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28 05 2010

I’ve been assured that Beverly Hills 90210, One Tree Hill and The O.C. will continue to air on SoapNet until the network stops operating circa 2012.

I’ve tried expressing my devastation to people…and it’s been difficult.

Sure, I have all the Beverly Hills 90210 DVDs that have been released (still waiting on season 10) and countless VHS tapes.

But there’s something comforting, not to mention purely amazing, in knowing it has been on television consistently for nearly 20 years.

There’s a thrill I get from knowing my favorite shows, though two of them long ago canceled, still air seven days a week on television.

When I first heard the news, I assumed SoapNet’s demise was imminent–not 18 months or so away. Even still, I feel just as gutted as if it was ending tomorrow.

Less than a year ago I lamented that Dawson’s Creek no longer aired in the United States. I expressed my fear that that would one day be the case with Beverly Hills 90210. I never even thought that we might lose The O.C. or One Tree Hill with it, in one fell swoop.

And it never occurred to me–perhaps foolishly–that SoapNet would simply cease to exist. If the shows went off the air, I assumed it would be due to syndication deals expiring.

But Disney deciding to “cancel” the network?

This is one plot twist I never saw coming.



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28 05 2010

Me either, I truly was shocked. I just assumed there were a ton of people like me that turned it on everyday no matter what the episodes were for 90210,OC, OTH.

28 05 2010

Me either. I am really upset about this too. I loved watching my favorite old shows and the new shows too (Being Erica, Southern Belles). So it really makes me sad that SOAPnet is going away. This was the ultimate women’s channel and now it’s leaving. I should have known when they canceled my ad revenue account.

28 05 2010

I don’t understand why they are replacing it for a channel for preschoolers. Do they watch more television than the SOAPnet demographic? It’s sad tbh, with BH90210 and The OC gone, and OTH probably coming to an end soon, I fear that the shows I grew up with will be forgotten.

28 05 2010

My mom made a good point today….she said that why do kids need yet another channel just for them. There is a reason kids today are obese and the last thing they need is another channel for them to just sit around and watch 24 hours a day.

28 05 2010

When is SOAPnet going off the air? I watch that channel daily!!! This just ruined my day. I always wanted SOAPnet to add Dawsons Creek to their channel but now knowing that the OC and OTH will be gone it breaks my heart! Even though i own all OTH and OC seasons its just not the same. šŸ˜¦

28 05 2010
Rinth de Shadley

I suppose that we should just be thankful for DVDs and for the time SoapNet has had. At least we have a little longer with them …

29 05 2010

Maybe a petition? I know it’s a long shot, but we could always try. I love SoapNet, and I love knowing that those shows are still on, even though they’re long gone.

29 05 2010

This is such a bummer. Like there isn’t already several preschool directed channels already! SoapNet got me into OTH, and let me enjoy Melrose, 90210, and the OC to my heart’s content, not to mention the fun of seeing the random ep of GH and Night Shift. We cancelled our cable a couple years ago, and the only thing I really missed was SoapNet, and if it’s really going, there’s no way we’ll ever get cable again.

29 05 2010

I am obviously devastated as well by the news. Frankly, I am more concerned about Being Erica than I am about BH 90210. I vividly remember the days when BH 90210 used to be played on FX. So, I hope out hope that it will go elsewhere. Being Erica, on the other hand? I just don’t know. But, there’s always Hulu.

And, you make a great point about it being incredibly comforting that 90210 is on TV still, 10 years after the finale aired. People constantly make stupid comments to me that I should, “…just watch the DVDs.” They do not get it. The other issue is that the DVDs aren’t the same as the original episodes.

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