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27 04 2010


Any scoop on what 90210 has planned for their season finale? — Amber
The TV Addict: Would it surprise you to learn an nod to iconic original series star Emily Valentine? No really. Whether it be by happy accident or not, 90210’s May 18 season finale will go out with a bang when things really start to heat up on Liam’s boat after a certain somebody who-shall-not-be-named discovers that Annie and Liam are a little too dedicated to practicing “safe boating” in the form of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Will Chuck and Blair end the season on a happily ever after? I’m worried for them. — Stacey
The TV Addict: We’re not so worried about Blair — who will have until the credits role on GOSSIP GIRL’s May 17 season finale to decide whether or not to meet Chuck at the top of the Empire State Building — as much as we’re worried for all of Manhattan. For as it turns out, April showers brings May shockers… in the form of Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) who returns to Manhattan… with a vengeance.

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I totally gagged at the first sentence of the first question.



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27 04 2010

I’m confused by the answer to the first question. Does this mean that Emily Valentine is going to be on this show or that something similar to her storyline is going to happen? And when they are talking about the mouth to mouth resusitation does it mean that one of them is in life threatening danger or that Liam and Annie are kissing? And do the two things have anything to do with each other? Why must spoiler columnists be so cryptic and flowery with their words? Sometimes they forget to make any sense and end up giving more questions then answers.

27 04 2010

They mean something similar is going to happen. Emily Valentine is remembered by many in the pop culture fold for nearly setting the gang’s homecoming float on fire. In the season finale of 90210, it seems that Jasper will set the boat on fire. Thus, they are drawing a comparison.

I took the mouth-to-mouth part to mean Liam and Annie are kissing.

From what I’ve read, I’ve envisioned it to be Annie and Liam on a boat doing whatever when Jasper somehow sets it on fire. Whether that’s actually how it goes down, I don’t know.

Hope that helped! =)

27 04 2010

Annie and liam!! thats perfect. there always seemed to be a spark. naomi & liams relationship i sonly based on sex and theyre boring! naomi sucks also. annie is my fave!

27 04 2010

Btw, i cannot wait to read your liveblog tonight because unfortunately i have to miss 90210 😦 but thanx for liveblogging, it really keeps me caught up!! boat on fire and jasper? o.O

27 04 2010

Aw, you’re welcome! I’m happy to hear you’ll be checking it out.

27 04 2010

awww that spoiler made me soo happy! I can’t wait to read your blog and to see Liam and Annie in the fountain tonight!

28 04 2010

Lannie kiss on the finale is what I was hoping for but they still seem a little too forced to me.

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