Stephanie Savage on The O.C. World Versus The Gossip Girl World

12 05 2010

“I think there is something inherently fascinating about worlds you have to be born into. Even more than The O.C., where you had wealthy people and they lived in a gated community, but it was a world where if you made enough money and you were successful enough, you could be part of that world. But the Upper East Side world, that really is about birthright and family and who came over on the Mayflower. It’s a world that is not open to all of us.”



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12 05 2010
Thing 3

Hands down, IMO, The OC world is better than the GG world. I loved how they showed the Newpsies, and the drama at the functions and i thought the social world as well as the family scene was portrayed better than GG

12 05 2010

THe OC was about friends & Family. GG is about who stabbed someone first, who slept with whom, who sent a blast…who betrayed whom…

12 05 2010
Thing 3

Well in a sense, GG is about family and friends also. backstabbing and conviving is just a side.

13 05 2010

I completely agree, The OC shows happiness throughout the families and friendships whereas GG just shows backstabbing with the occasional happy moment. I think thats where it comes down to what Stephanie Savage said, as being born into a world creates a sense of arrogance and snobbery whereas The OC lets people in. In my opinion The OC world is a much better world 🙂

13 05 2010
Rinth de Shadley

I agree about the OC. But I see GG as being more about friends working together to solve problems,with occasional moments of backstabbing.

I mean, look at how GG characters join together when one of them is in trouble, even if they’re angry at each other. Sure they have arguments, and I trust some of them (like Jenny) less than others. But overall, it’s a very positive show.

And trust me: If you’ve got enough money, the birthright requirement is waived. People might sometimes criticize the “nouveau riche,” but everyone wants to go to their parties. 🙂

13 05 2010
Joe and Sara

Sure gossip girl was never really the O.C’s first and fourth season quality BUT I have to say that even though gossip girls quality has dropped this season it has not dropped as bad as the O.C did during its second and third season. But thats just my opinion:)

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