. You erally are as slow as you look. We…are…stealing.–Mark
  • Dixon says the tests aren’t here.
  • Mark says they’re not usually but West Bev is a test center this year.
  • Dixon reiterates that they’re not here. Harry said they aren’t delivered until the morning of.
  • Mark pounds the locker and tells his friends they can leave.
  • I bet Dixon was bluffing. (Get it? Bet? Bluffing?)
  • Dixon walks into school the next day. The whole place is covered with grafitti and trashed!
  • I guess Mark’s friends didn’t leave.
  • Dixon goes over to Mark and asks if he did this.
  • Mark says the test would’ve brought him “lettuce” and his friends were pissed, specifically one guy named Jason.
  • Mark makes jokes about it. It’s kind of funny. Kind of obnoxious.
  • Naomi and Annie are laughing on the lunch line.
  • Some girl says she doesn’t want to take a class with Cannon since he’s a perv.
  • Naomi feels horrible as this is her fault.
  • She tells Annie this isn’t going away.
  • Annie says to give it time.
  • Naomi stands on a table and gets everyone’s attention.
  • Q12: I am the pervert. I perverted justice. I perverted morality.–Naomi
  • She explains nothing happened with Cannon and people should blame her for spreading the lie.
  • She reiterates that she’s the pervert and people start chanting it!
  • Silver and Ade come over and tell her she should stop talking but they’re proud of her for doing that.
  • They say they’re proud of her for doing that and they forgive her.
  • Naomi says she’s missed them so much.
  • How long has it been? LOL
  • Cheesy group hug with Annie, too. Wow.
  • Dixon goes into Harry’s office.
  • Harry wanted to see him.
  • Harry shows him video footage of Dixon and Mark in the school.
  • Dixon says he had nothing to do with the graffiti and the guys.
  • Harry wants to know why he was in the school.
  • Dixon says he’s been gambling for a while.
  • First sports, then poker. Then he got over his head.
  • He owes a person a lot of money and the person convinced him to break into the school.
  • He stole Harry’s key and they broke in.
  • The kids wanted the SATs and when they found out they weren’t here, they vandalized everything.
  • Wow. Didn’t quite expect Dixon to ‘fess up right away.
  • Harry wants him to identify the kids in the marks.
  • Dixon doesn’t say anything.
  • Harry says he has all day.
  • Dixon names them. Like four guys in all.
  • The honesty is kind of refreshing.
  • Naomi and Cannon run into each other.
  • He says he heard what she did.
  • Q13: A rather unorthodox attempt at repentance but fundamentally courageous.–Cannon
  • Naomi apologizes again, says she never meant for this to happen.
  • Cannon says he knows and he appreciates that.
  • He walks on.
  • Naomi spies Liam, who looks at her and keeps walking.
  • Debbie tells Harry she wants to be honest now.
  • Harry says it’s about time or something.
  • Q14: I deserve that.–Debbie
  • Annie and Liam come into the kitchen laughing.
  • Lannie! (Hello, Lannie fan forum peeps!)
  • Annie hear’s her parents arguing in the next room.
  • Debbie acknowledges she kissed Kai.
  • But calls Harry out on flirting with women at work and coming home and not really “being” there.
  • She calls Harry selfish.
  • She lists all of Kai’s good qualities, implying they are what a husband should have.
  • Q15: I stopped that kiss because it was the right thing to do. Not because I wanted to.–Debbie
  • Annie is in tears.
  • Liam says they should get out of here.
  • Harry says they need to go to counseling and walks away.
  • Jessica in a commercial for Warriors In Pink.
  • Liam and Annie are walking in some kind of park.
  • Q16: “Well, this sucks.” “Well, at least your family just started sucking now.”–Annie and Liam
  • He says his parents divorced when he was 7.
  • At least she had a longer time to think they were good people.
  • She says it’s still not fair.
  • She wants to kick something or scream or run away.
  • She sees a fountain and gets in.
  • She stands under the stream of water and laughs.
  • Liam asks what she’s doing.
  • She says she doesn’t know. She felt frustrated and had to do something.
  • He tries to help her out and falls in.
  • They laugh about how cold it is.
  • He helps her out again.
  • She says she’s really cold and he rubs her arms.
  • They totally have a “moment” until Annie hurriedly says…
  • Q17: “You should be with Naomi.” “What?” “She did the right thing in the end. You should forgive her.”–Annie and Liam
  • (I totally missed a line or two that Annie said but that’s the gist of it.)
  • She walks off. Bummer. But the right thing to do.
  • Teddy is on the court hitting balls.
  • Silver is there.
  • Q18: You love tennis so I’m going to learn to love it.–Silver
  • She says this is a huge opportunity for him, one in a lifetime, and he should see where it takes him.
  • She’s been studying up on the game.
  • She promises to be at the match.
  • Teddy says she doesn’t have to. Just knowing he has her support is enough.
  • She doesn’t have to sit in the sun for 3 hours just for him.
  • She asks if he’s sure because she wants to be there. (And he shows he’s been studying some vocab.)
  • He says he’s positive.
  • Q19: Game, set, match. You win.–Silver
  • Cheesy but cute.
  • There’s a knock at Naomi’s.
  • It’s Liam.
  • He says he’s sorry.
  • She says she’s sorry and that it’s her fault.
  • He says what she did was wrong but she did the right thing in the end.
  • It was brave and he should’ve been there for her.
  • She promises she won’t do anything like this again.
  • She hugs him and says she loves him.
  • He just says “me too” or was it “you too”?
  • Either way, he *so* doesn’t.
  • Or at least isn’t sure.
  • Teddy is getting ready for his match.
  • Silver surprises him.
  • She wasn’t going to come but she really wants to support him.
  • She says she will go sit in his action.
  • Teddy’s dad is there, surrounded by people getting his autograph.
  • Teddy says she doesn’t think it is a good idea.
  • She says it’ll be fine and tells him “to do [his] thing.”
  • She walks off.
  • Teddy yells after her but a player stops him.
  • She introduces herself to Teddy’s dad, who thinks she wants an autograph.
  • She says her name again, as if he should know who she is.
  • But he doesn’t.
  • Apparently Teddy never mentioned he has a girlfriend!
  • Harry tells Dixon that the superintendent wants to expel whomever vandalized the school.
  • But Harry told her that there was a glitch with the tape and they can’t figure out who was.
  • He explains that if you’re expelled, you’ll never get into college.
  • Dixon thanks him.
  • Harry explains he’s grounded and names all the things he can’t do.
  • Dixon asks if he told mom.
  • Harry says no because she’s busy dealing with other things now.
  • Dixon says he’s sorry.
  • Q20: Me too. I thought you were better than this.–Harry
  • Liam finds his step-dad in the garage.
  • He asks what he’s doing there.
  • Jeffrey says he plans on turning the garage into his gym.
  • Liam references the punch he threw at him two episodes or so back.
  • Q21: You deserve so much worse than that for cheating on my mom.–Liam
  • Jeffrey says he and Liam’s mom are closer than ever.
  • Q22: It’s not normal for a young man to spend all his time alone in a shed.–Jeffery
  • He says when his mom goes to Europe, he’s going to start renovations.
  • Liam is shocked–his mom is going away?
  • Yep. Spa week.
  • She didn’t think they’d get along but Jeffery can’t wait to spend a week alone with him.
  • Awkward, silent dinner at the Wilsons.
  • Debbie breaks it up and asks Harry how his day was.
  • They exchange pleasantries
  • Debbie says she ran into Cindy.
  • Cindy, seriously? You couldn’t pick any other name?!
  • Annie is kind of disgusted by the fake-ness.
  • She asks to be excused to go study.
  • Cut to Dixon in his room.
  • He calls Ivy.
  • He has to cancel their plans. He’s grounded.
  • He won’t say why, though.
  • She doesn’t get it.
  • He says he can’t talk about it now.
  • She “whatever”s him and says she’ll see him in school.
  • Annie comes in and says how awkward dinner is.
  • She starts to say she thinks she knows why and Dixon cuts her off.
  • He says he’s had a hard day and doesn’t want to talk about “this.”
  • But he doesn’t even know what “this” is yet!
  • Liam tells his dad that he wants to help with his dad’s goal to open a tackle shop.
  • He holds out his hands. Three coins.
  • They are worth $10,000 and they are from Jeffrey’s collection.
  • He says he can’t stay here anymore.
  • He tells Finn to use the coins to open his shop so Liam can go live with him.
  • Annie calls Liam. Gets voicemail.
  • She says “it’s me” and then corrects herself,, saying “It’s Annie.” It’s sweet and awkward.
  • She says her parents are acting like nothing is wrong and Dixon doesn’t want to talk about it.
  • She say she just needed to talk and asks if he should
  • The voicemail cuts off and it asks if she wants to send it or erase.
  • She chooses to erase.
  • Her phone rings right back. It’s Liam.
  • He asks if she called.
  • Q23: Oh, no, I must’ve pocket-dialed you or something.–Annie
  • She says she’ll see him at school.
  • He looks disappointed.
  • She looks sad. Sad because she really needs to talk or sad because she really wants to talk to him?
  • At the beach club, people are making renovations.
  • Naomi goes over to the bar and asks for smoothies.
  • She makes smalltalk with the bartender, about they are needed to boost their energy or something because the girls are about to take their SATs.
  • And Jen interrupts!
  • Cue Naomi’s shocked face.
  • Q24: Do close your mouth, Naomi. That’s really not a good look for you.–Jen
  • She asks if Naomi likes what she’s doing with the place.
  • Olivier, her husband, bought the beach club for her!
  • She forgave him for cheating in exchanging for her picking wherever she wanted to live.
  • And she chose Beverly Hills.
  • Q25: Please. I wasn’t going to let you keep me away. Oh, I suppose I should let you know I’m a little upset with you. You turned your back on me and that really wasn’t very nice. And you know me, I tend to hold grudges. Just call me karma, babe. And karma is a bitch.–Jen
  • Naomi walks off. She is not happy.
  • At school, Dixon offers Ivy a powerbar before the test.
  • Ivy says she feels like he was blowing her off last night.
  • He swears he wasn’t.
  • He likes her but things aren’t great right now.
  • He stresses again how much he likes her.
  • He spies Mark and a friend and abruptly says he has to go, but he’ll make it up to her.
  • He walks off but there’s Mark.
  • He wants his money.
  • Dixon says he got Mark into the school. He held up his part of the bargain.
  • He says he even stopped Mark from getting expelled. His dad has tapes of them at the school but he convinced him not to go to the superintendent.
  • Q26: “Interesting.” “Why are you smiling?” “Now I know the principal covered it up to save his son. That’s gonna come in handy some day.”–Mark
  • Quiet, slow song plays over a montage of everyone taking their seats for the exam.
  • Feels very One Tree Hill and very out of place for this show.
  • It’s broken when Teddy comes over to where Silver’s sitting.
  • He says she’s not returning his calls and asks if everything’s okay.
  • Q27: Seriously? No. We’re not okay.–Silver
  • Major attitude.
  • She tells him to go take his seat.
  • Naomi walks in, kind of like a zombie.
  • Liam seems unfocused as well.
  • The proctor says the test can begin.
  • Everyone gets to work but Naomi is just staring off, looking pained.
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: “Let’s play count the awkward first-meeting moments,” says the voiceover. 1) Teddy’s dad doesn’t like journalists, which Silver is. 2) Silver has a strange reaction to Teddy’s dad’s much younger girlfriend. 3) Teddy’s dad mentions a film he was in and Silver says she didn’t like it.

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



24 responses

27 04 2010

The Cindy mentioning thing was so weird. When they sat around the table, it reminded me incredibly of “The 17-Year Itch.” Except Dixon was clueless.

I’m just prepaparing myself for someone to have a “learning disability” diagnosis upon receipt of SAT scores. I’ll give the writers some credit if Anne and Dixon acheive 1190 on Critical Reading and Math, but if they just get the same scores, eh.

27 04 2010

OMG Lannie were awesome tonight!!!!!!!!! I loved them πŸ™‚ From their first scene at Annie’s house all smiling and laughing and coming to the realization that Annie too is also dealing with parents who also have the same problems Liam’s have. It really put them on Even ground and helped them bond. I really think they will lean on each other throughout the rest of the season.

The Fountain Scene was so amazing. They really have such great chemistry and we got to see a more carefree Annie and Liam together. They just fit and are free to be themselves with each other and are NOT afraid of being crazy and a little goofy. I also like that they really confide in the other and are forming an emotional bond. Lannie “Moment” was HOT and so much UST in just that little moment, the looks, the hairbrush and the shoulder touch and just the closeness of it all was just perfect until annie brought up Naomi and ruined it although I understand why she did. Walking away was the right thing to do.

The Liomi Recconciliation: It was very telling that AFTER annie told him he should go back to Naomi and give her another chance he then shows up at Naomi’s door apologizing and repeating the EXACT SAME words Annie said to him Keyword being THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!! The hug and the ILY’s fell flat well in Liam’s case because unlike Naomi he was a lot less enthusiastic about it and didn’t even say ILY back just me too and had a faraway look on his face.

Thae Lannie phone call: It was sweet yet awkward and I felt like Annie changed her message because she doesn’t want to cross any lines and because she feels guilty because I think she likes him but it was very obvious when Liam called her back that they really wanted to confide in each other but held back. I also felt like he was sad when she pretended that she dialed his number by mistake.

The Looks in class: Again annie saw him then immedietly looked away then he looked at her. Reminds me of a first crush when glance at them and everytime they look your way you avert your eyes making sure they don’t catch you. It was sweet and awkward and I think a definite sign that they like eachother and I look forward to what’s to come.

Naomi: She was good this episode. She showed alot of growth and Maturity and knows what she did was wrong and set out to make amends. I like her when she’s like this πŸ™‚

Dixon: Seriously he is headed down a bad road and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse I just hope he hits rock bottom soon because after that the only way is up. Side Note: Really liked the small dixon/Ivy scenes, really showed that they really are into each other.

Silver/Teddy: BORRRRRRRING!!!!!!!!!!!!! please enough already just GTFO my screen already and free Silver

Harry/Debbie: Please You BOTH need Therapy and need to take responsibility for the state of your marriage and stopping blaming the other. It takes two to tango and FYI Debbie If you’re going to announce you’re cheating to youre hubby you might want to make sure your kids are NOT in the house first next time.

Mark: Hot but still a perverted jackass and I have a bad feeling he’s going to end up costing Harry his job.

28 04 2010

Yeah, Liam and Annie may just keep me watching.

28 04 2010
Joe and Sara

It was an aveage episode-not as great as the past few. But the best part of it was Annie and Liam. I never really like annie when the show just started but by the the 2nd episode of the second season-she had become my favourite character and replaced silver who use to be my favourite

28 04 2010

wow Amber I love your comment! That’s exactly how I feel! I think the Liam/Annie phonecall scene might have been my favorite because it was subtle and you could tell they really wanted to talk to eachother. aww!
I love that they are taking this slow though because I love build up and I want Naomi/Liam to break up before anything happens!

Liam: did you just call me?
Annie: OMG, no!

Sooo cute!

28 04 2010

I agree with everything that Amber said. I might as well just copy and paste LOL. I think Mark would fit in good as a regular rather that Teddy but I doubt it will happen.

28 04 2010

I agree with everything Wes said. haha

28 04 2010

teddy/silver :awful couple plz let them broke up they’re so boring to wath and bring back silver/dixon
dixon : wow WTH are they doing with his character I can’t see dixon from S1 anymore he was so cool,nice , sweet now I don’t understank they write him like a jerk especially Tristan Wilds is an amazing actor he totally deserves better!
annie/liam : what a surprise for e bc I thought they were really cute together!
dixon/ivy : not many scenes but they can be rally great together ( he should date with her and get back with silver on the end of S3 that could b totally AMAZING with a good Sixon reunion an writing of course)
Annie/silver/adrianna/naomi : God that huge was so awkard!
Naomi/Jen : The evil sister is back I like it!

28 04 2010

@Lexy LOL!!

@Kathy that group hug was super akward. There is still a lot of stuff between all four of them.

28 04 2010

Kat, I hadn’t thought about The 17-Year Old Itch. That’s a great point. Another comparison I saw pointed out elsewhere was Dixon getting the key, letting people into the school and getting caught, was similar to Steve’s legacy key storyline. I could easily see Naomi or Annie in a “Back Story” storyline and I was just waiting for a teacher to remind them to “Scan. Discard. Select. Move on.”

Amber, I love your Lannie break-down and I pretty much agree with it. I missed the glance in class, as I must’ve turned my head to keep typing. Boo. I think things with Dixon will get worse, too, though I don’t have much interest in Dixon/Ivy. I am tired of Silver and Teddy fighting and then not fighting and then fighting and then not fighting. I was really into the build up of them becoming a couple, both before the hiatus and after the hiatus, because I am a sucker for those kinds of storylines. But I can understand why she was taken aback that his father didn’t know who she was. Unfortunately and typically, she is not handling the situation appropriately. You know, up until last night, I had thought Harry had his own issues (mid-life crisis) and Debbie had her own issues (insecurities) but their scenes last night made me realize that his issues are her issues and hers are his. Counseling could do them some good, though I don’t think “good” is what the show is looking for. To Debbie’s credit, I think she was sure no one was in the house when she and Harry started talking. It looked like Annie (and Liam) came in right after. Ditto on your Mark thoughts.

Sane, Joe and Sara, em: Here’s hoping more Lannie-ness is the on the way…but I am really hoping it doesn’t get physical until post-Liomi break up.

Wes: Hmm. Mark over Teddy. I think I’m Teddy over Mark. But Teddy isn’t a regular yet, anyway, and I’m not expecting it to happen.

28 04 2010

I like this week’s episode. I guess most of the storylines that the show’s been playing around have really took a turn or two and how it leaves viewers guessing how one particular story will end (Harry and Debbie) and the other will further develop (Lannie, Clark sisters, etc.).

And I kinda liked the episode’s closing sequence where everyone in the core cast (sans Ryan, Harry and Debbie) were in one place including Ade who was only there for like 2-3 scenes.

In other words, “Multiple Choices” reminds us that the end of the season is creeping near.

*I’ve read some quite of a positive feedback from fellow 9O21O fans from the other messages boards although there were some complaints with Shenae an Annalyn’s acting which I didn’t mind really if you know how their respective characters are thinking. Speakin of “thinking”, I can imagine Naomi merely walked herself to school with her stunned face staying put since leaving the beach club.

29 04 2010

“Lannie! (Hello, Lannie fan forum peeps!)”

Hey! πŸ™‚ Liam and Annie were so cute tonight!

29 04 2010

Wow Amber I love your post about Liam and Annie!

I loved their first scene – even if it was in the middle of a fight – the fact that they were doing a school project together, and he came to her house for it? So cute. I wonder how they paired up for that, maybe they chose to be each others partners. It was so cute how Liam wanted to get her out of the house, take her mind off of things.

I have to admit it was a little random – jumping into a fountain – but none the less I thought it was completely adorable. If I was her I would have jumped in that fountain too, it looked like so much fun! I loved how Liam was smiling and laughing at her, he seems to really enjoy being around her. Annie is different from the other girls, she knows how to have fun and be outgoing. Honestly I haven’t seen Liam smile that much in a long time. I mean, I can’t see Naomi jumping in a fountain – I like Naomi by the way – but I don’t think she would want to get her hair wet. Liam needs someone who he can be himself around, and just have fun with. I’m loving it. Annie seems to be a lot happier now too, finally getting back to the lovable, cute Annie. I loved when he held out his hand and he fell in – Err.. I mean she pulled him in. And then when he went to go help her out again he says ” come here crazy. ” Ahh, cutest thing ever! I never expected her to warm her up, so cute, if he hadn’t of fallen in the fountain he totally would have given her his shirt. And then when he pushed the hair out of her face! Guhh. *Insert fangirl squee here* they so would have kissed if Annie hadn’t interjected. I’m glad she did though, it was the right thing to do, and it makes for more build-up. He looked so disappointed though, when she was walking away. Awe.

The phone call was unexpected, but I loved it. I wish she would of left the message but I understand why she didn’t. She said she wanted to “get out of here” though, maybe if she had left the message Liam would have came and got her? Awe, that would have been cute – but too soon. You could tell Liam really wanted to talk to her though – next time Liam should call her, more realistic after this episode.

And the forbidden glances at the end. So adorable! He totally caught her staring at him. πŸ™‚

As for the rest of the episode, it was alright. LOL.

29 04 2010
Joe and Sara

Lol I also hope Lannie bacomes physical after Liam and Naomi are broken up. Also, I want them to make it a big deal for Annie if she and Liam have sex because that would be the first time in which she does it knowingly:)

29 04 2010

Kathy, the hug was pretty awkward. I think they are purposefully trying to stress the friendships because a) everyone seemed so disjointed before and there was no cohesive group of friends and b) it could allow for a bigger fall-out between Annie and Naomi if there’s an actual Annie-Liam pairing. I agree that this is not the Dixon we originally met. I wouldn’t mind having that guy back. But I rather not see Jen again. Ever.

James, I think your first paragraph is a good description of the episode. I didn’t like the ending montage, though, because it didn’t feel like 90210 to me. Also, was Navid in it? I may have missed him.

Crystal, I’m interested in knowing how Liam and Annie got paired up together. And it was sweet that his reaction was to help her rather than just suggesting he go home. Liam did look disappointed both when she stopped the fountain moment and after their phone conversation. I think he might’ve even continued the conversation had Annie not abruptly said she’ll see him at school. I look forward to seeing how this develops. I will say that while part of me feelings like this has been building since last season (as opposed to being out of nowhere, as some detractors claim), it’s a very different dynamic than last season and I am mixed on that.

Joe and Sara, I think it would be her first time period. I don’t think she actually slept with Mark. I think he just took a picture during a state of undress or something and that’s what he sent out, with the *implication* being they slept together though they hadn’t really. Bottom line is still the same: I hope it’s a big deal, too. A romantic one.

29 04 2010

Wasn’t Annie’s first time with Jasper? I hope I’m wrong πŸ˜‰

29 04 2010

Oh, duh! Silly me. You’re right. Episode 2.09.

29 04 2010

Thanks for the shout out to us Lannie fans at fanfourm :).

29 04 2010

No thanks necessary! Happy to know you’re reading the blog!

29 04 2010
90210 freak lol

Omg this episodee was awesome but im curious does anyone know the song when dixon sees grafitti on the school walls

30 04 2010

Sorry, I don’t know. But The CW usually lists some of the music on their site. Try checking that out.

30 04 2010

I really liked this episode. Was the mostinteresting in a while. I know this sounds all fangirlish, but Lannie is awesome! This may sound corny, but I love seeing relationships that arent based only on sex (cough, cough, Liomi! Btw i hate that couple name lol) ….it took Liam like 5 seconds to snap out of his liking/loving of naomi. Shocking. And I really like Ivy, but it seems like her and dixon’s relationship is forced, he randomly started liking her and then….when did she take a romantic interest in him? Teddy/silver= yawn. Omg, i cant take it. I knew the whole episode that teddy didnt want her at the match because of something….and the something wasnt even surprising or one bit interesting. This is OT, but gia/adriana fizzled out so quickly. Im happy b/c they sucked, and were lame. Ratings gimmick.

30 04 2010

Actually, I would like to talk about Gia/Adrianna for a minute. (I meant to go back to last week’s live-blog before this ep aired and forgot. I’m glad you mentioned it, Alexandra.) I was very anti-Gia/Adrianna well before the storyline started. When I first heard about it, there was no way I believed that this could be a genuine love story/relationship, as Rebecca Sinclair said it would and not just something done to spike ratings and grab media attention. And then–up until last week–I kind of felt embarrassed because I was very impressed with the way they went about it. I was into it and it did feel genuine to me. But then last week’s episode proved my initial reaction to be right and this week’s episode only furthered it. To have Gia cheat on Adrianna at that point in time felt, to me, like a character assassination for Gia and marred all that came before it. The storyline just all of a sudden ended and with that ending, of all possibilities. This episode was very low on Adrianna so it’s not entirely fair of me to assume she’s not still dealing with it at all but it does look like it’s over and done with. If the relationship had to end when it did, I would’ve at least liked Ade to spend some time hurt, confused, reflecting, etc., this week, especially in light of her relationships with Navid and Teddy. And knowing what’s coming, I don’t see why, instead, they didn’t just keep the Gia relationship going and let it build to the season finale. I think there was a lot of potential. But I guess, and the promos used by the network only supports this, they really were on looking for a ratings gimmick ala Gossip Girl.

2 05 2010

I wanna share this comment imade from Pinoy Exchange with how I feel with the recent developments regarding Dixon:

“…You know how much of a social climber Dixon is, trying to be somebody superior (and Harry’s not much of a good role model isn’t he?).

And the one that really hit the nail on Harry’s coffin is that Dixon disobeyed his dad by telling Mark about what he did to save his son’s and the others’ butts from getting expelled.

Typical, typical Dixon…And one good reflection of him being a jerk is when he blow off the people who love him and just play video games to unwind. How childish! ”

Nuff said…

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