Second Annual Gossip Girl Evaluation

27 05 2010

With the One Tree Hill evaluation now complete (results will be posted later today), we move on to Gossip Girl.

You have until Saturday at 11:59pm eastern to vote in these polls.

**Please remember your answers should be based solely on the season that just ended, except for the last question, which is about the show overall.**

Note: The format is wonky for the open-ended questions.  Please put your answer in the “other” space.



3 responses

28 05 2010

Large swaths of this season were agonizingly tepid, like what was Serena’s attraction to dishwater Tripp? But the last part of the season rocked, and on the whole we saw a good amount of manwhoring by Nate and the bumpoffs of Jenny and Vanessa, so I say this was some good watchin’!

28 05 2010

not going to lie, the “1-10 best show” and “1-10 best season” would have gotten 10s from me if they just would have left out the Jenny/Chuck crap. It was perfect for me until then.

30 05 2010

Are you going to share the results in the story-line polls?

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