Spoiler: The Big Tease

13 04 2010


‘Gossip Girl’ pushed me over the edge when Chuck and Blair broke up after he Bass sold her out to his uncle in exchange for a hotel. And now, this is posted on People.com. Is Chuck truly planning on destroying his best friend’s relationship with Serena, or could there be a twist? – Daniela
I did my best to assuage your fears, but this is all exec producer Stephanie Savage would cough up: “It’s ‘Gossip Girl’! Always expect a twist.”

Do you have any information about the fate of ‘Life Unexpected’? – SVaddicted via Twitter
With the season finale just aired, Season 2 at this point is neither unexpected nor expected. The consensus seems to be that the CW will need to choose between ‘LUX’ and ‘One Tree Hill,’ with the latter being more expensive to produce. Also figuring into the decision is how the network’s assorted pilots shake out. Cross fingers!

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I posted the aforementioned PEOPLE.com article a few days ago.

Life Unexpected stars Kerr Smith (Jack, Dawson’s Creek).

The CW is looking at six pilots (not including reality shows).



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13 04 2010

Seems like the GG drama is more in real life than on the tv! Since it seems the break ups are true, can there be anything to the Leighton Meester-Robert Pattinson rumors? (As a Blair-Chuck fan, I’m kind of surprised there’s no Leighton-Ed rumors!)

13 04 2010

Cheesy, I am busting that rumor right now! It’s not true. We are writing it up at Gossip Cop. Look for it in tonight’s News Roundup and on GC in a bit.

13 04 2010

I don’t see how the CW expects to air 6 shows with a two hour per day schedule unless they make some of the shows 30 minute dramas because they already picked up GG and OTH/LUX on Monday, Tuesday is 90210 and MP/Hellcats/HMS, Wednsday is Top Model and whatever else, Thursday is TVD/SPN, and Friday is SMV. That’s a pretty tight schedule.

TDW I was wondering if the Ed and Jess story was really true because Perez said it wasn’t and that they are still together so I’m curious lol

Another thing was that I read an article (new) about Shenae going crazy on set and partying all night and stuff. Almost like the old Shannen and I was wondering if that was true as well. She doesn’t seem like that type to me.

13 04 2010

Thanks TDW! It did sound a bit… off.

13 04 2010

You’re welcome, Cheesy.

Wes, just because they ordered 6 pilots doesn’t mean all 6 will be given series orders. Networks usually pick up only a couple but it varies for each network and for each season. Any possible scheduling right now is pure speculation. We really have no idea what will be picked up, what will be paired with what, what will air on what day and what will air what time of year. Sometimes they are working on these things to the very last minute, the night before or even the morning of the upfront, where they officially announce the fall schedule.

Moving on, Jess and Ed have definitely broken up and it’s true she cheated. I would NEVER post anything that was false and if it something did turn out not to be true, then I would post a correction as soon as possible. Furthermore, Perez lies on a daily basis and I work for a company that advocates for accurate entertainment journalism and exposes the fabrications people and sites like him tell. Additionally, the post I think you are referring to on their breakup was his second or third, all of which contradicted his previous ones. He copied it from somewhere else (as he usually does) and copied it wrongly (as he often does), saying the show’s rep denied it when it was her rep (and that denial was also in the very, very first story on the breakup, which was in the New York Post, so it wasn’t new info or anything). And her rep will deny it as it is not in her client’s best interest to admit that she, a young, pretty, up-and-coming star on a hit series, cheated on her co-star. (And for further proof on Perez’s lies, please see what Cheesy wrote, my response, and then head over to Gossip Cop to see that Perez was wrong about that story, too).

Lastly, in regards to Shenae, I don’t know what article you’re talking about but I would GUESS it’s false. The rumors about her circa when the show started were false and she even talked about it on Chelsea Lately just recently, before the hiatus ended. When the show started, many tried to make her like “the new Shannen” and I wouldn’t be that surprised if that angle keeps resurfacing because it’s easy and convenient and people will believe it.

13 04 2010

Hi, again!
Any guesses on what Sophia Bush’s role on the pilot with ole’ Don Johnson may mean for the fate of OTH next year? I’m keeping hope alive that there may still be a 13 episode run but if the pilot happens, who knows? I can’t imagine OTH without her, but I know Sophia will be great in whatever she’s in.

14 04 2010

Cheesy, I answered this in my News Roundup, which was posted not along after you asked this. Unfortunately, I am just seeing your comment now. Sophia’s casting means NOTHING for the fate of OTH next year. She is simply preparing herself in case OTH is canceled. If OTH is renewed, she will be doing OTH.

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