Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.22 and Gossip Girl 3.22

17 05 2010

Last Week’s Live-Blog

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EPISODE 7.22: Almost Everything I’d Wish I Said The Last Time I Saw You

  • Previously on: None!
  • Moment of silence for Beverly Hills 90210, please.
  • This is the seventh season finale…and possibly the series finale.
  • As of 4:30pm today, One Tree Hill’s cast and crew did not know whether the show would be renewed.
  • The episode title is the name of a Wakey!Wakey! album and song. Wakey!Wakey! is essentially Mike Grubbs (Grubbs, One Tree Hill).
  • Pool. Haley jumps in. What we saw last week.
  • She flashes back to her first tutoring session with Nathan!
  • Love it!
  • And their first rain kiss.
  • Kiss in bed when they make love for the first time.
  • Kiss on the football field when the sprinkles go off.
  • First wedding.
  • Second wedding.
  • Her bracelet floating in the water after the limo accident.
  • Prom.
  • Jamie’s birth.
  • TEARS. All mine.
  • Playing with Jamie in season 5.
  • Limo crash.
  • Haley screaming after Nathan as he jumps in the water.
  • This is all intersperses with Haley in the pool.
  • Cut to Nathan pulling her out!
  • Asking her if she’s okay and telling her to breathe.
  • Haley starts to cry.
  • Cut to Haley in therapy.
  • Says she was just trying to feel “something” and “alive.”
  • It didn’t but it made her want to.
  • Brooke’s house.
  • A poster for Julian’s movie is hanging in the living room.
  • Seven Dreams Til Tuesday is the name and the poster has Alex and Josh on it.
  • Love the title. Wish we knew what the movie was actually about, lol!
  • They are happy to look at the poster.
  • Clay and Quinn in bed. Naked.
  • Do not need to see this!
  • Clay suggests they go to Julian’s movie premiere.
  • And talk Naley into going, too. It would be good for them.
  • They flirt. Dirty.
  • Clay says he’s insanely in love, as he promised. I am ready to barf.
  • Therapist says he wishes he had a magical sure for Haley.
  • But depression is a struggle.
  • Some days people just wake up and feel better than the day before.
  • Jamie is playing in the pool. It’s empty now.
  • Haley comes out.
  • He asks how she’s feeling.
  • She asks what he was saying about snow the other day.
  • He says Brooke says there’s snow in Utah and that’s where everyone is going.
  • Haley gives him a hat to try on.
  • Q1: I don’t want your ears to get cold in the snow.–Haley
  • He’s thrilled.
  • He wants to go tell Nathan.
  • Before he does, she gives him a gold star.
  • (Remember, that’s what they talked about last week?)
  • She seems a lot better super fast. Ugh.
  • 90210 finale promo!
  • Utah!
  • Reminds me of Everwood. I miss Everwood. Now there was a show that was canceled too soon!
  • Everyone is in the living room of the house they are saying in.
  • 12 people, six bedrooms and a couple of couches.
  • Naley, Brulian, Alex, Chase, Skills, Jamie, Quinn, Clay, Mouth. Did I get them all?
  • Everyone darts for a bed. Brulian will have the master.
  • Mouth and Skills seem buddies again.
  • Skills says they haven’t talked about it but Lauren told him that Mouth was putting their friendship first.
  • Mouth says he wants to get back to the way it used to be.
  • Skills agrees.
  • He’s excited to rock his new coat.
  • It’s all fur.
  • Jamie and the boys play in the snow outside.
  • Jamie says he got some in his mouth.
  • Q2: As long as it’s not yellow, I think it’ll be fine.–Nathan
  • Jamie doesn’t know who Chase is!
  • Chase says he’s the bartender at Tric.
  • Q3: Whatever. You’re no Grubbs.–Jamie
  • Cut to WakeyWakey’s Light Outside playing. I think that’s the name of the song. James Lafferty starred in the video.
  • And Grubbs playing in the Tric studio with a full backing band.
  • Waste of time. Seriously. Where is the justification? WHERE?!
  • The guys attack the Brooke and Alex and Mouth and Skills as they walk by.
  • Snowball fight ensues.
  • I’m sorry but they went from a really dark last few episodes and dark beginning to this in NO TIME FLAT and it is really hard to get into. It was just a sudden, abrupt change. Like they’re rushing. Which they are. As they have been.
  • But I’m sure the cast had tons of fun filming these scenes. Bully for them, I guess.
  • Nathan spies Haley in the house still, watching them all play.
  • This is all intercut with Grubbs performing, btw.
  • Julian and Brooke in a hot tub.
  • Familiar place for Brooke. Heh.
  • Julian says they need audiences to love the movie, they need to sell it and decide what’s next.
  • Brooke says to just enjoy it.
  • LOL Jamie is in the tub, too!
  • He says to enjoy it and that it’s a good life.
  • Alex and everyone are trying to get into a club.
  • She says her name and they won’t let them in.
  • They like Skills’ coat and he gets to come in with everyone. LOL
  • Everyone dancing.
  • Alex and Chase kind of grinding.
  • Clay finds Quinn looking sad.
  • She’s worried about Haley.
  • Clay says she’s with Nate and fine.
  • He has white wine for her and a kiss.
  • And a spare key to the show because she loses things, apparently.
  • I guess this is foreshadowing.
  • She says she doesn’t need the key. She doesn’t need things.
  • She goes to dance with Skills.
  • Chase asks Alex where
  • Q4: You’re like the devil, aren’t you?–Alex
  • He says he just broke up with Mia.
  • She says “so?”
  • He says he’s taking off and locking his door. But he’s so kind of flirting.
  • Skills said Quinn wasn’t sexy dancing and returns her to Clay. LOL
  • Mia asks Grubbs how he’s doing.
  • He’s starting at a flower he gave to Miranda. She left it behind.
  • Mia says it doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss him.
  • He says there’s so much he wishes he would’ve said the last time he saw her.
  • (Get it?)
  • She asks what he did say.
  • He says nothing.
  • She says to say it here. Write one last song and finish the record.
  • And she next he can start the tour in London (where Miranda is) and water the flower (to give to her).
  • She says she knows it’s tough now but it will get better. And says to do one more song.
  • Clay is in his bedroom int he house. He’s drinking wine.
  • He says it’s a good night.
  • And Clay comes out in a sexy bra and panties.
  • Q4: And now it’s a better night.–Clay
  • She says he was right about losing stuff. She lost her clothes.
  • She walks away and he asks where she’s going.
  • She says she lost her way to the bed and will sleep somewhere else.
  • She goes into another room, where you can see through the fireplace and he sees her taking off her underwear.
  • Oh, Josh is there, too.
  • Alex is sharing a bed with him.
  • He says she’s surprised she’s not in Chase’s bed.
  • She says his door was locked. LOL
  • He says he knows. He tried, too. LOL
  • She asks if he thinks about coming out.
  • He says no. His mom loves this leading man version of him.
  • Q5: If I was a mom, I don’t think there’d be any words that could make me not love my child. Unless those words were ‘Mom, I made a sex tape.’–Alex
  • Nathan is relaxing with Haley.
  • He says what a great time Jamie is having.
  • Q6: I know you came here for him. And I love you for that, Haley.–Nathan
  • Q7: Please don’t think I take that for granted.–Haley
  • I missed her next sentence. Damn.
  • Q8: You saved me so many times. I worry that I’ve been selfish with you, that I’ve taken advantage of your strength and your selflessness and that I’ve broken you somehow.” “No. You haven’t. You didn’t. I just have a weight on my heart now that I didn’t have before. It was lighter today, though.”–Naley
  • They kiss. Even though she’s crying.
  • Sad.
  • Gossip girl promo
  • Haley and Quinn are walking in the snow.
  • Haley says it reminds her of mom.
  • Quinn says mom believed in reincarnation so they’ll see her again.
  • She asks Haley what she will be.
  • Haley says “different.”
  • Quinn says an owl.
  • Q9: I just wish she could be her again.–Haley
  • Jamie is crawling in his snow fort. I forget who built it.
  • Alex and Chase are bantering about him locking his door.
  • They are on a ski lift. But with snowboards.
  • I missed what he said. Poo.
  • Jamie is laying in his fort.
  • Haley comes over and crawls in.
  • She’s so happy with him but not other times. Hm.
  • She asks Jamie what he likes about the fort.
  • He likes that it’s quite and safe.
  • She says she wanted to go into town and buy a dress.
  • She asks if he wants to get a suit for the premiere.
  • He asks to pick it out himself and she agrees.
  • She says the fort is cool and he agrees.
  • Now she doesn’t look so happy again.
  • Quinn is looking for Clay in the house.
  • She finds a note.
  • No cell phone coverage and he’s gone for lunch at a diner.
  • He makes a dig at her losing things.
  • She decides to go into the hot tub.
  • She goes out and realizes she wants a beer…and realizes she locked herself out. Of course.
  • And now she’s freezing, running around and trying all the doors.
  • She has a great body. No denying that.
  • She finds a hat and boots outside and it cuts to her trekking in the snow. LOL
  • She walks into the dinner. Of course she’s not red and doesn’t look freezing at all.
  • Clay is with he boys.
  • She demands the key.
  • He asks what happened and she just asks for the key again.
  • He gives it. She takes a fry and leaves.
  • Haley is trying on a dress in the store.
  • Jamie comes up dressed in a royal-like suit.
  • She says he can get it.
  • Q11: Your grandma would’ve loved you in this suit.–Haley
  • Q12: Hey, mama. You’re pretty when you smile. I missed it.–Jamie
  • Apparently it’s a Spanish-style suit. Whatevs.
  • Julian is freaking out about his hair.
  • Brooke says he looks great and the movie is great and he is great.
  • Q13: “And we need to get out of this bedroom or you’re going to miss your premiere.” “What would I do without you, Brooke Davis?”–Julian and Brooke
  • Q14: Come on. Your dad and your destiny are waiting.–Brooke
  • They kiss.
  • Cuts to people applauding in a theater.
  • Paul goes on stage.
  • Says when he his son called to make a movie with him, he thought it might be a good chance to reconnect.
  • But he says he was gone so much over the years, they never connected in the first place and that was a shame.
  • He says his expression when he finishes a movie: “Let’s kick it out of the nest and see if it flies.”
  • He says he kicked Julian out of the nest…
  • Q15: And it’s been a pleasure watching you soar.–Paul
  • Aw.
  • The lights go down.
  • Julian excuses himself.
  • The title screen starts.
  • Julian is outside.
  • Alex comes out and says it’s starting.
  • He says he’s going to wait til it’s over.
  • Alex says Paul said nice things about him.
  • He tells her to watch it with audience so she can see how good she is an actor and a writer.
  • Q16: Everything is going to be okay. Because it already is.–Alex
  • Or something like that.
  • She goes back in as Nathan and Jamie come out.
  • Q17: Opened with a sex scene. Good work, Polanski.–Nathan
  • Q18: So you’re not watching it, either? Were you grossed out, too? Let’s go get a drink.–Jamie
  • Cut to them sitting at a bar. Julian has a beer. Jamie has a Roy Rogers.
  • Julian says his film has romance.
  • Jamie doesn’t think anyone wants to see that.
  • Julian says he doesn’t know what anyone wants to buy it.
  • Jamie gives Julian his gold star, saying it brought Haley good luck.
  • Everyone watching the movie. Alex voiceover. With Josh.
  • Good quote. I missed it.
  • Q19: I’m not afraid of anything. I have you.–Elise, played by Alex
  • Josh whispers she was good in that scene and h’s tired of being afraid.
  • Tears are rolling down her face.
  • Jamie comes outside and tells Julian it’s still packed and good that no one left.
  • Julian asks what happened onscreen.
  • Jamie says they’re kissing and thinks it’s almost over.
  • And it is. You can hear clapping.
  • Jamie comes back and says they liked it.
  • Julian looks confused and surprised. LOL
  • Still applauding when he walks back in.
  • He gets a standing ovation.
  • Really?
  • 90210 promo
  • Paul tells Julian the screening went great and buys are interested.
  • And coming down soon.
  • Paul says he can get them up to $4 million.
  • Tells Julian not to interrupt.
  • Cut to a guy offering 2.5 and Julian yells “deal!”
  • LOL
  • Paul gets it up to 3.
  • Alex and Josh are on a red carpet doing press.
  • Reporter says he’s a real leading man and they have chemistry.
  • Is it because they’re together in real life?
  • He says actually, they’re not together.
  • He hesitates like, he’s going to come out.
  • And ultimately doesn’t, and says he’s happy about the hot single women.
  • Cut to Grubbs playing again in the studio.
  • Haley in the snot fort.
  • Everyone cheers for Julian as he jumps in the show.
  • Brooke joins Haley in the snow fore.
  • Q20: “You didn’t have to check on me. I’m fine.” “I’m not. I just needed fresh ice for my cocktail.”–Haley and Brooke
  • Chase jumps in the snow.
  • Skills is cold. Doesn’t know where his coat is.
  • Cuts to Mouth wearing at the club as he’s dancing surrounded by people, including the Spring Break contest winners.
  • Baley are laughing hysterically. Wish we knew what about!
  • Quinn is now there, too.
  • Cheap!
  • All intercut with Grubbs playing, btw.
  • And now it’s just Baley again, with Brooke putting her arm around her.
  • As someone reminded me of on Twitter, it should be Brooke and Peyton in the snow fort. They used to build them. =(
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Jamie is outside. He screams “bearrrrrrrrrrrr!”
  • He asks Jamie if it’s hibernating.
  • I bet it’s Mouth.
  • Yup.
  • It’s Mouth, half in the snow fort with the fur coat over him.
  • Alex wakes up as Josh is packing.
  • He’s flying to Denver to see his parents…they need to talk.
  • She says she thinks it’s a really good idea. He hopes so.
  • Wow. Alex reveals her real name is Alice Whitehead!
  • Q21: I guess we all have our secrets. Believe it or not, I’m really gonna miss you.–Alex
  • He kisses her forehead. It’s sweet. When did they get so close? LOL
  • Grubbs is at the studio, all packed with his stuff. He leaves with a flower.
  • A note he left with a CD has the song title and London as the first tour spot.
  • Haley is outside. She sees an Owl and walks closer to it.
  • It doesn’t fly away. Just stares at her.
  • She’s happy. It’s a sign to her.
  • She runs away but looks back.
  • Brulian are walking in the snow.
  • Julian says it’s magical.
  • Brooke says everything has been perfect.
  • Julian says he’s had help.
  • Jamie gave him a gold star. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black engagement box.
  • Q21: Oh, wait. That’s not it. That’s the engagement ring I got you.–Julian
  • Q22: Everyone says the next thing I do, the next choice I make is going to define me, my career, my life. Well, the next thing I want to do is ask you to be my wife and tell you how much I love you and that nothing else matters. When I look into your eyes Brooke, I see the rest of my life.–Julian
  • I think I got that right…
  • She’s crying. I’m tearing.
  • He gets down on one knee.
  • Q23: “Marry me, Brooke Davis.” “Yes. I love you so much.” “I was hoping you were going to say that.”–Julian and Brooke
  • Yay!!!!!
  • Haley gives Jamie a hug outside the fort.
  • She suggests they go sledding.
  • He will go tell everyone.
  • Nathan asks if she’s okay.
  • Q24: No, but I will be.–Haley
  • They hug and kiss.
  • Everyone comes up on a hill with their sleds.
  • Pans across to show everyone. A disjointed group if I ever saw one.
  • Nathan says it’s a long way down.
  • Jamie says it’s a piece of cake and takes off.
  • Haley’s next.
  • Brulian.
  • And the others.
  • Looks like a lot of fun.
  • And it’s REALLY snowing.
  • They’ll all standing at the foot of another hill.
  • Jamie says it’s a long way up.
  • Haley says it’s just a hill and they’ll climb it together.
  • Everyone sets off.
  • Back in Tree Hill. Wow. Changing zip codes like nobody’s business.
  • Alex is with Chase in her hotel room.
  • She puts up her movie poster.
  • Says she might get a place of her own and stay in town.
  • Q25: Say you’ll go out with me and then it will be.–Alex
  • He agrees.
  • And she kisses him, quickly and sweetly.
  • Chase gets a text from Mia. Sh think she made a mistake and misses him.
  • Brooke’s house. Poster is still on the wall.
  • Q26: “You know what I like about the movie? You get the sense they all can live happily ever after.” “They are.”–Brulian
  • Haley joins Nathan in bed.
  • Q27: “These aren’t sad tears. They’re happy tears.” “How about from now on, we do smiles when we’re happy instead?”–Haley and Nathan
  • Q28: I’m pregnant. I think it’s going to be girl.–Haley
  • He kisses her. He’s thrilled.
  • Me…I don’t know.
  • Q29: Nice work, daddy.–Haley
  • Clay and Quinn are on the couch. She’s sleepy.
  • Where are they?
  • They do more sweet talk.
  • Q30: The truth is, without you, I’d be the one who’s lost.–Clay
  • She says “nice save” and they exchange “I love you.”s
  • She gets up.
  • He’s left on the couch.
  • Quinn goes into her room, turns on a light.
  • There’s Katie with a gun.
  • Shoots Quinn.
  • Is this at Naley’s or Clay’s house?
  • He hears the gun shot and runs in.
  • She shoots Clay.
  • Katie leaves.
  • Fade to black.
  • The rumored ending was sorta true.
  • Need time to process. But I know I’m NOT happy.
  • On to Gossip Girl!


EPISODE 3.22: Last Tango, Then Paris

  • Previously On: Jenny tells William that everyone knows about his deal. Serena sends William off before the cops. She hands up on Nate. She cuddles on Dan. Jenny wants her life back to normal. Rufus says she needs to get back to normal. Chuck says to Blair he’ll wait for her at the top of the Empire State Building. If she’s not there, he is closing his heart. She says she won’t be there.
  • This is the third season finale.
  • The title is a play on the film Last Tango In Paris.
  • Opens at Grand Central Station.
  • Georgina is a blonde wig, winding her way through the crowd.
  • Q1: No matter how far you run, you can never truly escape.–Gossip Girl
  • She says everything catches up to you in the end, and when it does, it kicks your ass.
  • Rufus is distracted at breakfast.
  • Lily guesses it’s about Jenny.
  • She suggests he talk with her.
  • No. He sent her to the loft so he can plan a next move.
  • He says short of sending her away, he doesn’t know what to do.
  • Lily says that would be a mistake. And she doesn’t to split Eric and Jenny.
  • Enter Eric. Who says they can split them.
  • Lily says they’re siblings.
  • Q2: No, not by choice…So go ahead, send her crazy ass away. And if I were you, I’d do it sooner than later before she hurts anybody else.–Eric
  • Foreshadowing.
  • Nate wakes up. Jenny is beside him. All awake, though.
  • Nate fell asleep as they were talking last night.
  • She thanks him for listening.
  • He says that’s all it was or something.
  • Q3: I get it. You and I our friends. You love Serena. But I guess love is a one way street right now.–Jenny
  • Chuck comes in.
  • He says he knows nothing happened because he heard Nate snoring and saw New Moon on the PPV bill. LOL
  • She excuses herself.
  • Chuck warns Nate to be careful.
  • Nate asks what he knows about relationships.
  • Chuck says a lot and he’s trying to save his and Nate should do the same.
  • Dorota is VERY pregnant.
  • She’s having trouble serving the Waldorfs.
  • Once the baby is born, Eleanor and whathisface are leaving.
  • They ask if she’s coming.
  • She says her only plans are a second date with Cameron and saying away from the ESB.
  • She excuses herself and takes Dorota with her.
  • She wants Dorota to chaperone her date.
  • She needs to make sure that no matter what, she doesn’t go near the ESB.
  • Q3: I defriend Mr. Chuck in Facebook and in life but this is pretty romantic thing he’s doing.–Dorota
  • Dorota warns her about losing Chuck forever.
  • Blair says she understands but if she goes near the building, there will be a massacre.
  • Georgina is in Chuck’s place.
  • He’s surprised to see her.
  • She says she doesn’t want revenge. She needs help. She’s scared.
  • He says even if he believed her, he doesn’t care.
  • She says something about Russians.
  • He says he has business to attend to.
  • She asks if he can wait til he gets back.
  • He says she leaves now with him or security.
  • Jenny is at the loft.
  • Spies Serena’s bag.
  • And sees Dan and Serena sleeping in bed.
  • Jenny shakes her head and takes a picture.
  • Phone rings, waking Dan.
  • It’s Nate. He ignores the call.
  • Serena wakes up.
  • She’s shocked it’s morning.
  • Why were her pants off?!
  • Dan says last night was a mistake.
  • Serena says it was, too. And it was meaningless.
  • Dan says they just had wine. And talked.
  • Serena says one kiss happened.
  • And it was old friends falling into a comfortable pattern.
  • And he loves Vanessa. And she loves Nate.
  • She says they don’t have to tell anyone.
  • They go to hug.
  • And he almost kisses her!!!!
  • Aw. I miss them. But I also like Serenate. HELP!
  • Q4: Spotted: A family reunion only Faulkner would believe in. I used to think S and Lonely Boy were the most boring couple on the Upper East Side but what makes them great together is when they’re supposed to be with other people.–Gossip Girl
  • Everyone gets the GG alert.
  • Dan sees a coffee cup that is Jenny’s in the loft. He realizes she took the picture and sent it in.
  • Serena gets the alert and asks the taxi to take her to the Empire Hotel quickly.
  • 90210 promo
  • Blair gets a call from Serena.
  • Q5: It’s that a little 08? Like maxi-dresses and Miley Cyrus?–Blair
  • Blair says you can try on clothes again but not to actually wear them out.
  • S says Jenny is responsible.
  • S says J is in Brooklyn.
  • Blair gets an idea. I guess she wants revenge on their behalf.
  • Cameron and Dorota are standing nearby.
  • Cameron is holding a newspaper, which has the ESB on the cover.
  • Blair asks them to make a detour.
  • S calls Dan. Wants to make sure they are on the same page.
  • Dan says they are.
  • S calls the kiss meaningless.
  • Before he can agree, Rufus comes over.
  • Asks if he saw S wearing his Lincoln Hawk shirt. LOL
  • He saw GG.
  • Neither one knows where Jenny is.
  • Dan says J is out of control.
  • Yesterday she was targeting Rufus’ marriage and now it’s D, S, V and N.
  • Dan says J must be stopped.
  • Rufus says she’s bound to show up sooner or later.
  • Serena gets to the hotel.
  • Chuck says Nate isn’t there.
  • And tells S to think hard about what she wants or stop playing games.
  • Nate comes in.
  • Q6: I wish I could say I was happy to see you.–Nate
  • She says nothing happen. They only fell asleep talking.
  • She says they both did something wrong. She turned to Dan after what he did.
  • He says her dad was wrong.
  • She says it wasn’t up to him to decide that.
  • He asks if anything happened and she swears nothing did and says she wants try to fix it.
  • Blair enters the loft. There’s Jenny.
  • Q7: Someone has to give you the smack down you so richly deserve. That it’s me that gets to do it is just the cherry on top.–Blair
  • Q8: For three years, you’ve tried to worm your way into our worlds.–Blair
  • Blair says it’s one thing to copy what she wore and did at Constance.
  • Q9: Nate and Serena? That’s mythic. You don’t mess with that and survive.–Blair
  • Wow.
  • She says S loves N. And D loves V. And Chuck loves her.
  • Q10: But, you, Jenny, no one loves you. Except your daddy. And after what you pulled yesterday, who knows if that’s even true anymore. Guess you’ll find out now.–Blair
  • Enter Rufus.
  • Blair tells Dan not screw up Serenate.
  • Dan says nothing happened.
  • Blair says S said the same but she doubts it’s true.
  • Dan says what if life is giving you signs and you ignore them and just be a coward instead?
  • Aw, he’s totally digging S again!
  • No concern about the family implications?
  • Blair says she doesn’t believe in signs.
  • She turns her head and can see the ESB.
  • Cut to Chuck at the top with flowers.
  • Cut to Blair sending Cameron off in a cab.
  • She tells Dorota they have a deadline to make.
  • Dorota kind of yelps. She’s in labor!
  • Blair and Dan help her into a cab.
  • Q11: Dorota’s water might not be the only thing breaking tonight.–Gossip Girl
  • WOW. Did they just go there?!
  • I mean, we know what’s coming. But that’s a little…wow.
  • Rufus tells Jenny he spoke to Allison and they decided Jenny will finish high school in Hudson.
  • It will be a new start.
  • Q12: Dad, this city is all I have. If I leave, I’ll have nothing.–Jenny
  • He says it’s done.
  • She’s kinda crying.
  • Dorota is a hospital bed.
  • Vanya comes in with with Eleanor and Cyrus.
  • Dorota tells Blair to go so she makes the deadline.
  • Q13: You have my blessing. We both get what we want now.–Dorota
  • Blair runs out as Serena arrives.
  • S sees Dan.
  • Dan says he feels guilty.
  • S says she does, too.
  • But she doesn’t think this is a good time to tell Nate.
  • But Nate is behind them!
  • He says they don’t have to tell them. He knows.
  • Wow. Such a Dawson’s Creek “The Longest Day” repeat!
  • Blair runs into Georgina as she’s leaving. Blair is surprised to see her.
  • Q14: People don’t just kiss because they’re upset. People kiss because they have feelings for each other.–Nate
  • Nate asks if she does.
  • S deflects by saying she’s with N and D’s with V.
  • Nate says he should call V in Haiti and tell her.
  • S tells him to leave V out of it.
  • Dorota is still in labor.
  • Blair arrives at the ESB.
  • Nate is playing with pictures on his phone. I don’t quite get it.
  • It’s a girl for Dorota.
  • Blair reaches the observation desk.
  • She doesn’t see Chuck.
  • She asks a worker.
  • Before he can answer, she sees the flowers in the garbage and knows he left them.
  • Was she late?! They didn’t make it clear.
  • Jenny walks into the hotel room, asking for Nate.
  • A light turns on. It’s Chuck. He was sitting in the dark.
  • Q15: I did the most romantic thing I could of. It didn’t work. It was never going to.–Chuck
  • Jenny says she’s sorry.
  • He takes a drink.
  • J says since N isn’t there, he’ll go.
  • Chuck says she can stay. She has before.
  • J says that’s always with Nate.
  • Chuck says if she wants to hang with him, she can do as he does.
  • She says she’s trying forget things too.
  • She thought once she made it in his world, she’d be happy.
  • Q16: The only reason I survived in it is because I know it’s empty.–Chuck
  • J says she learned that the hard way.
  • Chuck says the hard way is the only way.
  • They look at each other.
  • Slow move into a KISS!
  • Chuck is laying in bed. Dressed.
  • Jenny sits down.
  • Chuck says if she wants to leave, no would be the time.
  • Q17: “I don’t want to be alone.” “Neither do I.”–Jenny and Chuck
  • She blows out a candle.
  • Dan is watching the babies in the hospital.
  • Georgina spies him.
  • Serena walks over to him.
  • He says babies have a clean slate and don’t know how rough it will be.
  • S points out the baby that will grow up really smart but with a chip on her shoulder.
  • He points out the baby that will have great hair and a great smile but will grow up with trust issues due to her dad.
  • Aw.
  • They decide to take a walk.
  • Q18: And this baby is going to do some things to make all the other babies hate her.–Georgina
  • Eleanor asks Dorota if she can hold the baby.
  • Named?
  • Vanya and Dorota ask to Eleanor and Cyrus to be the godparents. Aw. Better the C and B.
  • They might have said the name. I missed it.
  • S says she feels horrible about Nate.
  • D says he has to tell Vanessa. She needs to hear it from him.
  • Dan says he’s happy with Vanessa. But this won’t be easy to tell her. They have so much history or something.
  • Serena asks if that’s why it was easy for them.
  • Dan says they were strangers. Everything was a discovering. A new person who could do or think anything.
  • Phone beeps.
  • It’s Vanessa.
  • She doesn’t get GG in Haiti but Nate texted her the photo.
  • Q19: “How could he do that?” “How could he not?”–S and D
  • Chuck asks Jenny if she’s okay.
  • Chuck tells her she’s welcome to stay the night.
  • J is surprised he’s not kicking her out into the street.
  • Chuck says some girls don’t get the offer.
  • Blair enters the hotel room calling for Chuck.
  • He leaves the bedroom and shuts the door behind him.
  • Q20: Excuse my confusion. I didn’t expect to see you tonight or ever again.–Chuck
  • Blair shows him the flowers.
  • He realizes she went…but was late.
  • She says Dorota went to labor.
  • She says she didn’t plan to go. Every bone in her body told her not to.
  • Q21: I didn’t listen. I followed my heart because I love you. I can’t deny that our path hasn’t been complicated but in the end, love makes everything simple.–Blair
  • They hug and kiss.
  • Chuck remembers Jenny is in the bedroom.
  • She blows out the candle again so it will be dark.
  • Chuck offers Blair a drink and pulls her away.
  • He says he will get his iPod from the bedroom. Music apparently is necessary.
  • He walks to the bedroom and Jenny is gone.
  • But what happened between them?
  • Something had to. I saw a lot of outraged people on Twitter last night and today. (The ep aired in Canada last night.)
  • Jenny is crying in the lobby of the van der Woodsen building.
  • Eric wants to know if she’s okay.
  • He says they get mad at each other but if she’s really hurt…
  • J says he’ll turn his back like everyone else.
  • Q22: Everybody hates me. Even Chuck.–Jenny
  • Eric asks what she did to Chuck.
  • She says it was a mistake.
  • He concludes they slept together. But doesn’t actually say it.
  • He asks J why she would do that.
  • She says she didn’t do it with Damian. She wanted to wait. She wanted it to be special.
  • She asks him not tell anyone.
  • She looks AWFUL. But that’s the point, I guess.
  • Do we know she’s telling the truth?!
  • Serena finds Nate in the hospital cafe.
  • Says they need to talk.
  • Eric finds Dan at the hospital.
  • Oh, Jenny was at the hospital waiting room.
  • Actually, the hospital’s chapel.
  • He tells Dan Jenny needs help.
  • S tells Nate that when her dad came back, she thought she’d stop making the same mistakes.
  • Q23: “I think I need to be alone for a while. “I find it in my heart to forgive you for kissing another guy, and you break up with me?” “It’s not–” “‘It’s not me, it’s you.’ Yes, Serena it is you…If you’re out, you’re out.” “That’s fair. Nate, I love you. I really do. If we’re ever gonna have a real chance, this is the only way.–Serenate
  • Wow. Didn’t quite expect that.
  • Chuck and Blair arrive at the hospital.
  • She says the night is perfect.
  • He says there’s one more thing or something.
  • He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black box…an engagement ring box.
  • He says he’s sorry for the pain he’s caused her but wants to spend his life making it up to her.
  • Dan storms up and punches Chuck.
  • Dan demands Chuck to tell Blair.
  • Jenny is there crying.
  • Blair wants to know what’s going on.
  • She starts to realize, though, seeing Chuck and Jenny together.
  • Q25: You didn’t. You did. You…get of here now. And not just out of this hospital. But off this Island. Go and never come back. Because if you ever set foot in Manhattan again, I will destroy you.–Blair
  • Jenny says to Blair that she’s sorry.
  • Dan tells J not to apologize. That it ends and begins with Chuck.
  • Lily and Rufus walk up. Jenny folds into his arms.
  • They walk off.
  • S walks up. wants to know if B is okay.
  • Dan leads her away.
  • Q26: Blair, I thought you didn’t love me anymore. I didn’t care if I lived or died.–Chuck
  • Q27: Don’t say her name! Or anything else ever again. This whole night didn’t happen.–Blair
  • Wow. Still 10 minutes left!
  • One week later now!
  • Rufus and Lily and Dan are saying goodbye to Jenny at Grand Central.
  • She says she’s ready to go. This is on her own terms now.
  • She is going to Hudson.
  • Rufus says she can come home whenever. It’s really not that far, folks.
  • She says there’s nothing here for her anymore.
  • Eric comes up and says he’s here. And asks her not to go.
  • Q28: You may be a total bitch sometimes but you’re still my best friend.–Eric
  • They all do a group hug.
  • She heads off.
  • Serena is excited to have a summer with nothing to do but figure things out.
  • Blair is packing.
  • She reminds S that she didn’t go to college and barely had a job this year.
  • Q29: Life is kind of like summer for you.–Blair
  • S says she wants to change.
  • Q30: I’m not going to stop looking for love just because I lost is.–Blair
  • She says she’s going to Paris for that reason. And S is coming with her.
  • S says they’ve never been single together.
  • Blair says they never traveled to a foreign place together either. Really?
  • She convinces S to go. They’re happy.
  • Dan is on the phone with Nate.
  • Nate says he’s sorry about what happened with Vanessa.
  • Dan fired a shot and Nate retalitied but it was a “dick move.”
  • Vanessa is not returning Dan’s calls.
  • But Dan will write her a long e-mail.
  • He wants to explain what happened to her and herself.
  • Nate says if he wants to take a break, he has Chuck’s black book.
  • Dan says he didn’t know N and S were over.
  • Nate says S wants to figure herself out.
  • Dan is so intrigued that S is single now!
  • Nate says he’s going to try to have fun. (With the girls.)
  • Dan calls S.
  • She’s in the car with Blair.
  • Says they’re going to Paris.
  • He says he was just calling to talk about things.
  • She says she’ll see him in September.
  • He says “sounds good” but when he hangs up, “no, it doesn’t.”
  • He looks up Air France.
  • Knock on the door.
  • In comes Georgina.
  • Dan is surprised to see her.
  • She says she has something for him.
  • She opens her coat…just like Jen did last week on 90210.
  • And holds up sonogram pictures.
  • Q31: You gave me this. Congratulations, daddy.–Georgina
  • Q32: And all in an instant, everything changes. We leave the past behind and speed toward the unknown, our future. We set out for far off places and try to find ourselves or try to lose ourselves, exploring pleasures closer to home. The problems start when we refuse to let change happen and cling to old habits.–Gossip Girl
  • Chuck tries to buy hookers.
  • Too sketchy guys come up and try to rob him.
  • They find the engagement ring box.
  • He begs them not to take it. Begs and begs.
  • OMGF!
  • They shot Chuck!
  • They run off as Chuck lays on the ground bleeding.
  • Q33: But if he hold on to the past too tight, the future may never come. Til death do us part, XOXO Gossip Girl.–Gossip Girl
  • Fade to black!!!!
  • Moment of silence for Beverly Hills 90210, please.

That’s a wrap on One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl for the 2009-2010 television season. Thoughts?!



35 responses

17 05 2010

I think you complain too much about evrything, i love your website tho

17 05 2010

Gotta agree. I’m trying to get into this but it’s so.. happy? Good happy, just.. ugh, it’s weird. When they walked into the cabin, I immediately went back to Season 3 when they went to Rachel’s cabin. And it’s ironic how in Season 3, the two episodes before were depressing and dark then the cabin episode was all happy and peppy and what not. And it’s the same thing again.
And Grubbs/Kate was/are STUPID. Just play the song, we don’t need to see him playing it. Oh no.. more Grubbs/Kate. Let’s stay in Utah, please. Stop going back and forth.

17 05 2010

Marco, thanks…I think.

Danika, thanks for bringing up the season 3 episode. That is a very interesting comparison, especially since part of that episode was spent with Karen still in a really dark place. I loved Karen in that so I guess I could handle the back-and-forth then. Now…not so much.

17 05 2010

im ssorry it wasnt to sound mean at all :s i didnt want to offend you at all, i just sometimes think the hate towards clay and quinn is too much somtimes or that sometimes you pick on little things, i just wanted to share insight but i have no intentions to be mean whatsoever

17 05 2010

All opinions are respected here. No worries.

17 05 2010

question teendramawhore? have you liked this season? ive been loving it, and i wanted your opinion cuz your site is my fave one 🙂

17 05 2010

i called that ending! omfg. it was feeling too series finale-ish so the wishful thinker in me goes “katie’s gonna come in and shoot them both!” then like 20 seconds later it happened. my sister got so mad at me. first she was all dont say that! and then after it happened she was like whyd you have to say that!. just WOW. i was doing that all night with the brulian proposal and the naley baby girl thing but i was totally kidding about the katie shooting clay and quinn thing. but at least that means it was a SEASON finale and not a series. me and my sis were high fiving at that realization then it occurred to us that haley just got better and now her sister was shot! just omg. omg. omg.

17 05 2010

TDW – that ending was rumored? i clearly did not do enough research. haha

17 05 2010

it was awesomeeeeeee why didnt you like it teendramawhore??

17 05 2010

Nate was sending Vanessa the Gossip Girl blast, that’s what he was doing on his phone. 🙂

17 05 2010
ed fury

Everything felt so rushed and fake. They tried to pack the conclusion into the last 3 minutes. At least now we know who is going to be gone next season so they have a lower budget in case they get picked up for an eighth season.

17 05 2010

I hate Jenny Humphrey.

17 05 2010

WTF. cw shows really need to talk to each other.

17 05 2010

Short on time but overwhelmed with thoughts and I can’t go to bed without responding to you guys and then we can keep discussing tomorrow. =)

Marco, I am very happy to hear you like the site…but no, I have not liked this season. And I thought the finale was terrible. Aside from the opening and the Brulian proposal, I am very inclined to say I hated it. And hate is a strong word. Let’s see how I feel after I sleep on it.

Lexy, yes, a few people said a while ago that the season would ending with a shooting rampage by Katie but they couldn’t say who got shot or anything. I thought it would be with everyone there, though, or at least Naley. And I figured Quinn would be the one shot. Didn’t expect Clay, too. But when you don’t care about the characters, it’s hard to care when they got shot. Unfortunately, the fact that the episode ended with a cliff-hanger, doesn’t mean anything in regards to whether OTH is canceled or not canceled. I am almost positive only one ending was filmed, contrary to all the conflicting info. And I definitely agree about shows needing to not be repetitious. I’ve said that at other points this season, too (and, of course, I’m drawing a blank right now). I think part of being a good network is knowing how not to exhaust your viewer. CW has failed at that this season.

Alyssa, thanks! I so didn’t get that. I feel dumb now.

ed, I’m with you on the rushed and fake part. But–and I can’t say this without spoiling things but–Shantel and Robert have contracts for next season. To my knowledge, they’re not going anywhere.

17 05 2010

I was expecting something a bit more shocking for a cliffhanger on GG. I mean we know their not going to kill off Chuck. That would be the biggest jump-the-shark moment ever! Did anyone else catch that Nate said Chuck was in Prague? It took me a sec to get why Chuck’s mugger was speaking Porteguese (sp?)…

And I kind of guessed that Georgina was pregnant. She was wearing that baggy coat all episode and she left shortly after her and Dan had been sleeping together. Not that difficult to put together.

As for Serenate … Serena needs to grow up so I’m glad Nate decided not to wait around for her to figure things out. I hope she comes back and tries to make things better though.

The only thing that actually surprised me was that Chuck and Jenny actually did end up sleeping together. The UK promo wasn’t manipulating the storyline. I’m glad J is gone now. Hopefully when she does come back she will have matured and the Jenny I used to like will return. Should be dramatic next season.

17 05 2010
Jordan W

On GG:

I’m really disappointed in the finale just because I feel like Gossip Girl is above all this stereotypical teen drama stuff.. of course, the entire show is stereotypical but I think you know what I mean when I say that it’s different. And even though the OC was for sure my favorite show ever, I feel like shootings and teenage pregnancies are just a little bit juvenile for my TV tastes these days. But I guess we can expect Josh to repeat old habits..

The Dan & Serena thing. Really, what does he see in her, even as a friend? Her IQ is barely high enough to breathe and her track record with men makes her a borderline call girl. Speaking of men who shouldn’t be interested in Serena; WTF Nate? Have you ever heard of dignity? How many times can a girl ROYALLY screw up before you have to say “look, clearly we’re never going to get back to where we were before,” and end things? I’m the king of not ending relationships when they’re due, but Nate should know better.. in the end, though, I got what I wanted. Nate is going Chuck Bass style, even if it only lasts for a couple weeks before he ends up dating Lily (is anything far-fetched anymore?).

Jenny. Trainwreck.

Chuck & Blair. How incredibly disappointing. But at the same time, I really don’t know if I should feel that way. Chuck’s my fav but what he did WAS messed up.. I don’t know if Blair should have considered taking him back in the first place. Whatever, it’s over now, and we’ll see him go into another downward spiral, just like when Bart died. I won’t make the mistake of thinking he’s dead… shows don’t axe their most provocative characters. If they were going to kill off anyone, it would be Jenny or maybe Lily. Though I could be wrong about that. Also, Prague doesn’t strike me as the kind of city where muggers are quick to fire a gun because no one is going to notice. Maybe that’s me.

❤ Dorota

Umm I don't even want to talk about Georgina. One of the writers must be boning that Michelle Trachtenberg girl; I can't think of any other reason they would keep bringing this character back. Still, I AM trying to figure out if she was pregnant that whole time, and they were cleverly disguising it and all the characters were too stupid to notice (Serena, yes. Blair, no.), or if she put on some kind of costume before she went to see Dan? And thanks for dying her hair back because she looked awful as a blond.

Think that's it. Thanks to Josh and the crew for letting me down all season long to make a comeback right at the end and then give me the biggest let down of all. Here's hoping Season 4 is more like Season 2…

17 05 2010

Alyssa, interesting perspective. You’re definitely right–they’re not going to kill Chuck, so that kind of makes it a pointless cliffhanger. It made me think, though, of BH90210’s eighth season premiere. Kelly was shot at the end and of course we knew she wouldn’t die but her recovery (IMO) made for a great storyline. I did not pick up on the Prague thing! Thank you for mentioning it! Yes, it does make sense that Georgina would be pregnant…but I doubt it’s actually Dan’s and they’ll just drag it out forever. Ditto on your Serenate thoughts… I think. After seeing people’s reactions last night on Twitter and whatnot, I knew “Chenny” happened. I would love to see a genuinely mature Jenny when she comes back.

Jordan, very interesting points. Definitely doesn’t surprise me that Josh is repeating old habits! I think it’s very clear he hasn’t learned some important lessons from the O.C. days, sadly. As much as I root for Derena and Sernate, you have very valid points there. And I absolutely agree that they put too much worth in Georgina. I rather her not be on the show at all. They seem to think she’s this secret ace they can pull out and it will always be awesome. It’s gotten old…especially when you never liked it from the start. Your last paragraph is interesting. OTH let me down all season long and the finale was the biggest let down of all. In contrast, I thought GG had a very rough start but things picked up in the last few episodes and I thought the finale was well done…and yet I agree with a lot of your points and Alyssa’s. But I can’t have it both ways. Hm.

17 05 2010


How can Haley already know she’s having a girl? You don’t find out the sex right away.

A few weeks ago, she said she wasn’t pregnant. Of course, we don’t know that she wasn’t lying. But, again, that was a few weeks ago. Maybe a month to two months Tree Hill time max. How could she possibly know the sex by now?

Who even confirmed that she was pregnant? And when?


17 05 2010

“But–and I can’t say this without spoiling things but–Shantel and Robert have contracts for next season. To my knowledge, they’re not going anywhere.”

Thanks for saying that, now I can breathe. They are the only reason why I still watch the show:(

17 05 2010

OTH I thought was nice but it was kind of boring to me. I wanted there to be a little more drama but I guess they had to make it light and fun because they thought it was going to be the finale. I am so happy that I was right about Haley being pregnant and about Brooke getting married.. well engaged. I’m excited for season 8 which I’m sure we’ll get!

GG was just awesome! I was so amazed at everything that happened in the episode. Georgina was fun and I hate to admit this but I’m actually starting to like Blair. This episode really changed my opinion of her. The writers really saved themselves with this episode. Oh and all the Jenny drama was perfect!

17 05 2010
Rinth de Shadley

Shari, you know what I’m going to say about Chuck and Blair: Well, I don’t blame it all on Jenny, but mostly. If I had been Blair, I would have been angry at Chuck but I would have realized what happened and would have forgiven him. So Blair messed up, too. Jenny did look terrible afterward: that was a bit exaggerated.

My complaint about the episode, but I might be wrong: Georgina showed up, appeared in a few scenes, and then … nothing. Unless the muggers who shot Chuck were Russian Mafia or something, then the Georgina storyline appeared and went nowhere. If she was to blame for Chuck’s shooting somehow, that’s different. One poster’s crude comment about Michelle T was just silly, in my opinion.

As for the person who said that Serena is stupid and like a call girl, I disagree. She didn’t get admitted to Yale solely because of her PR value, so she’s smart. And yes, she has been with a few guys, but that’s how life is.

18 05 2010

Wow, I know most probably disagree with me, but I was impressed with Gossip Girl’s season finale. Comparing it to mid-season AND the One Tree Hill season/series finale, it was amazing. I still can’t stand Jenny Humphrey, and I was so excited about the Chuck and Blair proposal, but obviously that didn’t happen. I would definitely have the same reaction as Blair.

Anyway, the ending I didn’t call at all. I thought Nate would be the one getting shot, not Chuck. Now I’m interested to see how Blair reacts next season.

I also liked how the beginning and the end reflected Serena in the first season. Georgina arriving at the bus station, and jenny leaving on the bus/rail way (I don’t live in New York, so I don’t know what it’s called.) I was very impressed though. Although Chuck and Jenny were disappointing, it wasn’t AS horrible as I imagined it.

18 05 2010

Oh, and also, I thought there was supposed to be a mini time jump. Did I miss something? Was Chuck getting shot supposed to be the time jump?

18 05 2010

I’ve just read this whole post and all the comments, and I am so excited about the finales.
Here in New Zealand we’re only mid season of GG and OTH season 7 hasn’t started yet, and I haven’t watched them up to date online yet due to lack of time. But, WOW. I am going catch up now, both of these episodes seem amazing!
I’m so excited that OTH is pretty much guaranteed for another season, from the way I read it they cannot leave the series like that, it was a season finale not a series finale.
From reading about GG it seems all very copied from The OC storylines, the possible killing of a main character at the end of season 3 (Chuck & Marissa) but hopefully Chuck will live, he’s the best part of the show!
And OTH totally seems like previous episodes, especially season 3, as I was reading the blog I had a visual of Rachel’s place in the woods, and then another shooting, I know it wouldn’t of been as dramatic/amazing as the school shooting, but all very similar.
I guess i’ll need to hurry up and watch the episodes.
I’m so excited for them 🙂

18 05 2010

Follow-up to my “HOLD UP” comment: I may have made a mistake. I’m not sure now if Haley said it’s a girl or she thinks it will be a girl (like because of her mom or something). But still, there’s unanswered questions. When did she get pregnant? Was she pregnant weeks ago? When did she find out? Has she gone to a doctor?

Aimee, I’m glad I could give you some peace of mind. =)

Wes, at the time they filmed the episode, they didn’t know if it would be the season or series finale. And when it aired last night, they still didn’t know, I don’t think. So I don’t think the episode being light and fluffy had anything to do with them thinking it would be a series finale…especially with that ending. Glad you’re happy about Haley and Brooke! May I ask what specifically happened in tonight’s episode that changed your opinion of Blair? It’s interesting that you think the writers saved themselves with the episode because there are hundreds of comments on EW and other sites saying just the opposite. I think it was a very polarizing episode…which could be a good thing.

Rinth, that’s a very interesting point about Blair messing up, too. Why didn’t she just text him and explain she was on her way? I’m not sure if it excuses what he did, though. I don’t know. I don’t think nothing happened with Georgina. She told Dan she’s having his baby! That’s pretty big. Wow, I pretty much forgot about Serena and Yale. People give her so much grief for being a dumb blonde and a slut. I just kind of see her as a lost 19-year-old trying find out what she wants to do with her life and with whom by her side. The writers could write her a little smarter, though.

Kate, definitely agree with you–the GG season finale was way better than the mid-season finale and OTH’s (both mid-season and last night’s). I also expected Nate, for some reason, to be the one that got shot. Never thought it would be Chuck. I wish they played up the Jenny/Serena symmetry a little more. It all went by so fast. The mini-time jump was right after the scene where Blair finds out about Chuck and Jenny. After that, they briefly showed on the screen that it was now one week later and it picked up with Rufus and co. saying goodbye to Jenny at the train station.

Laura, I’m glad you’re excited to watch. Please let me know your thoughts when you do! Unfortunately, OTH’s ending does not mean it is guaranteed for another season. The show’s fate is still unknown. I’ve seen a lot of people making the Chuck/Marissa comparison on Twitter. But I think it’s safe to say Chuck isn’t going to die.

So, I did some thinking in hopes of answering this question: why am I so down on OTH’s episode and all its flaws but pepped up about Gossip Girl’s episode despite recognizing it had many flaws as well? Here’s what I came up with: I found Gossip Girl, despite all the valid points Alyssa, Jordan and others made, to be incredibly entertaining. I was completely sucked in, all in the moment, eager for the next scene and the next scene. I enjoyed what I was watching as I was watching it and it still felt like Gossip Girl to me. I can’t say any of this about One Tree Hill.

I was waiting for someone to bring this up but no one has yet. Chuck tried to rape Jenny in GG’s first season. Last night they slept together. Thoughts?

18 05 2010
Rinth de Shadley

Note to self: Engage brain before starting to write a comment. 🙂

Shari, you are totally right about Georgina’s storyline. That was like the 30 seconds of the episode that I didn’t see! A friend had a crisis and I missed just that part! But you never know what Georgina is up to. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

I’ve had the GG Season 3 DVDs pre-ordered on Amazon for a couple of months. I hope that they release them soon!

18 05 2010

TDW: Yeah I can see what you mean by that. There was just something that was very light hearted about the episode that I really liked until the *pow pow* at the end with Clay and Quinn lol! But I’m sure that we will get that 12 episode pickup that we all want and yeah I am really excited that Naley is having another baby and the Brooke getting engaged thing eventhough I can’t stand Julian!! I just wonder how will they bring the drama in 12 episodes, I mean OTH has done every storyline imaginable for a teen drama. This one will be interesting…

Well this whole time I have never liked Blair, not even a little bit. I mean yeah she had those little funny moments here and there but other than that she was truly annoying to me and I know everyone loves her to death but I can’t see why. I mean I know her and Chuck had that whole love and hate relationship in seasons 1 and 2 but I just wasn’t falling for it (okay maybe a little) and when they finally did get together in the end, it was pretty boring and lame. Some of the stuff that she does and says just comes across as either annoying, bratty, or childish but hey that’s just my opinion of her but tonight seeing her with actual emotion was pretty good and it really made me feel bad for her character which was a first. She was really hurt and pissed at the same time and it just made me feel compassion for her.

As far as the EW comments and the other sites, yeah I have read some of the stuff that people were saying about the writers ruining Chair and blah blah but honestly Chair was ruined the instant that they told each other “I love you” after that it was pure boredom to me. I was kinda upset at the Jenny and Chuck thing because I desperately wanted it to be Nate that took her virginity because out of being pissed at Serena and Dan, like payback but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Everything else in the episode was pretty solid to me though. I’m still a little sketchy about the Georgina pregnant by Dan thing. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I was mad that Vanessa wasn’t in the episode but glad that they mentioned her a few times. Jenny being sent away was a great way to deal with her eventhough it’s all starting to feel a little like Serena. Have you noticed that Agnes and Georgina are pretty much the same? It’s like Serena part 2 with Jenny. Dan and Serena hooking up with be 100% weird because of Rufus and Lily but I guess we’ll have to see, I still do like Derena though. I’m hoping that Nate and Vanessa hook up once she gets back 🙂

18 05 2010

TDW – I’d be happy with this episode of OTH as a series finale even if it hadn’t just been renewed. I can’t stand Quinn, so I could imagine that she didn’t survive and Clay moved on with his life after recovering. The characters I care about actually got happy endings, so I may not even watch next year and just pretend that’s what happened.

18 05 2010

Teendramawhore your website IS SO AWESOME!!! You are the best!!! =)

Can’t wait for you to live blog 90210 tonight

About OTH and GG I was quite disapointed..I love Jenny 😦 Im sad she’s leaving even if it’s for a few episode

I LOVE Clay & Quinn 😛 I hope they’re not dead. Loved all the Brulian scenes ❤

18 05 2010

Wes, thanks for elaborating. I don’t think they necessarily have to drama for the 12 eps (if those are indeed the last 12). A lot of people have said they just want to see things wrapped up. ::shrug:: I largely agree with your Blair opinion. I’ve seen a much more human side to her the last few weeks. But I don’t think her brattyness or meanness is gone and that bothers me. You could be strong and assertive without being so cruel. But anyway. I think people aren’t just unhappy that Chair was ruined but also that Chenny happened. (Though, I have to admit, I’m kinda interested in them giving it a real go!) Definitely agree that Georgina and Agnes have very similar purposes on the show. I could do without both of them. I am eager to see how they will address the siblings issue again with Derena.

Sane: Me too and kinda not me too. I mean, I didn’t want another season and I could’ve totally lived with no resolution to last night’s cliffhanger and in my mind, 6.24 will probably always be the series finale, even though I keep watching. But I’d also be bitter that it didn’t really truly end with 6.24. And now with a season 8, I’m not sure that will change anyway.

kelly, wow, thank you. I am truly humbled. I am excited to see 90210 tonight, I have to admit. I can use a little Jenny break. Wonder what she’ll be like when she comes back, though. I wouldn’t worry too much about Clay & Quinn. =)

18 05 2010

does anybody know the quote from the scene when jenny & chuck were just talking on the couch? when she says… im trying to forget things too, like the way i thought id feel when i made it in this world.
anybody know the whole thing?

18 05 2010

OTH: (excuse my horrifying grammar.) I loved the opening montage. Naley 4ever. And I was annoyed when I saw Clay/Quinn naked. Ugh. Not necessary. (seems like they filled this ep with as much sex as possible.) and I always wanna barf when clay and quinn talk about their luv. Ick. I loved Skills’ coat LOL. (whatever, youre no grubbs.-jamie=adorable!) LOL. I agree with your opinions of Grubbs. I really dont wanna see alex/chase–just NO. And theyre hinting at a mia/grubbs. NO. I laughed when skills returned quinn to clay. LOLZ. And i barfed again when I saw Quinn taking off her underwear. Really? I luvd the 1st Alex/josh convo about the locked door…LOL. Now that im reading this, I realized all the hints about her losing things….(u were right, TDW–she did come back!) I loved how Josh and Alex sort of bonded–it was sweet 🙂 alice whitehead? Haha. The Brulian thing was so sweet 🙂 i love them. I knew Haley was pregnant 😛 and again, u were right about Sarah, TDW. She DID come back :/ —GG: I loved erics comment about jennys crazy ass. Hes so right. I mean Jenny went over to nates AGAIN and he lets her stay AGAIN evn after all that drama she caused? Ugh. Ha. Dorotas facebook comment made me LOL. TDW: Love Derena, HATE Serenate!!! (for some reason, dan saying jenny needs to be stopped made me srsly LOL. As if shes some crazy crackhead wreaking havoc.) who cares if derena are stepsibs? Not by blood 🙂 Im finding myself liking Blair/Chuck…but he so screwed up. I was really taken aback when i saw chuck get shot….:( totes echoed OTH. Jenny is a MESS. So is momsen….and we all know chuck isnt goingto die so…what a waste. And im starting to like blair. And interesting connection- chuck and jennys incident in season one and this. I agree when u said they act like georgina is some amazing ace they can putt out for some fantasmic twists…not . I completely agree w/ jordan w.

18 05 2010

Not to come in here & sound matter of fact or anything, but I saw someone say how OTH was very light and happy last night, I was in Wilmington one week before they all left for Utah, and they(cast, Mark, crew) all knew it could be a series finale that they were going to be filming. I was personally told by them the finale would have closure group moments specifically for that reason-because they weren’t sure at the time they were going to be coming back and wanted closure for the fans. I can’t say who but one person’s exact words were “If it’s the series finale, everyone will live happily ever after and if it’s the season, there will be one major cliffhanger when they return to Tree Hill after Utah’. Which is what I think we saw last night. I believe that also explains all the lovey dovey happy moments of the whole gang together. 🙂

Having said that, I think we all need to give Shari a major round of applause for all the recaps and live blogging she has done this season!! Can’t imagine it’s easy, so major props to her!!! Great work Shari!!

18 05 2010

Meriam, are you saying that the cliffhanger ending with Clay and Quinn being shot was an alternate scene? Cause that would make a lot of sense. Everything else seemed really wrapped up until that point so maybe there were two endings.

19 05 2010

Alexandra, I actually knew when I said it last week that Katie was coming back but I didn’t want to completely spoil you! The ending had been rumored for a while but it didn’t go down as I personally expected. I thought it would be more of a rampage-like shooting, where Katie was firing off and you didn’t see who she hit and that would be the cliff-hanger. As I was watching, though, and they did the key thing, I thought that was foreshadowing how Katie would get access to the condo. Alas, I was wrong and the shooting happened in Tree Hill–though I’m still not sure if it was at Naley’s or Clay’s beach house.

Meriam, thanks for the kind words. Really sweet of you.

Alyssa, Meriam and I respectfully disagree about this. We’ve heard different things–all from reliable sources–about whether there was really one ending or two. It’s quite confusing and I’m not sure we’ll ever really know for sure!

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