Spoiler: Ask Ausiello

6 05 2010


Question: You said that one of the “possible fatalities” in your May Sweeps Scorecard is reserved for a Gossip Girl character. You weren’t talking about Lily, right? —Fernanda
No, I wasn’t talking about Lily. The victim in question is *a*e.

Question: What’s with all the Taylor Momsen/Gossip Girl drama? Will she be back next season at all? —Allo
Not sure what drama you’re referring to, but per my original story, she’ll be MIA only for the first part of next season. My prediction: Jenny will make a dramatic return at the start of November sweeps!

Question: What is really up with Jen on 90210? —Fernando R.
I believe you’ll get your answer next Tuesday.

Credit: EW.com



5 responses

6 05 2010
Joe and Sara

Do you think he meant Nate or male??? I doubt they would kill of Nate though. Besides the actor can’t act in footloose because it’s during the time he’ll be shooting season 4. So yeah it has to be someone else. Maybe each astericks does not mean only one letter is missing and maybe a few letters are missing. Could it be vAnEssa??? Lol, I know wishful thinking:)…HATE JEN ON 90210 but I dont know if its love to hate her or just cant stand her. Lol

6 05 2010

maybe then mean male. vanessa is leaving though.

6 05 2010

Joe and Sara, wow, I didn’t even think of Nate. I assumed he meant “male” but I guess it could be Nate. But I don’t think he meant that the person *would* die for sure (or at least die for sure before the end of the season finale as opposed to a cliff-hanger with life hanging in the balance). That’s why it’s a possible fatality, as opposed to confirmed fatality. With his asterisk puzzles, it’s usually one per letter so Vanessa wouldn’t work. As far as Jen goes…I just can’t stand her, lol.

Lexy, Vanessa is leaving because of her CNN internship. It’s more of a summer thing, I believe, where she’ll return when the new season starts or a few episodes in. It’s not a leaving-for-good thing, as far as I know, though anything could change, of course.

6 05 2010

yeah i know i was just sayinn

8 05 2010

LOL. Fatality. I assumed NATE, but MALE seems very fitting. Yay! I hope they reveal Jen’s rumored pregnancy 🙂

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