Live-Blog: 90210 2.21

11 05 2010

Last Week’s Live-Blog

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EPISODE 2.21: Javianna

  • Previously On: Liam’s dad Finn has skipped town, Jen is in charge of Naomi’s finances, Spence tells teddy to break up with Silver, Navid believes in Ade and doesn’t want to see her sad, Javier is surprised Ade doesn’t have a boyfriend, Navid overhears her saying there is no special guy
  • This is the second to last episode before the season finale.
  • While I don’t know yet how I actually feel about the Javianna coupling, I think the term “Javianna” works awesomely.
  • Oh, and let me also say I am obsessed with the song they sang last week. Okay, on to actual blogging!
  • The guys are in L.A.
  • Dixon, Teddy, Navid and Liam
  • It is night. They are going to hang out.
  • Navid is clearly annoyed about something.
  • He spots a billboard on a bus of Javier.
  • Q1: I’m tired of looking at his face.–Navid.
  • Dixon reminds him that he is no longer with Ade.
  • Q2: Yeah, wow, I know that already, okay?–Navid
  • But he says he doesn’t want to be.
  • Dixon asks if Ade knows he broke up with Lila. He says no.
  • Dixon says step one is telling her that.
  • Liam says step two is letting her know he wants her back.
  • Q3: Step three, cut a single. Become an overnight teen heartthrob.–Teddy
  • Cut to Ade bragging about Javier.
  • She has been on 2 dates with him. Don’t think they kissed yet.
  • Naomi and Silver can meet him at her upcoming concert.
  • Naomi’s card is declined at the beach club.
  • She confronts Jen, who says she’s  canceled them.
  • Naomi has been spending too much and now all she will get is greens in low denominations, LOL
  • Naomi gets a call from a Jay Boyd.
  • Except it’s Jen’s phone and she snaps it.
  • She tells the person it isn’t a good time and she has to call her back.
  • Naomi asks what that was about and she says it’s none of her business.
  • She tells Naomi to get used to a new way of life.
  • Q4: Frugal is the new black.–Jen
  • She said that so unconvincingly.
  • Next day, Dixon and Ivy are at the beach.
  • She is going to Australia for the summer.
  • Dixon is bummed.
  • She says he should come.
  • He really wants to.
  • They kiss.
  • Um, Dixon, you have parents to consult first!
  • Liam tells Annie he has an idea for their presentation.
  • It’s funny.
  • How long has passed? This is the first episode with them working on a project!
  • Annie goes to her locker and turns around…
  • There’s Jasper! On crutches!
  • Perfect time to read my interview with Zachary Ray Sherman, who plays Jasper, if you haven’t already!
  • Annie and Jasper are along in a classroom. Not a good idea, Annie!
    She asks when he go tout of the hospital.
  • He says a few days ago. Doctors said he should re-integrate at school.
  • Q5: Annie, there’s no excuses for what I did.–Jasper
  • She asks how he is and he says okay but…
  • He says he needs to explain…
  • Q6: I was always an outcast and then you came along and I saw how much my uncle’s death affected you and I took advantage of that. Didn’t think I was going to fall in love with you but I did. But then when you threatened to leave me, I panicked.–Jasper
  • Q7: You’re one of the good ones, Annie. Is there any way you can forgive me? That we can be friends?–Jasper
  • She says she forgives him but they can’t be friends. Too much has happened.
  • He says he’s understands and thanks her for listening.
  • And he says it all so damn convincingly!
  • Teddy has a big tennis practice before a big tournament, he tells Silver.
  • He can rank #1 in the country if he wins!
  • He has to go but he and Silver don’t want to part.
  • They kiss and giggle then he goes.
  • Naomi comes over and makes innuendos: dipping his pin, mattress mambo.
  • Silver says no, they haven’t done that yet.
  • Q8: The only time I’ve ever done it, I was going through a manic phrase. I’m kind of like a virgin again.–Silver
  • Seriously can’t even mention Dixon’s name? He has nothing to do with it then or now?
  • She wants it to be really right this time but she doesn’t know how she’ll know when it’s right.
  • Navid spies Ade walking out of school.
  • A limo pulls up. It’s Javier with flowers.
  • Girls scream.
  • Q9: Every now and then I like to stop at high schools and get a little ego boost.–Javier
  • He gives her a kiss on the cheek, says he wanted to see her.
  • He has a special night planned for them.
  • She says she’s not really dressed yet.
  • She says his driver got clothes and whatnot. Sketchy. LOL
  • She goes with him happily. Navid is crushed.
  • Teddy is practicing as Spence watches.
  • Teddy’s phone rings on the bench and Spence looks at it.
  • I think it was Silver’s.
  • Teddy comes over. Spence gives him some unfriendly advice.
  • Spence says Silver texted him.
  • He assumes Silver has had trouble accepting it’s over.
  • Teddy says he hasn’t broken up with her.
  • Spence said he thoughts that what they decided.
  • Q10: No, you decided. I decided I didn’t want to. I love her, dad, and I’m not breaking up to her.–Teddy
  • Spence says Teddy is not thinking straight and needs to focus on his tennis.
  • Teddy says he can do both.
  • Q11: I thought you were going to be the one kid of mine that was a success.–Spence
  • At the Wilsons, Harry and Debbie are getting dinner ready in silence.
  • Dixon asks if it’s a good time to talk.
  • He says Ivy and Laurel are going to Australia and they’ve invited him.
  • Harry says “absolutely not” and Dixon doesn’t deserve a trip right now.
  • Debbie is shocked–why isn’t this a discussion?
  • Dixon says it’s okay. They can drop it.
  • Debbie says the trip sounds like a good opportunity, if there’s supervision.
  • Debbie says she has a say in this, too.
  • Dixon says to forget it.
  • Debbie says she and Harry will discuss it like a couple and then get back to him.
  • Ade is all dressed now. She enters a club and on the dance floor is a fancy table set up.
  • The spotlight comes on and Javier is on stage, surrounded by candelabras.
  • He has a guitar and starts to play.
  • Wonder how many girls he’s done this for!
  • She’s swooning. But does she like him or the song?
  • Knock at Silver’s garage place.
  • It’s Teddy. She senses something’s wrong but he says he’s fine.
  • She asks him to share what’s going on.
  • Teddy says his dad is an ass.
  • Q12: Sometimes the only place I feel like I can breathe is here with you.–Teddy
  • Q13: You make me so happy, Silver.–Teddy
  • She says he does the same for her.
  • They kiss as Javier’s song continues to play in the background.
  • I think we know where this going.
  • They looked at each other and she starts to undo his shirt and then hers.
  • He says he thought she wanted to wait.
  • Q14: I did. And now I’m ready. It just feels so right.–Silver
  • Seriously? They haven’t  made out or anything before partially undressed?
  • How is this a sign that it’s a “go all the way” moment?
  • Whatever. Not all couples/people are the same, do things the same way.
  • This seems like an unusually long commercial break.
  • At school, Naomi drives in a shitty car. Reminds me of Mondale.
  • Naomi cries to Liam about her car being taken away.
  • Q15: I’m poor, Liam. What is there to live for?–Naomi
  • She says she needs to get her money back and thinks Jay holds the key–but she doesn’t know who he is.
  • Liam says she can wait til she’s 18 and gets control of her money.
  • Naomi says she can’t wait that long and accuses Liam of not understanding the gravity of the situation.
  • And that sets him off…
  • Q16: All I am is there for you.–Liam
  • He points out he’s listened to her the past however long while she ignored his issues.
  • Q17: For you to say that I’m not there…whatever, Naomi.–Liam
  • He walks away, pissed!
  • Dixon comes into the kitchen at home. He goes home for lunch?
  • Debbie has made bangers and mash, LOL
  • She says if he can come up with the money for a ticket, he can go on the trip.
  • She does an Australian accent. It’s really funny and cute.
  • Dixon is thrilled.
  • At school, Ade asks Silver if everyone is staring at her.
  • Silver says it has to do with yesterday.
  • She asks if Ade will do an interview with her for the Blaze.
  • Lila can’t do it because she’s stayed away from since her break up with Navid.
  • Ade is, of course, shocked. Says Navid didn’t tell her.
  • Silver asks why he would.
  • Ade makes a face.
  • Q15: Do you like Navid again?–Silver
  • Ade says it doesn’t matter. Navid and Lila have been broken up for like a week and if he liked Ade, he should’ve told her.
  • Interesting theory. Feel like we’ve seen it before.
  • Mark and his friends hound Jasper in the hallway.
  • Q16: Well, well, it’s Mr. Hollywood sign!–Mark
  • He makes a comment about Jasper being in a straight jacket.
  • Q17: I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed his uncle.–Mark
  • Annie comes up and yells at Mark.
  • Mark says Annie and Jasper belong together.
  • Jasper says she didn’t have to do that.
  • Annie says this all started with her and his uncle. It’s all her fault.
  • Jasper says it’s okay. He says she forgave him and he forgave her.
  • Liam sees them and doesn’t look happy.
  • Spence is at Silver’s.
  • She’s surprised to see him but welcomes him in.
  • He’s come to talk to her.
  • She asks how long she’s been dating Teddy.
  • She says a couple of months.
  • Spence says Teddy has been playing tennis since he was 4.
  • And he has one chance to go pro.
  • Q18: Do you want to be the one that ruins that for him?–Spence
  • Spence says the relationship is causing him to lose focus.
  • Q19: How much will it cost to get you to walk away?–Spence
  • He offers $100k and then $150k.
  • She tells him to leave.
  • Q20: If you love my son, don’t get in the way of his dream.–Spence
  • I would like to note that Felice tried to pay Ray to stay away from Donna on the original.
  • Segment with AnnaLynne and 90210 stylist Kime Buzzeli.
  • Gossip Girl season finale promo!
  • Liam is painting or priming his boat.
  • Naomi comes in. He doesn’t care to see her.
  • She says the boat looks good and then says he was right.
  • She’s been too focused on her own life and wants to be here for him.
  • He’s not phased.
  • Q21: I screwed up but I’m here now. And I promise it will not happen again.–Naomi
  • He looks at her and she tells him to share what’s going on.
  • He says his dad came back, showed up wanting a relationship and took off.
  • Naomi says she’s sorry.
  • Liam says he’s fine.
  • Naomi says she can’t beleive she wasn’t there for him.
  • He says it’s okay but she says it’s not but it won’t happen again.
  • Q22: You can trust me. Poor people tend to be honorable.–Naomi
  • I guess if you’re not Finn.
  • Navid is at school reading a blog about Javianna. He doesn’t like the name.
  • He’s in the Blaze office with Dixon.
  • Ade comes in, claims she’s looking for Silver. She’s not there.
  • She says she heard he and Lila back up.
  • Navid says it’s cool but he’s glad to be free.
  • He’s not one to be tied down.
  • Q23: How about you, Javianna?–Navid
  • he says Dixon shows him the blog.
  • He says he’s happy for Ade. Javier seems terrific–talent, handsome, buff, etc.
  • Q24: You go girl!–Navid
  • He is being so weird!
  • She says her first solo show is tomorrow and invites them.
  • He says he’ll check his calendar.
  • She leaves and Dixon asks what’s wrong with him.
  • Dixon says he made it clear he has feelings…for Javier.
  • Navid says he can’t serenade Ade like Javier does.
  • Q25: My Rabbi made me lipsynch the Torah portion at my bar mitzvah!–Navid
  • Love it!
  • Dixon says he has something with Ade that Javier doesn’t.
  • Q26: You guys were in love, man. Tap into that. And make your play already!–Dixon
  • Navid realizes he’s right.
  • Teddy’s match. The stadium is packed.
  • Teddy hits it out. Spence puts his head in is hands.
  • Match point.
  • I like seeing Teddy play.
  • Silver is there watching from a separate section.
  • Teddy loses.
  • Spence doesn’t look happy and rushes out.
  • Silver sees.
  • Dixon is offering to sell his iPod to someone for money.
  • Looks like a random student we’ve never met before. But they’re on the beach.
  • Ivy sees the exchange and walks over when it’s complete.
  • She asks what that’s about.
  • Q27: Making money, baby!–Dixon
  • She asks why he’s selling his stuff.
  • He says he needs to come up with the money for the ticket.
  • With everything going on with his parents, going with her on the trip means everything to him.
  • She does not look happy. Actually looks very uneasy.
  • Silver has waited for Teddy.
  • She says she’s sorry.
  • He says he threw away everything he’s been working for for years.
  • He says he shouldn’t have lost. He beat the guy twice.
  • Silver says maybe the guy got better.
  • Teddy says he shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night. (With her?)
  • Q28: This isn’t working. The relationship is too much me. It’s gotten too serious and it’s not what I wanted. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I wanted to wait til after you match.–Silver
  • She walks away and he calls after her.
  • She breaks out into tears as she walks.
  • One Tree Hill season finale promo…but it looks like a series finale promo. Says, “Find out how it ends.” Oy.
  • And the song playing talks about saying goodbye. Sheesh.
  • Javier tells Ade she’s going to “knock ’em dead.” This is pre-show.
  • Q29: Stop kissing or I’ll take a picture and send it to Perez.–Naomi
  • Ade explains Javier has to ravel.
  • They kiss goodbye.
  • Naomi says it’s a full house.
  • Ade asks if Navid came.
  • Q30: Oh, no. navid again, really?–Naomi
  • Ade says no. She’s moved on and so has he.
  • Navid just arrived. Dixon is there.
  • He got her a necklace! It looks a bit…gaudy.
  • He says he needs to remind her how well he knows her.
  • It’s actually a charm bracelet with…
  • An 11 and a 6 because they kissed on 11/6, a mini tulip (fave flower) and a mini hamburger (fave food).
  • That’s kind of sweet.
  • He says he’s going to leave it in her dressing room with a note to meet him on the roof.
  • OMG! Navid is talking about An Affair to Remember!
  • Says it’s like meeting on the Empire State Building in the movie.
  • The CW peeps should really cross-check these things!
  • Also bad idea to leave it for her. She’ll assume it’s from Javier. Duh.
  • Ade stars to perform. This is really Jessica Lowdnes’ song.
  • Navid leaves the gift for Ade in her dressing room.
  • The song is about not drinking but being addicted…to love.
  • Wonder who she wrote that for!
  • Dixon spies Ivy hanging in the back by herself. He goes over to her.
  • She shuns his kiss. He asks what’s wrong.
  • She says he shouldn’t sell his stuff to go on the trip.
  • Q30: We’re not all rich, you know?–Dixon
  • She says that he’s implying she’s spoiled.
  • She says she’s sorry her family has money.
  • He says he’s sorry his doesn’t.
  • He says she’s being judgmental.
  • She says maybe he shouldn’t come on the trip.
  • Q31: Fine. Then maybe we shouldn’t be dating at all.–Dixon
  • As Ivy says, “Wow. Okay.” She walks away.
  • Annie and Liam are working on their project. At school I think.
  • He’s very distracted.
  • He says he saw her with Jasper earlier. And is concerned. Aw.
  • Q32: The guy is a psycho!–Liam
  • Annie says he’s not. He snapped and he’s since apologized.
  • She says she knows what she’s doing.
  • She asks him to pull up what she wrote on her laptop.
  • He pulls up THE document. The one with her confession!
  • The camera zooms in to “killed a man.”
  • She snaps the laptop shut.
  • He asks what just happened and she says nothing and doesn’t feel like working anymore.
  • He’s confused and peeved. He leaves.
  • Not how I expected the doc to resurface! Interesting!
  • Silver asks Dixon if he’s having fun.
  • He says no. He got into a fight with Ivy and they broke up.
  • Silver says it’s going around. She and Teddy broke up, too.
  • They both say it sucks.
  • The guy from earlier comes over, drunk, saying he’s happy to have Dixon’s iPod.
  • He offers them vodka and they accept.
  • Guys, bad idea. Bad, bad idea.
  • Silver and Dixon drink.
  • Ivy is outside. Her mom spies her and ask why she’s outside.
  • Ivy says she broke up with Dixon. (Um, other away around, honey.)
  • She says the trip seemed like the biggest thing in his life. What if they got to Australia and don’t along?
  • Laurel says if that happens, they can just send hm home. Um, what?!
  • Ivy admits she freaked out.
  • Laurel says instead of picking a fight, she should’ve just shared her concern.
  • She laughs. She knows his mom is right.
  • Dixon and Silver are already DRUNK!!!!!
  • They are looking for the bathroom and laughing.
  • She pulls him into the room. It’s a broom closet.
  • And it looks oddly like the closet they hooked up in season 2. But that’s obviously not the same one, seeing as they are in two different places.
  • Q33: You’re Dixon Wilson! You are a great guy!–Silver
  • Q34: Teddy is a complete idiot because you, Miss Erin Silver, you are a great girl.–Dixon
  • They are still all giggles.
  • They get close and kiss. Still all giggles!
  • Back from commercial, Dixon pulls away.
  • Silver giggles that it’s a mistake.
  • They agree that they are drunk and idiotic. As they laugh.
  • They will pretend it never happened.
  • They leave the closet. (Heh.)
  • Ivy comes up and asks to talk to him.
  • Silver walks away.
  • She says she messed up.
  • She says she’s used to being “no strings attached” and Australia became like a marriage.
  • He says it was just a trip. A chance to get away with a cool girl and maybe see a kangaroo! LOL
  • She says she freaked out but she does still want him to come.
  • They hug.
  • Dixon seems to remember his kiss from a little earlier.
  • Navid watches lovingly as Ade performs.
  • She finishes the song and the crowd cheers.
  • She comes into the back and enters her dressing room.
  • Javier comes in and says she was amazing.
  • She’s surprised he’s still here.
  • He says he stayed for the first song and couldn’t leave.
  • It got him thinking: she should go with him to New York and they can perform their duet on stage.
  • But they have to leave now.
  • He says his assistant will pack up her things in the dressing room and she will buy whatever else she needs in New York.
  • She’s thrilled and “in.”
  • They kiss and leave.
  • And of course the gift is left behind.
  • Navid is on the rooftop.
  • He hears girls screaming and looks over the edge.
  • Javier and Ade are getting into the limo.
  • He yells to everyone that they’re going to New York.
  • He’s crushed.
  • At the Wilsons, Harry goes to talk to Dixon.
  • He asks how Dixon could even ask to go on the trip.
  • Dixon says what Debbie said: it was a good opportunity.
  • Harry says Debbie only said that because she doesn’t know about the gambling and break-in.
  • Q35: Then maybe you should tell me.–Debbie
  • Oh boy.
  • Liam and his mom are eating lunch.
  • She gets a call. It’s a potential housekeeper.
  • Liam asks what happened to Rosa.
  • She says that she was stealing from Jeffery’s coin collection.
  • Liam is shocked, of course, and upset.
  • He says Rosa wouldn’t do that and his mom says it’s clear she did.
  • Cut to him calling Naomi. She’s driving in her crappy car.
  • Liam says he really needs to talk. Can she meet him?
  • Naomi spies Jen and some guy.
  • She is distracted by it and when Liam gets her attention back, she abruptly says she has to go.
  • She says she thinks she has a flu. She’s in bed and will call him later.
  • He says okay.
  • But before she hangs up, he can hear horns beeping and her trash-talking someone.
  • He then calls Annie!
  • He apologizes over getting involved in her business earlier.
  • She says it’s fine.
  • He says he really needs to talk and asks to meet in the park.
  • She agrees.
  • Naomi has followed Jen and the guy into a doctor’s office.
  • She assumes he’s Jay Boyd and asks if  she’s having an affair with Jen.
  • He says “god no.” Seems gay.
  • Jen says he is Leo, her assistant.
  • Naomi asks how come she didn’t want to tell her who Jay Boyd was.
  • Q35: Because, Naomi, I hiding something. You caught me. Jay Boyd was my OB. Surprise. You’re gonna be an auntie!–Jen
  • She stands up and reveals her growing belly. How did that grow so fast?! How long ago was the last episode?????
  • Fade to black.
  • Preview: The overall voiceover says “It’s the 90210 season finale. All the moments you’ve been waiting for. and some things you’d never expect.” Tedd and Silver are dressed up, holding candles. They smile at each other. Annie and Liam hug. Liam’s boat is on fire at a marina. Liam ducks from the flame. Debbie is crying and yells at Harry that, “We don’t love each other anymore!” Ade is happily surrounded by cheering crowds. Liam tackles Jasper alongside the burning boat and punches him. Annie says to her parents, “There’s something I have to tell you.” At school, Naomi is an a classroom with Mr. Cannon, who says, “Enough with the teasing.” He kisses her forcefully as Silver approaches the classroom. Naomi pushes him off and goes, “Mr. Cannon!”

Those are my thoughts. What’s yours?



15 responses

11 05 2010

I hate to say this but tonight’s episode of 90210 was so forced that it’s not even funny. The only thing that flowed smoothly was the Jasper and Annie thing IMO.

11 05 2010

anyone notice jessica lowndes looks like nelly furtado? Except shes gorgeous-er!!! Ha

11 05 2010

Anyone got the feeling tonight’s episode went back to its 1st season roots?

11 05 2010

Jess did look beautiful and no i didn’t get the season 1 feel at all.

11 05 2010

It is so sad how they are building up the divorce, like we all know they don’t want harry around anymore, but do they have to make him into an @ss? I wish the writers would keep him around and have them work on their marriage.

11 05 2010

@Wes, I guess it’s just me. The episode was soundtrack-filled, similar to what 1st season episodes used to be when the show started its run.

The where “How much money do you want to keep out from my son’s life” and “If you love him/her, you’d stay away from him” is an overused soap opera cliche which I’ve seen countless times on a lot of TV shows, not just BH90210 especially when teenaged lovers are involved.

Sad that the Wilsons are breaking apart but here’s to wishing that 90210 would give good material to Lori Loughlin. her character has so much potential and the show could explore how she’d fare with being a single mom and rediscovering happiness after such a tumultuous year.

And indeed, they should also bring up the Lost Wilson storyline again to at least finally have it under wraps.

11 05 2010

there’s a SPOILER in this paragraph so if you dont wanna know don’t read it. so Naomi is gonna be assaulted/raped by cannon? This is what i thought was gonna happen when that spoiler about the awful thing that happens to naomi was physical. did not expect them to bring back cannon though.

I liked tonight’s episode. It didn’t seem that forced to me. I just can’t wait til next week!

12 05 2010

I was wondering, is Lori Loughlin still going to be on the show next season, or is she leaving along with Rob Estes?

12 05 2010

Oh, and I agree with what you said on the live blog. The One Tree Hill promo definitely felt like a series finale, with the whole goodbye sequence.

12 05 2010

Wes, I’m not sure what you mean by “forced.” Can you elaborate?

Amy, you are so right! Ade did look a lot like Nelly while performing.

James, thanks for elaborating on what you meant by “season 1 roots.” I’m not sure I got the same feeling, though. It’s been so long since I’ve seen early season 1 eps! Those things are definitely cliches, as is the rich vs. poor conflict. The key is to put new twists on them. I think we are kinda sorta maybe getting that here (did I just give the show a compliment? woah). I have no idea how they’re going to handle Debbie going forward and I’m kinda nervous about it. I guess they can’t really do the “Lost Wilson” story, though, with Harry gone and Naomi’s mom seemingly MIA.

vegasgirl, well, there’s conflicting explanations for Rob/Harry leaving. Some said it was the show’s creative choice and others said it was his choice (and still others said it was mutual) so it may not just be up to the writers to keep him around. I’m not sure who to really “blame,” so to speak. But I do think (and I believe I’ve said this before, and I am still being presumptuous given that we’ve haven’t seen everything yet) that it’s crappy just to write him out via marriage issues. That won’t satisfactorily explain his absence for me. This may sound weird to say but I am really hoping there’s a “twist” at the end of the finale, with him suddenly getting hit by a car or something (and I guess that could be kind of interesting given last season’s finale) and dying either in the finale or in the premiere (or between them). That, obviously, would be a sensible way to explain where his character is. And I think it could give Annie, Dixon and Debbie a lot of material to work with, particularly Debbie who could feel so guilty and devastated that he died before they worked out their issues. (I also don’t get why Harry didn’t tell Debbie from the get-go about the Dixon problem. I don’t think they’ve really made Harry into an ass but there’s no real defense for keeping that from her, IMO.)

Lexy, I think that is fair-game to discuss here, given the promo and the information that has been out for weeks and weeks. Yes, I do think Naomi will be sexually assaulted in some way (beyond the kiss from Mr. Cannon in the promo) and it will be a “boy who cried wolf” scenario, given what happened a few weeks ago. I didn’t expect it to be Cannon, either, and I don’t think others did. I had read some boards and people had all sorts of guesses, including a guy we haven’t met yet, but not Cannon.

Kate, yes, as far as we know, Lori will be back next season. Which is why, in regards to what I said to vegasgirl, I personally think the Harry thing was more his choice than the shows. When it broke that he was leaving, the show claimed they wanted to focus more on the younger characters and get rid of the adult ones, but that seems untrue when you consider that Debbie is still around, Ryan and Jen are and there’s other parents that pop in and out. It sounds like the “creative” thing was just an excuse to cover the fact that Rob was truly unhappy with the way the show was going. That said, it could also be the show did want to do less with him and decrease the adult focus, and he just decided it was better to leave. I dunno. I do hope we’ll get “the real story” at some point. I can’t understand why The CW would be doing that promo before announcing a decision. I don’t get it at all.

12 05 2010

By forced I meant that they were trying to rush and get all of these storylines going for the season finale instead of slowly building up to those moments like the whole Sixon kiss thing was so forced to me, I understand the divorce had to be forced because of Rob leaving so I’m not complaining about that and this Javianna thing is just annoying and forced to keep Navid and Ade apart for 3 episodes.

12 05 2010

TDW I had a flashback to Dallas while reading your comments. Pam and Bobby had broken up and finally reconnected, all was right in the world and then bam he gets hit and killed by a car (viewers later realize we spent a season in Pam’s dream and Bobby was not dead). I think if they did have harry and debbie work thru issues and then something tragic like a car accident kills him there would be more to work with. debbie would feel guilt and regret for lost time and sorrow for her future. she tries to pull it together for the kids. life must go on, but it would put a twist on it. like you said better than just a regular old ho-hum divorce.
And I agree with you, something like the trouble Dixon was in is something that you work at as a team. It made no sence to me that Harry would not talk to Debbie about that. But then again Big Jim never told Cindy about Brandon’s gambling problem.

12 05 2010

TDW: A car accident i wouldnt really like…im tired of seeing the wilsons (specifically annie) in peril! She needs some happy. That Mr. Canon thing was totally unexpected!! I just want to see lannie…tho i think it wont fully happen in the finale. And yes, jessica lowndes looked incredible! I never realized how gorgeous she was…oh wait, yea i did. I was surprised to find out teddy and silver havent don anything yet, teddy really doesnt seem like the type who could take that LOL…but seriously. I guess hes ‘in love’ so its ok…and i hated the Sixon (haha) kiss…now that seemed forced. Jasper seemed convincing and i felt bad for him 😦 but hes gonna go psycho in the finale w/ some fire drama right? Liams concern for annie talking to jasper was so sweet. (Damn hes hot!!) and i saw the document!! But i didnt think it would come up again ntil next season (which im so excited about)

12 05 2010

Wes, thanks for elaborating. The Sixson kiss wasn’t forced to me because they were drunk. Had they not been and it was seemingly a repeat of 2.12, that would feel forced to me. Part of me thinks it would’ve been a bigger deal if they had slept together, especially since she and Teddy had just done it for the first time, but I guess that would make Silver a bit too slutty. I don’t mind the Harry stuff, either, because I think they’re doing it fairly convincingly. But as I said above, divorce isn’t a good enough reason to explain his absence (if that’s what they end up doing). Completely agree that the Javianna thing is annoying. As I think I said last week or the week before, I wish they kept building Ade and Gia and also built to a Ade-Navid reunion. To introduce this new character for 3 episodes when the same storyline could be done without him–I don’t get it.

vegasgirl, Roseanne also did the whole dream thing. It’s kind of interesting, kind of infuriating. Good point about Jim not telling Cindy about Brandon’s gambling! I guess it would’ve been more harmful had Brandon’s gambling continued or other problems started and she found out. (For this point, I’m ignoring the fact that Brandon’s gambling problem resurfaced briefly in season 6. Doesn’t matter in this case since Jim and Cindy were in Hong Kong by that point.)

Alexandra: I would like to see Annie happy, too, but, since everyone grieves in a different way, it’s entirely possible Harry could die and it wouldn’t make her all devastated and depressed. Of course it would be unrealistic if she was all perky and happy-go-lucky, but I think it could be interesting if they showed her just trying to move on with her life and perhaps not understanding why Debbie and/or Dixon aren’t and vice versa. Yeah, I didn’t buy Teddy and Silver not having done anything before, either! LOL It amazes me how convincing Zachary Ray Sherman can be! I hate the promo already kind of showed us that he’s really not “reformed” or however you want to say it. I also don’t like that the promo showed the Cannon stuff. Would’ve been better if it was 100 percent a surprise. I expected the document to come back in the season finale and through Annie’s parents or Dixon finding it. Didn’t expect Liam to be the one. I wonder how much he really read, though.

16 05 2010

this episode was kinda scary
i love liam and annie!
and i cried when silver breaks up with teddy…like actual tears:(

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