Taylor Momsen on Playing Jenny

7 05 2010

“I’ve had such a great time playing Jenny because she is the most transformational character. She’s the one who transforms the most and is constantly kind of reinventing herself from figuring out who she is.”



4 responses

8 05 2010
Joe and Sara

Does anyone else feel that jenny has become the tv version of Taylor MoMsen? I loved jenny during the first season. Season 2-she was okay but as 4 season 3-she was terrible. Hopefully when she returns late next season,she has had a good transformation. And can she please wash that terrible make up off!!!

8 05 2010

ugh. Taylor momsen makes me gag. Shes a 16 yr old smoker and swears like crazy and goes on about how she doesnt give a blank about being a role model. Yes, she is her own person, but she doesnt have to be so …ignorant and brutal about it. I cant find the word.

9 05 2010

I completely agree with the previous two comments. I loved her season one how she was sweet and innocent, but now it seems that as Taylor Momsen as an actor has grown up she has taken Jenny with her. I understand people growing up, but its just like she has no respect for her acting or her fans. And as her character is at the moment I won’t be saddened if she decides to leave Gossip girl for good.

9 05 2010

Yeah, Laura, that’s exactly what I was trying to say. No respect for her acting or her fans.

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