News Roundup: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210

11 05 2010
  • Last night’s One Tree Hill (2.1 million rounded up) and Gossip Girl (1.8 million rounded up) both rose a tiny bit in the ratings compared to last week, though Gossip Girl’s raise was teeny tiny.
  • Mark Schwahn (creator, One Tree Hill), Mike Grubbs (Grubbs, One Tree Hill) and some others, under the name Nashville Skyline, co-wrote the song Carry You Home, which will play in the season/series finale’s coda next Monday.
  • Lee Norris (Mouth, One Tree Hill) will be the guest on ArtistsOnDemandRadio next Monday after the season/series finale airs.
  •’s two writers believe One Tree Hill has a 60 or 75 percent chance of renewal.
  • E! Online has a spoiler regarding William (Billy Baldwin, Gossip Girl), which you can file under “Thank you, Captain Obvious. This is Gossip Girl we’re talking about.”
  • The Dartmouth has an interesting article on the suckiness of Gossip Girl, particularly when compared to  The O.C.
  • PopEater has an interview with Leighton Meester (Blair, Gossip Girl) mostly about her singing career.
  • has a pretty good interview with Laura Harring (Elizabeth, Gossip Girl).
  • Jessica Lowndes (Adrianna, 90210) is now on Twitter. I’ve added her to the Twitter Directory.
  • WPIX has a spoilish video interview with Lowndes.
  • Korbi has a spoilish video interview with Trevor Donovan (Teddy, 90210).
  • The CW Source has a spoilish video interview with Diego Boneta (Javier, 90210).
  • Kellan Lutz (George, 90210) is reportedly in a salary dispute with Summit Entertainment regarding Breaking Dawn and his role could be recast.



5 responses

12 05 2010

I liked that article. It combines my love for The O.C. with my current dislike for Gossip Girl. and anything that references the oc is okay by me.
favorite line –
‘“Gossip Girl” could not handle Seth Cohen. He’s too smart. Serena would get confused whenever he opened his mouth.”

12 05 2010

Wow, you just scared the heck out of me with the ‘season/series finale’…..
I expect news any day now, so when I read that…

Thank god it was a false alarm, and hopefully the show will be renewed!!

12 05 2010

Lexy, glad you liked the article. I do, too. O.C. beats GG in my book.

Bram, sorry about that. I refer to it as the “season/series finale” because we don’t know yet whether it will actually be the season finale or series finale. So, to cover my bases, I put use both words when talking about the ep.

12 05 2010

LOL, Summit will get the ire of Twilight fans again if another actor from the franchise is going to be replaced like in last year with New Moon.

Unless either one of the parties are at fault with this whole salary dispute, the franchise will be placed on a win-or-lose situation. It’s not just about Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and, since New Moon, Taylor Lautner, it’s all about the ensemble cast who brings life into Stephanie Mayer’s cast of characters

12 05 2010

Haha! Kellan Lutz should take what hes offered before he gets dropped. Hes barely even in any of the films. I dont even remember whether he was in new moon or not.

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