News Roundup: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210 and Dawson’s Creek

28 05 2010
  • I personally haven’t yet calculated the season averages for Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and 90210 but in comparison to other network shows, here’s how they stacked up: IN 18-49 DEMO, GG ranked 111, OTH 115 and 90210 119, out of 124 shows.  IN TOTAL VIEWERS, OTH ranked 119, GG 120 and 90210 121.
  • Tomorrow is the last day to vote in the Gossip Girl Evaluation.
  • Joanna Garcia (Bree, Gossip Girl) is engaged to Nick Swisher, who plays for the Yankees.
  • The Park Record has an interesting article on whether the One Tree Hill season finale, which was mostly filmed in Park City, will benefit them at all.
  • has a brief interview with Shenae Grimes (Annie, 90210) about her look at the Gracie Awards this week, which were attended by some other teen drama stars as well.
  • Kristin compiled a list of her 20 favorite shows from the past 20 years. None of our teen dramas made the list but Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson’s Creek are eligible in the readers’ poll.
  • Gossip Cop busted a false Perez Hilton post about Katie Holmes (Joey, Dawson’s Creek) and hubby Tom Cruise…and Joshua Jackson (Pacey, Dawson’s Creek).



2 responses

29 05 2010
Rinth de Shadley

You’re the expert, but does it really make sense for them to measure GG’s popularity with viewers in the age group 18-49? There’s a LOT of difference between 18 and 49. Wouldn’t 18-30 or even 18-25 give a more realistic picture of the show’s popularity? The same applies to OTH and 90210.

Shenae’s hair was great but the idea wasn’t unusual. You always want to have a little bit of matching and a little bit of contrast. In that case, the contrast was between her “messy” hair and her dress for the Gracie Awards.

Congratulations on your GossipCop scoop! 🙂

29 05 2010

Rinth, I’m far from an expert but thank you! You make a good point but it’s not The CW that chooses how to measure. It’s the Nielsen ratings system. The Nielsens track total viewers and the 18-49 demographic (along with some other break-downs) for all the shows and that’s largely what the networks and advertisers go by. It’s industry standard. But, actually, your suggested age brackets aren’t really realistic for Gossip Girl’s popularity at all. It was said within the last year that the median age of a Gossip Girl viewer is 29. And the median age of a CW viewer is 33. The audience age skews way higher than what you would think based on the image and vibe their shows project. So I understand thinking 18-25 is more of their key age group, if not younger. But that’s not what the research indicates.

I didn’t understand the Shenae thing, either. I thought messy up-do’s were quite common! lol

Thanks about GC. I’m scooping on an almost-daily basis now! =)

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