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17 06 2010

This isn’t too random as it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and I’ve seen others are discussing it.

With Brooke and Julian’s engagement in the season finale of One Tree Hill, people immediately began speculating whether we’d actually see the two walk down the aisle.

Would there be a time-jump?

Would they break up?

Would the series end before it gets to that point?

But last month, there was a clear indication that a wedding likely will take place during the eighth season.

At The CW Upfront, the official description given for the show in a press release said, in part, “The new season finds Brooke Davis happier than ever. Recently engaged to Julian, her wedding will be the captivating affair one might expect from a young, beautiful, successful fashion designer.”

And that begs the question…

Will Peyton be there?

And if not, how do they explain her absence?

And do you care?



16 responses

17 06 2010

i think we will probably get a time jump…and they will attempt to get hilary back…how does brooke get married without peyton….but haleys mom dying w/o lucas was weird…i also have feeling haley will have bad timing with yet anoher pregnancy and gve birth at the wedding…just a thought….and depending on time we may be seeing naleys tenth wedding anniversary….thats crazy….

18 06 2010

It wouldn’t be right if Peyton wasn’t there. It would just be akward to me because she’s her bestest friend in the whole wide world, besides Hales of course 🙂

18 06 2010

I agree with Wes, Peyton and Brooke are best friends, and I would hope that after Peyton’s absence from sooooo many events in Tree Hill, they’d let her come back to see her BFF get married! And with a baby on the way for Naley, it doesn’t seem right for Peyton and Lucas to be MIA and missing all these important events in their best friends’ lives!

18 06 2010

I want to see Brooke getting married, whether Peyton is there or not, i really don’t want to see that event being glossed over just because they can’t bring LP back, and i want Haley to be her maid of honor.

I want LP back for the series finale though.

18 06 2010

I think that they should try and bring back Hilarie for the wedding, it would be hard to explain her absence plausibly. I’m tired of them avoiding explaining LP’s departure and they need to at least reinstate them for the wedding.

18 06 2010

I hope Peyton will be there. It always annoys me when they ignore that a major character isn’t there for a major event.

Like on Beverly Hills 90210, maybe Brenda would have missed Dylan’s wedding, and maybe she would’ve missed Kelly’s, but she would not have missed Brandon’s!

18 06 2010

But if the actors refuse to come back, there’s not much they can do.

18 06 2010

I would soooo love a Leyton come back…. I hope you get a response from Sophia, Id love to know her take on it!!! I wouldnt mind a small time jump either.

18 06 2010

I believe there will be a time jump of some sort, especially if we do only get the 13 episodes. I also believe that Mark and company will do everything within their power to at least get Hilarie to come back for Brooke’s wedding and I agree with everyone here that it just wouldn’t be right for Peyton not to be at her BFF’s wedding. I wouldn’t count on CMM coming back though, but never say never as anything is possible:)

18 06 2010

They’ll come up with some cheap idea such as Sawyer having the flu so Peyton can’t come I reckon 😦

18 06 2010

^That’s what i think will happen as well.

18 06 2010

If Peyton isn’t there that would be so stupid and so wrong. They were best friends even though it doesn’t seem like they ever talk now. How will they explain it if Peyton and Lucas just don’t show up to one of their best friends wedding. Leyton was a main character for most of the show and to just have their story be dropped even if the actors don’t want to come back is just wrong for fans who love these characters and their stories.

18 06 2010

I think the series finale will be the episode that Brooke and Julian will get married and Haley will have her baby. They’ll bring Lucas and Peyton back for that one episode so that they are there for the major events but also there for the finale rather than bringing them back twice. At least I hope that’s what happens. They need to bring them back, its not right without them.

19 06 2010

I really don’t want the wedding to take place in the series finale, i want the wedding to have its own episode just like i want Haley giving birth having its own episode, it’s gonna be super rushed if Brooke gets married/Haley gives birth/LP come back…and let’s nor forget about the other characters that will be there and will have a storyline because this is OTH. DNW.

19 06 2010

Wow, I’m so with Elsa. Brooke’s wedding deserves it’s own ep, and if Haley is MOH instead of Peyton, or gives birth at the same time, what a gyp. I can live without Peyton, though, if they trot out a half decent excuse, if that means we don’t have to sit through any CMM-centric scenes. The only reason I even partially miss his character is he gave Nate more to do. I think the Dan/Luke/Nathan relationship was really what made Nate grow into the man who became such a good father and have such a great character arc. To me, Lucas only added jealousy and insecurity to female characters who were otherwise loving and supportive to each other. I do miss Peyton and all her myriad issues. She brought out the mothering instincts in Brooke more than any foster baby or troubled girl did, and the focus of this last season seems to be Brooke-centric. Which makes sense, as she’s the last dynamic original character left, and if there’s going to be a shortened season they’ll need to trim the screen time of some of the newer secondary characters.

19 06 2010

I thought about this long and hard since the season finale ended. At first, I thought that if they couldn’t have Leyton or just Peyton there, then they should have a time jump. Because it’s not right for Brooke to have a wedding without Peyton, right? True, BUT, Peyton/Leyton would take away from Brooke’s big moment. You’d either have people mad at the fact that Peyton/Leyton are back or you’d have their fans paying attention to them and only them. It just doesn’t seem fair. Brooke has deserved this moment for a long time and even if it means that her best friend isn’t present, I think it would be better. As long as they explain her/their absence. And maybe a phone call and a present would be suffice. If they were to bring either or both of them back, have it be in some other episode where the focus can be solely on them.

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