News Roundup: 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and Dawson’s Creek

6 05 2010
  • Be sure to check out The CW’s site for all the new video content this week.
  • ScreenStar has a spoilish interview with Tristan Wilds (Dixon, 90210).
  • The Sun has an interview with Sara Foster (Jen, 90210).
  • Tori Spelling (Donna, Beverly Hills 90210) and husband Dean McDermott will be renewing their vows.
  • Zap2it has an pretty good interview with Mike Grubbs (Grubbs, One Tree Hill), where he seems to imply two possible endings have been shot for the finale. Have you read my interview with him?
  • Us Weekly is reporting Hilarie Burton (Peyton, One Tree Hill) has had a baby with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I first heard about this months ago but refrained from posting it as it was not reported by the mainstream media (until now).
  • Burton has a new blog post on the SoGoPro blog (unrelated to the above).
  • There’s a new Talking Gossip After Dark podcast, featuring my recap of this week’s episode.
  • A woman in Florida is urging her local public library system to not have Gossip Girl books be available to teens.
  • Joel Schumacher, the director of Twelve, which stars Chace Crawford (Nate, Gossip Girl), spoke about him and GG in an interview.
  • North By Northwestern, a publication at my alma mater, has a decent tribute to Dawson’s Creek.
  • The Frisky also has a DC tribute of sorts, and it features interesting (and, in my opinion, fairly valid) comparisons to Gossip Girl.



11 responses

7 05 2010

im like shocked by this hilarie burton news.

7 05 2010

WHAT!!!!!????? Hilarie Burton one of my favorite actresses has not only gotten pregnant but already had the baby and I’m just now hearing about it? That is probably the craziest/weirdest things I have heard in awhile. Was she trying to keep it a secret?

7 05 2010

I’m kind of sceptical about the Hilarie Burton news because surely we would have seen her baby bump on the SoGoPro vlogs. I’d like some conformation to be honest.

7 05 2010

She’s super skinny and some people don’t show. congrats to her for keeping it quiet for so long. and jeffrey dean morgan was on chelsea lately last week and said nothing about it. really i am shocked.

7 05 2010

One of the ‘related stories’ below the tristan wilds interview is “What! Dustin Milligan left 90210?” and now i miss ethan. again.

7 05 2010

I was soooo surprised to hear about the Hilarie Burton news, but like Izzie, I think I want some sort of validity from either her or Morgan. I wonder if the OTH cast/crew knew about her pregnancy? Why so hush hush? Hmmmm. If it is true, I wish them the best, that little boy is lucky, he has P.Sawyer as a momma!

7 05 2010

I understand you’re all shocked–with good reason. But Izzie, g90210th (and everyone else), I hope you’ll take my posting it as confirmation. I know Us Weekly isn’t always a reliable source but this was actually confirmed to me in late February or early March (I don’t specifically recall). I just didn’t post it then because I thought it would be rude to “out” her before the mainstream media did or she did herself. So now, don’t think of this as Us or one of the other places copying their story confirming it. Think about me: I post things that I know to be true/fact and if I’m not sure, I either don’t post it or I let you guys know that I’m not sure. The pregnancy was kept quiet and if you weren’t a die-hard fan on their message boards, or purposefully searching for it or accidentally stumbling across it or a Wilmington local, you didn’t know. She wasn’t photographed by the media at all in about a year but she does live in Wilmington and she was spotted quite a few times with her baby bump and then the baby. It’s a really respectful, quiet, close-knit community there and while some leaked it/confirmed it online, no one told the mainstream media. (If you do a search, you might be inundated by all the new articles about it from yesterday but if you look hard enough, you’ll find lots of speculation and discussion from the past few months.) Yes, Burton has her own blog. But if you notice, her vlogs have been few and far between in the last six or so months and when she has done one, they were shot from the upper chest or shoulders up. Why was it hush-hush? I can’t comfortably answer that but feel free to do your own research (some theories are out there). I would think the OTH cast/crew knew just from simply living and working in the same area. Anyway, you guys are entitled to believe whatever you want. I admire you for wanting more direct confirmation. But you are all regular readers and I think you know by now how much I pride accuracy and how reliable the information is that I post.

Lexy, I miss Ethan too. I wonder how different this season might’ve been if he was still around.

7 05 2010
Joe and Sara

Lol that lady keeping the gossip girl books is a bit much

7 05 2010

Congrats to Hilarie and family! I bet the baby is exceedingly cute. It’s pretty great that they were able to have the privacy that they wanted.

7 05 2010

Thanks for the clarification TDW, I’m sorry if I was coming off as if I didn’t believe you, I know how serious you are about making sure only the truth is being fed to your readers. I guess it’s just a little shocking for me to hear about her, but as I said above I just wish them the best of luck!

7 05 2010

Thanks for the reiteration, I wasn’t sure if you were posting it as confirmation or not, but now it’s confirmed, that’s so amazing for her and JDM, that baby boy is gonna have the best parents 🙂

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