Second Annual One Tree Hill Evaluation

24 05 2010

After the television season ended last year, I conducted three sets of polls to evaluate what readers thought of One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210.

The results of each then formed one more survey to see which teen drama really had the best season.

With last week’s conclusion to the 2009-2010 TV season, it’s time to do it again.

We’ll kick things off with a set of polls about One Tree Hill’s seventh season.

You have until Wednesday at 11:59pm eastern to vote. I’ll post the results and the next set of questions the next day.

**Please remember your answers should be based solely on the season that just ended, except for the last question, which is about the show overall.**

Note: The format is wonky for the open-ended questions.  Please put your answer in the “other” space.



10 responses

24 05 2010

So until you put it up, I didn’t realize how many secondary characters there were (and that’s just in one season.) This show would do that much better if Mark just cut back on those characters and didn’t give them storylines (except when absolutely necessary.)

24 05 2010

I can quickly see this turning into a Quinn/Clay bashing post!

Great polls. Can’t wait to see more results.

24 05 2010

I’ll vote Quinn as worst female and Quinn/Clay as worst couple….IDK, it’s either they have no chemistry or it’s just the suckiness of their characters 🙂

24 05 2010

Clay and Quinn just bore me. I dont like any scenes or storylines at all with them because as a couple and induviduals I just dont care about them.

24 05 2010
Rachel A

I agree, Quinn and Clay are boring characters and have never really fit into the show. I say bring back Lucas and Peyton, they were so much better!

25 05 2010

I don’t like Quinn or Quinn/Clay either. I liked Clay/Sara, I thought Robert and Amanda had nice and genuine chemistry. I also think the show have too many supporting characters. I think Chase and Sara are the only ones I like. I think Taylor is an interesting character too, she should have been a regular instead of Quinn.

25 05 2010

Wow. Does ANYone like Quinn and Clay?

26 05 2010
ed fury

I like Clay and Quinn better then Brooke and Julian. Talk about forced and boring. Their scenes make me either change the channel, vomit a little in my mouth, or fall asleep from boredom. Julian can’t act and Brooke has been mailing in her scenes since season 4 ended and she went from High School Brooke to Adult Brooke.

As for the best cliffhanger? Well we all know that was the question of would OTH be renewed or not.

26 05 2010

I really thought Season 7 was really good.. Although the absence of Lucas and Peyton was definately noticable in the beginning as the season wore on.. It became more about the individual characters that were left and not about the fact there was a void in the cast.

I do feel like there were times when Brooke could have really used Peyton and and Haley could have used Lucas especially when her mom was dieing there was a definate need for some Best Friend action and I felt that could have been done more realistically. Like Maybe atleast having shown her on the phone with him or something.

I didn’t like the MIllie story line and I hate that her and mouth didn’t end up together.
Also Rachel and Dan was a little wierd but this show is all about pushing the envelope like.. Nanny Carrie and such so I guess it was good.

The Season was incredible although I loved Jana Kramer I do not like Alex and I really wish it was her that had gotten shot instead of Quin.

Still in Love with OTH and Can’t wait to visit WIlmington In August.. =]

27 05 2010

LOLZ. Alex as worst female character? Im shocked. Clay and Sara as worst couple? We barely know anything about them. I was expecting Quinn/Clay to get the title.

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