Second Annual Teen Drama Evaluation

3 06 2010

Below are a set of polls based on the results of the One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and 90210 evaluations.

The winners of each poll in each evaluation are now facing off against each other to determine what you thought was the best of the 2009-2010 teen drama season.

You have until Sunday at 9am eastern to answer the polls.



5 responses

3 06 2010

Omg you really put me in a huge dilemna by putting Annie and Blair and Lannie and Chair against each other:( Love them both. Have never watched one tree hill so would not know.

3 06 2010

I think Annie, Liam, and everything involving 90210 takes the cake this season.

3 06 2010

that was hard! too many tough decisions.

4 06 2010

It was really hard to vote.My 3 favorites shows are here.It took me 5 minutes to choose between Annie and Blair LOL

4 06 2010

seriously teddy from 90210 should be on the poll who is the worst character instead of dixon and the liam naomi as way way better than teddy silver they re just awful together

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