Live-Blog: One Tree Hill 7.21 and Gossip Girl 3.21

10 05 2010

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EPISODE 7.21: What’s In The Ground Belongs To You

  • Previously On: Alex and Josh have a sex tape, they will pretend to date so it doesn’t look as bad, Miranda is being deported, Grubbs proposes, Clay tells Quinn about Katie looking like Sara, Katie and Quinn face off, Katie can be unpredictable and Clay should be careful, Haley snaps at Jamie, Nathan tells Jamie that Haley is very sad that Lydia died, Haley sets the piano on fire
  • This is the second to last episode before the season/series finale.
  • I can’t decide if the title is poetic or creepy or sad or all three.
  • Starting with Simon and Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. Old-school.
  • Q1: Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life. Death is what dies inside of us when someone else does. I could tell you who said it but who the hell really cares?–Haley
  • Not sure if I got that right. Makes me flashback to Lucas voiceovers. =(
  • Haley is watching the pool and envisions herself jumping in.
  • Jamie interrupt her thought, saying how he did his chores or something.
  • Q2: What do you want, a gold star?–Haley
  • Jamie is kind of crushed.
  • Clay finds grape kool-aid in his frigde! Aw, sad.
  • Quinn is digging in the forest.
  • She looks sweaty and tired. And it’s a bit creepy.
  • Julian has screened his move for Brooke.
  • She looks awe-struck.
  • He looks nervous.
  • I wish we could see the movie!
  • Grubbs in sleeping in bed.
  • Miranda is gathering her clothes.
  • Guess they slept together…
  • She puts her passport in a bag.
  • Is she just going to leave?!
  • Ouch.
  • I like her sweater dress, though!
  • Alex and Josh are hugging on a beach. Or maybe it’s not them. Too far away to tell.
  • Julian tells Brooke that the film needs credits and a title song.
  • But she says she loved it.
  • Q3: Alex and Josh actually have amazing chemistry!–Brooke
  • Cut to them fighting back-stage before a talk show appearance.
  • It’s kind of funny.
  • They call each other a “dick” and “whore” beneath their breath on stage.
  • Haley is on the phone.
  • She says it seems fake that we’re supposed to believe there is good in the world. There are too many people who suffer, she says. Kind of sounds like Lucas at varying points, particular in the “It’s A Wonderful Life” episode.
  • She flashes to images of the pool.
  • She says we tell ourselves we’re going to be okay but it’s not okay.
  • And once you know that, there’s no going back. There’s no magic in the world, she says.
  • Q4: At least not today there isn’t.–Haley
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Nathan is looking outside. He’s actually watching Haley sitting alone in like a meadow.
  • He joins her.
  • Apparently she’s been in therapy. It’s two weeks later.
  • And she’s been skipping sessions.
  • Q5: We’re all crazy, Hales. Some of us hide it better than others.–Nathan
  • He suggests they spend the day just the two of them.
  • Q6: “Whatever.” “You say the sweetest things to me, Haley James.”–Haley and Nathan
  • Quinn goes into Jamie’s room. They are going to hang out.
  • Q7: I miss her. The way she used to be.–Jamie
  • Quinn has a DVD of The Goonies.
  • She says it’s her fave from a kid. He hasn’t seen it.
  • They agree to watch.
  • Q8: It’s totally bunny-approved.–Quinn LOL
  • She turns it on…and I miss Brooke–Jamie scenes.
  • Julian is worrying the movie sucks.
  • He asks why he got into movies.
  • She reminds him that he saw The Thin Red Line with his dad and it was the best day ever.
  • Q9: “You don’t know me, Brooke Davis.”–Julian
  • OH NO THEY DIDN’T!!! Ugh, they clearly did.
  • Julian is freaking out about getting into a film festival.
  • They are waiting to hear if it’s accepted.
  • She calms him down.
  • Q10: I love you and I’ll love you forever.–Julian
  • Brooke says she has to go to the store and deal with Victoria and Alexander.
  • But later she is going to spend time with Haley.
  • Brooke says she’s not doing well: she’s sad, depressed and angry.
  • Julian sends his best.
  • She reminds him the film is great and it’ll get into the film fest.
  • Oh, Miranda is still here.
  • She recounts to Grubbs that she wanted to close Red Bedroom Records when she first got here.
  • Now she can’t believe she’s leaving it.
  • Grubbs says she’s still not ready to marry him. And she agrees.
  • She makes him promise he’ll finish the record when she’s gone.
  • He promises. And says they might finish it before she leaves.
  • She says they won’t. Cause she leaves tonight!
  • She didn’t tell him because last night was amazing. But now she is going.
  • Chase is at the bar, looking very upset.
  • Q11: Relationships suck–Chase
  • Alex is wondering why he’s not offering advice. That’s what bartenders are supposed to do and she has love life problems.
  • Chase says she doesn’t, pointing to the TV showing her and Josh.
  • She says that makes her need a drink.
  • Q12: A shot of tequila but you have to drink it.–Alex
  • Clay walks into his house. A record is playing, just like it did in 7.07.
  • Katie is there, dressed just as Sara was.
  • He asks her how he knows about the grape kool aid, the song, etc.
  • She says she’s Sara.
  • He tells her not to say that. Sara is dead.
  • Katie starts revealing all these things that only he and Sara could know!
  • Q13: My wife is dead and she’s not coming back. And neither are you.–Clay
  • Katie says again she’s Sara and they can be together again.
  • Clay says they can’t and won’t ever be, pushing her out the door.
  • 90210 promo
  • Jamie and Quinn are eating snacks. He loved the movie.
  • He says it would be cool if there was actually a seccret treasure somewhere.
  • She says she actually found a map a long time ago. And maybe he can help her figure it out.
  • He looks at it and tries to figure out the first clue.
  • He realizes the first place is the River Court.
  • He wants to gather tools first. He’s very excited.
  • Nathan and Haley are stuck in traffic.
  • He asks if she wants to talk.
  • She asks if that’s what hte doctors told him to do.
  • Q14: Tell me about something you still love. Or somethng you hate.–Nathan
  • She says she hates traffic and gets out of the car.
  • He follows.
  • He says it’s a perfect day for a walk. And they keep walking.
  • Brooke comes into the store, just as Victoria and Alexander have finished sexing.
  • Q15: Please tell me Millicent isn’t in there, too.–Brooke
  • No, she’s in NY.
  • Victoria says she needs to go back, too. The company is based in New York.
  • Alexander says he wants to run Clothes For Bros.
  • He designed it and can sell it best.
  • And he wants to run it from New York…with Victoria.
  • Alex tells Chase how her being with Josh is a lie down to the sex tape.
  • Chase says he’s seen it but she’s prettier in person.
  • She says she wants someone normal and stable.
  • Q16: You’re flirty like me. I like that.–Alex
  • But she reminds him he has a gorgeous rock star girlfriend.
  • He says not anymore and takes a drink.
  • She seems happy.
  • Haley is on the phone again. Home already?
  • Or is this a continuation of earlier?
  • She is talking about death and the sadness that comes from it.
  • It is crazy how much I identify with what she’s saying. I’m sure anyone who has suffered a big loss has.
  • Wish I had the exact quotes.
  • She says she can’t just go back to pretending it’s like the old days, like everything will be fine again.. Nothing is the same.
  • I guess it was a continuation, like a framing device, because…
  • She and Nathan are now sitting in the spot of their first tutoring session.
  • He has a crack jack box and says the line he said then about not needing math. LOL
  • Q17: Whatever prize you find in that box isn’t going to fix me.” “Why not? It fixed me.”–Haley and Nathan
  • She takes his hand.
  • 90210 promo
  • Brooke is at Naley’s.
  • She asks Nathan what’s going on.
  • He says his car got towed but it’s a long story.
  • He is folding laundry.
  • He looks at Jamie’s pants and says the NBA is not in his future.
  • Nathan asks if Julian heard about the film fest.
  • He says he ran into Julian yesterday.
  • She says he hasn’t heard but the film is good.
  • She asks how Haley is.
  • Nathan says she’s the same. Docs say depression is different for everyone. One day she may just be better.
  • Brooke hopes that day is today.
  • She asks about Jamie.
  • Nathan says Jamie doesn’t understand why his mom is not the same mom anymore.
  • Brooke says she’s proud of him.
  • He says Haley has been everything to him and Jamie. Now it’s their turn to be everything to her. Aw.
  • Q18: In sickness or health, right? For better or worse.–Nathan
  • Cut to that part of Clay’s wedding video. Which he’s watching and looking sad.
  • Jamie has found the next clue at the River Court with Quinn.
  • Next stop: a wishing fountain near the Cape Fear river. Which is conveiently across from the court.
  • Julian comes to TRIC.
  • He tells Alex more people will see the sex tape than the movie.
  • Alex tells him he’s worrying for no reason.
  • Chase shows Julian an e-mail from Mia. Or a text message, rather.
  • She told him how the distance between them from her touring isn’t good for them and he deserves better.
  • They broke up via a series of texts.
  • He is really sad.
  • Alex says it’s hard to date someone in the entertainment industry. People are never home and they’re needy.
  • They ask where Mia is now.
  • Chase guesses Spain.
  • She’s actually in Tric!
  • At the fountain, Jamie and Quinn spot the next clue.
  • They go into the fountain to get the clue and a security card yells at them.
  • They get soaked but are totally having fun.
  • Haley says she tells herself to feel happy but she doesn’t feel it.
  • She can’t remember what feeling happy is like.
  • She doesn’t feel joy or inspired. She feels numb.
  • Brooke brings Haley to CoB.
  • Victoria says hi to her.
  • Haley reminds Victoria that she ruined Quinn’s gallery opening.
  • (By the way, kind of realized I’m annoyed that Haley was totally functioning in that episode, 7.19, but a day or so later, in 7.20, she couldn’t handle anything.)
  • Q19: You’re talking to the Queen of Mean, so you’ll have to do better than that.–Victoria
  • Haley says she’s going to wait outside.
  • Victoria asks Haley to sit down.
  • Victoria says it would hurt her mother to know her daughter was suffering.
  • Q20: Grieve and struggle and find out way back on your terms. –Victoria
  • But fight your way back, she says, because that’s the kind of daughter she raised and loved.
  • Haley looks a little stunned.
  • Quinn and Jamie are in a junk yard-like area. There’s old boats and whatnot.
  • Jamie spots the boat they need and runs over to it.
  • At Tric, Chase asks Mia when she got back.
  • An hour ago. She is going to help with the label while Haley isn’t feeling well. She owes her career to the label.
  • So she’ll be around for a while.
  • She says he hasn’t deleted the texts.
  • He says he did.
  • She says she didn’t. She knows him.
  • He says he keeps rereading them, hoping the ending will be different. But it’s always the same.
  • She says what if she tells him he’ll always mean a lot to her and she still cares for him.
  • Q21: Just reminds me how beautiful you are. That just makes it worse.–Chase
  • She gives him a light kiss on the cheek and says it’ll be okay.
  • She asks who’s covering the bar right now.
  • Cut to Alex trying to bartend. She knocks over the beer. LOL
  • She asks Julian what happens if the film fest doesn’t work out, if the movie doesn’t get a distributor there.
  • Q22: “I get some rope and a ladder.” “Normally, not funny. But considering you’re talking to a person that actually attempted to suicide, really not funny.”–Julian and Alex
  • Very true, Alex. Why didn’t he realize that before he even said it?
  • Julian says he will have amounted nothing.
  • Alex lists all the things that he accomplished through the film: getting Brooke back, working things out with his dad and saving Alex’s life.
  • She says without this film, she would have nothing. It changed her life.
  • He says she’s right and he’s going to go work on the movie.
  • Jamie gets the last clue from the boat. He realizes all the pieces make a map.
  • And now he knows where the treasure is.
  • Clay is going through a box of old momentos, including his wedding photo.
  • He answers his phone and something shocks him.
  • Cut to him at the bridge/highway. Kind of where he and Sara jumped into the water.
  • Tangling on the other side, as if she will jump into the water,  is Sara.
  • She’s crying.
  • The cop asks Clay if he knows the woman.
  • Q23: Yeah. She’s my wife.–Clay
  • Gossip Girl promo
  • Miranda is packing her files at the office.
  • Grubbs comes in with his suitcases.
  • He says he’s coming too. She can love him. He knows that.
  • She says he has to stay.
  • He says he doesn’t.
  • She yells at him: he doesn’t understand–she doesn’t want him to come.
  • This really should be a separate webseries. (If that.) For reals.
  • Jamie and Quinn are looking for their spot in the forest to dig.
  • Jamie spots an X and starts to dig.
  • Nathan is looking at the phone bill.
  • Clearly he is noticing Haley’s calls. Whomever they’re to.
  • Clay is on the other side of the highway wall with Sara.
  • She says he told her not to come back.
  • He says he’s here now.
  • She says she’ll jump.
  • He says
  • Q24: Tell me you love me, Clay. Tell me you love me and you believe me. Or I’ll jump.–Sara
  • He says what she needs to hear and tells her not to leave him again.
  • To take his hand and they can be together.
  • “On the count of two.”
  • She takes his hand.
  • He says he’s glad to have her back.
  • The cops snatch her from behind and pull her over the side. She struggles to get away.
  • She yells out to Clay that he said he loved her.
  • Q25: No, Katie. I love Quinn. Sara’s gone.–Clay
  • She cries that she called him Katie, not Sara.
  • Was the Quinn part really necessary?
  • The set-up, thing, was very Kelly-Tara and Donna-Evan from Beverly Hills 90210 (seasons 6 and 7, respectively).
  • Jamie takes out the treasure chest he found.
  • Full of fake jewelry and all that.
  • He says they shouldn’t keep it.
  • Goonies wanted to say their homes. That’s why they needed the treasure.
  • And maybe someone needs the treasure more than he does.
  • Quinn asks if he’s sure there’s anything he wants to keep.
  • He finds a gold star. Aw.
  • Q26: I just want mom to be okay. That’s all I want.–Jamie
  • Quinn says “me too” and they re-bury the treasure chest.
  • Victoria is sitting in CoB.
  • Brooke says she remembers Victoria not being happy about her opening the store…and now she likes it here.
  • Q27: In Tree Hill? Please. I like being with my daughter.–Victoria
  • Brooke asks Victoria if she really thinks Alexander should run CoB.
  • She says no, he’s a designer. But she’s waiting a few days to tell him so as not to ruin the next few nights.
  • Q28: I’m going to miss this. The best part of this company has been building it with you. Spending time with you. I used to dream about it.–Brooke
  • Victoria thanks her and they hug.
  • It’s sad.
  • It feels like
  • Q29: They’re called tears mother. You can feel it because the botox is wearing off.” “You’re such a little bitch. In a good way.”–Brooke and Victoria
  • Brooke tells Victoria she will give Alexander a job but he has to report to her and Millie will VP.
  • Victoria asks if she really thinks Alexander is falling in love.
  • Brooke says yes.
  • Victoria says she’s proud of her and loves her.
  • Brooke says she loves her, too, and will see her soon.
  • Grubbs is playing the piano. Miranda looks in and walks out.
  • Quinn and Jamie are tying the first clue to balloons.
  • Jamie thanks Quinn for a good day.
  • Q30: I know you did it all for me. And it’s one of the best days I’ve ever had.–Jamie
  • They let the balloons go together.
  • Katie is sitting in a police car.
  • Clay is telling the officer that there’s a journal his wife used to keep. It documented their life together and it’s missing. But he wants it back.
  • Ah ha!
  • The balloons float on by.
  • Mia comes into the studio, introducing herself to Grubbs. She’ll be helping at the label.
  • He says he heard.
  • Mia says they should listen to his record.
  • Q31: “I’m gonna need a second. Just had my heart broken.” “Yeah, me too.”–Grubbs and Mia
  • If she really feels that way, why did she break up with him?
  • Chase is rereading her text and looking nervous. He finally deletes it.
  • Nathan is still going over the phone bills.
  • Quinn comes in. Says Jamie and Haley are asleep.
  • He asks if Lydia had a cell phone and where i sit.
  • Quinn says it’s at the gallery in a big of stuff. Why, she asks.
  • Duh. Many fans called this online like a week ago.
  • Julian comes home. He says he watched the movie again.
  • It’s a good film…and the wardrobe is unbelievable.
  • His phone buzzes. It’s the film festival peeps.
  • He nervously answers.
  • Nathan and Quinn are at the gallery with Lydia’s cell phone. There’s 20-something messages.
  • They start to play the first one.
  • Haley says she knows her mom is gone but she wants to see her again or talk to her again or hear her voice.
  • She says she napped at Jamie again and he didn’t deserve it.
  • Q32: He deserves better than I am right now. And so does Nathan.–Haley
  • She’s looking out at the pool.
  • She says she knows things aren’t going to be okay.
  • And…she jumps in. Kind of falls. But intentionally.
  • Q33: Once you know that, there’s no going back.
  • Fade to black.
  • Sad. Creepy. But we know what will happen. Even just by common sense, not spoilers.
  • Preview: No new clips. Just shows Haley jumping into the pool and the voiceover is one of the things she said tonight during her phone “conversations.”


EPISODE 3.21: Ex-Husbands and Wives

  • Previously On: William tells Lily he he loves her and will make it up to her. Jenny sold a girl the wrong pills. Rufus overhears. Holland tells Serena there’s things she needs to know about Rufus. Jenny says there’s something wrong with Lily’s medicine. Cameron tells Blair he will help make Chuck jealous.
  • This is the second to last episode before the season finale.
  • The title is a play on the movie Husbands and Wives.
  • Q1: New day, new desire. Whether it’s love or war you’re outfitting for, thank god for friends and fashion.–Gossip Girl
  • Blair is tearing her closet apart with Serena. She needs something to wear.
  • Blair says she played Wuthering Heights with Chuck in a particular outfit.
  • Funny, since Ed is supposedly starring in a WH remake.
  • Q2: I have to tell you something. I’ve never been on a date.–Blair
  • Serena reminds her of Nate. And Chuck. And then Nate. And then Chuck. LOL
  • And Blair mentions Marcus!
  • She notes she never went on a date with someone she didn’t really know.
  • Blair asks Serena why she seems distance/off.
  • Serena says Rufus cheated on her mom. But she hasn’t told Lily yet.
  • She just wants to keep Rufus away for now so Lily can focus on getting better.
  • Q3: I don’t know if handcuffs are a good idea for a first date.–Serena
  • Chuck is on the phone with Jenny.
  • He says he got the pills back that she sold.
  • He has someone looking into what the pills really are and used for.
  • He asks why she’s whispering.
  • She says she’s grounded and can’t use the phone.
  • Of course, Rufus catches her and takes it away.
  • Nate tells Chuck he’s going to see Serena.
  • She’s in a good place, she said. She’s no longer keeping secrets now that her dad is around.
  • Chuck tells Nate to say hi to Blair and that he hopes she has a good date.
  • Nate says he’s not going to play Chuck’s games. Or something liket hat.
  • Q4: “Why not let things end on a good note?” “I have more important concerns than Blair’s social life.”–Nate and Chuck
  • Rufus and Jenny are arguing about her using the phone and whatnot.
  • Dan walks in. Rufus tells him his sister is a drug dealer.
  • They all start talking in the third person. Dan is caught in the middle.
  • William brings pills to Lily.
  • She says she feels spoiled having a doctor in the house.
  • Q5: Though I am looking forward to drinking my apple juice straight.–Lily
  • They reminisce about her craving juice while pregnant with Serena.
  • William apologizes for his speech. He says he got caught up in the moment.
  • Lily says she hoped that’s what it was.
  • He says he was thrilled to get to know the kids. And she –and Rufus– have done such a great job.
  • She says she doesn’t know how she’d get through her illness without him.
  • Speaking of her, her humidifier is clogged. Can he help?
  • Sounds like a code to me! LOL
  • Chuck calls Jenny on the loft’s landline.
  • He has info. I missed what the pills really are.
  • But he needs to extort information.
  • Jenny asks if he’s seriously going to use this to get back with Blair.
  • Chuck says he just needs her expertise.
  • And this will keep her from the date.
  • He tells Jenny to meet her at the Waldorfs.
  • She says she’s grounded but goes anyway.
  • Rufus and Dan enter the penthouse.
  • Serena is surprised to see them.
  • Dan goes to get the books.
  • Serena says she’s surprised to see him since Lily wanted time apart.
  • Serena tells him just leave.
  • Rufus asks if that’s what Lily wants. Because it seems to him that S is the one that has a problem with him.
  • Lily, William, Dan and Eric all conveniently enter.
  • Rufus asks what’s going on.
  • She says Holland told her something.
  • She won’t say what so Rufus calls her and says we’ll see what she has to say herself.
  • Cut to Holland being there, saying she doesn’t know what she’s supposed to say and that she doesn’t belong here.
  • Rufus tells her to just tell the truth.
  • Q6: Rufus and I slept together.–Holland
  • Rufus looks shocked.
  • Q7: Talk about love thy neighbor. Next time, Rufus, choose one who knows how to keep a secret.–Gossip Girl
  • Rufus says it’s absurd.
  • Lily looks shocked.
  • Serena says she didn’t want lily to find out like this.
  • William tells Lily to go lay down.
  • Serena says she never meant to hurt anyone.
  • Rufus asks Holland why she’s lying.
  • William interrupts, saying this stress is not good for Lily.
  • Holland apologizes and leaves.
  • Rufus says this is all lies.
  • William tells him to leave.
  • Rufus says he’s going to see his wife.
  • Nate comes in, asks what’s going on.
  • Rufus tells Lily that Holland is insane.
  • Lily asks what Holland has to gain from lying.
  • She says she’d believe him if he hadn’t left his scarf in her apartment.
  • She also says he didn’t talk to her for weeks after he found the letter from William.
  • He says when she’s ready to talk, he can call.
  • Serena tells Nate she tried to keep Rufus away.
  • Nate says Rufus took him in (season 1? 2?) and he’s a good guy.
  • Q7: They all are. Until they aren’t anymore.–Serena
  • She says she’s just trying to protect her mom.
  • Nate says Rufus helped S during her decision not to go to Brown.
  • S asks Nate if he’s really taking Rufus’ side.
  • He says he’s not. They’re just talking.
  • S says that’s not a good idea and walks out.
  • Chuck and Jenny are at Blair’s.
  • Q8: This is more than headbands in high school.–Chuck
  • Jenny says she can handle it.
  • Blair enters, surprised to see them together there.
  • Q9: Please tell me there’s an explanation that doesn’t mean the apocalypse.–Blair
  • Chuck says it’s about Lily. Her medicine is being prescribed by a psychiatrist.
  • Chuck says he needs help to figure this out.
  • Blair says his “heartfelt plea” is nice but she has a date. And next time he shouldn’t bring Jenny.
  • Lily is walking with Eric outside.
  • She apologizes, since she knows he and Rufus got close.
  • She says the last thing she wants is to put him through another divorce.
  • He says she can’t stay with Rufus for his sake.
  • Q10: It doesn’t matter who you end up with, as long as you’re still here.–Eric
  • Dan is walking with Nate. He thanks Nate for helping.
  • Nate says there’s no way Rufus would do this to Lily.
  • And admits Serena doesn’t know that he’s helping.
  • Dan says they need an expert.
  • They arrive at Blair’s.
  • Who is with Cameron.
  • They say they need Blair’s help.
  • She wants to know if Chuck sent them.
  • Dan says this is about his dad and Lilly and Holland.
  • Q10: No way would an Upper East Sider schtump Rufus.–Blair
  • Cameron is willing to help. He wants to learn about her world.
  • Blair asks Dan and Nate to tell him everything that they know about Holland.
  • Jenny and Chuck arrive at the psychiatrists office.
  • Jenny says she works for a  hot line and needs advice.
  • Chuck spies the calendar as she does.
  • As they leave, there’s Blair, Nate and Dan and Cameron.
  • Chuck announces their finding: Holland is the psychiatrist.
  • Q11: You better hope this doctor gets healed before someone else gets hurt.–Gossip Girl
  • I knew Holland was in cahoots but I didn’t expect this!
  • Jenny is at the penthouse. She grabs the phone and calls Chuck.
  • He’s telling her to find the pills. They need it to directly link to Holland.
  • The rest of them are at Chuck and Nate’s.
  • Blair says Holland must be trying to poison Lily so she can have Rufus.
  • Dan says they should just tell Lily the truth.
  • Chuck says they can’t do that.
  • Chuck says Holland is going to an event tonight.
  • Blair is happy to do public humiliation.
  • They plan to meet back at Blair’s later.
  • There’s a Georgina reference. I’ missed it.
  • William and Serena are talking.
  • Serena says as awful as this is, maybe Lily needed this to see she’s with the wrong man.
  • William says he won’t take advantage.
  • S says he should tell Lily how he really feels.
  • He says he’s happy to be with his daughter and the people that loves.
  • S says “including mom.”
  • She suggests she do something to cheer Lily up. Library benefit tonight.
  • William says only if S comes true.
  • Jenny is going through a drawer.
  • She finds an envelope marked “Hold for Mrs. Humphrey.”
  • Serena interrupts, asking what she’s doing.
  • Jenny says she came for a dress.
  • S says there aren’t dresses in the kitchen.
  • S tells Jenny her family has done enough damage to hers.
  • Jenny says she would give it all back, all the perks from the past year, for one day that feels normal.
  • Q12: I just want to go back to Brooklyn forever.–Jenny
  • She leaves. But I think she snatches pills.
  • Lily comes in, asking if S and J were fighting about Jenny.
  • Q13: You know Jenny. All angst, all the time.–Serena
  • S tells Lily sitting around will make her feel worse.
  • And they should go to the benefit tonight.
  • Lily says a night out with William is what the doctored ordered.
  • Blair is all ready for the event. Chuck is at her place.
  • They banter about him her missing her date. She says they have plans for later.
  • Nate and Dan are there, too.
  • Jenny comes in.
  • They ask if she has the pills. The future of the Humphreys-van der Woodsens depends on it.
  • Jenny apologizes. She didn’t get them.
  • Blair says she has a contingency plan and needs Nate to use his connections.
  • Q14: Watch out, Lonely Boy. Seems your little sister has her own ideas about your family planning.–Jenny
  • Everyone is at the gala.
  • Lily and Serena and William enter together.
  • Blair says it’s complicated now that S is here.
  • Q15: We can’t have a blonde bombshell blowing up our plans.–Blair
  • Blair tells Jenny to wait for Nate’s connection, Dr. Tabb. Nate will be bringing him.
  • Chuck says they need to get Holland to tell the truth or Dr. Tabb and he will revoke Holland’s license.
  • Chuck tries to take Blair’s hand. He says he’s playing the part but Blair refuses.
  • Jenny makes a call. She tells Dr. Tabb’s secretary there is no need to wait for Nate. He won’t be coming in tonight.
  • S spies Jenny on the phone from afar.
  • Lily and William are dancing.
  • Lily says it’s nice to be there with someone who doesn’t  hate these kinds of things.
  • Blair and Chuck both say they have an idea.
  • They go over to Holland. Blair says she’s been trying to get CHuck to go to therapy for week.s
  • Rufus goes over to Jenny, wants to know what she’s doing here.
  • Serena called and told him.
  • Nate and Dan arrive. They tell Rufus he shouldn’t be here.
  • Rufus says he has to talk to Holland.
  • Serena pulls Nate away.
  • Serena tells Nate she knows a scheme when she sees one.
  • Nate says he knows Rufus didn’t cheat.
  • Q16: Oh, that’s it. Anyone who might not like your dad has to go?–Nate
  • Serena says Nate is supposed to be on her side.
  • Blair and Chuck are really convincingly fighting.
  • Holland tells them to make an appointment.
  • Blair and Chuck keep fighting in front of her.
  • Holland says it’s clear they’ve both hurt each other and neither feel safe.
  • Holland says it will take time to rebuild.
  • She urges them to make an appointment.
  • Chuck points to a guy with Dan.
  • He says it’s illegal to write prescriptions for people who aren’t your patient.
  • She says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
  • Rufus comes over. He wants to know what’s going on.
  • Q17: The person you really need to talk to is William Van Der Woodsen.–Holland
  • Jenny tells William that Holland is about to tell Rufus everything: her plan with William to split up the family.
  • Jenny says she understands why he did it. And if he wants to succeed, he needs to take action now.
  • He asks Jenny why she’s doing this.
  • Jenny says it’s so he can get his family back–and so can she.
  • William escorts Lily and Serena out. He’s very nervous.
  • Rufus asks where they are. Dan says they left.
  • Dan looks sad watching them leave. It looks like he’s just realized Serena is going to get hurt when all is said and done. Aw.
  • Q18: In this family feud, that’s van der Woodsen 1, Humphrey 0.–Gossip Girl
  • 90210 promo
  • Eric is at home when the fam arrives.
  • William says he has to go back to Palm Beach.
  • And they’re going with him.
  • They tell Eric to pack.
  • Serena says Lily needs them and this is their chance to be a family.
  • Wow. What is he going to do, kidnap them?!
  • Serena packs, ignoring her ringing cell phone.
  • She answers when she sees it’s Dan.
  • He says he’s not calling about Rufus. He’s calling about William.
  • William had Holland lie about the affair and had Holland prescribe pills.
  • Serena says he’s talking crazy.
  • Dan says it’s not as crazy as the whole family leaving town tonight.
  • How did he know? And how did S not wonder that?
  • Serena goes over to William and asks if they can leave tomorrow.
  • William says his patient can’t wait.
  • Serena says she knows about Holland.
  • Enter Lily and Eric.
  • Rufus comes in, saying he needs to talk to Lily. He to share…
  • Q19: The truth, finally.–Rufus
  • He asks if William wants to say or if he should.
  • Cut to Blair and crew in the car, going over how William pulled everything up.
  • William purposefully sent the letter to Lily, hoping it would break Rufus and Lily up.
  • When it didn’t William enlisted Holland’s help.
  • When Holland couldn’t get Rufus to cheat, William goes to plan C.
  • Lily was actually sick and William did cure her.
  • Which made him realize that if he can cure her again, he can use it to win her back.
  • And here we are, with his plan unraveling.
  • William says not to believe Rufus’ lies.
  • Eric says all he wants to know if Lily is really sick.
  • William says she was. She would never prescribe medicine she didn’t need.
  • He says he has the files in his bag.
  • Serena says he doesn’t have to prove himself.
  • Everyone is silent.
  • William says apparently he does and walks out.
  • Rufus says he would never cheat on her.
  • Eric asks again if Lily is really sick.
  • Rufus say she was but she’s not now.
  • Eric asks if William’s coming back.
  • Serena says that he is. Of course he is.
  • Enter Blair and crew.
  • Blair asks where William is.
  • Serena says in the lobby.
  • They say he isn’t.
  • Q19: He wouldn’t leave. He wouldn’t leave me!–Serena
  • She walks out.
  • Nate says they should call the police.
  • Dan says they should give Serena and William a minute.
  • Nate says it could be too late. They need to call the police on William before he disappears.
  • Blair wonders how William knew he had to get out of town.
  • Chuck says someone had to tip him off. And it was one of them.
  • Jenny admits it was her.
  • Dan finds Serena looking sad in the lobby.
  • Q20: It’s true. He left.–Serena
  • Serena has taken the limo to the airport place that I believe we saw with Serena and Blair in the past seasons.
  • Q21: I need you to tell me the truth.–Serena
  • William says Lily was sick last summer. He cured her.
  • Q22: And then I fell in love with her again.–William
  • When he came to down, and saw her and Eric, he realized how badly he messed up.
  • Serena says all he needed to do what be here.
  • He apologizes.
  • He says that he thought that unless Lily needed him, she would never give you a chance.
  • Q22: I don’t forgive you. But I also don’t need to punish you. So if you just go now, I’ll make sure they don’t come after you.–Serena
  • Or did she say she does forgive him? I’m not sure. And it’s a big difference.
  • He says he loves her, she says she loves him too and they hug as she cries.
  • She tells him to go as we hear sirens int he background.
  • William gets into a cab and it drives off.
  • The police think he’s getting on a plane.
  • Lily tells Rufus she’s sorry she didn’t believe him.
  • Q22: The only thing that matters is that I’m not losing you. To cancer, to Will or anything else.–Rufus
  • They kiss and Lily goes upstairs.
  • Jenny looks unhappy.
  • Q23: Really? That’s it? Dad, she believed you cheated and she was leaving with her ex-husband!–Jenny
  • She says Rufus and Lily fight all the time.
  • Rufus says it’s between him and Lily.
  • Jenny says they, the kids, get dragged into it just like they did today.
  • She says how different things were in Brooklyn when their family was just *their* family.
  • Q24: “I don’t see what’s wrong with wanting my life to go back to normal.” “This is where we live. What needs to get back to normal is you.”–Jenny and Rufus
  • Rufus walks away.
  • Q25: If you don’t want to be a part of this family, no one is forcing you to stay.–Eric
  • Jenny walks out. Looks kinda sad.
  • Blair is waiting for Cameron in the lobby.
  • She tells Chuck he doesn’t have to wait with her.
  • He makes a comment about them working together today.
  • Blair says they were scheming and role playing.
  • Q26: “It was real. I know you feel it right now.” “Doesn’t change anything. Holland may be crazy but she was right. No matter what I feel or don’t, we’re not safe.” “I did the most dangerous thing I could when I said I loved you. If I could get through my fear for you, you can get through your fear for me. You have until tomorrow to decide.” “What?” “We’re never going to be safe. So I’ll be on the top of Empire State Building.” “You can’t Affair to Remember me!” “If you’re not there at 7:01, I’m closing my heart to you forever.” “I won’t be there.”–Chuck and Blair
  • Glad they at least recognized that they’re ripping off that movie. I guess it’s sort of fitting, though, given Chuck and Blair’s penchant for reenacting movies.
  • She walks out and meets Cameron.
  • Of course the Empire State Building is right in her sight and she’s thinking about it.
  • Serena’s phone rings. It’s Nate.
  • She says there’s nothing more to say.
  • She got to her dad before the cops did. And now he knows why she doesn’t talk to him about things.
  • She hangs up on him and gets in the limo.
  • Dan is inside.
  • Q27: When are things not complicated with Serena van der Woodsen?–Dan
  • He asks how she is.
  • She doesn’t answer and just rests her head on his shoulder.
  • He looks kind of perplexed or confused.
  • Wonder where Vanessa is. Did she already leave for Haiti?
  • Q28: When the family tree falls, we all need a friend to lead us out of the woods. Or into them.–Gossip Girl
  • Nate is at his place having a drink.
  • Jenny enters with her suitcases.
  • He looks surprised.
  • She says she didn’t know he’d be there.
  • He says he lives here.
  • She says she thought he’d be with Serena.
  • He says no and walks over to her.
  • They stare at each other and he picks up a suitcase.
  • She walks into what is presumably his room and he follows.
  • Q29: But careful. One darkness descends, true natures emerge and everything is fair game. Until morning.–Gossip Girl
  • Preview: It’s the Gossip Girl season finale, says the voiceover. Georgina is back–and wearing a blonde wig. Dan asks what she’s doing here. She says she’s in trouble. Chuck has flowers and is at the Empire State Building. “Damn you, Chuck Bass” says Blair’s voiceover as she looks up happily.  Serena out of Dan’s room, putting her outer shirt back on. Nate’s voiceover says “one kiss is not nothing” and Serena’s says “don’t threaten me.” Someone lights a candle. Two people are in bed. Jenny cries. Chuck opens an engagement ring box and says Blair “Will you…” Someone punches him. Blair looks confused. Letters combine throughout the whole thing to say OMG.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?



15 responses

10 05 2010

holy crap for a moment there i was like what the heck is going on with katie is she really sarah?!
*wipes forehead… sorry just had to get that off my chest

10 05 2010

WOW is all I can say about Gossip Girl tonight!!
This episode was so amazing and felt like season 1 of GG.
Serena and Jenny are really pissing me off though and I wish Vanessa was apart of the drama tonight 😦

10 05 2010

I’m so excitied for the season finale. I agree with Wes, it feels like season 1 again! Although, I really, really cannot stand Jenny.

10 05 2010

the victoria/brooke scene made it feel like they were wrapping up the show… kinda nervous.

11 05 2010
Joe and Sara

Omg is all i can say. This episode of gossip girl was great!!! Probably the best of the season.Season 1 quality throughout. There was no Vanessa even:) This episode really made me excited for the finale!!!

11 05 2010

Have some OTH things I need to get off my mind: I was pleased to see a Brathan scene but I was disappointed we didn’t really get a Baley scene. The Victoria-Haley one seemed a bit random and I wish they gave it deeper meaning. My idea: Victoria could’ve told Haley she’s familiar with grieving like this because she lost a child when Brooke was very young. She could advise Haley that she still has her child but risks losing him forever by her behavior. Victoria’s story would be a surprise to Brooke, and give her some more insight as to why her mom was so MIA as she grew up and why her parents divorced. It would also allow Brooke to get back into the very serious issue of not being able to have kids. I think that would’ve worked a lot better. The way it was done, it didn’t show me how much Victoria has grown as a maternal figure, which I’m assuming it was the point. Rather, it showed me how strongly they were trying to substitute her for Karen, who in past seasons would’ve been the person to have that conversation with Haley (and who would’ve made sense not just because of her relationship with Haley but also because of her experiences post-Keith’s death).

The Brooke-Victoria scene was nice but weird. It really felt like a series finale scene and kind of a repeat of their scene in last year’s season finale.

I hope Clay is a bit shaken by the Katie/Sara stuff. I don’t want to see him going back to being lovey-dovey with Quinn right away. He was so devastated by losing his wife and this had to bring it all back for him. In fact, I much rather see (and would much more easily believe) him going into a depression from this than I do Haley’s storyline.

I knew it would be Lydia’s cell phone that Haley was calling, as many fans guessed it more than a week ago. (Also, Nathan didn’t know his mother-in-law had a cell phone? He had to ask Quinn? Shows how close they really were). But a part of me what hoping Hoping HOPING it would be Lucas or Peyton on the other end. Now that would’ve been a great twist!

Grubbs and Miranda have no business in being in this episode (or most of the episodes they’ve appeared in). I understand Mark wants to help Grubbs out but please do it in a webseries…or not at all. The same can be said for Mia and Chase, though I know where they’re going with Chase so I can cut them some slack for tonight’s scenes. But if there’s no addressing of Chase and Brooke’s past when Chase and Alex move forward, that will be a big fail for me.

Moving on to Gossip Girl, I liked that there was one general storyline tonight that had all the characters interacting, rather than several disconnected storylines going on. I was glad to get such a quick resolution to the William mystery and I thought it was interesting. I suppose Lily’s reactions to Rufus these past few episodes were because she wasn’t in the right frame of mind due to William’s crappy medicine but I highly doubt, if the situation was reversed, she’d be okay with Allison coming back to town to reclaim Rufus and her kids. And the two sides of my poor shipper heart are pulling in different directions right now. Dan or Nate? Nate or Dan? Other than that, I don’t really have anything else to say right now. You guys seemed to think it was an amazing, season one-like episode. What about it seemed like season one to you?

11 05 2010

OTH: EH. The Clay/Katie thing was really boring. They did all that psycho drama before making it seem like it was leading up to something big. But it was over so quickly. Dont see what the point of having Mia return was. I really dont want to see Alex & Chase. Grubbs and Miranda are lame. What is their purpose? No one likes them!! And the Haley talking to her mom thing–wtf? How is her mom’s cell phone still in service?? Who would be paying her bill? That’s really stupid… GG:? I loved this episode!!! Im not even a huge fan but I really liked this one. I loved seeing Serena and Dan talking at the end. Dan is such a good guy. That Rufus being set up thing was silly…ugh. I, just like a lot of people these days, am really tired of Jenny. But I do see something interesting happening to her later on. Did she seriously go to Nates house?? Ugh. Though that happened, Im pretty sure she loses her virginity to Chuck soon. OMG, thats disgusting. But it would get a lot of strong reactions.

11 05 2010

LXR: It seems to me that the Katie thing is still leading up to something big. Don’t forget, both Psycho Derek and Nanny Carrie were written out and then made returns. As far as I can tell, the point of Mia’s return was for her break up with Chase, which sets up Chase and Alex. And I would say Grubbs’ purpose is really just to promote the real-life Grubbs’ music. That is a great point about Lydia’s cell phone. I hadn’t thought about that but now that I do, it is fairly stupid. It makes me wonder where the rest of Lydia’s belongings are…and that makes me wonder about the rest of the MIA siblings who were, well, MIA during the dying/death stuff and remain MIA as their sister hangs on to her sanity by a thread. Frustrates me. I am intrigued by the last three lines of your comment (regarding Chuck and Jenny) and have some thoughts but I rather not talk about that in a non-spoiler thread. =)

11 05 2010

I have to agree with your earlier post. Nate or Dan? I was really fed up with Dan in season two, and even for most of this season, but this past episode really changed my mind. I’ve been a Serena/Nate fan forever, but Dan was amazing in this episode. I like him a lot better when he’s working with Chuck, Blair, and Nate than when he’s off in Brooklyn with Vanessa. Most of the time it feels like he’s not even involved with the rest of the cast.

And about One Tree Hill, I miss the way it used to be, back in the high school years. It seemed more…at the risk of sounding cliche, meaningful then. I feel that we’ve been overrun with so many new characters, it lost it’s old touch, like what you guy’s have been saying about Brooke/Haley/Nathan scenes. In the older seasons, it was always the five of them, and now you barely ever see Brooke with Haley, Nathan, or Jamie, and it seems as if they’ve replaced the older cast, like Karen with Victoria, Peyton and Lucas with Quinn and Clay, and Grubb’s and Miranda are just so….random.

11 05 2010

I’ve wanted Nate and Serena explored since the beginning of the show but I was also a big Dan-Serena fan. So I kind of loved the end of last night’s episode and I’m curious to see how I’ll feel next week (and next season).

I loved season 5 and 6 of OTH (non-high school) as much as I loved the past seasons, maybe even more. Up until this season, season 2 was always the worst in my mind but now I love it and see so much greatness in it compared to what we’re getting now. This is not just a bad season, in my opinion. It’s not the same show anymore. Throughout all of BH90210’s casting changes–and I know some will disagree with this–it always felt like the same show to me throughout. Not so here.

12 05 2010

I didn’t watched OTH this week, but as for why I think Gossip Girl was like season 1?

Well, first off Dan felt like part of the cast again. I have loved his recent interactions with Blair, but other than that it has just been him and Vanessa and before that Olivia. I feel like there has been so much wasted potential with his character. I’m not a big Darena fan, but I think now that Nate and Dan are friends this triangle has the potential to be interesting. Although, it bugged me the way Nate called the police and Dan was the shoulder to lean on. It just didn’t fit their characters. Dan was always the moral center and Nate would have been the one that just sat idly by and watched everything go down. Not saying that’s a good thing for Nate not to take charge, but that was not really like his character.

It also felt like season 1 because the whole cast was together and shared a common goal. Sometimes it feels like we are watching several different disjointed shows. I love epsiodes like this that remind us they are all connected.

I’m really looking forward to the finale. I’ve read ALL the spoilers and I’m so pumped for the drama. I can’t even believe some of the stuff I’ve read. The writers are doing some risky things that I think will pay off especially their plans for next season 🙂

12 05 2010

Alyssa, thanks for your thoughts on how it was like season one. I, too, am intrigued by the spoilers (not so much by what I’ve heard for next season) and am anxious for next week to arrive!

13 05 2010

What a nice conversation! Shari, I too was happy about the Brathan scene but was looking forward to the Baley scene. Hopefully we’ll get one in 722. Loved your idea about Victoria and agree that it would have given her non-relationship with Brooke some new insight. I also agree that she was being used as a substitute for Karen, just as Deb was in S6 with Brooke when she was attacked. Although both were good scenes, IMO there is no substitute for Karen, but it was nice to see a parental figure in both instances.

I was also hoping that Haley was talking to Lucas on the phone, but knew it was her Mom, and LXR good catch on the cell phone still being turned on! I guess we can write off Haley’s other siblings, but it would have been nice to have Taylor in on Haley’s depression.

I am fine with Mia/Chase, but Grubbs/Miranda were a big waste of screen time, IMO. I Like his music though.

Kate, I loved your comment about the older seasons being more meaningful and that is how I think of them as well. There is nothing like the core five plus Mouth and Skills, and I really have not gotten into these new characters this season, and not for lack of trying.

Finally, Shari I so agree with what you said about BH90210. No matter what the casting changes were, the show always seemed to remain the same and I never got the detached feeling with it as I have with OTH this season. If you listen to some, it is not supposed to be the same show anymore as the characters have all aged and grown and moved on. But they did so in BH as well, without changing the show we grew to love.

15 05 2010

Vicki: I heard there was a Baley scene planned or filmed but it was cut. Whether that’s actually true or not, I don’t know.

Deb would’ve made a lot more sense than Victoria, obviously because of her familial relationship with Haley but also because Deb, too, has had–let’s say–health issues. I thought, however, Deb made more sense than Karen with Brooke in season 6 because Brooke didn’t want to be comforted, which is what Karen would’ve tried to do. She wanted a gun and a revenge, and she knew Deb could help her get one, which would potentially lead to the other.

I certainly echo your sentiments about not being able to get into the new characters despite a fair effort and feeling detached from the show. And I think you hit the nail on the head with BH90210 casting changes vs. OTH casting changes.

17 05 2010
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