Live-Blog: 90210 2.18

13 04 2010

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EPISODE 2.18: Another Another Chance

  • Previously On: Jasper knows about Annie’s hit and run, Harry didn’t know the guy, Laurel offers to sign Ade but without the band, Ivy realizes Ryan and Laurel know each other, Naomi doesn’t think Ivy and Dixon are really dating, they have a passionate kiss, Cannon things Naomi is coming on to him and kicks her off the Blaze, Silver takes his side, Naomi says Cannon said she has to sleep with him, Liam “attacked” Cannon, Naomi tells Harry that Cannon sexually harassed her so Liam won’t get in trouble
  • Ade is with Laurel at her place, it seems.
  • She asks about a contract. Laurel says the lawyers will handle it and they should focus on the music.
  • Ade says she feels guilty about leaving the band. She asks if she can play with them in her spare time.
  • Laurel makes it clear there won’t be any spare time.
  • She says she’s having a party with industry folks.
  • Q1: You should come. It’ll give you a taste of your new life.–Laurel
  • She says that Ade will be out every night, sleeping in a new town each night, partying, etc.
  • Q2: It’s going to be an amazing ride.–Laurel
  • Teddy was stung by a jellyfish at some point. He peed on his foot to stop the pain!
  • He and Dixon are talking about it.
  • (They are in school, btw.)
  • Dixon says he knows he owes Teddy’s dad’s bookie but there’s another game he wants to put money on.
  • Teddy says they’re cool.
  • Dixon spies Ivy, calls her his lady and kisses her.
  • Teddy totally doesn’t  believe them and leaves.
  • Q3: You plannin’ on keepin’ your arm around me all day?–Ivy
  • Dixon is totally embarrassed. And maybe crushing on her. I guess.
  • Laurel and Ryan are making out in his car.
  • He says he had a goo time tonight and she says the night is just starting.
  • Knock on the’s Ivy.
  • Q4: Hi. Easy with the PDA. Thanks.–Ivy
  • She leaves. Laurel wants to continue. Ryan isn’t feeling it.
  • Q5: Chillax, my friend. Ivy’s a good girl.–Ryan
  • Ade and Gia are walking hand-in-hand in school. Then they kiss.
  • Navid sees. This must be the first time. He is WAY confused.
  • He approaches Gia at the Blaze, asking how her article is coming.
  • Then he slips this in…
  • Q6: Things going well with you and Adrianna?–Navid
  • Gia is surprised. As is Lila, sitting nearby.
  • She says things are going well.
  • Navid says that’s good. And asks if she’s too busy now.
  • He says relationships are time-consuming. He knows. Because he dated Ade.
  • Gia is a bit perplexed. Then Navid goes, really quickly and panicked…
  • Q7: Did I make Adrianna gay?–Navid
  • Gia laughs. It’s funny.
  • Q8: That’s not really how it works.–Gia
  • She says he didn’t have anything to do with it.
  • Q9: Adrianna just fell for me. People fall for each other time.–Gia
  • Q10: Not that I’m worried or anything. I’m pretty confident with my skills between the sheets.–Navid
  • Q11: No, what I wanted to say is she’s a really good person. Make sure you take care of her.–Navid
  • Gia says she will and says she has to go to class.
  • Lila asks Navid what’s up with him being very interested in Ade and Gia’s relationship.
  • He says it’s natural curiosity.
  • Lila asks if he’s sure. Navid asks what else would it be and kisses her.
  • Annie and Silver are in a car lot. Annie wants to get a new car.
  • Q12: Something that says freedom. Something that says Thelma and Lousise, minus the whole driving off a cliff part.–Annie
  • She spies one she likes but says she can’t afford it.
  • Q13: You could sell a kidney. Could be worth it.–Silver
  • Annie suggests they at least test the car on a “joyride.”
  • The salesman offers to take them but Annie asks if they can go along.
  • He says no and next time they should bring a parent.
  • Annie wonders if Thelma and Louise would’ve been turned down.
  • Harry, in his office, tells Naomi he’s taking her accusations seriously and there will be a hearing.
  • She’s caught off-guard. She doesn’t want a hearing. Or to press charges.
  • She says she’s the victim. Doesn’t she get a say?
  • He says no. It’s a public safety issue. It has to go before a hearing.
  • Cannon is on a paid leave until the hearing.
  • Naomi says she wants to call the whole thing off. She doesn’t think he’ll do it again.
  • Q14: You go in there and tell the truth. Everything is going to be fine.–Harry
  • Liam’s mom keeps calling, he says.
  • He tells Naomi he is never going back to that house.
  • Naomi is distracted.
  • He says he knows the Cannon thing is scary but she has nothing to worry about.
  • Naomi says she does have something to worry about. She needs to tell him something.
  • In comes Teddy, Navid and Dixon. They heard and they’re all POed on Naomi’s behalf.
  • A random girl comes up and says she’s behind Naomi and she hopes Cannon never teaches again.
  • Navid walks over to Ade and asks if she’s okay.
  • Ade says she can’t talk about it.
  • Q15: Ade, it’s me here. What’s going on?–Navid
  • Ade says a record producer wants to give her a great deal.
  • He’s confused why that’s a bad thing.
  • Ade says it’s just for her–not the band.
  • He says the band will understand.
  • Ade says it’s not just that. And he should know.
  • She was scared to get back into acting (due to her past) and the music industry is even worse.
  • He asks if the old Ade would even think about it this hard. The fact that she is shows that she’s changed.
  • She agrees. She asks him to keep quiet so she can talk to the band.
  • Dixon is deejaying. In a classroom. Weird.
  • Ivy wants to learn.
  • He stands behind her, closely, guiding her hands.
  • He is sooo sensual with it! It’s kind of hot.
  • Hard to tell how she’s taking it. If she’s into it, confused, oblivious. I don’t know.
  • Liam walks in, saying he thought Naomi might be in there.
  • He didn’t even seem to care about Ivy and Dixon.
  • But Ivy cares about him.
  • She says she doesn’t get what Liam is doing with her and he should open his eyes.
  • Dixon is clearly put-off by this. He’s reminded obviously that this is just a show.
  • Silver and Annie are back at the car lot. All dressed up. Sluttily.
  • Silver is worried she will be struggled by her own boobs. LOL
  • Annie explains she’s had a hard year and really needs this.
  • A salesman sees him and asks if they need help.
  • Annie says her daddy gave her money to burn.
  • He says he’ll go get the keys so they all can take it out.
  • They say they want to go alone and he says it’s against company policy.
  • They say they will take their money elsewhere, to Beverly Hills.
  • The guy says he’ll go get the keys.
  • They rejoice. It was really fun, cute scene. Great job by Shenae and Jessica.
  • Cut to them driving and having a blast.
  • Silver says they’re lost but they can keep driving until they figure it out.
  • Annie starts to realize where she is…the site of her accident…and starts to tear up and looked freaked out.
  • It flashes back to what happened.
  • She stops short and Silver asks if she’s okay.
  • She says she doesn’t think she can drive anymore and asks if they can change seats.
  • OTH promo!
  • In school, Naomi is walking down the hall. It’s hearing time.
  • She sees Cannon. He looks like he’s going to cry.
  • He asks why she’s doing this. She knows nothing happened.
  • He says she has a life and this is ruining her life.
  • Liam comes over and asks him what he’s doing.
  • He steers Naomi away.
  • Naomi is upset. Says she’s ruining his life.
  • Liam says she’s not. He starts talking really fast, listing some attributes and…
  • Q16: “I love you. And you’re strong person. I know you can do this.” “Liam! You just said you love me.” “I did. And I do.” “I love you too.” KISS “You can do this. And I’ll be right here waiting for you when it’s over.”
  • She walks in alone. Guess it’s a closed hearing.
  • Lila storms into the Blaze office.
  • She tells Navid that Ade quit the band and screwed them.
  • Navid says Ade got a good opportunity and the band can find another singer.
  • She’s shocked. He knew about this already and didn’t tell her.
  • Q17: I guess I know where your loyalty lies.–Lila
  • She storms out.
  • Naomi is sitting at a long table with Harry and other people very dressed up.
  • Perhaps one is Cannon’s wife.
  • You would think Kelly would be here. ::shrug::
  • Harry says these are serious accusations and they want to hear everything.
  • He asks Harry to start.
  • She says she went to his classroom. They were alone. And. And. And…
  • Q18: Nothing happened. I lied.–Naomi
  • Yep, that’s Cannon’s wife. They cry and hug.
  • Harry is shocked.
  • Naomi still looks pained.
  • Harry is alone with Naomi, yelling at her.
  • He says he doesn’t know what to say to her but continues.
  • He says she almost ruined a man’s life.
  • He needs to talk to the school board. There will be “serious reprecussions.”
  • He asks how she could do this.
  • She histates and then says she never thought it would go this far.
  • She walks out into the hallway. Liam isn’t there.
  • Cut to Liam walking out and going into his car, pulling off.
  • A guy in another car is watching and follows!
  • (Scott Patterson!)
  • Ivy finds Dixon with the deejay equipment.
  • She convinced her mom to hire Dixon for
  • Q19: I told her you were the hottest deejay around and just spun Robert Pattinson’s birthday party.–Ivy
  • It sooo wasn’t his birthday recently. (I swear I only know this for work purposes.)
  • Ivy says he can thank her by breaking up with her.
  • He’s confused.
  • She says breaking up will make the process of getting the other couples to break up faster.
  • But neither one of them wants to be dumped.
  • She gives in and says he can break up with her.
  • But don’t say she’s clingy. LOL
  • Say she has a wandering eye. Ha.
  • Laurel and Ryan are in some architectural garden area.
  • Lauren wants him to spoke pot. He gives reasons why he can’t–including what if Ivy sees. She’s his student. (Cause seeing him smoking pot is the only issue here!)
  • Q20: I taught Ivy to roll joins for me when she was 13.–Laurel
  • Real responsible.
  • Ryan is convinced and takes a puff.
  • Ade is going through her closet.
  • Q21: I am drowning in a sea of vintage!–Adrianna
  • Gia is confused. She thought Ade wasn’t interested in the deal so why is she going to the party?
  • Ade says she spoke to Navid and she realizes it’s a good deal
  • Gia asks why she didn’t tell her. And why she’s taking her ex’s advice.
  • Ade reassures her that she’s committed to her.
  • Gia basically says it doesn’t seem like that. And she doesn’t want to go to the party.
  • She doesn’t think it’s a good idea for either of them since they are both recovering addicts.
  • And she says she already told Ade that.
  • Navid comes up again.
  • Q22: He actually believes in me.–Ade
  • (I missed a line.)
  • Q23: Screw you.–Gia
  • Wow. Let’s not get too mean there, folks.
  • Ivy goes up to Liam at the beach.
  • She says she heard what happened with Naomi and she’s sorry.
  • He thanks her.
  • Ivy says at least he knows now what kind of person she is.
  • Liam is incredulous.
  • Ivy has assumed they broke up. Now he can…
  • Q24: “What, move on with you? Get it through your head, Ivy. We’re never gonna happen.”–Liam
  • Harsh! Teen girls can’t handle hearing that!
  • What ever happened to Annie? She was mid-freak-out a while ago…
  • OTH promo
  • Party is in full swing.
  • It’s pretty swanky.
  • Laurel and Ryan are outside.
  • He’s talking about the Cars.
  • He’s high.
  • ‘Cause we haven’t seen this before.
  • Laurel says she’s glad they met.
  • He starts to dance. It’s kind of funny…if you have patience and thinks he belongs on this show.
  • Ryan realizes Dixon is there and starts to freak out.
  • Laurel says she hired him to deejay.
  • Ryan says this is terrible. Dixon is his student.
  • Q25: Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Ryan.” “My panties? My panties are very bunched.”–Laurel and Ryan
  • Ryan spies Adrianna and asks what she’s doing there, too.
  • Laurel says she’s a client.
  • Ryan says she should’ve warned him.
  • Laurel says he only asked about Ivy.
  • Ryan says he has to leave.
  • Lila walks into the Blaze office but…
  • AW! Navid has prepared this whole formal dinner
  • Q26: “I messed up when I was 9. It was at cotillion. I stepped on your foot. And you forgave me. Then I messed up with Ade. Will you give me another another chance? I promise not to mess up again.–Navid
  • I totally BUTCHERED that quote.
  • They dance like they’re at a cotillion. It’s REALLY cute!
  • Laurel is sitting with Ade, who is zoned out.
  • Laurel is telling people about what Ade’s album will sound like.
  • She pulls Ade away, though, and asks why she “seems to be a little elsewhere right now.”
  • Ade says she’s fine but Laurel presses.
  • She says she had a fight with her GF and she thinks it was her fault.
  • She wasn’t being very sensitive and needs to apologize.
  • Q27: So what the hell are you doing here?–Laurel
  • Q28: Okay, let me give you some advice. Not as your record producer but as your friend. Screw this party!–Laurel
  • She says the music industry is hard and she shouldn’t let it make decisions for her or she’ll be “eaten up and swallowed hole.”
  • I kind of like Laurel. But then I don’t. But then I do.
  • Dixon spies Ivy and plays some Bob Marley for her. (A reference to their earlier deejaying session.)
  • She smiles.
  • He starts to dance and sing along. It’s cute.
  • Ade goes to see Gia at her place.
  • She says she’s sorry for everything.
  • She thought she could handle this. But she should’ve talked to her and not Navid.
  • Ade says she understands why Gia didn’t go to the party and that’s fine as long as she’s there when she comes back.
  • And out of the bathroom comes Gia’s ex.
  • Q29: “You cheated on me? How could you do that?” You were throwing your relationship with Navid in my face. And I was upset. And insecure. And I bumped into Alexa and it just happened. I screwed up, okay? It just happened. I’m really sorry.” “I’m sorry, too.”–Ade and Gia
  • Naomi goes into her kitchen. There’s Liam.
  • She apologizes.
  • Q30: “I’ve screwed up dozens of times in my life but this by far is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. But I regret it. You have no idea how much I regret it.–Naomi
  • She says everything spiraled out of control.
  • He grabs his stuff. He’s going back to his mom’s.
  • Q31: “But you said that was the last place in the world you wanted to be.” “Well, I definitely don’t want to be here.”–Naomi and Liam
  • He leaves. She cries.
  • Dixon thanks Ivy for the job. He says it was “so dope.”
  • He says some well-dressed guy even gave him a business card.
  • Q32: Better believe I’m googling him when I get home!–Dixon
  • Take that, Gossip Girl, and your Bing promotion! (Kidding. Sort of.)
  • Dixon asks Ivy what’s wrong. She doesn’t want to talk.
  • He says despite his good looks and charm, he’s insecure, too.
  • The implication being she can talk to him.
  • She tells him she saw Liam and he didn’t break up with Naomi and they’ll never be together.
  • Q33: “Then he’s an idiot. ‘Cause you’re amazing, Ivy.” “You don’t have to say that.” “I know I don’t.” “The good thing is we can move on. Because I am totally over that guy.” “I’m happy to hear that. Because I like you, Ivy. Any chance you’ll let your fake ex-boyfriend take you out on a real date?” “Yes. Why not?” “Cool.” “Cool.”–Dixon and Ivy
  • Navid walks into a cafe. (Not The Peach Pit. Again). He’s still all dressed up.
  • He spies Adrianna sitting at a table.
  • Q34: Shouldn’t you be sharing shopping tips with Lady Gaga right now?–Navid
  • Ade says she’s writing a song. About being cheated on.
  • She says Gia cheated on her with her ex.
  • Navid sits down, says she’s sorry.
  • Q35: “It happens. It sucks but you survive. You did.” Yeah. You survive.”–Ade and Navid, both sorta talking about their past but sorta dancing around it.
  • Navid laughs. He says she’s being so calm, sitting here just writing a song.
  • He says it proves his earlier point that she’s changed.
  • She asks if he can stay…
  • Q36: Or are you on your way to see the president or something?–Ade
  • He says he can stay.
  • He asks to see what she’s writing.
  • She will share but with no judgments.
  • Laurel walks outside. Ryan is still there.
  • He couldn’t find his car. LOL
  • She’s amused.
  • She apologizes for not warning him about Dixon and Ade being at the party.
  • Q37: I’m note exactly a consequences-oriented woman. Never have been. And if you don’t want to hang out with me because of that, I get it.–Laurel
  • He says he’s “a big boy” and doesn’t “need a babysitter.”
  • He takes a joint from her and they smoke up.
  • Liam goes into his garage. Standing there is Scott Patterson. I mean, his dad.
  • Liam asks him when he got out.
  • His dad says not that long ago. As soon as he heard Liam was in California, he took the first bus out there.
  • Q38: I missed you, kid.–Finn (His dad)
  • They hung. It’s kind of tear-worthy.
  • Annie walks into her room. On her wall is a big photocopy of the picture of the guy she killed. The picture was at the memorial they showed in the Previously On (where Harry said he didn’t know the guy; clearly I missed what was significant about them showing that clip).
  • She rips it down. There’s another. She rips it down. There’s another.
  • Then she looks around and they are everything.
  • Pretty sure she is hallucinating.
  • Or dreaming. She just woke up. Walls are normal.
  • That was very Dan/OTH circa season 3 and 4.
  • At school, everyone is staring at Naomi and whispering.
  • They’re asking how she could make that up, how she could lie, etc.
  • She turns around and walks out.
  • Annie sees and follows her outside.
  • Q39: “I’m a terrible person.” “You’re not.” “I am. I don’t even know how this all happened. I said one thing and it spiraled completely out of control.” “Before you could say anything and control it, everything just took on a life of its own and became this nightmare you couldn’t wake up from. Trust me, I get it.”–Naomi and Annie
  • Naomi is confused but sad and rests her head on Annie’s shoulder.
  • Strange way to end the episode.
  • Preview: A bad lie (Naomi, hugging Liam, tells him she loves him and he says he does, too), a good try (Liam and Annie all wet, she tells him he should be with Naomi), a big fight (Silver and Teddy arguing), a scary sight (Naomi is shocked to see Jen back, Jen says to call her karma). In two weeks, 4/27.



11 responses

13 04 2010

you are so awesome for doing this! thanks!

13 04 2010

i really liked tonights episode

lol @ my dad going “is that a joint?” me: “yes” him going “MAN THATS A FAT JOINT!… i guess thats hollywood for ya” *awkward

but my dad pointed out how navids little set up lila was kinda like what david did for donna at the peach pit after dark
i guess how they were both in a suit & what not

i felt so bad for ivy when liam was a total douche to her… unlike some people i like ivy a lot

…for once i thought dixon was so cute when he was djing and played the bob marley song for ivy & started lip syncing

i love how annie is starting to hang out with silver… and the little scene towards the end with naomi
annie & silver in the beginning: amazing!

first thing i noticed: WHY DID THEY CUT OFF ADE’S HAIR?! i mean its still some what long but its not as long as it was before -_-
&i cant believe the whole gia cheating on ade happened so fast… i thought this relationship was gonna last for a while, i hope they get back together tbh

13 04 2010

Really wondering how Ryan is being slowly being warped into a show within a show, “The Ryan Mini-Show”. Oh well, at least it looks fun to see him dance while high.

13 04 2010

Pretty awesome episode. I’m loving Divy and Sannie scenes!! Finally a genuine relationship and friendship 🙂 I was really shocked at the Annie and Naomi moment but it was really nice and ironic.

13 04 2010

Thank you, Alexa. I’m glad you like it.

Yay, you liked it, Danielle! That’s great because you seemed to hate last week’s episode! LOL I kinda want to meet your dad! (Is that weird?) Interesting D/D comparison. I should point out, though, that David did his thing for a special anniversary of theirs–the date of when they first said I love you. (Aw.) I don’t particularly care for Ivy but my heart broke during that scene. I almost forgot that Annie’s first friend in Beverly Hills–besides already knowing Ethan–was Silver. I’d like them to get back to that friendship–and maybe have Silver and Naomi on the outs again (not that those things have to go together). I kinda noticed Ade’s hair, but kinda didn’t. I liked, it though. I thought it was getting to be too long, or at least not styled right. The cheating thing with Gia was really fast. They had a nice kinda slow build-up to a really sweet relationship. I wasn’t really expecting that and then I wasn’t expecting tonight. I knew something happened with jealousy and Gia’s ex but I didn’t think THAT happened. I feel like this was the end of that storyline (though I don’t know for sure), which means it kind of crashed and burned after a bright start, IMO. Sad.

James, your comment made me crack up! He is totally in his own world, sans the loose ties he technically has to Ivy (and Naomi). I don’t know why he hasn’t been written out yet and I hope he’s gone next season. This is nothing against Ryan Eggold. I just think they’ve done a horrible job with his character and it doesn’t seem like Ryan (the character) belongs on this show.

Wes, I thought you’d be happy! Hope for your sake more Divy and Sannie is on the way! At first I was surprised that Annie went over to Naomi and thought it was a really nice gesture out of nowhere but then I remembered they’re friends again. Still, it was nice that she went over. It was interesting how they had a parallel going. But I still think it was a weird choice to end the episode with it.

13 04 2010

LOL youre right i did hate last weeks episode i dont know why…
&my dad would love you it seems like you guys both share the same love for the old BH 90210
ohhh yeah thats why david did that for donna, that episode just recently aired on soapnet but i wasnt really paying attention
OMG shari now that you say you didnt think that “THAT” would happen… what exactly did happen? for some reason the cw channel always messes up and it messed up (went black screen) right when gia was about to say something but from what i read above she didnt really get into detail
im assuming they hooked up… bad move gia
that kind of sucks if that storyline is over, cause i read somewhere that like the producers? said that it wasnt going to be a quickie thing that it was gonna be a real relationship, which in a way it was but its over just like that

kinda looks like naomi is gonna get close to annie friendship wise by how tonights episode ended but who knows
IA with you though i loved when silver & annie were close =(

THANK GOD someone else agrees with me about ryan i could care less about his character i hope hes gone by next season… but i read that some stuff is gonna go down with his character, eek

13 04 2010

Yeah I was happy to see Annie and Naomi but it still feels a little rushed to me and slightly akward. I really wanted Annie to just rub the humiliation in Naomi’s face but I’m kinda glad she didn’t because that would have been immature. Haha I hope there are more Divy, Sannie, and Lannie scenes in the future which I’m pretty sure there will be 🙂 I have to agree that it was a weird way to end the episode and even more weird that Naomi leaned on Annie’s shoulder. That was a little too much. I think the reason the writers pushed Naomi and Annie together so quickly is to hurry up and start the love triangle with Liam. Kinda like how Brenda and Kelly were still friends sorta eventhough they both loved Dylan.

13 04 2010

I really liked this episode! I am really loving season two! Before I forget to mention, I don’t think they cut Ade’s hair, I think they just took out Jessica Lowndes’ hair extensions, just a theory lol
I superrr loved the Annie/Silver scenes. I wish they would show the characters interacting more often. I hate how they chop their storylines up, for once I wish they would write some stroylines that showed how they are ALL friends together! I recently watched the season two premiere for the millionth time and snapped to the fact that Teddy & Ade used to date, and that he was her first. It just seems that the writers forgot that, since we barely see any interaction between. I’d just expect that they would still be friends, and also maybe a scene in where Ade and Silver talked about Silver being with Teddy, as the whole ‘dating your bffs ex’ girl rule exists. But I guess its too late for that!
Well anyways, as much as Naomi makes stuuuupid desicions, I do like her, and I kinda think I want her and Liam to stay together. I just don’t see Liam and Annie being a legit couple, but I guess I just have to wait and see how it plays out.
I didn’t care for the Laurel/Ryan scenes at all. I could do without both of those characters!
I really like Ivy and Dixon together, there’s some really special chemistry between them and I’m happy there willing to explore that. (Yay for the randomness of Bob Marley being on 90210 lol)
OMG on the Ade/Gia storyline. Can’t believe there’s so much drama between them already. I would have liked to see them have a peaceful, budding relationship for a good while, but I guess that’s not going to happen since Gia already cheated, and since Navid and Ade are getting close again, even if it is just plutonic for the time being. There’s sooo much potential for Gia/Ade, I hope the writers don’t just scrap the romance. I’d love to see there romance blossom more. That storyline can serve a purpose for alot of LGBT teens who watch the show, and it can help give people who don’t understand same-sex relationships a chance to see that they aren’t as ‘different’ as ‘normal’ hetero relationships. Do I make sense? Sry if I don’t!
I really don’t want to wait until the 27th!!! Ughh! Overall, great episode, and great coverage via live-blog as usual TDW 😀

13 04 2010

I’ve read from a couple of interviews last year with Ryan Eggold that he was disappointed that his character was not the fulfilling the way he was conceived, a cool teacher that serves as a connection between the teen and the adult characters.

Other than that, I saw a lot potential to Matthews as a possible academic rival to Harry given their contrasting ideologies of instilling discipline to the student body. The little thing with Ryan hooking up with dates have been quite minimal until that other side of his came to define him for much of the current season, starting with his weird infatuation of Jen “who looks like a poor clone out from that ‘White Chick’ movie” Clark and then becoming a big joke of a character. Although I respect Sarah Foster (given she’s the daughter of David Foster who has taken my fellow Filipino, Charice, into his fold) and I think she does a good job on creating a very villainous and manipulative character.

I’m still hoping with the possibility of Ryan getting re-integrated and interacting more with the core cast instead of being in a backburning storyline that has little or no connection with the more important stories given to the rest.

With regards to Naomi, I like how she transformed from b!tchy-I-hate-her to b!tchy-I-love her. IMO, she became quite a sympathetic character whose mere flaw was her being selfish, having raised on a very materialistic household. Although she had the best of intention of bringing herself back into the Blaze, the way she executed came out with a huge consequence.

These thoughts about the episode are coming from someone who has yet to watch it 😀

14 04 2010

man i love 90210 season 2….its become SO GOOOOD. more people should totally watch cuz they’re missing out’
i so want Liam and Annie to hook up.
why was there so less of Teddy and Silver…that sucked.
is Jasper ever coming back? i KINDA liked him even tho he was psycho
Ivy and Dixon are really cute.
Naomi got what she deserved…i dont like her that much…but i mean…i can understand…
and hey i love this whole blog…really glad i found it

19 04 2010

guys I really want the band song of this episode !! please!!

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